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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  July 16, 2009 12:05am-1:05am EDT

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finally tonight, a fiery crash has shut down part of an interstate in the suburbs north of detroit. local authorities say a gasoline tanker and a tractor-trailer collided around 8:30 local time. look at that. triggering an explosion that sent flames hundreds of feet into the air. blanketed the accident scene with dark clouds of toxic smoke.
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state police confirm that a highway overpass has collapsed on the northbound side of this highway and miraculously, only one minor injury has been reported. the tanker drive survived the explosion. it will be no doubt be a headache for commuters in the morning. that's our report for tonight. "jimmy kimmel live" is up next. i'm terry moran. for martin bashir and cynthia mcfadden and all of us at abc news, good night, america. hi, i'm jimmy kimmel, and if you want to make the world a better, fresher place, chew eclipse gum. not only does eclipse fight bad breath, it helps kill the germs that cause it. let's go to the street and check in with gum soldier uncle frank. >> hi, i'm uncle frank and i'm here with -- >> eddie. >> hi, eddie. eddie, i have a quiz for you.
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>> okay. >> what president is on the quarter? >> george washington. >> correct. what's two plus two minus two? >> two. >> two, got it. why is your breath so bad? >> because -- 4 -- because -- >> seriously. >> oh, thank you. that's pretty good. >> now you have good breath. thanks, eclipse. >> thank you. >> nicely done, uncle frank. eclipse says you're welcome. >> fight bad breath and help kill the germs that cause it, with eclipse gum. >> "jimmy kimmel live," back in two minutes with marisa miller, music from chester french and larry king. we're here. #hello! ( phone conversation continues ) seriously. now eclipse... kills the germs thatcause bad breath. also in mints.
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larry king. supermodel marisa miller. and music from chester french. with cleto and the cletones. and now, you know what, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] captions paid for by abc, inc. >> hi, everyone. thank you, cleto. welcome to the show. i'm jimmy, thank you for watching tonight. let's get fat together, what do you say? [ cheers and applause ]
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anyone excited about the new harry potter movie? [ cheers and applause ] so we have some fourth grader here's in the audience. [ laughter ] harry potter and the half gay prince, the second to last edition of the harry potter series opened last night at midnight. thought of theaters across the country were sold out. they're saying it could be the biggest wednesday night opening for a sixth movie in a wizard themed franchise ever. this weekend harry potter goes head to head with bruno for the number one slot. so make sure your kids get into the right theater. otherwise you have to explain why harry's penis is talking. that wasn't in the book. [ laughter ] the new movie is getting good reviews but some die hards are upset that the plot hasn't stayed faithful to the book. apparently they cut one big key scene out and on top of that, they added some new characters that weren't even in the book.
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>> harry? >> i'm guillermo, the magic mexican. look at me do magic. chupacawa. wo! ow! that hurt. >> all right. [ cheers and applause ] nicely done, guillermo. he's also very good at making tequila disappear.
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michael jackson is still be biggest thing in the news today. his brother tito is the latest member of the family to grant an interview to the paying media. he said he tried to have an intervention with michael but michael lied and said he wasn't using drugs and michael's staff sent him out of the house and set up road blocks to keep him out. seriously if tito is your brother you might do the same thing. the entertainment news shows have been running jackson coverage nonstop. access hollywood had a special episode and included this completely out of context tribute from quincy jones' daughter who i don't know knew she was -- anyway, here's rasheeda jones. >> i have been bit by a monkey. when i was 10. surprisingly, it was michael jackson's monkey. bubbles. and i was petting the monkey and it got out of the cage and
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started going crazy and i tried to slow it down and i stuck my head -- i was hysterical, bleeding and hysterical. [ laughter ] >> so many wonderful memories, you know? meanwhile, michael's terrible father joe was on abc last night. he's convinced that foul play was at work in his son's death and he also says he never beat his son which is the opposite of what michael himself said. the good news though is he's talking about turning michael's kids into an act and taking them on tour. which they say is the best thing to do for children mourning the death of their father. letting joe jackson train another jackson family singing group is like letting michael vick train another dog. shouldn't happen. here's joe with chris connelly last night here on abc. >> what did you know about the drugs michael was reportedly taking? >> i knew they were bad. they're bad. you know it.
