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tv   ABC2 News Saturday  ABC  July 18, 2009 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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new inatn on aeveloping ory out of balti city. today suspt thpoli commissier called a main k bs sheda sqd car ansh two police ficersthings started witwo doic indente first in northeast ltore the second later we ltimorwhere the shootis haed. brian ve hockauma >> repoer: officers are in stable itiotonit. how is unedas athing but. 34-year-old suspect assauld
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a second woman. itwas ere werethsuect shthe t ofcer. the ll ouand a se ofcer ugupwith e an nearon >> e spect o was t of thvecle atthistime, ambued r ced fid verashotthrough e driver deof thpolice vehie string e officer while he was still thear. >> it ha endether the second wounded officer who ok threots inhis ches abdomed arm,crawled out of e vehicle and s in a pi rewithhe suspect. e ood on e squad caand nearntlessshell casingon e ground onlythvial oof of what scores o esar >> the shotwere ke three itiay. hea the thair.
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itga become countls. it soundelia wester we saw the cars and e poce rs cg wn, they re coming in numb >>porterwhen thbuets stped thtwficersand a specwere trord shk trma. the first ficer watrea and reas. thsecond is under going tmen e acons of both offirs ke thems. >> thank d for thr heroism. oumewereere stopthe maniac, who s at d ha doneo innocent people on the street t suspect ou be okay police have yet toree his name. now he can linyof morearges rangg from mest ast totempd first eeurder. briakeebler. getting velopments
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all evening follow the stor our b site c 2 newsom as thstory continues to develop baimore unty community members ll hd a vigil r thowner a liquortorewh washotand killed. ng owned the or store fo 15 yes. investatorve surveillance vio atshowose n inlved. if have aninformion yo are asd to call btimo coun police. > colaints fid by aid toheila on habeen dropd. ey will not be oseced. la moh thcouple file chges against eachotr accusing each otr ofhysil assat. smitrks for dertme ofhousinand communit developm te othe shingt dc area trsystem. no metro trains e runnin the ree tween ma
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tro servis shutdown. 's rt of the investign in toe ad crash last h. services expd topi up int half ur. crews workt of fi hoe wantto . engine31isuslly housed waiverly. th had mo ile the city rks to restore e firehous it ind ape and more an 10yearold needs a lo ofwork. we want the community to come out taok th sh st, haveve old air- conditionimattres, ey need mattresss, dsand chairs, thin likethat. wehave work together tobring is fe statioback >> reporter: cy fire dertment applied fo2 dz federal stimpl f to make tes. pants tryi gain sut rae monefor th
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oject. afray spng we ar having a dry suer causing problems in the baltimore ar. the nohwsection of baltorcityand county don't ste war. imposemaatorrestrictions on150,000 people because the pair rksting on on a war mainth gs ter from the filtration plt tohwesarea. beuse ofrestctio watering lawnswashing cars and serving watein restaus unless requested aralpribed. live look ouid just befuday as welook downthe inner harbor baltime city. justin burke isith ur focast>>a k today. wehamsroll tghla t for the mu needed rain dawe sendour ra view arnd from is morning, see e sun poing over the eaern y at 6: is morn ughout t day we have be onthe edge cldstryi t
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fill i mostly oudy ames thewe partly clouaround he. 78 des. re clouds, temture72 deees,auful eving in stnsr . 72 mpar tothe degrees in glen rrny. differenceacro e area. thh the 70s eng. suetat 8:30 iding back to gree dnight mperate in the 60s. 59y e timeyowa up backto the pattn from may and june > s wslege walter cronte ed heage of 92 lastnit. he repted on the mo impoant ev of time. >> repte hewas there when tevision ws th was in infancy. beforeis job enad a name. >> they had to come witha rdthey caed hithe anchor
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and atte stuck ever since. >> rt: asmore peoplego their neom lesiond its ct iewv he was a major inuence evy stf way. he od child li riy. whicis a trait at were. >> he undersod s out e news. itonabout him though peop ttrt him, it waabout e news. reporter: erthe yes he had ofound pact his dien and colleaes but on re generations of rters asll. >> he ed soma wondfuitsea standard that we aaspire. >> he brout us l the sties largand sml, co to defihe20th ceury. >> prent kenneddiat 1: p.m. ntral standa time. >> armng is on the moon. seems nomorecen than ever at thperi
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of vietnam is to d a stalate. >> lter con ci, a vo longed to be -- onkite, voe longed tbe remembered. opened the commts attaedto the on story and poed vio of the most merablmontincling the apollo11 ndinand assaations in lu ng jr. and key.
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try apple cinnamon cerios. ked pple wit.. a daringmoofinnan. news arounnation arts in fnowheruple is saved after crhingthr cain a ee three good sata still didn'thesitate to ju in bystandersapplaud e heroic efforts. to bus cahefi on eey ut lirnia a thto a fi thehillside next
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to the free 9 passgers a adriver on the bu none em re injured. fire officialhave yet to termine why the bus ught fire inrth caro clning up afbeing hit by severe wehe highwinds, siwaysdownpour see th hlingumellas, tables and chrs thisis in downto ralgh. w, the foreca ceifd lte's st accura. here is st and maryland's dor rar. >> had roweather. we haa uple oftornados toh down ba in ju. we have spoiled here. 5 degrlow rmal. lomidity emed like aswe >> weneai you mentnethat >> we wi if can squee so bacin. m herer a eciaas tonight. ppbirthday. thanks stin.
