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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  July 20, 2009 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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this morninghe tib ta of the arin hostag a ung soldier, all town boy hong to get enge >> i'm scare edd. i'm scared won't abl t g ho. >> exclusilyn "go mning amica," cretary of state hillary clinrespono his kidnpi. and isorningormer wi, lawyer, thercuffed to a wall by her -hnd, a 12-hour standoffh poce. hoshe madeerrified espe. ancanhis be do yoself plaic suer mewho y to se money by
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doinit themselves? a al sumr steries. we solve theecrettaucks i out to reveal. ather so hot you can bak cookies in yr r. > and ta abo vions and the onthat dn't get away. captionsaid r bybc, inc. d we dome you to anher week.goodorningamera. die sawyer witchris cuo on thisonday,uly 20th.bin is off toy. video of that frighten yngrivate being held by the taliban. we are going to heare crary of state on a deanki numbeofhings inuding how e u.s. veme iworking get ho. the you are galcircstanceheency of is situatiofor 23-yearld bowe bergdahl, you hiright e, t distrhe he' lkg out s fily and h cee. it h gote search for him and under w espiall i
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his all metown of haley, idah idaho. l talk to e isrien er. we begin wi the sh. jon ka tks to us from washinon >> reptehe relea oth illi veo cfirms what t militaryad aeady suspected. that.s. sor whoen missing rewes agon anistan has be taken stag >> my na isowe bergda >> rorter:he video idated juh. pre fit cls beda apars phycall okabut fright >> am scaredred ion able too he andt is vennervi to b a pris. >> reporte hord to spk out agt the war and about his family. >> i he my girlnd who i hong to may. i ha my grandm a ana. i have a ver very goodily atove ba he america. >> hs uer snica essurepsychologiy,
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poibly icalso it's a ry very dfilt circumstance. >> reporter:he military has conducting manht blke easfghani leaets, se askingor he flocals others reening s captives if y do not relee u.s soier, you will hued. >> the uted stes army not going to lea thatol behind and eye ing to do evhing necessary and ssible to t hiback. alivanafe. >> repr:efore ining the my last year spe five years with the sunalle balt ho ihum, idahond rk as aarista at ts ee shop. although the militardidn't coirhis capture untihis weekenhis fami his metownave knn d pt qut vigil for more than t ek >> and i miss them everyay th i'm gone. i misshemnd aaid at
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might ve shem ain a atnever able to tell themhat lo them ain. >> t mity habeen exing that vid framey frame searchfo clues that might revealho ctured prate bergdahl andhe he mighbeel chris? ll right, jon, tha you very muc a lodays since wor came out abo bgdleing caurth of what's going on wh the military and he at home. a few ments ago i spe sumain. she knows pr bowe bergdahl fily and owns a coee sp call za where he rk and he's whhead to say. ss martin, thaouery much r joining us. >> y'rwelce. thank you. >> so les al with theost imrtant qution, t. how ishe prate' family dog. >> i spoke with b briey yeerda and they' clely shak. it's auggle for eryby.
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i thk athey're doing as lls d be ct. ey a appciing the ft atheir privacys be ec >> andbviously the comnity is pling tethe whthe mood in tn right w? >> they're calling about bringing yelw ribbs re to e coee shop wl asth parts lley. wil very stron show of pport r bowe and f h family. ere are gns that hav already apared hat the coff sp yesterday more and more pple e callg in he and askinghas possle, whan ty do what can theyring here? i've hrdrom acss the natione would likeur adess to sd goo luck arms, flowers, erythin they can to ts loonnd hailey and hopefullthe can ide for atthbo's faly canome he the own time comand s wt peopoing for them. tell abohis younan who is on everybs mind hodo you dcribbowe?
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i remember weomg in and apngnde s aery strongrence. he is a ntelgent young man. helso s very good sen of humor which oyed man tis here. he's vy capabman. he alwaywent beyon ag th i hadsked f always mo. he word h for undade felong here asaza's a a t e struggling witbo's tuatio >> hopully there is use to cebrate, communitywe on enough we appreciate you ving us iig into yo town this rnin >> thank u. and st hop ttrybo nontinueo beupportive anholdowe an his fily thhets. >>e willo exacy th. take c >> t
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>>sohanow doeshe u.s. vernme do? llsecretary of s hlary clinton is tveng in ina spoke tour senioreign faircopot rtha ddz a "gm exclive. ma joins us from new delhi. >> reporter: secry con is faca wod of probl but e kng vy close trk the status of the caured soldier>> warettempting to do erything w can toceim d free hi i mean it'ustoutreous it's aea sign ofesration an inapppriate criminal behaorn the parts of tseterrort grps. we gointo do everyt we can tgehim. >> reporter: we spent all morning with secrery clint in new del wherehe stresse her innse engagt as part of presi obama's team.