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>> who do you think should raise these children now that michael is gone? >> i'd say santa claus. he's my favorite. >> do you see any possibility for growing into performers? >> well, blanket can dance. i teach him the same way i taught michael, i melt a stick of butter on the linoleum and let him go nuts. >> how is katherine holding up in this? >> who the hell is katherine. >> when you want to remember your son what is favorite memory? >> probably the time we went fishing in the toilet bowl together. and the money, i love the money. >> say what you want about him, he looks great. i have no explanation for that. the big question is who gets custody of the children, joe jackson the pumpkin and katherine jackson have them now.
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some say debbie rowe should go after them. i say give them to jennifer aniston, right? i might be the only one -- saying that. one rumor that's going around is that michael wasn't even the real father that the real father is his dermatologist, this guy arnold klein. i don't believe that, and here's why. this is arnold klein. and this is their mother, debbie rowe. that woman and this man did not produce these beautiful kids. nature does not allow that sort of thing to happen. [ laughter ] if arnold klein and debbie rowe did have a kid together, that child would look like this. [ laughter ] try dangling that over a balcony. [ laughter ] i'll tell you if they want to find out who the father is, they ought to go to maury povich. he knows how to find a baby's
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daddy. today on maury, he had another paternity test. they don't get tired of these, and usually maury doesn't say a whole lot to the new dads. he lets them jump around like maniacs, but it appears that maury is working on his bedside manner. >> derek, you are the father. yes. derek. i want to tell you something, i want to tell you something. i want to tell you the good news. you want a piece of good news? here's what you can do now, derek. you can claim that child on your taxes. [ laughter ] >> well, in that case, where is my sweet little boy? apparently, maury has been working part-time at the h&r block or something. barack obama threw out the first pitch at the baseball all-star game last night. i know the president is really busy but he needs a personal shopp shopper.
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he appeared in public with heavily stone washed jeans with a big crease down the front of them, like his mom ironed them or something. already his opponents on the right are taking him to task for it. >> in tough times, america needs a strong leader, a leader who reals real pants. barack obama wears bingo jeans. the kind of jeans your mother wears. man up, mr. president and lose the barack o-mama jeans. we need a president who dresses like this guy. paid for by americans who wear normal pants. >> they may have a point. barely three weeks after splitting up with his wife, jon gosselin from "jon and kate plus 8" is in the riviera with his new girlfriend and i don't trust
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anyone who's friends with a plast plastic surgeon. he told "people" magazine that his children, his eight children are and will always be his top priority and he said every ten minutes i keep thinking about the kids and missing them. and then he went back to smoking cigarettes with the 22-year-old on a yacht. 4,000 miles away. poor guy he misses his kids so much he's dating a girl their age. that's love. this is pretty good. this is from the "today" show. their doing a thing where they cut away to the local station for weather. this is what happened when they went to the local phoenix nbc affiliate. take a look. >> there's an ozone watch today and we'll watch the 110, that's -- we'll reach the 110, that's the high today. 113 on sunday. there is -- oh, mother -- >> phoenix is very hot. and one more item on our health
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beat. there's a swine flu outbreak here in this studio right now. no, that's been hitting summer camps around the country. you know, where kid goes. they've been successful treating it with tamiflu and children are more susceptible to the swine flu. it's detected at 50 camps around the country and one has been hit particularly hard by this swine flu howdy, campers, do you lov bacon? we have a bacon eating contest, bacon contest, water skiing, bacon s'mores and sleep inside a real working slaughterhouse. plus, a special visit from kevin, bacon. located in ham den, georgia. not affiliated with the fatty wagons weight loss camp.