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happ behere. >> usually my birthdais104 des. my bday s alysike the hottday e ar. >>day 83. e noh away frthe foreca mark re. e record on is date, just for yobuddy, 102,back in 1987 you t remb tha athohould t. cords in e 10 ly typically this is t hoest weof e yeare third week of july. had oursels 90egree ys. that is the trenthat ntinues. sallite rar composite, we clouver basicay ck in wardmotains and h westernburg. clouds eak up the bel and by bay. deeper d cover une influee e upper level
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pattern. watch asyou it here an in this is thway s most of may, cond wettest may record. and most june. temperatures running below rmal wegot the upper level patter continuing tomp co air anjet stream dives do carving out e al estate with cloud cor that enhaes self in thafternoon an builds spty showers, escialaroue great lakes, see the lines lini up withe windfl. reinforcthe ol air. check t chico, high tempature ere tht at 6. ories playg ball in chic 6ona ju afternoon. we at 83 eaof mountas. wi be heg our reion,ing home show your our focast modewe willo clear topartly cloudy. kiup tomoow, out th door at0. spot clouds around poions of e bay. we e loing an ternoon thatwi turrtly to mostly oudy ba
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wes that's all wegot sh you onnd. wearloing for rainfato ilin heremo peci the afternoo this part ofe pattern erwe ll beooki towards the ternooand eveng for shs and thundetorm other wise chilly. dippg ck by 68 midnight. 50s by day brk. rough tomorrow itse, pu us ba towhere we at morng n giving y to increasiclds. there is our ucation nded recast. morr in to the 60s and mond l like 80egre day. clou d owers anstorms. we ldbe tuday oudy goodsh of rain. we need the rain. everody day for e upcomi ek ga ot shower w 80s wednday and thursday. baino the s frid with good chance you guesd it, morain. followuson ne, go to c 2
6:46 pm check e weather tab, ch t e weather b for th weatr condions. intectivdoler radar. last nighthorioles std e se half otheir season the ad in chago. whisjim ven the curtain ll we will give yothatpa of y later. i'm ing to ere. ti3-3. he ts a bo, 3 run mer thatts the white sox up 6-3.ones saysgour backd go posi fieldfoe th hoer ofthe seon. t the s by one the p ofthe 6th. in the boom that inng, e goes that guy ai with a career high, rbis, all i
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n say is --dejaall ov ain. birdse8. de plar to n pressionaltennis nant, 41. olst heavwe champi, georforman . puppies mpar to tom tson. 59-year-olwatsonis the leaderby one stke afte three undsofe british en. won this enfive timet last time ba in 19 when i was -- ah just a little bit yoger. wathis st. he is righ toney. you can catcthe finaund rrhere abc 2. some tes u don't kn what inour own backyard lilly downthe road
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from ouation is e of the best mnastic gymnc tes in the untry. [mic] to be odtakes hear eat,nd trs. and these rls give eir alday in and day t. i do mean rk ile lot sports practice for onortwo hours, ese la wo urhours a day beforeminutes ofcompetition, th wouldn't ve any her way.>>i dot like teamthat mu i me togymnastics and put fulltimeinto that. lo it. get woout with ou friends, become a . en en we coet can li singl out.
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owthemhat yogo >>share s own wh she hagobywinng a statand regional title and we onto the nationals at level nine. he ey show at th've got. thjr. olpics state coetition, th n a championship at everleve that's not atis most portant coh karen. >> i wa themto experien other ings rs more realistic in feon gyastics all said andone wefeel we arbuilding pele and e isa lo on tobe arnethrough the sport of gymnascs th will take throh the rest oeir life. >>i that ita fu envinment and 'sseriouaneywant yo get your wo do but you ill enjoy it ey teacyou li lesson if u e havitroue len to persere. >> what reundeyosethe
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smiles froyog to the d d the rl ha and ey win,theyjust happen tohave n dog it. those girls are grea its turday and you know at thateans, itle time for di you see that. you reer ng fu? got chce show off s ves. alsowas thtes raers girl she makes su great tc d a serity guarsawe are t rthy that's it r sports. back to you ristia > e new agof fitness is here, whnot usit to get in she, it cabe done, we ll exn when we me back.
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many web siare helpg people achie their fitness gos by keeping tracon line kelly swoopeai how ty work >> reporteweive rs ves on, ying plantis pang bills,not fitns, astness exrt an nutritionists look at the coolt li fitns tos, the livfitnainer on le. >> i love e ctthat u n pickthty of acty vel you are in, whether you a sk job, whetr are a freqnt treler istour als on ily bias if trition is cus, chk out a al plan
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tool. you can chse frozen dinns, home cooked m. >> the plcos comple with recis shop and a costpeal calculator all you need is iniratn a freehealy ti email see ed healthmonday mabe your one stop shop. >> we use it incounction wi otheiatives. >> ey me withmesh es llpe, yoth if you to check out anof the siat were mentned in e stor head to 2 pted on thlinks mentd on air secti
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(annncer) cheerios good f he > coulsee the ou llwayment rrowpartly to moly cloudy in e afternn, ne clouds mond rest ofthe week a chance of ra. thank for ing us. ba at 11:0tonit afr dirty sexy ney here on abc 2.
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