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tv   News  ABC  July 17, 2009 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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build more through the afternoon. lunchtime will probably stay dry. as we head through this afternoon, a slight risk that some storms will turn severe. the first shot of rain will probably come close to 2:00. our two degree guarantee is 89. we have a chance of some of the storms producing heavy rain, lightning, hail and damaging winds. here's kim. >> reporter: we have a smooth ride on 83 southbound as you make your way down from pennsylvania through the beltway. i'm getting word of a crash on the outer loop right at frederick road. we have a couple of incidents going on in the county in glen burnie. also a crash in the city, druid park lake drive at linden avenue. we have one lane blocked on 95 southbound at kateen avenue. we're getting reports of a dog running in the roadway so use caution if you are running on
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that road. jamie, back to you. he was just out there doing his job when he was shot and killed. the putty hill liquor store has the latest. police officers have been patrolling all night long looking for suspects. we talked to one of the officers and they have not located one of the suspects that shot and killed a liquor store owner last night at the putty hill liquor store in the 7900 block of bel air road in nottingham. police tell us the store owner was shot and killed during a robbery. the store owner was a man believed to be in his 40s and shot in the head. police searched the area for much of the night looking for clues. police believe there are two suspects in this case, but they are not sure. they arestill interviewing witnesses, trying to gather more information on the shooting. back out here live, here at the putty hill plaza shopping center, you can see here there
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are security cameras, and police hope these cameras will prove to be helpful in this murder investigation, especially one with so little information at this time. reporting live in nottingham, sherrie johnson, abc 2 news. the offers keep pouring in for johns hopkins hospital with all of the honors. this is the 19th consecutive year for the honor. johnnie never has a bad year. the magazine publishes its annual rankings and hop kins was rinked first in ear, nose, throat, rheumatology and urology. shepherd pratt ranking six emergency psychiatry. the university of maryland center ranking 33rd in cancer. franklin square comes in 31st for digestive disorders. for diabetes, union memorial
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ranked 36th. and a whole new lease on life for a man living in pittsburgh. ten years ago, he lost his hands to cancer. now he has hands once again. doctors say since his surgery 11 weeks ago, 57-year-old jeff kepner is making amazing progress. >> getting some strength in my wrist, too. it doesn't flop anymore. >> when you see yourself moving your hand, how much does that mean to you? >> it means a lot. it means things are working. >> can you imagine that? his wife encouraged him to have the surgery. the one thing he wants more than anything in the world is be able to feel her hand when she's holding his. doctors say within a year he should have full movement and feeling in his hands. a popular drug is being reviewed. the data suggests exolar can cause heart attacks and
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strokes. at this point, patients can continue using the medication. it is an injectable drug used to treat severe asthma in children older than 12 and adults. step away from the light switch. you are paying the highest utility bill in the country. there is a web site that crunches all of the numbers and shows that the average bill in baltimore in june was $353. the national average? $263. our closest competitor, houston paying $335. in new york, you know the average bill for the utilities up there? $197. some readers of this web site including constellation energy are questioning the numbers and how white fence came up with the research. a greeting card company wants to you personalize your own cards and how it can make you hundreds of dollars. a teenager sails around the world and now he's back to tell us about his recordmaking
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trip. for the record, new york city hit 85 230r the first time -- 85 for the first time yesterday. right now, let's see what's happening on the roads with kim. >> reporter: route 50 is running smoothly whether you are headed to the beach or making your way towards route 97. let's get a check on the buses and trains where mark jones. >> we're good for travel on the camden, penn and brunswick line services. on the buses, look for 3, 8, 14- rbgs 15rbgs and 36 to be 10 to 20 minutes late. 3, 11, 61 and 64 are all diverted at charles and center for artscape and the 22 divert at university and 40th and university and st. paul due to construction. for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones. alarm buzzes ] [ elevator bell dinglephon] [ indistinct conversations ] [ elevator bell dings ] good night america. [ alarm buzzes ] [ elevator bell dings, telephone rings ]
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have you ever looked at a greeting card and said, i can do better than that? blue mountain company out in colorado is taking submissions. if your words get picked, you get paid. >> we are constantly looking for new material and new things, because things are changing in the last 38 years as far as personal relationships go and everything else. some things change but the feelings stay the same. >> they just want the new submissions to be heart felt. if it rhymes, it probably won't get picked, either. so if you get selected, the company will pay you $300. starbuck's getting a whole new look. a nepilot store is changing its name and serving adult beverages. it's called the 15th avenue coffee and tea and features beer and wine. nighttime hours and live entertainment will be there. it will be modeled after neighborhood coffee shops, and the first one opens in seattle
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next week. if it's successful, you could see eight of them by next week. coming up next on "good morning, maryland" -- >> a suspect after a deadly shooting at a liquor store in baltimore county. i'll have the details coming up.