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>> a snt aot of timt the whhowhich isne of the rises fothe jo >> reporter: scoffing ecen reports that has been maed. i broke my bow,oty lary. i ul't be mo satisfied th the aunt of that i'vepent with e esidt. reporte oneor proem the seety faces is north korea. knowdging that thebama administraonas chaed i approach ihe last month. fromhe oside it s to me after the latest missi launch t rhetoric omhe ited stas s aled back bi >>o we wen't gng to gi e noh koreans th tiactionhey we looki for which is to y levate em ain tcenter stag >> rorter: but that's re sht. i mean from the begig he obamadminiraon when ty first tested lhes, the rhetic seed most ely ke t bh administration a didn't doh good sos it a rea shiftha you ded toial ck? well, wt 've seen is
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thi constant demand for atteion, and e it the mother in m or t experience that'v h with smahin and unrulyteenagers and people who are mand ntio don'give ito them eyon't deserve it. th arectg outn a way to nd a message tt is not a message we'rintested receing. >> reporter:retary clinton says shesn know whether north korewill go ead a ch of ng-rangeissile soon but sprisingly pled any ssrom thnort korea nation. >> thererealhreat u kw th o alliesan andth kor are very concernebuhare inform they wch what we watch and understands allyoi on tre >> repte cnton hhangedher ap itryi tfr e o g joursts he by north keaor mths no e theecretary told abc's
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georgetephanoplos -- e thk thathe charg against these ung men absolutely mer or fountion. reporter: but earliers moh she said- >>he two journists a their familiesaveressre remorse fothisincint, an i ink everne i very sry that it happened. repors that an ology n korea? >> thinkt' a rognition of at the wen themselves have said. our stmptant goal to make sure th g rned to thr lies. >> reporter: as for ir secrety clton time is nng oufor ment. >>'s a series choices at in clearly hato me and we're waiting to see wheer th will. >> reporte is there d ne inour nd whethatime lit ? o,meanheresint h oken aut the fall, t end of the ar.'s just clr at we're not
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aving itpen reve 'sot denite. >> repter: afoindi t cretary denied thashe has been rebuffed byhe indians clchge but lisn t this quote from dia's vironmenmister. let me be clear,e are ly not initioto take gabiin emissn taet nowhat mrs. clinn nted thatous ke a rebuf m die? >> all rigmartha. fascinating on so manyferent issues iluorth korea buti want to k out what she sa abouthe wte hou and those rerthe had bee sideneby the whitese. are we n goio see her ve ter agon aotor issues >> reporte i thioul, and e's ryrurated those rerts ccutiast week. i mean, shdiafter all ha a shatreelbow h ke h out ofhe spoight a kept her aw fro overseas tps for awhile, but i'sure she'll get ba in the ghti. >> oy,ara, ts smuch ma rdatz reportirom
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new delh >> cllenges ro a challeng ahomes ll. >>todarkx mons sinc idenoba took oice and a new news ""the washington popoll repts that s approval rin have peto 59%, ten-poin dro fromhe gh earli this springnd doeea ating economy, spiraling deficit andn certain roo health car reform are taking a ll. wh he came intfice 72 redent the presidt' approa wld breathe n le into theconomy nojust 5 havfahn his . on ticit more americans disapprovehali o the deficit thanapprove. 49-4 and on the issue onhe tablright now, heacare form, his approv ring has mble8 potso 49 so letet some psptive on at'soing on d brgn our chiewhe house coesndent ke tappe o have youmy frien thesti is,he preside ses to be long groun w
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the amics on tee fronts, and doou bieve the t ofumber hobblehe presid chanceof getting aealtcare rm bill by the e oth er. >>orter:l, not nessarilhris, t do shed ghts to why e esident is making such push rigow t bthe house and the senate pass he ce reform before august recess the esjoapoval ra is so closelyiedhe economas bh go oaward ajtory, the esident to thahe doet havehe poli capital forer t makeuch a and sepg s the e he'sakin f al care reform. thatay bwhy he's pressing so hard rht now bse the econy ntins tk. all rso we knhat the al is. whatreeans? ouhink he'slanning on gngdo he. >> theresident'staffers ve en wngith mbers o congnd the staerso workn heth care reformnd sortut the scking poin on how to p f it on wth
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thershould be a public p prent oba wants e st finance commtee report out a bill, health care refo ll by friday. ats a ry, veryal oer so theresint wilbe pulli out althstops, tkingbout althare rerm every day this week d hel be hin prs coeren on wednday, ing the cland clinic on thsday and thesident hopesto have someel here from an essay wrten by sator t nny fr h sk b llg alth carreform the causof his life.ris? >> all rht, ja. they'rcalling it wt cld be anc le. see how it unfolds. >>loof other news. to katow with the adlines. goorngkate >>ood morning, everyone. we beg with informion inhe nn' latest major rail ash. a traioperor repdl blackeout just befe smm his traiin anotherne on saturday in san francisco. near 00 ople we hurt. investignowant to know y the driver stched ofthe autopit moments before the coision. the pit settinwould ve evented that cli.
