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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  July 17, 2009 4:55am-5:30am EDT

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captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 and a "good morning, maryland." it is friday, july the 17th. good morning. i'm jamie costello. let's get right to the headlines. we begin with murder that happened at a liquor store. the search is on after a man is gunned down inside this liquor store in baltimore county. we are live on the spot. bombs minutes apart ripped through indonesia hotels killing nine and wounding 50 others. the president addresses the naacp on their 100th anniversary. what message he had. megan's taking the day off today. she is figuring out everybody at the reception and where they are going to sit. the wedding is coming up. meteorologist justin berk, if we're heading for the hills or the beach, what will we find? >> looks like showers and storms. by the way, megan may need a
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whole week for that. a little muggy. we've got ourselves temperatures ranging from a cool pocket of 64 towson in the valley section by the way. that's the cromwell bridge area. 76 degrees in arnold. most of us pushing around the 70 degree mark. while we're looking at a mix of clouds and sprinkles around the area, there's also false echoes showing up. some showers are real back into the mountains. we should stay dry this morning. this afternoon, we have to look out for strong and severe thunderstorms. after a high of 89, we'll talk about the weekend coming up. here's kim now with a first check of the roads. as we check around the beltway, things are quiet right now. traffic is running smoothly on the beltway. route 25 after black rock road is closed because of debris on the roadway, we're working a crash in the city. looking at the beltway right now, this is the outer loop on the west side at liberty road.
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jamie, back to you. it is 5:00 and we begin with murder. a shooting inside of a liquor store. we want to show you where it happened on bel air road at putty hill liquors. sherrie johnson's live. what have you learned? >> reporter: so far we have learned this morning, baltimore county police are searching for at least one suspect after a liquor store owner was shot and killed right here. that shooting happened last night at the putty hill liquor store locate in the 7900 block of bel air road. police tell us the store owner was shot and killed during a robbery. the store owner was an adult male believed to be in his 40s, and he was shot in the head. police searched the area for much of the night looking for clues, anything to help this this investigation. >> we believe we may have two suspects that we're looking for. we don't have anything to release to the public yet because we're trying to verify a lot of information to talk to witnesses inside or outside of the store. right now, everything is very
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preliminary in nature. >> reporter: now, we are told that the store owner owned the store for about ten years and leaves behind a wife and three children. sherrie johnson, abc 2 news. now to a story you will only see here on abc 2 news. pete on the street on the scene of this bus crash. sources say a moped ridden by a man and woman turned into the path of the bus and they collided. the man and woman were taken to the hospital. the man had serious head injuries. the woman had multiple injuries. anne arundel county police are investigating a deadly crash that happened after 5:00 on route 3. police say the victim lost control of his car while on an exit ramp going down an embankment and crashing into the trees. the victim ejected from the car in his mid-30s and died at the scene. we have a gruesome discovery near one of
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baltimore's walking trails. a person spotted the body of a man inside of a car and police are not sure how the man died and his body was starting to decompose. three people are behind bars in connection with a nightclub shooting on pulaski highway leaving one person sear yoisly wounded. three men have been arrested but police say the woman who fired the shots is still out there on the loose. the woman has not been identified. now to a developing story. a pair of bombs tore through two luxury hotels in indonesia killing nine people and injuring at least 50 others. investigators say that the bombings were minutes apart and caused by high explosives. it hit the basement of the marriott and a restaurant in the ritz-carlton. we'll stay on top of the story all morning long. judge sonia sotomayor can put three days of senate
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questioning behind her now. she took few risks side stepping questions on hot button issues like guns and abortion rights. she appears to be on course to be the nation's first hispanic supreme court justice. republicans won't try to delay the vote, and that's expected this month. president barack obama addressing members of the naacp addressing members at their 100th anniversary. he told members in the baltimore-based civil rights group, their work is not done. >> on the 45th anniversary of the civil rights act, discrimination cannot stand, not on account of color or gender, how you worship, or who you love. prejudice has no place in the united states of america. [ applause ] that's what the naacp stands for. that's what the naacp will
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continue to fight for as long as it takes. >> and the president also challenged the african-american community to put a renewed emphasis on education and acknowledge the pain many are feeling because of this darned recession. it is one of the biggest events of its kind on the east coast, showcasing the work of phenomenal artists. artscape starts today. you'll find interactive family fun projects and plenty of food. tonight's headliner, the legendary dionne warwick. she will take the main stage tonight at 8:00. for a complete rundown of all of the activities and performances, log on to our web site at it is 5:04 right now. a local teen wants you to pay it forward. this disabled teen is helping handicapped people regain their independence. a popular deli may be expanding. what the owner is planning for his business. let's take a live look outside our window.
