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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  July 9, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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sister of a girl friedel coached at the greater baltimore soccer club. according to charging documents, friedel offered to give the 14-year-old private soccer lessons in exchange for a kiss. he then began texting her. >> as time went on, she began feeling very uncomfortable, and they did begin to get sexually explicit. >> reporter: the girl told her father, who then contacted police and an undercover operation was set up. charging documents show friedel asked the girl for oral sex and sexual intercourse. he also sent her naked pictures of himself and asked her to do the same. he was arrested on tuesday. he thought he was meeting the 14-year-old girl to have sex. but when he got here, he was arrested by police. during police questioning, friedel says he did ask the girl for sex, but he didn't mean it. police believe there could be more victims. they're reminding parents to check their kids' phones for anything inappropriate. linda so, abc 2 news. >> friedel is free on bond.
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anyone who thinks they may have had inappropriate contact with him should call the police department's crimes against children unit at 410-853-3650. thousands of fugitives are off the streets tonight after a nationwide dragnet last month. in the midatlantic region, more than 600 suspects were arrested in operation faulk. they were wanted in murders, shootings, armed carjackings, and assaults. in d.c. and maryland, 446 fugitives were arrested. another 155 were caught in northern virginia. in delaware 38 were arrested. a baltimore city elementary school was evacuated today after a suspect ran into the building. police searched for hours, and tonight they found him. it happened at william paca. abc 2 news brittney gordon joins us now live with details on what happened. brittney? >> reporter: well, marybeth, police do now have their man. his name is keon earl. he is 26 years old, and he has been hiding inside of william paca all day long.
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now students here were in a summer learning camp today when they were suddenly evacuated this morning. according to police, there was just before 10 a.m. when they had come out responding to a call for drug dealing in the nearby area. while questioning their suspect, he took off and into the school. police evacuated the building, and the children were sent home as police searched every floor of the school. >> after about the third sweep, we actually found them on the second floor in some cabinets underneath of a sink. he was actually arrested without any type of incident, taken to central booking where he'll be processed. >> reporter: there are about 200 students in the school when it was evacuated, but now that this man has been caught, they can all expect to be back in the summer program tomorrow morning. live in baltimore, i'm brittney gordon, abc 2 news. the latest now on the investigation involving mayor sheila dixon. prosecutors have withdrawn three subpoenas issued in an apparent bid to bolster their case. attorneys for dixon have filed a motion challenging those subpoenas, arguing the state
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prosecutor's office was abusing the grand jury process. the subpoenas were for two current and one former city employee. dixon is accused of stealing gift cards intended for needy families. police in anne arundel county are searching for suspects in a home invasion. authorities say it happened yesterday afternoon in the 1300 block of grayswood road in odenton. the victim, a 19-year-old man, told investigators he was outside smoking when he was approached by two men who forced him back into his residence and stole various items before taking off. and police need your help tonight, trying to identified a suspect. authorities say this person has committed several burglaries at businesses in anne arundel county. if you have any information, you're asked to call the eastern district at 410-222- 6145. tonight baltimore police are trying to find the person who robbed a downtown bank. it happened around 11 thank morning at the bank of america on north charles street near east lexing son. authority says the dye pack in
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the bag exploded, and officers were able to get all the stolen money back. but they were not able to get their suspect. an anne arundel county lawmaker wants to require large malls and shopping centers to install security cameras in the parking lots. county councilman darryl jones says he has received dozens of calls from people who want to see the cameras there. jones' district covers anne arundel mills mall, and he says that the possibility of a slots parlor going there, cameras would help deter crime. he says many people in his area feel there is already a problem with crime in that mall area. >> certainly there is a public safety issue that is a part of this. and a large part of what has prompted it is a perception there is a crime problem around the anne arundel mills area. from that, what i then did was to look at other areas and see what is out there, and how other places have addressed this. >> jones says he will continue to look at baltimore county's video camera law, and propose his own version in a few weeks there is no word from anne
