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tv   News  ABC  July 10, 2009 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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"good morning, maryland."
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i'm kelly swoope in for megan and jamie. the controversy behind michael jackson's death continues to ignite flames. friends and family gather to remember nfl great steve mcnair. a soccer coach was arrested for soliciting sex from a young teen. jamie and megan are off today but we still have traffic and weather. we start with justin berk. good morning. let's take you outside. the sun's trying to come up in the next ten minutes over the eastern sta sky. 84% humidity. the barometer's rising all in good shape as we set in for another fabulous weather day here. parkville, maryland at the bob davidson ford lincoln mercury and we're quiet on that section
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of the beltway right now. it's showing up on the hd cam at 61 degrees. we take a look at ranging from the yourer 50s to low 60s. 76 lunchtime with a partly cloudy sky. a mezzant 80 degrees. 5533. -- it's 5:33. let's see what's happening on the roads. >> reporter: not a lot but things are running smoothly between white marsh boulevard and loch raven boulevard. we have overnight construction projects. the first will not wrap up any time soon. if you take route 160, the inner ramp remains closed because of the sinkhole. south bound 95 at the 895 split, the left lane is closed for construction. taking a look now at the west side of the outer loop at liberty road, things will be running smoothly past route 70. this is brought to you by wpoc,
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baltimoreous country for the workday. kelly, back to you. in sush urban philadelphia, it is the center of a downright ugly lesson in intolerance. the controversy stems from the private swim club revoking memberships in what some are calling a racially charged incident. lindsey davis has the story. >> reporter: these are the faces of several dozen unhappy campers. >> i'm as mad and shocked as i am. >> reporter: the sign encourages new members, but althea wright says her membership was revoked. >> i was apauled. >> reporter: hers along with 65 children. >> i heard this lady, she was like what are all of these black kids doing here? i'm scared they might do something to my child. >> i heard them talking about how they were mad that black people were coming in here and how they didn't want these
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black people in here. >> reporter: after registering online and paying a check for nearly $2,000, wright says when her campers showed up for the first swim of the season, they were asked to leave. >> the other members were taking their children out while our children were there swimming. >> reporter: the valley club says they rescinded the day camp because the kids fundamentally changed the atmosphere at the pool but insisted it had nothing to do with race. >> as members, we were just asking that the day cares be switched to a different time so that the pool was not overcrowded. >> reporter: the camp director says the club refunded the swimming fees without explanation several days later. when we called the club, the voice mailbox is full. >> things are starting to heat up in july. >> reporter: that's true. the club could be in hot water. the swim club was closed for the day. as for the monday afternoon swims, they could be saved after all. a prafort philadelphia boarding school has offered the day camp use of its pool.
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lindsey davis, abc news, new york. 5:36. now here's a look at when's happening today, jewel 10th, 2009. the baltimore autism summit kicks off at 9:30. governor o'mally is expected to be there. high school students come together to tidy up the barclay community beginning at 9:00. counting calories can be a challenging task. new research says the benefits of counting fewer. the zoo gives a warm welcome to two of its warmest little creatures. the commute is a good one out there right now if your ride is on light rail or the metro subway. both are operating on time. out there on the buses, number 22 with construction on the scene. the number 17 working with a diversion at nursery and winterson also construction
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but i wasn't ready to give up taste. sometimes, sacrifice is the name of the game. well, i've heard eating whole grain oats... can help lower my cholesterol. it's going to be a challenge... sure we want to lower our cholesterol, but let's be real, being healthy is tough. yea. honey nut cheerios cereal... tastes great and can help lower cholesterol. bee happy. bee healthy. try apple cinnamon cheerios. baked in apple with... a daring amount of cinnamon. 5:39 now. people in charleston, south carolina, can expect more heavy rain today. more than 2 feet of standing
