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tv   News  ABC  July 17, 2009 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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i'm still looking at people dancing at artscape. we'll be looking at storms firing up. so after you have a 70-degree reading in hae de grace, looks like as we watch the clouds give way to spotty showers and strong thunderstorms, a few back into the mountains right now. it looks like we have a chance of severe weather breaking out by early afternoon. it looks like after 2:00 p.m. and beyond with gusty winds, heavy downpours and even some hail and frequent lightning. right now at 5:30, let's see what's happening on the roads with kim. at 5:30, not much happening on the roads to start off your friday commute. things are quiet as you check out the beltway. however, falls road does remain closed in both directions because of the downed tree in the roadway that will be just north of black rock road. you can try using route 30 and 83 as an alternate. druid park lake road and
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madison avenue remains on the scene at this hour. on the west side at liberty road, we do have a little bit of increased volume as rush hour goes along, but things are still moving smoothly. you used to go to this shopping center on bel air road. giant has a big store there, tully's used to be there and you bought beer from a man who was murdered last night. we go to sherrie johnson for the latest. >> reporter: baltimore county police are looking for two suspects right now. they're not sure how many were involved after a liquor store owner was shot and killed right here. this all happened last night after 9:00 at the putty hill liquor store in the 7900 block of bel air road. police tell us the store owner was shot and kill during a robbery. the stor -- store owner was shot in the head. police searched the area for much of the night looking for clues, anything to help in this
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investigation. >> we believe that we may have two suspects we're looking for. we are trying to verify a lot of information so we don't have anything to release to the public yet. right now, everything is very preliminary in nature. >> reporter: now, we are told that the store owner bought this putty hill liquor store about ten years ago and leaves behind a wife and three children. reporting live in nottingham, sherrie johnson, abc 2 news. police have identified the man shot and killed by u.s. capitol police this week. mees say kellen white from prince george's county opened fire on several police officers and police returned fire after they say he refused to drop his weapon. it all started when he sped away following a traffic stop. he crashed into a police cruiser, hitting two officers with his car along the way. the family of sergeant michael heady, jr. are making plans for his burial in arlington national cemetery.
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the marine born here in southern maryland and raised in pennsylvania enlisted after graduating from high school. he was killed during combat in afghanistan this week. his body arrived at dover air force base wednesday night. jeff carrothers says his stepson was a great man. >> he was a great man. always happy, not a bad word to say. just a really great all-around kid. >> the department of defense says he died during combat operations in afghanistan. friends say he was admired and respected in the community and a person who lived life to the fullest. he will be laid to rest next week. the former owner of the original steak house and sports theater here in parkville is missing opinion maybe behind millions of debt and confused creditors. he owned four restaurants here in maryland and virginia. in court documents, banks say
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he used nonexistent life insurance policies to get millions in loans. creditors say he owns nearly $42 million. he failed to show up for a hearing to consider his creditor's position to force him into bankruptcy. a nonprofit organization has been established in the memory of an aide to d.c. councilman jack evans. the foundation for excellence and government is named for 30- year-old desi deshane. he drawned this week in baltimore at the inner harbor. craig max is a friend of deshane and founded the organization. the foundation's gonna focus on research and public policy initiatives promoting best practices in government and public service. u.s. customs officials say agents at dwi thurgood marshall have seized a soap encrusted severed bird's head from the luggage of a person coming from nigeria. a few months ago, another soapy
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bird's head was brought into this country from a nigerian traveler. so this week's traveler a u.s. citizen of nigerian descent was given a $300 fine and the soap was destroyed. everybody's hoping we have great weather for artscape. it's one of the biggest events of its kind on the east coast. you'll find interactive family fun and tonight's headliner dionne warwick. for a complete rundown of the performances, go right now to baltimore mayor sheila dixon will rededicate the recently completed statue of billie holiday. that will happen at 10:00 this morning at the billie holliday plaza at pennsylvania avenue and lafayette street in baltimore. 50 years ago, billie holliday pass add way at the age of 44. the place that brought
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down a presidency is now down on the auction block. what will happen to the watergate? and out of work and bills stacking up? she came out with a stack of sandwiches to fight her way back. 73 degrees in our harbor. and now for a complete rundown of the trains and buses, here's the mta's mark jones. good morning, mark. >> reporter: good morning out there. on the camden line, camden train 84 running with a ten to 15-minute delay. light rail metro subway on time. out there on the buses look for the numbers 14 and 15 to be 10 to 20 minutes late. the numbers 3, 11, 61, and 64 are being diverted at charles and center due to artscape and the 21 with a westbound diversion because of the artscape. the 22 bus diverted at university and 40th and university and st. paul. for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones wow, is this... fiber one honey clusters? yes.