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arundel mills about the proposed legislation. new details tonight about a shooting in northwest baltimore. it happened shortly after 12:30 on iredell avenue yesterday. a 42-year-old man was shot in the leg and ran to a nearby wall greens. he was taken to a nearby hospital and is expected to be okay. so far no arrest in the case. tonight investigators are still trying to determine what sparked a fire at a pikesville landmark. the fire at the suburban house restaurant started around 4:45 yesterday afternoon. firefighters say it started in the storage room filled with kitchen supplies and canned goods. the restaurant itself suffered heavy smoke damage. >> we have to clean out the restaurant, and we have a to dispose of all the food. that's why the dumpsters here. and we have to go through the motions to rebuild our business. >> damage to the restaurant is estimated at $900,000. the state of maryland wants to buy back more than 3600 blue crab licenses. the move is meant to improve
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management of blue crab populations. the department of natural resources is sending letters to anyone with a commercial limited crab catcher license, hoping inactivity license holders will sell the license back. if inactive licenses aren't sold back, the license faces new regulations to be proposed in the fall. across the region right now, maryland's most powerful radarrer is indicating a few showers down to the south of us, and over on the eastern shore. but nothing here in the baltimore area. as a matter of fact, we are going to be going precipitation- free until we get along into saturday evening. here is your forecast for the next couple of hours. this evening partly cloudy and mild. our temperature will hold right around 80 degrees. and gradually slip into tupper 70s. it will be cooler by tomorrow morning. but how long will the nice weather last, and what about some much needed rain? we've got the forecast coming up. >> thanks, norm. d.c.'s metro has a new zero tolerance policy on talking on the phone or texting while operating a train or a bus. the transit agency a says any drivers caught doing it will be
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fired. the policy takes effect on monday. previously metro had a three strikes progressive disciplinary procedure. the announcement comes after a video posted online showed a metro train operator apparently texting. metro said this week that the employee was suspended for a week without pay. and the maryland transit administration is joining washington transit in adopting a zero tolerance policy. the any operator is found using a cell phone or text messaging while on the job, they will be fired, even if it's the first offense. big worries that the swine flu will be coming back with a vengeance. government officials warn the outbreak may get worse this fall when students go back to class and temperatures drop. and the white house is putting all 50 states on alert. a swine flu summit is going on today in bethesda. the secretary of health and human services talked about the status of the bug right now. >> we've had about 170 deaths so far. but the cdc modeling indicates that we have more like a
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million cases in the united states. we've had summer camps closed, and luckily kids are not at school right now. so we haven't had the kind of school disruption that we saw earlier this spring. >> the world health organization declared the h1n1 virus a global pandemic last month. the w.h.o. says there are more than 98,000 documented cases worldwide, with 440 deaths. here in maryland, there have been two swine flu-related deaths, and 686 confirmed cases of the h1n1 virus. remembering a former nfl star. coming up, fans pay their respects to steve mcnair. and a special honor for an area woman. find out what she has accomplished. big day today. our intern michelle has been helping us learn forecasting. >> put her on the spot. just put her right there on tv. >> well, she is the one that came up with the 2-degree guarantee for today. take a look at it. >> really! >> the 2-degree guarantee was
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80 degrees. she has been sweating this one out. the high today 81. >> all right! nicely done. >> she hit it. and we have had a ten days in a row. our winner today is from taneytown. jenny puckman, celebrations. you scored an abc 2 bobblehead. we'll be back with our forecast, right after this. >> watch abc 2 news any time on channel 1 with comcast on demand. kraft light raspberry vinaigrette...