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water was reported in some areas yesterday. is it me or does it seem like it's been a while since we've had any rain? let's check in with justin berk to see what's on tap today. >> when you this i about it, we were back to may with the second wettest on record. a wet june as well where we had that severe weather but you are right, we haven't had that much rain. how quickly things do dry up. i had to water my lawn for the first time this summer last night. >> it's july already. >> the first time this summer that i had to water my lawn and it was thirsty. the sun's coming up over the eastern sky. check out these temperatures. 58 churchville. 56 in ellicott city. warms to 62 in eldersburg. upper 50s, low 60s this morning. a partly cloudy afternoon with our high temperature at 80. 5:40 on the clock. here's kim now with a check on
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the roads. things appear to be running smoothly at the harbor tunnel. there were some overnight construction on the harbor tunnel having the northbound side -- excuse me, the southbound side shut down. that has since been reopened. other overnight projects going on right now. the ramp as you make it to the inner loop remains closed because of the sinkhole. southbound 95 at the 895 split, the left lane is closed right now and will be reopening around 6:00 a.m. that's just for construction as well. taking a look at the outer loop of the beltway, 695 at liberty road. a little bit of increased volume, but traffic is running smoothly right now. kelly, back to you. still ahead on "good morning, maryland," counting calories. that can help you count less pounds. more on new research that says the practice could help you lose weight, too. look at this-
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5:44. to your health this morning. worms, flies and mice, counting calories has proven to spretch out their lives. new research shows it's working on monkeys, too. marybeth marsden shows us how it's bringing us one step closer. >> reporter: in a 20-year study, researchers placed a group of adult monkeys on a diet with about one-third fewer calories than they would
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normally eat. while half that allowed to eat freely survived, 80% of the calorie restricted group are still alive. also compared to monkeys on a normal diet, the calorie- restricted monkeys had no diabetes and less heart disease and cancer. the researchers also say regions of the calorie- restricted monkeys' brains are bigger. they are currently tested to see if the changes result in improved mental functioning. an average active 30-year-old man eats about 3,000 calories a day. under the calorie-restricted diet, this would drop to 2100 calories. marybeth marsden, "good morning, maryland." >> several studies are currently working to see if calorie counting will give us the same health perks. in a few hours, general motors' transition to a smaller, potentially more profitable company will be
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complete. the once giant company will be a shadow of what it used to be. sherrie johnson is here with a look at gm and the economy. cirie? >> reporter: a new general motors is hours away from exiting bankruptcy this morning 40 days after entering into it. gm was once one of the biggest auto companies in the world. now they are continuing to downsize. they are expected to cut jobs, factories and brands. the ceo could announce 4,000 more cuts as sale as cross the industry continue to slide. >> really, the story is for consumers. if you are thinking of buying a new car, now is really a good time to take a look. >> reporter: coming up at 6:00, we'll hear more what experts have to say about the economy and another stimulus package. sherrie johnson, abc 2 news. all right. tack a look outside right now.
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the very, very pleasant start to the day and continuing our trend with below normal temperatures. you want to find heat, we'll crank it up over the weekend but nothing oppressive. we are looking outside at basically clear skies this morning. a little cluster of showers falling apart east of the mountains and through central virginia. we'll watch this system back to the northwest. that will ride the upper level winds, throwing us clouds or way as we head through the day. these showers won't make it here today. tomorrow, though, a different story. we follow the forecast models and expect a buildup of clouds. today we'll call it partly cloudy. these will possibly be high, thin clouds to dim out the sun. as we head through tomorrow we crank up the heat and build in the showers in western pa. then the slow-moving frontal boundary will get much more active and slides our way
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during the evening hours. we'll watch things go downhill after 6:00 to 8:00 then a chance for showers and storms overnight lingering at the beach through sunday with leftover showers as well. today, though, our two degree guarantee of 82. the low end, some upper 70s for some of you staying unseasonably cool but comfortable. tonight settling back to 66. over the weekend, 85, showers and storms possible on saturday knocking it to the low 80s with morning showers heading to the beach. tomorrow a spotty shower, and better chance of the rain coming in on sunday. cool and wet stuck at 78. kim now with the check of the roads. >> reporter: good morning. we have a fantastic start to the friday commute. things are running smoothly around the major thoroughfares. if you are traveling 170 southbound taking the ramp to the inner loop, keep in mind that ramp remains closed as crews work to repair the sinkhole.
