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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  July 6, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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two counts of attempted first- degree murder. accepting the state's recommendation means the two sides did not have to read lamont davis' record into open court. but abc 2 news has learned the 17-year-old already had a lengthy criminal history. sources tell us davis was involved in a carjacking, an assault, and robbery, and that the department of juvenile services was hon -- monitoring him. they had him under realtime surveillance, but he eventually cut it off. the department of juvenile services says it acted immediately and issued a juvenile warrant for davis, but was not able to find him before the shooting last week. meanwhile, the family of 5-year- old victim raven wyatt would rather her condition no longer be released. in baltimore, brian kuebler, abc 2 news. >> as davis sits in jail, a prayer vigil is about to begin for the young victim. abc 2 news christian schaffer joins us live from south pulaski street where she was
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shot last week. chris? >> reporter: yeah, marybeth. the main point of this villagele is to simply pray for that little girl, raven wyatt, and for their family. take a look around there is quite a crowd that is gathering here in the 300 block of south pulaski street, which has been blocked off now by baltimore city police. a number of interested observers and organizations are here. state delegate melvin stoopes is here. the frank connelly is here. we're expecting a number of city and possibly police officials to be here as well. we're also i'm told by organizers, they were hoping that family members of raven wyatt might be able to make it here. as of five minutes ago, they had not gotten confirmation that the family members would be able to be here. there is no confirmation that they're going to be here. but again, the point of this vigil is to simply pray for the little girl and for her family. the organizations are also hoping to take an active roll now to get out in the community and do some outreach and
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prevent another situation like this from happening again. live in southwest baltimore, christian schaffer, abc 2 news. we have an update now on the breaking news that we first reported on on abc 2 news at 5. a man is at bayview medical center after being pulled out of chink creek in dundalk. he was found about two hours ago after reportedly jumping off of a pier in the 8500 block of sandy plains road. baltimore county police divers found the unidentified man, pulled him out of the water, and rushed him to the hospital while performing cpr. his condition has not been released. stay with abc 2 and for updates on this breaking news. a second teenager has died in yesterday's deadly light rail incident. the victims have been identified as conner peterson and kyle patrick wankmiller, both 17, both from lutherville. the two were found lying on the tracks near the lutherville station sunday afternoon. a spokesman for the mta says a train may have come in contact with the teens, du they don't
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know why the teens were on the tracks. those who are familiar with the area say people walk along the tracks all the time. >> it is never safe or appropriate or fun to play on or near train tracks. and we would like to remind everyone to stay away, stay off the train tracks wherever you. >> wankmiller was killed on the tracks. peterson died this afternoon at shock trauma. now the latest on the murder of former baltimore raven steve mcnair. a nephew of the woman found shot to death with mcnair says she recently bought a gun. mcnair and sahel kazemi were found in the national condominium last saturday. mcnair owned the condo, and the two of them had apparently been dating. kazemi's nephew said they're almost sure she shot him four times and turned the gun on himself. but the nephew says there is no motive. >> she started dating this famous guy. i had no clue what was going
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on. but i was like are you sure that's what you want to do? i didn't know if he was married or anything. so she was like no, he loves me. he likes me. i'm so happy about him. >> abdi says his aunt believed mcnair was divorcing his wife. nashville police say they're not ready to call kazemi's death a suicide. rob carlin will have more reaction to the death of steve mcnair later on in sports. land is also more information about steve mcnair on our website, we'll continue to update that as developments come in. former washington, d.c. mayor marion barry is confident apparently that stalking charges against him will be dropped. barry was arrested and charged this past weekend. today an attorney said barry did nothing wrong, and the woman is a former girlfriend. >> we believe that the chargele is baseless. we believe that the charge stems from a personal relationship that has gone
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horribly wrong in a lot of ways. >> barry is expected in court on thursday to learn if the u.s. attorney will file formal charges. something besides a bright moon lit the skies over harford county this morning, and apparently it made a loud noise as it passed by. and people in harford and northern baltimore counties flooded 911 with calls about 1:00 this morning after they said they heard a loud explosion and saw a bright light. while police think it might have come from a meteor burning up in the atmosphere. >> several of our officers were out on patrol. one officer may have seen what we believe is a meteor. we don't have any indication that it actually struck anywhere in harford county. in fact, we have confirmed with faa and norad that it was not a airplane nor a norad asset. >> there is no word on damage, and the noise was reportedly heard as far north aztlan caster county. it was a meteor. if you want to find more, go b-
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o-l-i-e-d. if you know you'll find out all about it. we're going to stay precipitation clean and free until the end of the week. here is your forecast for the next of hours. temperatures will be in the 80s. so how long is this nice weather going to last? we've got the answer coming up. >> thanks, norm. the flu season is usually over by now. doctors aren't used to treating the flu during the summer time, but the h1n1 virus has changed all of that. h1n1, also called the swine flu, is still spreading across maryland, other states and countries around the world. many medical experts thought it would disappear by now, but maryland had 166 new cases in the last week of june. the flu usually doesn't survive summer's heat and humidity. but h1n1 is not your usual virus. >> well, we're definitely getting reports of h1n1 throughout the state of maryland. there seem to be a higher reporting in central maryland. so we are seeing it throughout
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the state. >> we are not alone in this battle of the bug. the united nations now says it may need more than $1 billion to help poor countries fight the swine flu pandemic. our tough economic times may not have turned around yet, but there is some good news locally. the general motors transmission plant in white marsh is scheduled to resume tomorrow. it temporarily closed 13 assembly plants, clueing several supplied by the white marsh transmission plant. about 240 workers are expected to return to work tomorrow. that's great news for them. money troubles are forcing baltimore's enoch pratt library to close its doors earlier than usual. library official says they will have to close some library branches on some days buzz of budget cuts, and end late-night hours for the telephone reference service. the central library will open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., monday through wednesday, and 10 until 5 thursday through saturday.