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delicious flavors... expertly blended... because great tasting dressings aren't just made, they're crafted. you're watching baltimore's station that works for you. now abc 2 news at 6. >> howard community college held a special graduation ceremony. it wasn't your average ceremony. it was held for 79-year-old
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shirley jackson. she earned her third associate of arts degree in social science was honors from hcc. she also earned a bachelor's degree from indiana university purdue university. she did all of this in between recovering from open heart surgery. health problems kept jackson from attending commencement ceremonies in may. college administrators wanted to make sure she had the ceremony she deserved and held a special dedication for her today. and it was standing room only as family and friends attended the special ceremony. >> i'm overwhelmed with the efforts to show appreciation for what i've done. i really do appreciate that myself. i'm very happy that i have accomplished what i have. but i can't quit cold turkey. >> you have to admire her love of learning. even with three degrees from hcc, shirley jackson is not finished. she is already enrolled in another class for the fall. the "american idol" 2009 summer tour is coming to charm
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city. you'll get a chance to hear the top ten finalists, including adam lambert and lil rounds. the singers are on a 50-city tour. they'll appear at the verizon center in washington on august 4th, and on the 5th they'll perform at first mariner. according to the "american idol" website, ticket prices start at $38.50. now the forecast certified baltimore's most accurate. here is chief meteorologist norm lewis and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. >> we're just having too much fun with this weather. things are looking absolutely gorgeous. the problem is we're getting a little dry now. we do need rainfall. we have showers in the forecast, but it doesn't look like it's going to be enough to really cause a problem with the weekend. we'll talk about that in a second. take a look outside right now. your shot from harbor cam overlooking the belvedere. our temperature at bwi thurgood marshall still at our daytime high of 81 degrees. 35% humidity. wind currently from the east at
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7. and the pressure 30.14. there is your tides tomorrow at fort mchenry. 9:17 in the morning. low tide 4:18 in the afternoon. our winds tomorrow from the northeast at 5 to 10 miles an hour. the sun comes up at 5:49. we'll set at 8:34. the low this morning was 56 degrees. the high today 8 wasn't, which did hit our 2-degree guarantee ten days in a row. and i also just found out that there was a bet on this. one of our engineers, wesley harris, bet one of our directors a dinnerrer that we would not in ten days. guess what, wes, you owe somebody a dinner. how about me and michelle! take a look at the tapes cross the region right now. 79 in york. 80 in hagerstown. we're having too much fun. over in ocean city right now 76 degrees. as far as our satellite picture throughout the day, lots of sunshine. there were some showers but, they've all passed down to the south and east of us. that's where they're going to be staying. however, over the next 48
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hours, a frontal system will come down through the great lakes. and approach the region and give us a chance for some showers. but it looks like they'll be overnight showers. and we'll tell you when and where. washington right now in baltimore. no precipitation showing up. but there are the little showers that have been passing down do the south and east of us, not really affecting our region. and like we said, not expecting any until probably saturday evening. westminster 77 degrees. 80 in columbia. bel air 76. 79 in stevensville. and galena 73. 73 up in elkton. here is our forecast. for tonight, the few clouds that we've got around right now are going to dissipate as the evening goes along. nice evening overnight. and during the day tomorrow, lots of sunshine. friday looking pretty good. saturday, here comes a nice day saturday. but here comes this line of showers and thunderstorms. looks like it will pass through region saturday night and be out of here by the day sunday. so saturday and sunday looking pretty good. but some rainfall saturday evening. here is your forecast. for tonight, mostly clear. showers down to the south, 63 degrees for the overnight low.