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>>frndsnd familof chwalter citwi say a figood-bye this ek. cronte dd friday nig i new yo.a furawill be held lat this week in the citt e man whs soroud of his midwest ckgroundil be buried next his wife missouri. vernar palin is packing upt vern nsn and sent a twit hermesagwhiling rough fa belonngs and she was remindedckly time ies when looking through kindgarten paperfrom ughter piper who wsoon be third grade. shofally resig a alka's governor onnday. > toy little tuble othe inrniol space statn. e of two toits bro down. 13 peoare now at t station anasonauts will trai thisorni to fithat proble but today's spac, as you ghine, is thtop priori. anfilly,ld y lik chiai th that skiy latte? arbuckis shanghings up. the coffee chain testinghe
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id of a new stoha ss nend beer a cfeisnot beled as arbucks al supposed to el lyour nehborhoodoffee sh. if it'susf ty may expand it other nghborhoods arnd the cntry. inresting ea. trying to get away from th starbucksabelhen theydd poetryreadings. >> and tofu. okay m chamon, hi. >>ood morndiane. ris, gd morning, ke and veet res with a le ouide. t's ta a quickooat the ol temperas ing on right inhe middle of the cntby the way. talking about chicold at about 61 tstart the morning. yoare eragin5 degree below normal f july. inome places iniscoin coolest ly headed towarde olest record. trt's ghemture w at abt cincnati up about0 ees for thhiemperature there d there's one strong ea fortronto severe storm looking omahakansas oklaho cy andallas da the greateston win greater
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thanles per hour in some those storm
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>> coming upn the xt hf ho, an theeat in the st, new way toav cookies the r. >>hat's ght. t one. well, no notne ofou n in me in this.some oyou and i remember 40 years ing in front of televion set. t one you. tcnd it s, youno su a tou tin arica, cose martin kg's ath, robt kenneddeat vinabut there they wer stping on thsurfacof the onthe astronau fm apoll 11. the whole world watchi as thec thi mesge and the ssion for ace. neil armstrong, n becamehe fst hums ever to on moon.byhe way twere reunited. want to e how the looke lt night at t the smithsoanir and space
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museum. sa released newlyesred footagof that seomt some s remeer, the giant leap r mankd. >>rom them a reaurg wa umbsp om amic a heart-pounding 40 conds awm the apollo 11 liftof >> the wld watched breathl wait >> ignion seqnc stts >> repr: fin momen foiftoff. the sptarsrad their s. noneouelieve it was going to happe four days 240,000 m lar -- controllersoi to go landg. >> rr:stronauts aldrinneil armstrong descending in a luode named e eae. >> eag hasan >> reporter: andhe wordst have been taught in ery american htoryss e since. >> it's one small st f man,
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one gnteap f mankind. >>tookseautif fm here >>epr: the moment, a reminder we can anyth >>poo 11 is a sbol of whatareat natio and are people can . that is apollo 11 means to us tod, mtoday. >> areat annirsary. coming up, atory of awon's astonig escape, aerriin ours heldostage by he ex-husbandd i come me from my restra i love swiaile how speciashe yes, you a. i elyhat u lovedon' - [ bas ]- mmroli otrie chicn. and let mignon yeahthat's winired a very special d foo woman ]introducinchefichael canine creions. soasty andutriousit'sard to bieve it's dryog foo
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chef-inspid. d-des. ef mel's cane creations. e;ñ it july 15th and i'm erika,with a rec of t pas24 hours on royalaribanlibertof the seas.debbie frorhode island d the gloves he fitnessenter. brooke mlofloawith nds roh jamaa. late night explo clied mountaindee stars. and na je roriguez rockee e inheaolu 's news. i'm era, cin wih royal ribb why aren't you? ♪ the $9ra entnce. wat unceop tops usniolla e
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of > go rnin 7: part cloudy to st clo ies, 67 degrees. stern shore, easton, 76