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♪ hi, there. if you like having fun, you've come to the right place. with us this evening, a very attractive woman whom you know from victoria's secret and the "sports illustrated" swimsuit edition. you can see her at the espy awards sunday night. on espn. marisa miller is here. also tonight -- oh, here it is. the cd's are getting bigger every year. you can see them live this summer on tour with blink 182. this is their debut album, "love the future", music from chester french. tomorrow, josh lucas, terrell owens, and music from pitbull. and on friday, teri hatcher, danica patrick and daughtry. they will be with us on the show, so join us then. our first guest is an emmy and peabody award-winning broadcaster who's been called the most remarkable talk show host ever by "tv guide" and the
12:26 am
greatest man of the century by "suspenders" magazine. his new book "my remarkable journey" is in bookstores now. please say hello to larry king. [ cheers and applause ] thank you, larry. thank you for coming. >> oh, thank you, jimmy. >> are you wearing barack obama's jeans? [ laughter ] >> no. what was wrong with his jeans? >> no, you have a good look in his jeans. his jeans were too big for him or something. >> you want to know the story behind my jeans? ryan seacrest is my jeans supplier. >> is he really? >> yeah, i had a baggy pair of jeans and he was over for dinner one night and he said, what are
12:27 am
you wearing those for? they make you look old. i said i'm old. he sent me some jeans over. and the first pair he sent me was button fly. that's bad. it takes you 4 1/2 hours to go to the bathroom. and then he got me the zipper. >> i had dinner with ryan once and he tried to also get me out of my jeans. don't fall for this. this is an m.o. is what it is. >> very cool. oh, first -- before we get into anything else, i spoke to don rickles yesterday. >> oh, very good. >> i'm inviting you and don, the three of us are going to a dodger game. >> i'd love to go. >> we're going to pick the date. >> that would be great. >> we've got season tickets. >> beautiful. i would love to. >> two boys -- right by the dugout, by home plate. >> i'll be with the kids and you can have a conversation, right? is that how it works?
12:28 am
>> you don't have a conversation with don. you listen. >> that's right. that's right. >> don is in control. >> it's worth -- >> he's an american treasure. >> he is. absolutely. >> that's best. >> you are too, larry. you know what, don't sell yourself short. you really are. [ cheers and applause ] you know, i have been a fan of yours for a long time, ever since i was in radio. i listened to you on -- >> those were the days. >> i know it's a long story, but tell the story -- because i think it might be my favorite story ever. the story of when you and your classmates pretended -- >> but it takes a little time. >> you know what? i'm willing to spend that time. >> you're not going to edit it out? >> i'm not going to edit it out. >> tell this story. >> see, i oversold it already. it's a good story see, if you interrupt you kill the story. >> i'm going to keep quiet. in fact, i may go stand with the security guards. >> we were in ninth grade, in bensonhurst high school, in ninth grade, you graduated and then went on to high school for
12:29 am
10th, 11th and 12th. in new york city it's ninth grade. we were 9-b 4. 9-b-2 are b students and 9 b 4 we're not sure. 9 b 5, knee ander that wills. one man loved me, i removed a thorn from his paw. meanwhile, we called him gil because he had -- his hair was like a mop. >> gill mopo. >> so a brain surgeon now in buffalo and me, we go to visit to find out -- we go to his house to find out why mopo didn't go to school. sitting in front of the house is a boy looking forlorn. he says he was his cousin, the family had taken him to tucson to cure his tuberculosis. he won't be back in school for a year so the kid -- he's the only relative. he's waiting overnight to go to
12:30 am
school to tell him mopo won't be back. you can't leave a kid back for illness. so herbie, said we'll tell him. thanks, he leaves. we're walking down the street, and herbie says, i've got a fantastic idea to make money. we'll tell him mopo died. mopo died. it's foolproof because the kid is the only relative, he's in jersey. mopo is the only child t parents have taken him to tucson for a year. he'll be the -- we can't miss. what we'll do is we'll raise money and get flowers and candy and we'll go down -- and eat hot dogs at nathan's. so it -- okay. all right. all right. we go into the class, we bow our heads, go up to the teacher, we went to mopo's house, he's dead. the home room calls home, it's disconnected and they record dead, and we collect $190.02
12:31 am
weeks later, the principal asked to see us. we're walking down the hall, i'm crying. i have no father, my poor mother. i'll never be a doctor. here's herbie the negotiator. no problem. i'll handle it, we had to mix -- we had a mix-up, we'll give back the money, we think of something. we go into the principal's office and instead of being ticked he is pleased. my three young friends, sit down. he doesn't know us from adam. oh, sit down. he says, boys, here's what happened. "the new york times" wants to do a series of articles on junior high schools because they don't get any credit. high schools get all the play because they play intramural sports. so we had a faculty meeting what could we do? each school was to do a project and we heard about you and your raised money for the late gil. we looked up our records and he was the only student in the history of this school to die. most kids make it over that 14-year-old hump. he made -- so what we're going to have -- you have to hear