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here is some good news. the library did not have to lay off or furlough any employees. through tweets, e-mail and websites, job hunters are being told they can make a good living from the comfort of their own homes by using twitter. but udon't believe everything you read. the better business bureau warns that the fine print could cost you money every month. work at home schemes have targeted jobless people for years, and now scammers are using twitter as a way to convince people they can make quick and easy money. they say you can make hundred who was dollars a day by sending e-mails or places ads on the internet. maryland's better business bureau says people need to be careful about handing over startup money involving new schemes on twitter. >> the biggest warning of all is they're asking for -- offering you an opportunity to order a cd-rom. the c rom is an up-front shipping and handling of $1.95. what happens when you read the
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small print is they're going to charge your account up to $40 a month using a direct debit for ongoing searches. >> now there are other red flag to look for too when searching. it's a money making scheme and doesn't involve actual employment you. have to pay money up-front in order to be considered or receive more information. and the exact same tweet out thing the program is posted by many different tweeters. the links in such tweets could lead you to scam sites or install mal ware on your computer. much more to come on abc 2 news at 6, including hidden dangers buried in maryland. we talk about plans to contain the contamination so it doesn't hurt you. and rob carlin joins us with more on the life and the shocking death of former raven steve mcnair. well, it was a little warmer today. i gave you a 2-degree guarantee for today of 85 degrees. that was our 2-degree guarantee. >> uh-huh. >> and what was the high today? he shoots and scores! 85 right on the nose.
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our winner today comes from aberdeen. virginia hodge, congratulations! you scored an abc 2 bobblehead. we'll be back with our forecast, which is free, right after this. >> watch abc 2 news any time on channel 1, with comcast on demand. ♪ (announcer) worst-case scenario. so i'm thinking we need a better way to save money.
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you're watching baltimore's station that works for you. now abc 2 news at 6. >> ground contamination at fort detrick and frederick should be contained later on this year. that is the word from the army and state environmental officials who say remediation work at an 11-acre site is already underway. but a member of a citizens group that is monitorrerring the cleanup is not confident that containment efforts will keep harmful chemicals out of area water. roosevelt leftwich explains.
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>> reporter: since 1946, a whole lot of nastiness has been buried underground in the 14 acres that make up fort detrick's area b. primarily heavy solvents with barrels of military chemical waste were also found in this one-time test area. the state says the best way to deal with this is to literally cover it up. all this dirt and fill will be put on top of a waterproof membrane designed to keep runoff from leeching into well water. she says it's a start. >> there lose been a lot of damage that has bun done. let's make sure we have the right remedial plan in place. but i do think now that it's on the national priority list, we'll have the right monitoring and the right agency making the types of decisions. >> reporter: wells like these dot the entire site as they continue to monitor what is underground, and whether or not how it's spreading, or if it is spreading. and many people that live nearby that were on well water are now on municipal water to make sure that no harm comes to them. but nobody can rule out at this
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point is contamination of groundwater. that means we're looking at frederick county, frederick city's water supply being in jeopardy. that's what we're talking about. that's what groundwater is. >> reporter: but attorney says the remediation doesn't go far enough. he says the army and the state both knew in the 1970s that solvents and even bacteria were leaking into groundwater. kissin says there is a need to relook at this. >> they can't begin to afford to deal with a situation in which there are live germs. the live germs were not discovered until 2002. mind you, the problem at area b is first taken notice of back in the '70s. they don't do any remediation at all until 2001. >> reporter: he says this is part of a larger problem, and says the military has an obligation to protect americans in their own backyards. at fort detrick, roosevelt leftwich, abc 2 news. now the forecast certified baltimore's most accurate, here
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is chief meteorologist norm lewis and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> this is not summer in baltimore. >> no, i'll tell you what. i went back through the record books, and just the normal records that we keep, and i can't remember a 4th of july weekend that was as nice as what we have just had. it was absolutely gorgeous. we did have a few clouds around. but for the most part, very pleasant temperature-wise. it's going to stay that way for the next couple of days, even though we're going to start creeping up to more normal temperature. normal temperature is 87 degrees. a little more humid. >> but still not bad. keep our fingers crossed because waiting for the next shoe to drop. let's take a look outside right now. shot from harbor cam. the flag getting a little bit more breeze out there as the afternoon goes along. the temperature at bwi down 1 degrees since we last talked, down to 8 degrees. 33% humidity, wind from the northwest at 6, and the pressure steady, 29.7. here are the hidess tides.
