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tv   Nightline  ABC  July 17, 2009 11:35pm-12:05am EDT

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>>nit onhtline," at'she way it . om coveringkne's assassinatioto cing the vietnam war, he changed the fe of televion becamehe most tsted man in era.tonit, badcag legend walterronkithas passeaway at the af 92. e ers. the auful,hey' werful powerful, but onsudden strik can be letha > and suicidtack rrorts poas tel guts targetg wesern tourists with homemade plives. and e atta is ught o tape.
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captionsaid foby abc, in goning.with h honest delerynd deeponant voice he transform televisn ws an camehe most usd n in ama for more than a neraon. oaastingeg walte cronkited tonight at h ho here in new yk r a pronged illn he was 92. it's unlikely weever a broater of his staure agai man who ed the respe of his views and e iconhe covereand in tprocess an icon hsf,s john nv n reports. >>ooveng from o cbs news in new yo on this thfirst broadct ofnetwork television's fir dai hf ur news program. >>f wesss t caree stct comrcial termwe'd
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be sayintothat walte cronki oncetared in a hit tv shw.ras domi comparle to mecan ol a followings erceoprah.buthe show whi w man i a chr-- >> good eving, eryone. herethne. >>was th news and tha maer. and when ev nighcronki closedis broadcast by saying -- >> ahat's t y itis. >>or 19 a, whene said- >> ts the way it is. th's the it is. >> people believedt. at a time when america more fuy trusted joulists,t trusted tee than anyone else. >> thiis wal croite, good nit. >> some ofhat is abo the times some ab th man. walteylaronkite was bo e of a dest and bn
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weefore tevisi raised inkansas cy andn texas, and alws nteresd the ne. heuicollege to take nepaper b and tn he p hi jouristic du vering w wi as a wire report. nding th t tops d-day. flyinglongn bombg missions. even appeared in a nee as hest u.s. newsperan ba fm the battles afric i'm just back fromhe biggasgnment tt a ameran reportehaveo r n war. coveng t cupation of nth afri bymerican troops >> thoh t well known at that point, he was early a youn n he movwho l wspapering. t televisionas just starting to take en, all acro america. the rlst days what wod ultimatelyecomican's jor ur of news forhe xt half. cbs, ting tobuild onit exllent news repon i
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radio ecruit cronkite who ton a vaet of assignmes. >> have word tt senate isabt to convene. weaku now to rom >>ut iwas wharhis covege of e nomina convenon tt cbfirsined thrm ch. >> here ware, in stud a. >>he ring newspaper man w d a desk job in television, but it the right kind anit suit him. andhortlyafterrdn fit world anng sorytevisn had ever ceredive --eris buletin from cbsnews. >>e cite, w reonship with his vier waabout changforeve >> frodallas,xas, the fsh apparently official. president nnedy ed a1:00 p.m. ctr staard time. 2:0 stern standaim > here he inha authority, natch.
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ice presidt johnsohas left the htalinllas, but do not kno he he ha preed. esumably he wi be takg oathf office srtly. >>the bame ge he sat in that chair forost of e next fr and it accolished the image o uncle waltdiiplid and hon edgeablendirnd very arin.inhort, a n americcould trust.>> good eving. prest ag - >> bute tt so had to do with where the televisi siness wasack en crnkwas wonghere wanoleews, no rao,o internet, justee networks. ree anorm. though f a timc had two, but that w it. there we pcally no other nameinv nes. >> and reporting the 62elections, cbs newtartled great manyeople. his sle was let'say aot drr you wld getro anyone on thws tod and faithfly neual almosal
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the ti. sohen d this broca just bacietnam, and he came o andth -- for it ses nomo certain than er th the bl expeencof vtn is end in a stalemate >> it had su thae esident of tnitest, lyndon lyndon johon iid to have lanted if i'veost walter kitee lost middl americ that cldn'haen today, one nalist so tr tod, his worduld mr so mch and e wait inow ain'te way it used trest in pece uncalter.i'm john dvan fo"nigline in wasto >> andlate toght, president ama relesed a stateme after lening of waerronkite's death. was someone codrust to guide us tough mo importanis of thday, a voice of certyn an uncen rl the highest staard ll who ll. d all uhat a news exnd our symthies
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t's ofted that wher therarpeoplehe are obia fr ail nd o thinfromedders, to hes to constedpaces. whatbout ss? well in oriith its bmy cliend smpy landscap and so othemave become a serious threat noon other wildlifeut humans as . much is a that hunts ha be givenhe geen light fighck. jeffrey kofn repofor r seri "to the wild". you are eitr goto love the picturesf lo the snakes havthat effe on pele
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esecially big snake like thes burme pythons and costris. ey areot nive to the u. but here iorida they have made themse vermucht ho in the swamps of the ever gs and in subuan mia. uncomfortably close home. meet the membes mmi fire scueenom one. and shou snaik this p in neighborhd, they're cal >> this is aeight-foopyhon. hat is lieutansa wood ke eveone on venom onesh acal loves snakes is an escaped iml. >>hyyou y th? >>peramtry good and mo aeein animal not ow up t wildbeuse they are brht and don camfge. ey g eaten b. >> howon-- >> thisnake was recored three weo. >> in amdade? >> yes and what'your tory, ho di g on to the stet?