12:32 am
this. we'll have a gil memorial assembly. a week before graduation, and we're going to honor the number one student in the school, give him or her a replica of a statue. and then build a statue in the lobby to gil with his picture and then every year we'll add the name of the winner. and at the assembly we want a full school assembly and the three of you to sit on the stage in honor of your late friend. we should have told him. [ laughter ] to this day we should have told him, but we were caught up in the ego of the moment. we were, okay. now we're walking down the hall and we're leaving the office and we -- what are we going to do, we're in trouble. herbie goes, well, let's look at it this way. we're going to go on to high school. it's going to take a while and some day, i know they'll have a trophy, but some day it will kick in. some day, mopo will die. [ laughter ] and when it does that trophy
12:33 am
will mean something. anyway, now, this is the god's honest truth, it's the day of the gil mopo assembly. we're on the stage t winner -- the winner of the first award and the whole school is there. and that day -- that day mopo came back to school! [ cheers and applause ] as herbie likes to say, in it's medicine's finest moment, they cured mopo. only one week left before school, and he's got two ways he can enter -- through the side, or the big doors. and mopo chooses the doors and first thing he sees is a banner. gil -- the memorial. he's not the brightest guy in the world, but he knows what memorial means. so he freezes, right. the kids in the back row spot
12:34 am
him and immediately know the whole story. they glommed us for 190 bucks, this is a farce. they're new york city kid. if you're a new york city kid, you're ahead -- if you're a d student in new york, you're mayor of des moines. you can phone it in. now it's time that the principal is looking up, what's going on, and herbie stands -- i don't know why he did this, but he stands up and goes, go home, mopo, you're dead. there's pandemonium. the principal looks at this, the veins are coming out of his neck. now we're walking down again and herbie is saying don't worry, and i'm crying, and then we get into the office. i have never seen a guy angrier in my whole life. he said this is my worst day in the history of new york public schools, you are suspended for life. go down to your locker, take your stuff, you not graduate, i
12:35 am
will recommend rikers island, i'm going to recommend that you chop rocks until you're 18 years old, get out of my sight. herbie says you're making a big mistake. what happens, mr. principal, is we're going to be suspended because we did a dumb thing, but the school board, you know you have to have a hearing that's a rule in new york. they had the hear -- at the hearing we're going to be suspended, because we did a dumb thing, but someone on the board going to say mr. principal, three dumb kids come into class, they tell you a kid is dead. you make one phone call, the phone is disconnected, you create an entire assembly and i'll tell you what we'll be suspended but you'll never be principal again. and here's the capper. he says so why don't we just forget the whole thing. and the principal is whipped and we forget the whole thing and here's the final story. this is true. we graduate not by name, but by size of the student.
12:36 am
so mopo is in front of herbie and the principal is handing out the diplomas. 9 b 4. he goes, gil -- herbie pushes him aside and he says i'll take it, he's deceased. >> that story and more is in this book. we'll be right back with larry after this. taking its rightful place
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♪ we are back with larry king. his book is called "my remarkable journey" and of course his shows is every night on cnn. how sick are you of the michael jackson story? >> i'm tired of it, but the amazing thing, it has legs. the ratings are unbelievable. if i were to do the show i'd have baseball on every night. so, i wouldn't be a good judge. they know what people are watching and people are watching this. they're fascinated by it. it's -- it is a driven story. what next, what's the toxicology report, where is he buried, why
12:41 am
isn't he buried? >> all the characters involved. >> years ago, there was an actor named -- and he died in the arms of a woman not his wife. they ran it every day, john garfield this and that, where was he, who was his medical doctor, what happened? on the ninth day someone said there's going to be a headline, john garfield still dead. >> and who will be hosting that show t brando family? >> yeah. mikko brando. >> he made you wear michael jackson's hat during an interview. >> he put it on during one interview. it was too small for me. >> that had to be a little bit weird. >> and -- >> it's not a jewish thing. >> yeah. yeah. not exactly the -- >> we owned the building where they do the dancing. >> but you don't do the dance. >> no. >> it's an interesting story. i'm wondering when i watch you if you care.