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harbor cam, 72 degrees. mark jones, how are you? >> reporter: good morning out there. you'll find the 3, 11 and 61 all diverted at charles and center due to artscape prep. the 21 bus is diverted due to artscape and 22 because of construction. for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones. ( sighs ) ( music throughout ) hey bets, can i borrow a quarter? sure, still not dry? i'm trying to shrink them. i lost weight and now some clothes are too big. how did you do it? simple stuff. eating right and i switched to whole grain. whole grain... studies show that people who eat more whole grain tend to have a healthier body weight. multigrain cheerios has five whole grains... and 110 calories per lightly sweetened serving. more grains. less you. multigrain cheerios.
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less' take a look at the weather. justin, did you hear? the nfl ticket is come together iphone this year. >> i haven't seen it yet. >> every game. >> wow. >> audio or video? >> both. >> because nv only does select games on video but you can hear every game from the announcer. you know what? and i believe yahoo will put the fantasy football stats on there. >> so won't the battery die by the end of the game? that two-minute warning. let's go outside this morning. does it matter? you find a spot to plug it in. i'll sit in the car in i have to if it's not on tv. we're looking at 73 degrees -- sitting in the car with it plugged in is what i meant. it's 72 in easton. 81 in ocean city at least at the airport in berlin. we are looking at partly cloudy
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skies this morning with a few sprinkles dotting up the radar. the ones near 95 near philadelphia are false echoes. the ones near the mountains, those are legit. some storms could turn severe with large hail and gusty winds. the two degree guaranteed high is 89. here's kim. traffic is it not severe at this hour if you are making your way down from pennsylvania. it is a smooth ride from here to the beltway taking you 22 minutes to do that on 83. reisterstown through 25 after black rock road remains closed because of debris in the roadway. working the crash druid park at lake drive at madison avenue. we don't have any problems on the west side at liberty road. this is all being brought to you by 93.1, wpoc, baltimore's country radio station where you'll find carrie underwood and rascal flats. back to you. we're going to introduce you to a local teen living with
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a disability trying to make life better for all of us.
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to your health at 5:12 on this friday morning. if you just woke up with a headache, listen to this. according to the national headaches foundation, you have the condition if you get persistent headaches more than 15 days a month for at least three months. so if you fall into that
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category, susan hendricks has good news for you. >> reporter: if you or someone you know suffer from chronic headaches, you're not alone. according to the national headache foundation, up to 5% of the population get persistent headaches on a daily or almost daily basis. chronic daily headaches can disable their victims including children. now, a new study released by the journal neurology says there's hope for children with the condition. taiwanese researchers say for some it may just be a phase. scientists studied 122 middle school students with recurring head pain. the researchers found 60% of the sample outgrew chronic headaches within a year. 75% were rid of the condition after two years and 88% no longer suffered chronic headaches after eight years. that's not to say they were headache free. 75% of them still had
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occasional migraines or likely migraines. the key conclusion is encouraging. over time, most of the children t better. for today's health minute, i'm susan hendricks. listen, if you work for the state, you want to know every move the governor is making with his eraser. the governor is talking cuts. administration officials already found about half of the cuts, and the governor hopes to identify the rest after meeting with staffers. so the governor's not talking specifics, but he said the reductions will be painful. that message drew the reaction from union leaders. >> we don't agree with furloughs. we don't think they're the long-term answer to the solution. they're a band aid measure. >> i am here today to ask that governor o'mally commit to making all state youth centers, state hospitals, and all understaffed and overwhelmed state facilities his top
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priority as he makes his budget decision. >> the board of public works is scheduled to take up the cuts at its meeting next wednesday. in hartford county, you're getting a break. david craig signed the homestead credit percentage bill into law. it will ultimately provide property tax relief for thousands of property owners. the bill which was introduced in may passed the council by unanimous vote earlier this week. >> i think it shows good cooperation between the administration and county council and the citizens to make a real effective move to lower taxes during tough economic times. >> let's read the small print on this homestead tax credit. limits the amount of your home's value that you pay taxes on. a year ago, the county dropped it from a maximum increase of 10% each year to 9. now it will drop to just 5% two years from now. it's estimated that this cut's gonna save homeowners hundreds
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of millions of dollars over the next decade. now life is coming to the annapolis market house. three new tenants are moving into the center on a temporary basis now. workers were busy putting the final touches on a restaurant, flower shop, art dealer on the historic market house. the city regained control of the market two months ago after buying out a private firm that ran the market for several years. during that time, all but two of the tenants moved out. the city wants to turn the market house into more of a meeting place. >> and the people who are coming in have to be up again, and the reason for that is we have to redesign the inside. so it is not a fast food court. >> she says they will take applications for new tenant and will give current tenants every chance to stay. the owner of the popular
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deli atman's is hoping to build a restaurant right next to its current one. mark, tell us. >> double our seating area. the reason we're trying to do that is one, for our basic customer base that needs more room in there. we sit about 40 now, but also, we'd like to get bus and tours that come to the city that want to really see a part of the city besides little italy or the inner harbor and go to a place where there's some history. >> mark tells us he plans to keep the old building and renovate to use for retail housing or some other purpose. we're told the new building could be up by late next year if the plan is approved. it's 5:17 and we are going through the hottest part of the year, the third and fourth week of july. yesterday actually followed suit. the hottest day of the year so far, 94 in baltimore. new york city for the first time the entire year, 85