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wll, ob jt sing e reet to t to t oth side. li the pl chick. omaybe afr the prel ic theeighborhood ca li this thon that swallow a t here f years ago. thor one tat exploded whe trying tt a ix-foot gator. 20rs a erwere no thonor boaonrict they sm wn t place. how ny do you figure are o there rohly? ion't know that t a way ofesmati t actual er at are outhere i dot ink anybody h eer do -- >> a thousrthousands? >> probably tens othsands. t there'been numbers floed much higher thha i don'kn if there's a y to esmate that. >>undreds or tusdsore? yeah. >> difficult toay how ey fnd tir way into the glades.wetland-- >> trereeveraltheoris
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ano facthey're he. theye rend gti anyw, but one of t theoriess le letting their pet snakes go. whh obviy that could have happened, but other thry is one that i gby is the huicane andrert of theory erthey s right when a hurricane andrew hit in 1992, there waan ior of ve nr the evglad theyad hundds othese baby pythonsthat we lownight to the ergde >> and bec a femaleytn eggs or moreeasie huicane andr, e on populati has elode y canheower that have and ty powerl nstr. theynot nous, t ou d see eidense right away >>od floda dlared war on t unwelcomepredorof the gladallowi
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a mited nuer of bounty hte toissect theulat >>e havedoing it out of iverty of flori and sthsoni institutionnd th'reang ainout there. as younow, t everglas have a er ofhrte ees and we areryino bring the ies back. daywe have an invasive organism, sos is a seou that >> and thaisust the being of a newssau on pyth >>11. thiisn emergency. >> an horrifath in mia is bein atuted to ape python. >>y le babys dead. the stupid snakegout in e ddlef the night. >>henimalepory esced got in theribof
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the girl and crued r. >> theongress the united ates needs to ads is problem in law.>> there senatoill lson staing re with a 16-foot pyon ski calling fo thn he impt of al exot snakes. t's just a mater of time forene othe snak gets t visitor in the flora evergles. >> mak feel sere. make hiure. >> at about don io elecre? >> mhim el secure so he wot el like he'llfa. >> men and won say a ban on exot its won't work whay rk is a new florid w that reqres wners of the exoticet rister them and ha a och ilanted uer the in. they say thashou become stanrd aoss t count. >>anng the snakenot go to get rid ofeade, it wilpush them unrgd. onthing rember abouth
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child th was kild by the snakllegedly, hat s iroperresns snake epg. itad -- he was keing it illegand kee it in a fish tank. theyfor fisht for akes. >> it is not going tbe easy d may bempossib properly regulati snes as ts and purgi tm from the everglades. i think i'm go stk ur house cat mia. outhanks to r kofman. > wh back, i'm yours d he's ours. ngn son mr itos "playlt". what's uma being smart. p. just bked my 10th nighton hotelm, iet ght free. getaway. really #where? anywre you wan a bed d brkfast? bed and brkft. check.
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at 32 yld, e on lr lair --ulity of nger/sgwriter jan coinues h new heigh ren thuned stas d aroundheor. his d cbines everything fr rgae to roc ainof camoic that suringly was flud by a wi rangertis as he explained tos tonightin nit's yl. ♪ ♪ open upoumind a s like me ♪ open up you minds and then yore f♪ ♪ and loo into yo hrt ayou' find loveove♪ the d ii'm yoursi wain my room, dthe sun was shining the song me out. it was about srendering
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to meingreater thano. i wa't thiing wantedo writ ggae song,but other nr can aear ju out nowher ♪ i am the eyhe sky >> the earlies mic i remember from growing up, aually caed hring alan pns"i can rer mind".mae it wasn the radio a lo when i fsttaed to pay attentioto music. my mompi uprom mschoo s rotolan pa i'm not re but did fielgoing on a quesa few yes ag put that music o ipod, th son th inuenced mth iad thearlieemory . ♪ i th fs oulbe surpsed to know stl crk out da in my car. etdriftonemor bliss", probably lost
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>>ike sig live to inin the shower,ht u've got thiopunity to hear yr ic echoing and resonating in this ro buine ithatthat s is radio citysic hall and your ecis thatg, ere'also 6,00peoplen the owerith you, y kno pret h. ♪ lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
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h wh! ney honey honey honey ney!
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okayi me.. you can't. th is'a ste, gh i me... at ii st wkedinto the kiten d startemaki a lad? - at'd be weird. - rit? mean, look ere's a techque. - ay. stris tch ) wo it's okay, yone - thks, hon. - you'reelcome.announcer: yep, 'at easy, thingsfo tch gh - ( mah sts
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> jart indo- -- indonesi nin are dead, are injured in coordinated suice blasts rget paireof upscal ls. a our-yealull in terror attas was ov. arissa ward ikarta. >> ma, police here nw belie that suspected boers were actuay gsts in e marrtt hotel anth they etonated theomb ung homaxplosivesthe policendinheir, er 18. the marrio svelae mera caured the fin momt, ad the deadly at. ma llg his suitcas foreining blast sent guests run f cov. i wasn my rom, t


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