12:42 am
>> i care. this is the rule -- 52 years of doing this and you have to do this too because you're responsible for the show. once that light goes on, i'm there 100%. i'm doing the best i can. now, i may rather want to do something else, but once that light goes on, we have an excellent staff, good producers, they keep the show humming. my job -- >> you do for sure. >> you don't throw it away. >> when heidi and spencer show up on your set, do you know before hand who these people are, do you bother yourself with that kind of minutiminutia, do keep up with that sort of thing? >> who are you talking about? no, we had them on once. that story, i don't understand. i have seen celebrity. you know, they talk about 15 minutes. that was 2 1/2 seconds. i didn't buy that one at all. >> have you ever interviewed michael jackson? >> i interviewed him when he was 12 years old. when they were the jackson 5 and they were in miami and he was very shy and i remember saying
12:43 am
to the producer, boy, this is going to be interesting because i don't think this kid can talk. but once the show started he took it over. >> he did, really? >> he has two personalities. there's the shy and then the whoop -- and i was with him in 2007. jesse jackson had a big dinner at his rainbow coalition, honored me, which is very nice and honored him. i was asking him about coming on the show and he said he'd come on as soon as he got a new album out. he looked and talked fine. very slender. he ate his meal. >> what did he eat, do you remember? let's bring in some experts also to analyze what he ate. >> wait a minute. hold it, hold it. that could be friday's show. >> that could be your whole show on friday. >> i believe it was fillet. >> do you have another michael jackson show tomorrow? >> i would say the odds are pretty good. [ laughter ] i would bet that way. >> in the book, you have had some life, of course you started -- obviously you started off in radio and graduated to
12:44 am
television and you dated a lot of women, including katie couric. >> once, i took katie couric out. >> what happened on that date? >> she was working -- she was working in washington at channel 4 and i was doing my show. >> what year was this? >> '81. >> okay. >> we had a very nice evening. and we're driving home and i thought i'm going to go up to the apartment, katie and i, but she said she had a roommate. >> oh. >> the roommate turned out to be wendy walker who is now my executive producer. >> wow. >> yeah. they were like -- they're best friends. >> did anything go on between the three of you? [ laughter ] >> you know, i've never tried that. no, nothing happened with katie and i. that was -- nothing happened. i liked her a lot. i've still got her as a great friend. >> you could have make it up. what's she's going to do? no one would believe her if she said nothing happened.
12:45 am
>> it was a wild night, i'll tell you. >> well, read all about it in this book called "my remarkable journey", larry king, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] marisa miller will be here next. (announcer) introducing new tide stain release. a revolutionary in-was booster .that..., works with your detergent to help remove tough stains... the first time. coming to stores late july. get your dollar ifty coupon at, today! a miller lite.
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♪ still to come on the show, chester french will join us. our next guest posed at least half naked in seven consecutive "sports illustrated" swimsuit issues, a record matched only by the great john madden. you can see her sunday night at the espy awards 9:00 on espn. please welcome marisa miller. [ cheers and applause ] well you look fantastic. thank you for coming. >> thank you for having me. >> did you get a chance to marry larry king backstage? >> no, he slipped away. he's cute. >> you just came away from the espy awards? >> yeah, it was amazing. >> it taped tonight and it airs on sunday night. what did you do over there?