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during the day tomorrow, partly cloudy, below normal temperatures with a high of 82 degrees. now the extended outlook for the next seven days, looking pretty good tomorrow. on saturday, a nice day, but a chance for the showers and thunderstorms overnight into sunday morning. cooler on sunday with a high of 81 degrees. then on monday and tuesday, we remain below normal temperature- wise with highs of 83 and 86 degrees and partly cloudy skies. and another chance for rain comes in on wednesday and thursday, 83 and 85. but no scorching temperatures. no general rainfall with the exception of saturday evening. but all things considered, some extremely nice weather for this time of the year. we'll talk again tonight at 11:00. >> yeah, thanks, norm. in our pump watch tonight, if you're driving out of town for vacation this center, good news for your wallet. gas in the greater baltimore area is about $1.50 less than it was this time last year. the average price will run about $2.51. [ closing bell ]
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not a bad day on wall street. the dow closed up 5 points. the s&p gained about 3. and the nasdaq closed up 5. and we are working for you in these tough economic times. here is what you'll find on our website today. six ways to beat the summer heat on a budget. plus a $1 laptop. but you got to know there is a catch. and a new way to borrow money. no bank needed. just go to and click on the financial survival guide. a bizarre bit of irony, steve mcnair apparently taped a suicide prevention commercial just this past april. tennessee state officials obviously will not use the public service announcement in the wake of his death in the murder-suicide. thousands of fans have made their way to memorial service today in nashville. they started lining up just after 8:00 this morning central time. cars drove by with "we'll miss
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you" and r.i.p. steve. they remember a sports hero who never put himself above the fans. >> always, you know, wanted to be with the people, wanted to talk to the people, whatever he said to the people, they knew he meant it. and i think that's been the memory that i have. >> the actual memorial will start tonight around 8:00 eastern time. ravens receiver derek mason was asked by mcnair's wife to speak. we will hear portions of that tonight on the latest at 11. the orioles have the night off. they're back home tomorrow for three games with toronto. it's their final series before the all star break. matt wieters is very quietly starting to come around. the orioles catching phenom is tearing it up. he started this month. wieters is hitting .375 in july. he hassed will had some timely hit like that one right there, the run-scoring single. then a home run on sunday to put the o's in the lead. his third of the season.
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all to the opposite field. she now hitting .267 with 3 home runs and 9 rbis. brandon irby finished his rehab at aberdeen. he rejoins the bowie baysox now, and the baltimore native knows how lucky he is to be playing so close to home. >> it's awesome for me to believe able to drive 40 minutes and see my family, be able to go home on off days and see my parents and sister play sports. and also to be able to go back during the season and support them too. it's really nice. >> i love it. he goes to watch his sisters' games. he is not the only local athlete doing well. santino had a major milestone last night, scoring his first goal for the u.s. men's national team. it was the game winner over honduras in the gold cup match. a blistering shot off a great buildup. santino says he was just lucky to be back in the red, white and blue. >> it was very special night for me.
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personally. but to be back wearing the jersey was probably more special. just to be back on the field with the team and to listen to the anthem was very emotional for me because it's been such a fun and long road back. and it was a special night. >> obviously, being back in front of the home fans and getting a goal and basically the match is just great. i'm so happy for him. >> i just got a chance to meet some of his family. it's a great big family. he has battled a lot of injuries. good to see him back on the field with the men's national team. more from the mcnair memorial service tonight a on the latest at 11. for now that's sports, i'm rob carlin. back to you. >> thanks, rob. a look outside at the inner harbor. we'll be coming back for a final look at the forecast. it's looking good too. and the temperatures from northeast 73 degrees. back with more in a moment. what's that smell? take control of trash odors
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big celebration today at the national zoo in washington.
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giant panda tai shan is 4 years old. the zoo celebrated his birthday today with a special frozen treat. mmm! this is going to sound good. the large birthday cake is made of water, bamboo, shredded beets, and beet juice. he now weighs more than 190 pounds. >> mmm, bamboo and beet juice, my favorite! take a look at the forecast for tomorrow. partly cloudy skies, your 2- degree guarantee 82 degrees. then on saturday, actually a pretty decent day. but some showers and thunderstorms rolled in saturday evening. but we'll clear out for sunday, monday and tuesday, again below normal temperatures. we'll see see you tonight at 11. >> that's all for us on abc 2 news at 6. i'm marybeth marsden. thanks for joining us get out and enjoy the wonderful evening, and then come back in and watch us at 11. good night. >> thanks for choosing abc 2 news at 6. for more news, watch abc 2 news at 11, or go now to abc 2 works forker you. ♪
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