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. it's 6:43. herer the stories we are covering for you on abc 2 nows on "good morning, maryland." searching for the assailants in the death of a liquor store murder. two people under the hospital after a serious crash between a bus and moped. pope benedict is in the hospital while on vacation. we'll tell you what happened. all those stories are coming up here and "good morning america" joins us at the top of the hour. justin, today, mcdonald's happy meal celebrating its 30th birthday. sponge bob square pants turns 30 today. nickelodeon calls it global happiness day. >> cute. how do you top that? >> we usually just upstafn me.
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we've got temperatures that are mild and muggy. we're dealing with a mixture of cloud as cross the sty. this is going to be a day with a better chance of a storm. watch that flare up as it bumps into our humid environment. by 2:00, 2:30, we should have widespread shower as cross the region. as we head through the day, we're expecting another round of really strong storms firing up into the cold front into the mountains. this is a 7:00 p.m. plot that looks dry across the day. if you are traveling across the beach and into the mountains, plan for light weather. it could rain at any point in time this afternoon through this evening. this cluster passes through it looks looic a dry start -- it looks like a dry start tomorrow morning. as the cool air works through, the clouds come back. plan for thunderstorms that
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could turn severe as temperatures run about 89 degrees. the storms that could be severe would be in the evening hours and try to settle back after midnight. the weekend outlook, low 80s with a mixture of clouds and sun. let's see what's happening with the roads now. here's kim. >> reporter: the tunnels are running smoothly at this time. i'm getting word that the left lane is blocked right at the key bridge headed northbound because of debris in the roadway. we're still also working that crash on the outer loop of frederick road. the crash has been moved over to the right shoulder. still dealing with the crash in the city at linden drive. 95 southbound at kateen avenue, the shoulder is blocked from the earlier dog running in the roadway caused a minor accident. just keep your eyes open if you are traveling in that direction. looking at 695 at liberty road, you can see traffic is flowing freely and smoothly at this time. back to you. here he was minutes away
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from the end of his shift, but a liquor store owner was shot to death in baltimore county. sherrie johnson's been live on the story since this started. sherrie? >> reporter: baltimore county police are searching for at least two suspects at this hour after a liquor store owner was shot and killed here. it happened just after 9:00 at the putty hill liquor store in the 7900 block of bel air road in nottingham. now, mees tell us that the store owner was shot and killed during a robbery. the store owner was a man believed to be in his 40s. police searched the area for much of the night looking for clues, anything to help in his investigation. >> we believe we may have two suspects that we're looking for. we don't have anything we can release to the public yet because we're trying to verify a lot of information. right now, everything is preliminary in nature. >> reporter: here at the putty hill shopping center, you can see there are security cameras.
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police hope that these cameras will prove to be helpful in the murder investigation. now, we are also told that the store owner who bought this store about ten years ago leaves behind a wife and three children. sherrie johnson, cbs 2 news. now to something you'll only see here on abc 2 news. pete on the street o'neal on the scene of this bus crash in northwest baltimore. sources tell us this a moped turned into the path of a bus and they collided. the man and woman had to go to the hospital. the man with serious head injuries. the woman with multiple injuries money and the shooting of a 26- year-old man. mees say they heard gunshots then found the man on the playground. police say he was hit in the chest and head and they don't know his condition right now. an offduty police officer and two others were shot during an argument in an apartment
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complex in prince george's county. the shooting happened when two roommates started fighting. one of the guys grabbed a gun and started shooting. the officer pulled up and started shooting. none of the injuries are believed to be life- threatening. and the man identified who shot at police. police shot at him when he didn't obey the expand to drop his weapon and then shot at the officers. this startd when the man drove through a routine traffic stop. he went the wrong way down the street and hit two officers and a cop car. the officers are going to be okay. here's the story. a state agency will be sitting down with a vendor of a home monitoring service to find out how a baltimore teen managed to cut off his ankle bracelet before police say he shot a 5- year-old girl.