12:50 am
>> i presented the first award which was the championship performance, which is, you know, a major award. >> who won it? >> i can't tell you. >> oh, you can't -- was it adam lambert, because he got stiffed the last type around? >> are you going to bet? >> i think michael phelps probably won. maybe the pot threw a little wrench in the procedures, but he did win eight gold medals. kobe won a gold medal and an nba title, but he didn't win eight gold medals. >> and it's history. >> so he won, michael phelps. >> i can't tell you. >> are you an actual sports fan? >> no, i'm -- >> you are? >> no, i definitely am. i came -- i have two sisters, my dad didn't have any sons. i'm a tomboy and my dad and i we would go to 49er games when i was little. in the '80's when they were super hot. that was our thing. we went to every single game. and when they made it into the playoffs with the atlanta falcons, he took my mom.
12:51 am
like i was like his -- >> the nerve. >> yeah. still i have issues with it. >> really? >> yeah. my dad calls me from the game and he goes, mom fell asleep during the touchdown pass. i'm like, i told you. you should have taken me. you know? >> yeah. >> it was really messed up. >> did he learn his lesson and take you to the next game? >> yeah, totally. i was like, dude, after that, like dad, you know, like come on. you have to take me. i mean, i would appreciate it too. my mom didn't care. >> did you play sports an all that stuff? >> yes, i played basketball and volleyball. yeah. >> was he like a sports dad where he'd go to all the games and follow you and everything? >> yeah. my dad, he actually came to one of the biggest volleyball games, with his face painted blue. >> i hope that was the team color. >> no, it was, but my dad he's already like 6'4". like he's huge. he looks like a viking, and his job was to be scary because i
12:52 am
wasn't allowed to date anybody. he was really scary and had long, blond hair and a ponytail and he paints his face blue and screaming for me at the games. i'm like, oh, my god, dad it's so embarrassing. >> i would think so. >> super embarrassing. >> so dad, his job was to keep the boys away from you? >> oh, yeah. he did a good job. >> was he successful at that? >> oh, yeah. and my dad, he's very smart. it was like -- he knew what i was going do, like two steps before it actually happened. so, you know -- i mean, my curfew was like 9:00 and i'm like, dad, no one goes out until 9:30, as he's like, mm-hmm. and everything is closed after 10:00, so what are you going to do after 10:00. >> now this is from the current issue of british gq. what does say -- what does dad say when this current issue arrives on the newsstands? >> well, first of all this is for charity. it was a charity -- [ laughter ] it was. >> you're damn right it was. >> it was. it was.
12:53 am
let me explain. so the book is called "room 23". and there's some great people like george clooney, sharon stone. this was like -- >> they're all naked too? >> yes. i mean, some of them are. this is actually a very tame photo. >> it is? >> and they asked me -- [ laughter ] well, it was a -- >> can i see the negatives then? [ laughter ] i'll just get the magazine, yeah. >> it was a woman photographer and they asked me what i wanted to do. i thought, you know, it would be cool to do -- >> is she a lesbian now? [ laughter ] >> i don't know. >> as a result of this? >> we didn't have that conversation. >> uh-huh. >> i thought, you know, it would be cute to do an over the top like bubble bath. like, you know, when i was a little girl, i liked the foam beards, i'd do that with the sisters. i guess it's a little different now. >> no. you made the right choice, definitely. and this -- this photograph is interesting because --
12:54 am
>> oh, yeah. >> you appear to -- either a monkey or a very, very hairy child there in your sack. >> no, sometimes with work we have to, you know, work with animals, for example. >> like tonight. >> yeah. and this was an orangutan, a very young one. i was shooting for "glamour" magazine and he had a diaper on originally. he was very young, very attached to his trainer. as soon as i put him on the hip, they had to take the diaper off, because it didn't work with the shot. as soon as i got him on the hip, he peed all over me. i go to take the shower, wash the clothes, put him back on the hip again, he pees again. so then we put him in the purse, in the bag there. that's where he stayed. >> did he pee in this? >> yeah, he's going to pee on me. >> it sounds like a fun life you have, getting urinated on by
12:55 am
animals and getting photo graphed in the nude in your bathtub. well, thank you for coming. marisa miller. the espys air this sunday at 9:00 p.m. on espn. we'll be right back with music from chester french. 7 pepto-bismol. nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea. yeah, my buddy's got all that. ouch. we've done corn dogs, pizza, and nachos.
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