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tv   News  ABC  July 9, 2009 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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welcome back to the top stories we're working on for you. a huge fire in york, pennsylvania. an entire block of row homes gutted. the community rallies around a popular baltimore county restaurant scorched by fire. and, also ahead this morning, a safety alert for parents. a spike in illness reported caused by a pool parasite. that and more just ahead. in the meantime, good morning, thank you for joining us. i'm megan pringle. we're going to send it to justin berk. he has a look at the first forecast. >> good morning. we've got sunshine up around the beltway. bob davidson ford lincoln mercury camera showing us that. in parkville. as we check out sun glare we're also looking at clouds trying
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to approach from the south. you may see a little of that milky white and starting to dim out some of that sun. clear visibility from our parkville middle school hd cam, highlighting some of the high thin clouds adding texture to the morning sky. they are at 64 degrees. look at the rest of baltimore county -- it's already warming up, 54 towson at ryderwood elementary school compared to 64 at edgemere elementary school. all of us will be warming up. yeah, we're looking at the satellite and radar composite highlighting the clouds trying to approach from the south. we'll be looking at clouds beginning to increase today. we're jumping out of the 50s. and going to only about 78 degrees for a two-degree guarantee, under mostly cloudy skies this afternoon. 6: 31. here's kim. >> police did a good job cleaning up the tractor-trailer accident past wilkens avenue. all lanes reopened now and everything flowing freely. a little delay from the frederick road area. also a crash from 695 at liberty road remains on the shoulder, no impact at this time.
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if you're traveling 695 at route 170, that is camp meade road, keep in mind the southbound ramp headed to the inner loop is going to be closed as emergency crews try to repair a sinkhole on the on-ramp. just getting word of a crash in howard county, that is route 1 at route 175. looking now at 695 and the bw parkway, traffic is flowing smoothly at this time in both directions. megan? back to you. a promise to rebuild after a fire nearly destroys a neighborhood landmark. the suburban house in pikesville has been serving people since 1950. abc2 news cheryl conner is live with what is next for them. >> reporter: good morning. here's the scene in front of the suburban house restaurant. you can see that windows are boarded up and charred debris from inside now lines the front of the building. it's heart breaking for so many people in the community who consider the restaurant a home away from home. more than 30 people were inside the restaurant 5:00 yesterday evening when the fire was reported. firefighters say someone reported hearing a pop coming
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from the storage room and then seeing the flames. an employee called the fire department and helped evacuate her colleagues and customers. firefighters say the fire started in the storage room with kitchen supplies and canned goods. the restaurant has heavy smoke damage. here's a promise from the owner to his customers. >> i feel sorry for them. because they are removed from this. >> for a little while though, you said you will be back. >> we will be back. >> reporter: that is some good news this morning since the restaurant has been around since the 1950s. so many people here in pikesville are used to coming here for a family-friendly atmosphere and its matza ball soup. in terms of the cause, firefighters have not determined an exact cause but the owner you just heard from there says he believes it was an electrical short. you can stay with abc2 news and as we learn more about this fire.