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this may be a sign of a rare but serious side effect. i was caught off-guard. but maybe you can learn from my story. have a heart to heart with your doctor... about your risk. and about lipitor. but i wasn't ready to give up taste. sometimes, sacrifice is the name of the game. well, i've heard eating whole grain oats... can help lower my cholesterol. it's going to be a challenge... sure we want to lower our cholesterol, but let's be real, being healthy is tough. yea. tastes great and can help lower cholesterol. bee happy. bee healthy. try apple cinnamon cheerios. baked in apple with... a daring amount of cinnamon. we're back here at 5:39. remember this place? that's the office hotel at the center of a scandal. it will go up on the auction
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block. auction neers will begin taking bids on the watergate hotel. the 1972 burglary led to president nixon's resignation. the hotel's owner has defaulted on the loan. man that sits right next door to the kennedy center right on the water, baby. how much you want to go for? we'll go in together. >> i got a couple of quarters in my pocket. oh, gosh, those are dimes. we've got ourselves a great view. look at that scene. that's pretty. from the maryland science center, our inner harbor is showing off nice color on the eastern sky. 77 degrees, that's downtown. most of us with the range from 75 in arnold and annapolis to 65 in ellicott city. overall, we've got the mixture of sun and clouds. a chance of some storms willtry to fire up just after the lunch
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hour. this afternoon, the risk that some do turn severe. it will cool down over the weekend. here's kim. >> reporter: thanks, justin. i'm also getting word of a fuel spill. that will be northbound on the bw parkway right at 695. that fuel spill involving an mta bus. you should expect delays and road closures there. aside from that, looking good on the beltway. falls road is closed in both directions. that will be just north of black rock road because of a tree in the roadway. also still dealing with the crash in the city druid park lake road at madison avenue. we have a little bit of slowing as you make your way towards emerson avenue and the interchange. jamie, back to you. can't get enough of this. the digitally remastered video of the apollo 11 moon walk. truly this was a triumph for
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our nation, was it not? the video was released by nasa. did you know, justin, that they lost the original? they either lost it or recorded something on top of it. can you believe that? how do you lose that? who doesn't say hey, we ought to save this? that's unbelievable. well, the national electronics museum in linthicum showed the entire reworked video last night. coming up next, a sad tribute to a fallen angel. actress farrah fawcett was nominated for an emmy for her documentary detailing her battle against cancer. it's july 14th and i'm donna
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with a look at the past 24 hours on royal caribbean's liberty of the seas. chris and his dad vic took in the sights, at 400 feet above sea level. olive mae lewis checked one off her bucket list. water bike gangs roamed the high seas. and finally, carissa marasco did nothing at all. that's the news. i'm donna, cruising with royal caribbean, why aren't you?
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all right. let's get to the other stories abc 2 news is working on for you. a pair of bombs tore through two hotels in indonesia. investigators say the bombs were minutes apart and caused by high explosives, and the explosions hit the basement of the marriott and a restaurant right inside the ritz-carlton. anne arundel county police are now looking for the family of a man killed in a crash in millersville. it happened shortly after 5:00 last night on route 3. police say the victim lost control of his car while on an exit ramp going down an embankment and crashed into the trees. the victim was ejected and died at the scene. abc 2 news sherrie johnson
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continues her live reports for us this morning at the murder at the liquor store. >> reporter: good morning. police officers have been patrolling this shopping center for much of the morning. we had a chance to talk to them a few moments ago. they have not found a suspect or suspects in this case where a liquor store owner was shot and killed. that happened just after 9:00 at the putty hill liquor store on bel air road. police tell us the store owner was shot and killed during the robbery. he was believed to be in his 40s and shot in the head. police searched the area for clues for much of the night and looked into the investigation. officers say that there are at least two suspects right now this this case, but they're simply not sure. there could be more. they are still interviewing witnesses trying to gather more information on the shooting. some of the store owner's friends gathered out here in the parking lot last night once they heard about the shooting and telling us that the store owner owned the store for about ten years and leaves behind a
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wife and three children. sherrie johnson, abc 2 news. 5:47. a warm, humid morning. 73 degrees right now and fairly uniform. some 60s around the area but we're all dealing with some form of cloud cover. showers back to our west. the first round will pass off towards our north and west. we will be watching the clouds build up and the chances increase as the day wears on. this afternoon, showers and thunderstorms erupting. we had a better chance today than yesterday. the storms will actually continue to generate and get even stronger during the evening hours towards our west. looks look a main line of storms pushing through the mountains. not the best traveling days to get away for the weekends into the mountains and out to the beach. even though it does look like part of the evening will be dry across the chesapeake. the one wave watches the
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showers get through the morning hours. then another round of clouds with the cool air filtering in through the afternoon. tomorrow will be a day with sun in the morning turning partly to mostly cloudy in the afternoon keeping our temperatures down through the weekend. today, warm and humid with the two degree guarantee developing storms through this evening and part of tonight. then we push the dry air in here to go to the saturday showers. and looks like today's generally nice and looks like heading through saturday and sunday temperatures back to 81 degrees. now for a check on the roads, here's kim. >> reporter: as we check the tunnels at this hour, the harbor and fort mchenry tunnel are running without incident. we do have a fuel spill on the road northbound at the bw parkway right at 695. i'm getting reports that that is an mta fuel spill.