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degrees. so it's been a relatively cool summer, but we had a taste of summer yesterday. in fact, that 85 is just about normal for them. for us this is what we expect on the 17th of july. 66 in the morning, 88 in the afternoon. 58 the low set in 1987. this happens a cup of times on the calendar. one year separating the record high and record low. talk about that for a flip of fortune. 101 set back in 1988, just one year after the record was set. currently, we're sitting at 73 degrees. definitely warm and muggy across the region. it doesn't look like much going on, but besides mixed clouds across the sky, we're looking at more showers across the ohio valley. that's a cold front that will act on the heat and humidity. that will get active as we head through this afternoon. we have showers rolling in through 2:00 or 2:30. you have the potential of turning severe with large hail and gusty winds, heavy
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downpours across the mountains with the frontal boundaries. we should try to dry it out with the afternoon clouds. today, though, two degree guarantee with developing storms that could get severe, especially as we go through tonight. kim? good morning, justin. as we check around the 95 southbound area as you travel out of hartford county, things are running smoothly as you approach the beltway split. falls road does remain closed in both directions because of a downed tree in the area. we're also still working the crash in the city at druid park lake road at madison avenue. looking at the beltway, you see things are running smoothly on both loops of the beltway awz make your way to the east side as well. no problems to tell you about. jamie, back to you. for many teenagers, they won't be up for what, another eight hours? for them it's all about relaxing, but for one teen, summer break is her cue to start working for others.
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a local student is urging everyone to pay it forward. >> reporter: dog lover kim salmari is a senior with big plans of going to college and starting her own business. there's more to kim than meets the eye. >> i have scoliosis lordosis. >> reporter: born a paraplegic, she's had a lifetime of struggles. it's hard to believe look agent baby pictures but she has been in and out of surgical rooms since she was 10 1/2 weeks old. surgeries in 2006 and 2007 have lessened her ability to walk. instead of letting adversity get her down, she's decided to dedicate her life to helping others. she wants you to help her pay it forward. >> i just wanted to help people out who are like me and need help. >> reporter: in 2007, quill launched a campaign to raise
5:21 am
money for disabled children. two years later with $5,000 in donations thr her belt, she is turning her attention to canine partners for life. the organization trains dogs to work as service companions. these dogs can do just about anything to help people with disabilities. >> they can do laundry, carry groceries. i mean, more than most teenagers can do. >> reporter: kim hopes those watching will donate canine partners for life to give a total stranger, a chance for independence. her parents are proud. >> she's had a lot of struggles in life that she's had to deal with. she's accomplished a lot to help other people, which really makes us proud. >> reporter: in forest hills, i'm brittney gordon. >> way to go, kim. if you would like to pay it forward with kim, head to our web site,, click on the links, and look for kix's name. next up, hit the road.
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after being told to hit the road by her boss, carol is hitting the road with her chuck wagon.
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all right. it's friday morning. let's head to new york with the latest on the tech bytes. >> reporter: amazon cuts the price on the kindle 2 by 60 bucks to $299. amazon is hoping to make up the difference by selling more kindles and more electronic books. t mobile officially
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unveiled its so-called google phone and newest iphone challenger. it goes on sale august 5 but is available for preorder right now. like the iphone, it features a touch screen and access to countless apps. it allows users to customize the look and run multiple programs at once. digital photo frames are a popular gift for parents and grandparents, but for those who are not tech savvy it can be a pain driving to their house to load pictures. the "new york times" explains how to make it easier. >> the business will connect to a web site you can go on. then you can upload photos to the web site and send it to that picture frame. so every tame you go on vacation, you can send it to grandma and grandpa. they won't have to do anything. it is a $250 and $6 per month
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charge that allows to you upload up to 50 photos at a time. >> reporter: you can read more about it on the "new york times" web site. finally, if you are worried about losing your laptops, keep it out of an airport. a new study finds 12,000 laptops are lost or stolen at airports every week. the worst is los angeles international which is responsible for 10% of the missing machines. a big part of the problem is fliers forget to put them back in the bag after passing through security. only about a third of them are ever recovered. for information on all of the stories, log on to the technology page of those are your tech bytes, i'm vinita nair.
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at 5:29, "good morning,
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maryland." i'm jamie costello. let's get you informed right now. a marine born right here in maryland, raised in pennsylvania is killed in combat. how his stepfather is remembering him this morning. unforgettable video of an unforgettable event, the apollo 11 moon walk and the nation's largest free arts festival is opening in baltimore. artscape is in your town. "good morning, maryland." i'm jamie costello. megan is off today. 50 years ago today, we lost billie holiday, baltimore's greatest. i think today we unveiled a big statue for her in her hometown. so 50 years ago today. she died at the age of 44, justin. way too early. here's meteorologist justin berk. >> reporter: temperatures this morning are really looking quite, how should i say, mild, especially compared to earlier in the week when it was in the 40s and 50s across


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