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tv   ABC2 News Saturday  ABC  July 11, 2009 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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a bizarre and gruesome story out of anne arundel county involving a dead grandmother and a freezer. police discovered an elderly woman in the freezer of her home earlier today. >> reporter: well, delia, police are calling this case bizarre. they say the 83-year-old woman was placed in the freezer by family members and they have no idea how long she was in there. a call came in shortly after 6:00 p.m. yesterday from a family member not living inside the home. detectives say the victim, 83- year-old doris lea cooke lived with several family members in the bottom apartment of this complex located on furnace branch road in glen burnie. she was placed in the freezer by family members and was
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deceased for several weeks. they are not sure what caused her death just that she was bedridden, possibly several years. >> now, through the investigation they interviewed several family members who actually told them that the female had been deceased for several weeks and they placed her in the freezer and she was suffering from various ailments and conditions. >> reporter: now, police are ruling this death as suspicious. they say homicide detectives -- coming up, more from neighbors that lived in the building where the woman was discovered. right now 11 people are homeless after a two-alarm apartment fire in baltimore county. the fire started before midnight in the 340 block of fire light lane in the again oak area. flames damaged several areas.
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>> me and my cousin rushed over here and the whole -- it was blocked off at every entry and i just basically ran all the way from the kuhn dindo nuts up here -- dunkin donuts up here. it was all on fire, everything was melting. >> we can tell you the red cross is helping displaced families. the cause is under investigation. now an abc news update to a story we bright you last night. police identified a boy struck and killed in essex. joseph hudson was walking near the room store, part of a shopping plaza on north point boulevard last night. investigators say that is when a driver lost control of his car hitting the boy. that driver hit two other vehicles. the cause of the crash right now is under investigation. a man running from police crashed his s.u.v. into two other cars in glen burnie sending four people to
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the hospital. around 10:30 this morning, a maryland transit authority was on patrol when he spotted an s.u.v. speeding. the officer tried to pull the driver over but the driver continued driving heading for the ordinance road exit when he struck another car and slid into a second vehicle. the 20-year-old driver and two people in the honda were taken to shock trauma. we don't know their conditions but the driver in the second car, we know he was taken to harbor hospital with minor injuries. tonight president obama has wrapped up his busy one day trip to ghana. the trip, especially mention full for the president because, of course, his african heritage. ann compton has more on the trip. >> reporter: the people of ghana were bursting with pride at the honor of hosting the first visit by the first african-american president. his address had to be moved to a convention center because of
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the crowds. they were thrilled when he declared he has the blood of africa in him but his message to much of the rest of africa was tough on the corruption that he says held the continent back. it was to young africans he passed along his signature chant yes we can. >> you have the power to build institutions that serve the people. you can conquer disease and end conflict and make change from the bottom up. you can do that. yes you can. >> reporter: there is some disappointment that the first african-american president chose to come for less than one day and only to one country. he decided against his father's troubled homeland kenya and came instead here to west africa to which millions of african americans trace their own roots. this hold a dark history in its stony dungeons. no one knows how much africans
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were put in chains, out to slave ships through what is called the door of no return. president obama made a point of showing his young daughters a very grown up lesson. >> i think it was particularly important for malia and sasha to be reminded that history can take very cruel turns. >> reporter: ann compton, abc news, with the president in ghana. cloudy throughout much of the day. the showers held off so far. looking live from maryland's most powerful radar, you can see wet weather is moving into the area. it's due to a cold front. we have the chance of showers and storms tonight. already seeing some of that wet weather in western maryland making its way east. we will put a chance of showers and thunderstorms in the forecast tonight. dropping down to the mid-60s for those overnight lows but a warm up is on the way and clearer conditions in the forecast. i will have more coming up. emily a warning for swimmers.
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ann arundel county health officials are urging people to stay out of the water at lower magafee beach at cat tail creek. high bacteria levels pose a threat to swimmers or others that come in contact with the water. anyone affected should wash well with soap and warm water and wash your clothes. 7-11, celebrating the 82nd birthday and you can join in the fun. they will be handing out free slur piece. we have a store locator if you want to go get your free slurpy you can check out where the closest seven eleven is to you. friend and family say good- bye to steve mcnair.