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there could be delays and detours if you are headed this that direction. also on falls road at black rock road, that has been reopened. they cleared that tree from the roadway, so things are flowing freely as well. this is 50 at sandy point. if you are headed to the beach, now is the great time to go. jamie, back to you. 11 minutes now away from the hour of 6:00. carol tucker thought she had a job for life. on a friday 25 years to the day, she was told her services were no longer needed. so she came home, told her mom, hey, we're going on a road trip. >> reporter: what do we have here? >> you have the burgers, fries, hot dogs and the mural here. >> yes, my cousin's husband did that for me. >> reporter: what we have here is carol's chuck wagon. >> it's really carol's chuck wagon express but didn't have enough room for it. >> reporter: what we have here is pennsylvania. >> i bought it in pennsylvania. it was an old postal truck.
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>> reporter: an old mail truck. >> we gutted the whole thing out. if you come in, we have everything stainless steel, all washable surfaces. my husband did it. >> reporter: we have a woman who lost her job and found her passion. >> the company went out of business. i thought where am i going to get a job? thought well, i'll try this. >> reporter: you know where she sets up? right across the street from the place that told her to take a hike. >> i sit in cockeysville at railroad avenue right where i used to work. people say carol, aren't you ever gonna leave there? i say no. >> reporter: this weekend, she'll be cooking for the h4s. >> during the day i have a full menu of almost anything you can get in a sub shop. >> reporter: what's the best thing carol makes that nobody else has? >> oh, my cheese steaks. >> reporter: at her side every single day, her 74-year-old
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mother. once she had pepper in the wounds after getting laid off. now she lays off the fat to make a little extra cheese on the side. >> i'm still not making it, but i'm trying. >> reporter: carol's chuck wagon express coming down a street near you. >> reporter: and carol's husband landed a job teaching country line dancing tonight. they were in the right place at the right time. and say hello to my friend aleen who brings in this morning mr. crackers. >> isn't that a great name? >> he's ready to roll. look at that. >> he is 4 years old, a comer spaniel. lots of energy. he's very, very friendly, just flying into people's arms. >> you say a comer spaniel? >> there might be something else in there. he's in good shape. his ears don't look too bad, so lots of energy. that would be good for him. >> gorgeous, huh?
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>> there's lots can you do for exercise outside and inside. >> that would be? >> i use this for my dog called hide a squirrel. i think it's the funniest thing in the world. swadly, i had to cut the ears off of the squirrels because my dog was eating them. the idea is that the dog wants to ♪ don't worry about moat [music] ♪ >> so he wants to get them out. so you hide them in there. you make them squeak. it gets their attention and then they scoop 'em out. it works their brain. >> hey, mr. crackers? >> mr. crackers isn't interested. >> hey. >> there he is. so it's a really good way to extend some energy because if they have to work, it's almost look us doing math problems, it tires them out. >> i like this. squeeze it again. go get it. >> wee! >> this is fun. >> if it's hot outside and you
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can't go jogging or something, work their brains, a problem to solve and they will be happy. >> what else is going on at the spca. >> we have another wine and wag coming up next friday. so check out our web site, buy tickets, and have a good time with their dogs. >> again, here's the number to call. give me the number again. >> 235-8866 extension 105. >> do not try sto traghten the ears out. >> thanks fort squirrel. i like that. still to come here on "good morning, maryland," we have a lot more news to tell you about and a bittersweet emmy nomination for a charlie's an jill. alm zz ]
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[ elevator bell dings ] od night amerio
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four minutes now away from 6:00. could the fourth time be the charm? after being nominated three times for acting emmys though never a winner, farrah fawcett picked up an emmy nomination as
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the executive producer for her documentary on her battle with cancer that eventually claimed her life. we'll go to the 6:00 news. exclusive weather outside our door as artscape opens up here today. look at what we have found in mount airy. absolutely gorgeous. good morning to you. it's 73 degrees. we'll be right back. carol! denise! you've lost weight! it's just all these giant things make me look small. (chuckle) i hate dieting. me too. that's why i eat this fiber one yogurt. (mr. mehta) it has five grams of fiber, zero fat, and fifty calories. please, this is too creamy and delicious. it's true, only fifty calories. i am adding this to my list.
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captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 all right. a minute away tbr 6:00. "good morning, maryland." it's a friday morning. i'm jamie costello. police continue to search for suspects in the shooting death of a liquor store owner in baltimore county. we are live with sherrie johnson just moments away. nine people killed, dozens more hurt. yeah, another terrorist attack that happened in indonesia. and sonia sotomayor seems like a shoe-in. republicans say they don't


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