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live in pikesville, cheryl conner, abc2 news. an absolutely incredible fire in york, pennsylvania, dozens of people homeless this morning after a fire rips through an entire block of row houses in york yesterday afternoon. no serious injuries were reported by the damage is immense. fire officials say it spread very quickly, most likely because the row holmes didn't have fire walls. a massachusetts woman is hoping her son's death will not be in vein. 11-year-old carl walker hoover hanged himself in april and his mother says it's because he was bullied at his springfield, massachusetts, school. she's now pushing for new legislation to try to prevent bullying. she told a house committee that bullying is a national crisis and they need to find a solution. >> this happened to me. this can happen to anybody in the united states. because i was a concerned, involved, caring parent. and that's why i continue to do this so no other parent has to go through what i'm going
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through right now. >> she's also pushing for teachers to be trained on how to deal with bullies. at least 41 states do have legislation addressing the problem. 25 either have or are working on bills for cyberbullying. coming up this morning on "good morning maryland" -- a story that will inspire. how a 7-year-old girl is helping orphans across the country. and, a very special wedding because it was 60 years in the making. we'll explain. 6:35. we spent our morning in the 50s. now we're covering to 60 degrees but staying below normal with increasing clouds today. we'll have our two-degree guaranteed forecast coming up. right now here's kim with a check of the roads. >> traffic is flowing freely here at the beltway and bw parkway. keep in mind you may have to deal with sun glare as you travel eastbound. let's get a check of the buses and trains. >> on the brunswick line of marc, 872 operating with a 20-minute delay. other delays earlier but on time on the other trains and
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lines of marc. on the buses, the 64 running 15 to 20 minutes late. the number 22 diverted at university and 40th. a water main break repair there, ongoing construction has the 17 bus still diverted at nursery and winterson. thursday, finally! dinner with the girls tonight. mmm... mexican, or italian? i really want dessert tonight. i better skip breakfast. yep, this is all i need. ( stomach growls ) skipping breakfast to get ahead? research shows that women that eat breakfast, like the special k® breakfast, actually weigh less. the special k® breakfast, now in blueberry. so why skip? when you can eat all this... and still weigh less. victory is... sweet.
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the cast and crew got a taste of reality in the dc area. >> awesome. >> all right. fans and bloggers of the reality show came out armed with cameras and cell phones in hand and now the show's crew members are finding out that every move they make is going to be watched and recorded. >> it's the first time i think that "real world" has had to deal with twitter and it's not good for the real world people. >> social networking sites like
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facebook and twitter make it easy for fans to stalk their favor television stars making reality all the more real. welcome members of the real world to the real world. >> she was considerably older but still beautiful when she talked. i knew it was her. i could just tell by her voice. the spark was still there. i just wanted to hold her forever. >> aw. marriage that was 60 years in the making. you see, bob harrod first proposed to fontel back in 1950, then was shipped off to war. she wrote letters but they always came back returned. she never received bob's letters. they both eventually married other people but then fontel never forgot the one that got away. her daughter tracked down bob and the two married last month after all this time. nice story. stay with us. coming up on "good morning maryland" -
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>> a group of citizens team up with police to take back their city streets an a child was shot. i'm sherrie johnson. i'll have that story, next. fios guy! where ya headed? ah, just installed fios in the whole building. now everyone has the fastest upload speeds. and we're giving them a mini netbook. well, i'm sticking with cable. he's just goofing. (voice) no i'm not! (sighing) ted has betrayed me. (announcer) switch to verizon fios tv, phone and internet today and get an ultra-sleek compaq mini netbook. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v
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good thursday morning. i'm megan pringle. here are the top stories we're working on -- baltimore's mayor walks with residents, part of a long journey to take back their streets. fire rips through a pikesville landmark. we're going to tell you about what is ahead for suburban house. and nasa starts another countdown for the space shuttle endeavour. all those stories and a lot more just ahead. thank you so much for joining us. what do you say we look at your weather? here's meteorologist justin berk. >> 6:44. this morning's low, we drop back to 58 degrees. 54 was the record low. it was in the 50s from easton all the way through york. even at 63 in ocean city. well below normal. not much recovery yet. they are at 64 at this hour. 60 in baltimore. definitely a chilly in the air and with the sun now fading behind increasing clouds that is actually a little bit further to the south, thicker because of this storm system. you'll see the thing chugging off the coast. it will increase the winds out of the east today. that in and of itself would
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hold down temperatures but we drag in more cloud cover and develop more cloud cover throughout the day. that is why we hold our two-degree guarantee to 78 degrees. that is actually two degrees lower than the mark that norm gave you last night but still within that two-degree range. i just believe the cooler start and increasing cloud cover will hold us in the 70s. below our normal expectations. 61 through tonight with some clearing. and tomorrow, holding in the 70s with the chance of a shower and the shower chances will increase into the weekend. more on that coming up. right now let's get a quick peek at the roads. >> we have volume building on 95 southbound as you make your way from the harford county line through to the 695/895 split. on the beltway, that outer loop crash that we had overnight past wilkens avenue has been cleared but traffic remains slow between frederick road and wilkens avenue. getting word of a crash in baltimore. that is hawkins point road at efficiency way. keep in mind there is a sinkhole on the on-ramp to the inner loop from southbound route 170. that is going to have that ramp closed for emergency repairs.