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17-year-old lamont dave sis charged with attempted murder for shooting the girl during a fight. the girl was walking home from a store when she was shot. she is still in critical condition at the hospital. a gruesome discovery near one of baltimore's most popular walking trails after 10:00 yesterday morning. a person spotted the body of a man inside a car. police are not sure how he died and say his body is starting to decompose. the former owner of a sports bar in parkville is missing leaving behind lots of debt and confused creditors. in court documents, three banks say he used nonexistent life insurance policies to get millions in loans. creditors say he owes nearly $42 million. he failed to show up for a hearing to consider his
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creditors' petition to force him into bankruptcy. the pope is in the hospital after slipping and falling during his vacation in thalps. alps -- the alps. the hotel in djakarta is hit with the ritz-carlton and the marriott. two new zealanders died. 13 others were hurt. djakarta's police chief says the suspected bombers were guests at the marriott. the marriott hotel was attacked in 2003, but it's been more than three years since a major terrorist attack in indonesia. the senate approved the most sweeping expansion of the
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federal hate crimes in decades. it now includes people physically attacked because of gender, sexual orientation, or disability. the violence relates to a person's race, color, religion or national origin. president obama was in town to address the members of the naacp at the 100th anniversary convention. he also told members of the baltimore-based civil rights group that their work is not done. >> on the 45th anniversary of the civil rights act, discrimination cannot stand. not on account of color or gender, how you worship or who you love. prejudice has no place in the united states of america. that's what the naacp stands for.
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that's what the naacp continues to fight for as long as it takes. >> the president also challenged the african-american community to put a renewed emphasis on education and action noth the pain many are feeling because of the recession. a soldier from maryland killed in afghanistan will be laid to rest. sergeant heady, jr. was proud to be a marine. he was born in maryland and raised in southern pennsylvania. he enlisted a few months after graduating from high school. he was killed during combat in afghanistan. jeff carrothers says his stepson had a passion for serving our country. >> just a great person. never a bad word to say, always happy. very laid back. just a really great all-around kid. >> the department of defense says he was killed in operations in afghanistan. friends say he was admired, well respected in the community. he will be laid to rest next
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week. a nonprofit organization is stebbing up in the memory of an aide to d.c. councilman jack evans. the deshane foundation for excellence in government is named for 30 yeerbled desi deshane. police say he drowned at the baltimore inner harbor. it will promote best practices in government and public service. now there's an important story for anyone who feels they have been ripped off by the satellite tv provider the dish network. the company has been ordered to pay almost $6 million to 45 states, including maryland, as well as d.c. for sketchy marketing and billing pract "eyewitness newses." attorney general gansler says maryland will receive $325,000. if you are a customer seeking restitution, file a complaint online at or you can call 410-528-8662. artscape kicks off in
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mount royal in just a few hours. starting? june, you can check the exhibits, family fun projects and eat plenty of great food. singer dionne warwick is the headliner. admission will be free and for a complete list of all of the activities and performances, you can log on right now to and you'll find it all over the place on our web site. artscape is in town today. sailing into history. it took more than a year but 17-year-old zach sunderland is a world record holder. he is the youngest person ever to sail around the world alone. the journey is 28,000 miles. the teen says his epic journey is proof you can do anything you put your mind to. >> there's so much more people can do with the right motivation and right ambition in life. my thing would be to go out there and do the right thing. it's all you got. >> he encountered pirates and
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storms aboard his 36 foot yaht. how about that? had the little captain jack sparrow thing going on there. looks like okay weather but storms will be affecting them as well. there's ocean city this morning. this afternoon, there will be storms probably really late after about 5:00 p.m. for them. 81 with morning showers tomorrow. then it looks hooic something off the coast may hold the clouds in on sunday near 80. the water temperature is still 68 to 70 degrees. looking it he bottom of the screen for the five-day forecast is the seven-day is ignoring us you can always catch that online at kim? justin, you have to keep your eyes open if you are traveling the outer loop near the key bridge. debris is blocking the left lane as you travel the northbound side. so still dealing with the crash
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in glen burnie at scott avenue. a crash in the city, druid park lake drive at lintden avenue -- linden avenue. 95 southbound at kateen avenue, that earlier accident has been closed. coming up at 9:00 on "good morning, maryland" -- finding out why this woman is walking 700 miles. she is passing through our part of the world and will sit down with me later on this morning. 700 miles and no shoes? whoa. >> and you got her to sit down? i'm impressed. that's impressive. >> we could have done it standing up. >> walking. how are we weather-wise? >> needless to say, storms could turn severe this afternoon and evening. we'll cool down this weekend. >> we'll see new about 25 minutes. thanks for choosing "good morning, maryland." for more news, watch "good morning, maryland" at 9:00 or go now to
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