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investigators are searching a historic african-american cemetery in chicago area where hundreds of bodies may have
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been dug up. four former employees are accused of digging up hundreds of corpses then dumping them in a scheme to resell burial plots. the cemetery is home to civil rights lynching victim. >> there is the most horrific experience that i have had in this lifetime. >> this is horribly difficult. i can't tell you the number of women i talked to that can't find their children. who can't find their babies that they buried here. >> one investigation turned up nothing today but more searches are planned. friends, family and former teammates said their last goodbyes to nfl star steve mcnair. thousand turned out funeral services held in hattiesburg, mississippi, 35 miles from his hometown. the former raven was shot to
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death last saturday by his 20- year-old girlfriend who then killed herself. ray lewis was among the speakers. he had a special message for mcnair's children. >> your father pulled out one heck of a sacrifice young men. every time you walk out the door, hold your head up high because left something that a lot of men can't follow. >> a private burial in mcnair's hometown of mount olive followed the emotional service today. tomorrow the space shuttle "endeavour" is expected to launch off. nasa postponed today's launch after several lightning strikes near the launch pad. they will try again 7:13 sunday night. today marks the third time endid you ever's launch was delayed. it was postponed twice because of a liquid hydrogen leak.
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>> i didn't see any lightning today but plenty of clouds. >> a lot of clouds. that kept the temperature lob where we thought it would be after yesterday and the day before, we got back to summer today. back to the humidity. back to shower activity tonight, too. we will be watching that on the radar. looking live outside, over the inner harbor, the clouds this evening. and warmer temperatures than what we have been experiencing, at least a little bit above what we have been feeling, the humidity higher, making it feel warmer than yesterday. 81 is where we are sitting right now at the airport. the winds are bringing in the warmer air at 7 miles out of the south. humidity 61%. from summit ridge, you can sigh the clouds built up during the day today. just a little sunshine early this morning. then we clouded up quickly toward the afternoon keeping our temperature lob what we thought it would be today. we saw temperatures in the low 80s and upper 70s. 78 is the current temperature in mount ari. we are seeing a good amount of
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cloud cover but no rain right now. in fact, across the beltway, we are seeing dry conditions. off to the north, seeing a little bit of wet weather toward southern pennsylvania, showers moving into that area. for the most part we are dry in baltimore. another chance of scattered showers is the possibility later on tonight. we have a cold front pushing through. scattered showers and thunderstorms in any areas that receive the wet weather may see a good amount of rain. downpours possible with any storms moving through. also lightning, small hail and a good possibility of gusty winds. we have been dealing with the gusty winds during the day today and we will continue to deal with them tonight. 82 degrees is what we hit this afternoon. it felt warm out there because of the humidity, it was actually five degrees below average. back a few years ago in 1988 we hit 100 degrees. 63 this morning. record low 53 in 1996. so, 81 at the airport.
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76 in york where they have seen the rain. it cooled down a little bit. 81 easton and 79 winchester. back to typical temperatures for this time of year by tomorrow afternoon. back to the mid-80s once again before we clear out and cool off for mond and tuesday. looking outside, we are watching a cold front push through. i want to tell you something about the cold front. while we were expecting a good line of showers and thunderstorms to push through this evening, we are starting to see this break up. you can see the two separate cells moving off, one to the north and one to the south. not going to see the widespread rain that we were tonight but the possibility of scattered showers and thunderstorms during the overnight hours and in toward early tomorrow morning. all right. for tonight, down to 66 degrees. showers and storms possible with the storms. gusty wind a good possibility as well. tomorrow not the best day to be outside. your two degree guarantee is 84 degrees. partly cloudy skies with showers and storms in the morning. then i think whether he get another round of showers and
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storms toward the afternoon. stormy day before we clear out by tomorrow night. when that happens, high pressure will take control of our weather situation by monday and tuesday. clear skies for those days with highs in the mid-80s, a little below average. warming up again as another front pushing into the area wednesday night and thursday. high of 88 thursday. that will be the warm day of the week before we clear out once again with temperatures getting back below average for friday and saturday. back to you. rick white here with sports. manager jay tremblay was suspended for two games because of an argument with an umpire in seattle. he sat this one out and had to watch. did he like what he saw. birken was pitching well until a double down the line brett cecil had a day. the former university of