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expect that to be closed for the remainder of the rush hour. the left lane is closed on southbound 95 for reopening. that will reopen as rush hour moves along. as we see, things are traveling smoothly, a little bit of increased volume. no incidents or delays at this time. kelly, back to you. a little anxious to get on tv. not aleen but her friend. >> someone crying in the background. this is heathcliff. >> 's cute. >> he is a little squirmy this morning. he has a lot of energy. >> he was wide awake this morning. he is a typical puppy. he's got a lot of energy. he actually is a little bit nippy, and it's not bad for a puppy. >> okay. >> typically, when that happens, you don't want to allow it to continue. >> he's got big paws. this dog's going to be huge.
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>> you make a noise like that, and he'll stop. when he gives kisses, oh, good puppy, you can praise that. >> positive reinforcement. >> i don't have one stupidly, but you want a toy nearby to say chew on this instead of my hand. >> that's typically something they outgrow, though, isn't it? >> if you do the positive reinforcement it works well. if you let them do it as a puppy it will get worse for a big dog. >> and obviously house training. >> yes this one needs it. >> you think? >> he's not house broken. we had a little accident in the van. we can help people with that. >> does he have any siblings? >> he does. i'm trying to think if any are available. he was in a litter and is up for adoption today. >> and you say a lab mix? >> we were told golden retriever mastive mix. >> how much will the dog weigh?
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>> you never know when they are mixed but dozens of pounds. >> do you think it's good for families? >> it will be fun if they do the training and spend the time. he seems to like everybody. >> how could you turn this face down? aleen gabey, thanks. good luck to you. >> 's whining because he wants someone to take him home. >> i agree. coming up next on "good morning, maryland," a warm welcome for two bundles of joy. yeah, no it's great. i eat anything that i want. key lime pie, pineapple upside down cake, raspberry cheesecake... ... yeah, every night is something different. oh, yeah yeah... ... she always keeps them in the house. no, no, no. i've actually lost weight... i just have a high metabolism or something... ...lucky. babe... umm, i gotta go.
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5:54. time to take a look at what's happening today, july 10, 2009. the baltimore autism summit kicks off at 9:30 this horning. governor martin o'malley is expected to be there. actually, high school students will come together as well. timely this morning, new additions in washington state. two bengal tiger cubs have been
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welcomed into the family. they came from a zoo in arizona. right now, they are doing some growing behind the scenes. you can see them working there with their trainers. zoo officials say when they are big and healthy, oh, look at them, isn't that cute? when they are big and healthy enough, they will be on display with the public. now they are having bonding time and getting acquainted behind the scenes. "good morning, maryland" at 6:00 is coming straight at you. we'll look at our exclusive weather net from the baltimore inner harbor. 66 degrees. another lovely day on tap? we'll see. justin berk has a complete look at the forecast just minutes away. ( chirping, music )
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captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e-mail:e- mail: "good morning, maryland." i'm kelly swoope in for megan
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and jamie. a new general motors may be just hours away. the stimulus package hasn't produced any results. police believe there could be more victims after a local soccer coach is accused of soliciting sex from a 14-year- old girl and celebrating the life and legacy of former raven steve mcnair. we'll show you how local fans shared in his nashville memorial. 5:59 now, those stories and much more coming up. first, let's check the weather with justin berk. >> you remember the wake-up window at the bottom of the screen. mostly clear and temperatures running cool. we start off in westminster as we go up on storm center weather net. 58 degrees this morning. pleasant and almost chilly for some of you. 63, a little milder clotser to the beltway. this is northern anne arundel county at glen burnie. we are expecting a sky to turn partly cloudy this


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