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expect for that ramp to remain closed throughout the morning commute. a crash in howard county, route 1 at route 175. expect emergency crews there. this is 695 at the bw parkway. it's a bright morning out there but traffic appears to be flowing smoothly in both directions. back to you. a baltimore community comes together symbolically saying enough is enough. sherrie johnson joins us now in our studio with more. >> reporter: good morning. on a breezy summer evening baltimore police and citizens in the carrollton ridge community hit the streets to fight against crime. the citizens on patrol walk comes after 5-year-old raven wyatt was shot in the head last week while walking back from the store. the community is outraged by this violence and wants to take back their streets. neighbors and police teamed up for the citizens on patrol walk hoping to make a change and stop the violence. but some neighbors are skeptical if the crime walk will work. >> let's face it, the city is
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in trouble. >> reporter: police arrested 17-year-old lamont davis for shooting little raven. he's charged with attempted murder. tell us what you think about this situation by logging on to we would like to hear your thoughts about this. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. abc2 news has learned more about a shooting in west baltimore sending an 18-year-old man to the hospital. sources tell us that the victim was found laying in the middle of the street just before midnight near wilson and division streets. right now no word from police this morning on a possible motive or the search for a suspect. a double shooting overnight. this one in southeast baltimore. abc2 news has learned that the victims are two men, both in their 20s. one was shot in the chest and head. the other was shot in the leg. abc2 news has confirmed that baltimore county police will take over the investigation of that deadly light rail accident. mta officials say video evidence reveals the two teenagers killed this last weekend were hit from behind by
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one train and then hit by another as they lay on the tracks. the mta also contends that the first conductor hit the two boys and didn't see them because they were wearing dark-colored clothing even though the accident happened on a sunny afternoon. the father of one of the teens is outraged. right now both train operators are off-duty pending outcome of the investigation. a baltimore county landmark nearly destroyed by fire but the owners promise to rebuild. abc2 news cheryl conner is live at the suburban house with more. >> reporter: good morning. the owner tells us "we'll be back." people are used to coming to the suburban house for a family-friendly atmosphere but now when they pass the restaurant on reisterstown road they will see this, the boarded up windows and charred debris from inside that now are in front of the building. certainly a sore sight for many. the fire was reported yesterday evening around 5:00. it was put out about 30 minutes later. still left behind heavy damage. firefighters say someone heard
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a pop coming from the storage room that contained restaurant equipment. an employee called the fire department and helped evacuate 34 customers and employees. many people in the pikesville community consider this restaurant a home away from home. >> i pray to god that they can rebuild this and keep these people working because that's all this community has. >> i used to come here with my grandfather. a bunch of times. >> it's sad. it's sad. a lot of people depend on us. >> reporter: they certainly do. the owner you just heard from, mark horowitz says he will rebuild the restaurant. he believes an electrical short is to blame for that fire but investigators have yet to determine an exact cause. we're live in pikesville, cheryl conner, abc2 news. an entire city block is destroyed and dozens of people have no place to live in york, pennsylvania. this is the scene yesterday
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afternoon. fire ripped through an entire block of row houses. thankfully though no serious injuries were reported but the damage is immense. fire officials say it spread really quickly. most likely because those row homes did not have firewalls. a police-involved shooting in carroll county. state police now say a taneytown police officer shot a man trying to shoot down another officer -- it was a woman. it happened in the 400 block, rather, of baltimore street around 10:30 last night. the officer was responding to a report of a woman who needed help. the suspect shot in the arm and was flown to shock trauma. no word on the apparent motive in this but police say the man and woman did know each other. again, a police-involved shooting in carroll county in taneytown. the friends and family will gather in nashville for a memorial to remember former baltimore native and raven steve mcnair. police now say mcnair, his 20-year-old girlfriend, sahel kazemi shot him four times