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maryland star from 2006 to 2007 pitched six innings, gave up four hits, five strikeouts. if the o's loose, let it be to a turp. adam jones pops out. blue jays win 2-0. friend and family got a chance to say good-bye to steve mcnair. ray lewis told the family that he would always be there if they needed anything. he remembered the first time he met mama mcnair. >> you know, the first time i met the family and -- it's kind of funny because the first time i met mama, the first thing she said to me was, don't be hitting my baby like that. and i said mama, i said, it's just business. she pulled me to the side and
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said i love you, but don't hit my baby like that. >> it's the middle of the baseball season. so, why are the san francisco giants so happy? >> center field. hit well. hit really well. roland on the move. two down in the ninth. strike three called. calvin sanchez has thrown a no hitter at at&t park. >> he had 11 strikeouts and a perfect game but the giants had an error. this was the first no hitter for the giants since 1976. in about two weeks we will have a winner in the tour defrance. everybody is wondering, could it possibly be that lance
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armstrong guy. >> lance armstrong, a lot of people saying oh, boy we have to do it again, armstrong is back. >> he is back and so far in the comeback tour, it's team player lance armstrong. >> you have to stay on the wheel. >> staying on the wheel for now in third place, eight seconds behind the leader. >> it didn't go according to the plan that we had set out earlier. it doesn't matter. >> reporter: 37-year-old armstrong that would like to win a history making eighth tour may face his toughest competition from his own teammate. on this tour, both men are rock stars. >> here comes alberto. >> at the end of the race two weeks down the road, only one rider can be the team. >> ultimately the road will decide who the strongest guy is. >> anyone that knows and
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covered lance armstrong knows not to count him out. >> he is two seconds behind con take door. both men love to climb. >> my favorite part of saturday, i just wanted to know, did you see that. >> he knocked me off my feet, baby, but that didn't stop thompson as he grabs the ball and seals the double play. no time left on the clock and south africa is down by one goal. fans are leaving. but striker believes and spins it. the game is tied. the fans say i knew it all the time. we come back to the states for this one. adam jones goes back to the wall and acts like pack man. any ball in his area, he
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gobbles it up. >> that's it for sports. he is our all star and delia, back to you. >> thanks, rick. before you take a splash in the pool, beware. there is a good chance you are not swimming alone. w
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this summer many families will head to the pool for sun in the fun. we have a warning. there are about a dozen different bugs and bacteria that can ineffect swimming pools and make you sick. >> reporter: it may feel like big brother is watching over little kids at the school this summer. >> shower before you get in the pool. >> reporter: the city of phoenix hired deck attendants to make sure people shower and take bathroom breaks after closing all 21 of the public pools last year.
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toddlers are required to wear swim diapers and they are available in a vending machine. it's all to avoid this. a parasite that causes cramping, diarrhea, vomiting and fever that can last a couple of weeks. after jenny broom had thrown a party at a public pool, she spent thousands of hospital bills for children who came in contact with crypto there. >> i had 18 and 19-year-old in my family curled up for 8, 9, 10 hours in a day. >> reporter: some frisco texas pools were forced to close after two children had accidents that could contaminate the water. >> i'm glad they are doing the right thing and closing it down for the day and getting it cleaned up. >> reporter: things you can look for, pool water should be clear, not cloudy and the tile should not be slippery or slimy. if you want to check up on your pool, buy chlorine test strips.
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dip it in the water. it turns different colors to indicate if the pool has proper chlorine levels. unfortunately the strips do not kill that bacteria. and taking a look before we head to a break at a beautiful downtown baltimore. a few clouds in the sky but not too bad. it's not raining at least. temperature outside, 83 degrees. w
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last look at weather. >> a few scattered showers and thunderstorms. clearing out late in the day tomorrow night. we will dry out monday and toward wednesday as high pressure builds in. high temperature of 88 degrees. back to the normal highs for this time of year. >> it's summer for you. >> that's all tonight at 6:30. join us for more and the latest at 11:00. have a good night. w
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