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7:36 and 2:53. the winds from 5 to 10 miles per hour. the sun comes up at 5:46 and we'll set at 8:35. the low this morning was 58 degrees. kind of cool. the high today 85, which did hit our 2-degree guarantee right on the nose. seven days in a row. that's the reason it's called baltimore's most accurate forecast. temperature across the region right now 81 in york. 83 in hagerstown. oakland only 70 degrees. it's 79 in ocean city. dover 83. easton 82. and 81 right now at pax river. our satellite picture, lots of sunshine throughout the day, but shower and thunderstorm activity have been very active and very evident down over portions of louisiana, mississippi, alabama, georgia, south and north carolina as well as the coastal sections of virginia. that is going to stay down to the south. we'll see a light clouds. but there is baltimore right there. just to the west of us, a few light clouds are going to be dissipating as the evening
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comes along. things are going to be pretty nice. right now nothing showing up on maryland's most powerful radar. nice clear scan out there. and it's going throw main that way for the next couple days. the next chance for shower activity doesn't look until the end of the week and the weekend. columbia at 86. 85 at capital heights. westminster 83. 82 in bel air. elkton also 82. galena 83. stevenville 88 degrees. milford, delaware 80. and easton right thought at 82. forecast for tonight, a few little light clouds. as the sun goes down, those clouds dissipate. a very nice evening overnight. and during the day tomorrow, a few showers up here through the philadelphia area could hit portions of northern cecil and harford county. but they would be very few and far between. for the most part in baltimore we will be precipitation-free until the next system slides up the eastern seaboard by the end of the week. your forecast for tonight, mostly clear, not as cool. overnight low 66 degrees. during the day tomorrow, a beautiful day, mostly sunny with a high of 87 degrees.
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now the extended outlook, the 87 tomorrow. the morning sun and a few afternoon clouds. then partly cloudy on wednesday, cooler, 82. 80 on thursday, partly cloudy, friday, 85 degrees. then saturday, sunday, and monday, a chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms. temperatures on the warmer, a little bit more humid side. we'll see you tonight at 11:00. let's throw it to mr. carlin. >> for the latest autopsy results are in on steve mcnair, and apparently three of the four gunshot wounds were fired from more than four feet away. that according to to the tennessee state medical examiner. one, though, to mcnair's temple was fired at close range. mcnair was killed early saturday morning. autopsy results show a contact shot meaning the gun was touching her head. they still haven't classified it, though, as a suicide. tight end dan wilcox, he taut caught mcnair's first touchdown with the ravens, he is still shocked at what happened.
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>> it makes no sense that something like this would happen to such a great person. he did so much in the community and for the kids, a great guy. he was a great lead attorney field, man. he is the kind of guy that you would love being around every single day. like i couldn't -- i just couldn't envision anything bad coming from this guy. >> mcnair of course only spent two years here in baltimore, but he was the face of the titans organization, and led them to within a yard of a super bowl title. his long-time coach and runningback are choosing to remember the warrior on the field. >> i ask you to honor what he did on the field and in the community. and what he was is a tremendous teammate. that is his legacy. and i'm proud to have been a part of that. >> you know, we all make mistakes. we all wish we can go back on. but i'm not here to dwell on that.
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i'm here to celebrate the life of a dear friend and teammate. >> well, the celebrity gossip website tmz released these photos last night, mcnair and kazemi obviously vacationing together. her sister and nephew says she expected mcnair to leave his wife and hoped for a ring. >> the orioles start a three will have game series in seattle without chris ray. he was put on the dl with tendinitis in his right biceps. cam was recalled. lacrosse season never really ends here in baltimore. tony is running a summer camp for kids ages 6 to 17. towson players are helping coach. he is hoping the kids learn something new every day. >> ultimately, they're doing something and maybe somebody on their team is not doing. they're improving their skills, and hopefully they're going to be a little better in whatever league or level they play at
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when they walk out of here. >> nice swoboda job there by tony seaman. orioles-mariners highlighted tonight on the latest e at 11. but for now i'm rob carlin, abc 2 sports. head downtown right now. sunny, bright evening. and norm is coming up with a quick look at the forecast in just a moment. capturing the beauty of nature. sharing what i see. that's my vision. and i'm living it. every day, transitions lenses are there to help care for my sight.
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another update on breaking news that we have been following on abc 2 news tonight. a man has now died at bayview medical center after being pulled out of chink creek in dundalk. he was found about 4:00 this afternoon after reportedly jumping off of a pier in the 8500 block of sandy plains road. police say the man was underwater for 40 minutes before he was found. his name has not been released. a little bit warmer dur diagnose day tomorrow, but still very normal temperatures for this time of the year. then wednesday, thursday and friday partly cloudy skies. a little cooler temperatures. next shot for rain is not coming in until the weekend. so make your plans accordingly. we'll talk again tonight at 11. >> and that is all for us on abc on abc 2 news at 6. we'll be back at 11. we hope to see you then. the news always continues on enjoy this evening. good night.
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