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while he slept on the couch and then shot herself. police say they think the girl was disastronaut over mounting financial problems and her fear mcnair was seeing someone else. the funeral for mcnair has been set for saturday in his home state of mississippi. nasa started another countdown for the space shuttle endeavour but bad weather certainly could delay this weekend's launch. the plans is to launch endeavour saturday night. the mission was delayed last month after a hydrogen gas leak. the problem has been solved except thunderstorms could be a problem this weekend. seven astronauts will be on board endeavour for the 16-day mission to the international space station. the airline industry might be seeing a decline in passengers but one local carrier is adding new flights to bwi marshall. airtran announced it will now offer flights to indianapolis and new orleans and that will start on october 6th. the ambassador theatre in west baltimore goes on the auction block today. it was one of the city's first
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neighborhood theaters to show first-run films. built back in 1935. the ambassador ceased operating as a movie theater in 1968. it later became a school of cosmetology and then a church. now vacant. the ambassador is the sister theater of the senator on york road which is also being auctioned off in a couple of weeks. a great story in howard county. a 79-year-old woman earned her third college degree but was unable to make it to graduation so howard community college is bringing the graduation to her. you see, university officials say that shirley jackson's community in columbia, they are going to visit her at 10:00 this morning so she can participate. we keep waiting for an affordable electric car. the big three automakers can't seem to get it done. how easy can it be if a teenager is going to do it? until now he couldn't even change his own oil. 17-year-old andrew lauder of kansas took his is from
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trawtion over rise -- his frustration from rising gas prices and built a street-legal electric car. you see it there. >> everyday i came back with another idea but mom, but mom, but mom. >> i had to write a letter to mom and her friend and convince her not to ground me or kill me. >> oh, andrew. all right, but -- and before i could finish, oh, good, because the motor is coming. >> andrew says that he learned everything he needed to know on line. the car has a top speed of 38 miles per hour. it can only run 11 miles on a charge but andrew says that certainly beats paying to fill up. a consumer alert report for parents now. one million playyards have been recalled because the side rail might not attach properly. so here's the deal -- a child who pushes against it could fall. there had been 21 rrps reports of injuries. they are sold by major retailers including k-mart and
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target between january 2000 and january of this year. keep that in mind. another safety reminder for you -- especially parents. the hidden threat posed by your public pool or water park. national health officials are reporting a spike in intestinal illness caused by a parasite called cryptothoridium lurking in public pools. >> the parasite can easily spread into the water and it doesn't take much to actually contaminate the entire pool. >> the parasite lives in human feces and what makes it so infectious, it can actually survive in chlorinated water for as long as 10 days. symptoms include the usual stomach problems including diarrhea, nausea, vomiting. the sickness is generally short-term but can be serious for children. and those with immune problems. here's a story that is going to inspire you and possibly touch your heart. isabel redford is just 7 years
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old but is making a huge impact on orphans around the world. her mom told her story about two children whose mother died and she wanted to help. so she started a fundraiser with homemade cars and raised enough to build an orphanage in haiti. she went with her parents to visit the six girls that are living there. >> the girls were chanting, isabel, isabel! as we walked down this hill. of course my husband and i were just weeping. she was grinning from ear to ear. it was just -- they knew what she had done. >> they spoke a different language but most of the time i could understand them. because most of the time they were just laughing and having fun. >> look for isabel in the future because she's going to do great things. less than two years after she started her project builders are breaking ground on a second orphanage. this one is in malawi, africa.
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i feel so unaccomplished. 6:55. that is incredible. we've got increasing clouds on the way. that may help to block out some of that sun glare that some of the early drivers will be dealing with, with 66 currently at parkville middle school. 56 towson. 56 ellicott city. down towards laurel 58. we're expecting our two-degree guaranteed high of 78 degrees, turning mostly cloudy. 79 tomorrow but mid-80s and some showers over the weekend. traffic is flowing smoothly on the outer loop after that earlier crash has been cleared past wilkens avenue. traffic just running a little slow past frederick road now. we are out of time. remember, "good morning maryland" at 9:00 is at 9:00. so we hope you'll join us then. see you in a few hours. have a great day.
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. thursday, finally!
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