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eacity. a sign of really mid r just to the uth. big stor offthe ast. a up ofshowers fr ntl virginnd undetos to the motas. while the showand orms continue ri fm soh to rth and we'll pump more hudity and pump in the chan of the orms deloping for usas head in through this ten. takethe umbrellad plan for some wet weher ter the lunchour. degrs ouo-gree are. nighslipng backinhemi60s.could bea leftovershernd moow planfor more w weather, cooleremperatures, stuck at78. et's see wh hpening onroadth kim own. we ve volumeilng, d owgs mills, doed treein e roadwa spct greensprg valleyoad between brawand ring hillva ad closed bec of downed trees. getting rd ofa cras sohbound 9 proag e beltway.a -- d anotr crash, lg greepi at hydes ro. and southbnd twurhe
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harbor tunn thruway, t new exit wi bon the right. it is going to be on t left. at new ttern i told you about re, beway ing odth ding volume arnd the area. have avy trfic 95 hbnd t the whitemarsh area as you approa the 6989split. outer loop, 5 at berty ro, heavy trfiapprching route 70 no incidents at thistiwi justinor slowin we'l right back wi rninne upda nex
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> fire bak t in anandoned roome killing onrson, inju a fireghte scregors trng etermine w it started britey gordolive ts moing uthwltim >> portthgs ar stti to pickup around south castreet b it's a tay diffent ory the way it was a few hourago. when a had firefiters rkinreally hard, they tried toreue two peoplewho were side thhome. th firehaleft one pe
7:28 am
de. e re stard around m. la ght. accoing firefitersea smoke and fihad ken er this vant rowhome in rst block ofsouth care reet. when firefite goside eyfountwpeople brthing. rushed to the hoit, onhas w died. >> exactly used this fire wedon'ow juet a this point.we have fire investigars insidetrying to sss to detee wh mit ve caedthis raging . rter: one refite d get injud in this bla but according fficials thoswejustminoburn ve southwest balte, brittngord, abc2news >>comingup thismorning at 00 if ve bn thinng abt ina smart phone yon't want ms . wel talkwith a gueso is connected wi allofthe test chnology d thl show them f for us we'lal look er at the e smart
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id pl customers are being asked to enthginning toave downthroad. wee gointo talkwith b seni vice esidenabt big changes store d the y u get yo r. l this d mocoming up is morninon "goodning maland" at9:00. seyou in about othe lf-hour r another rning update. unl thmo the ofoo rning americ"
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> are goi to shou an ing ffen this moin is is medineita break. ci othe cuttg ed.a rkson's pient befe cycling his,oticbly shing t when htsn t exerse cycle,is lhae at h hands able too and it reaaninsight at can ply o many different thingsn the humabody. l te you this aming story thisng a we welcomeyock forod morni eric diansaith chris cuomo d robiis off today >>o fromential g news with e th care medil eld bad news. the's a trennow o wom acally d tirwn plastic rgery becait'sting s expens re troli andigger an
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you exct >> let's beginith thoman who hacoo with a story ate we all talking about la ek it was -- was a story o terr andn esca. divorce in conneic tt ended a fry inferno rischenkman is due court for charges of holdingis fe hosta for 12 terfying hos. will hear frer a what she hothcourts will be doingoing forw butirst whpened on thada a rr, nitm as nancy tylers heldhoste, her ex-d ricrdscheman talks. to me sucss ts uld thultimate sucss gety 12 demands,ancy walks of . the cng and tryo -- to take m anouow six to eht cs lose their fe. s that -- d ofoursi die.
7:32 am
to mthat wlde the ultimate succs. >>orter: to a lol rert ir, to t pice he mes demands includg iest to readastites to his ex-wif >> how aboutrit,ou're realoff on the priest here. at was my fit demand. at's gng on? tell theto g tleep ] ouof yard. ut u you lisn to pa yolist to me l. want the manl thin ten minutes. >>eporter:el t reporte he pred lhis o life idition to tang the life of his exe. >> i'vlivein thi house for 35ears. i'leaving it aod bag. >> reporter: ler he putser on the lin fcinger inthe role of cae, conciliator.>> i don't wt either of us to beurt. i wantotofs toome through this movon. i don't wanto take innocen peopleve reporter: wl, then why a yohave yr
7:33 am
wifthere, exife? ecausehe hader heaon my shoulder d ited three years r that, and it was worth n my last day iwas worth it to me. >> jusa mont a i had ch tspeak with nancy tyler who be way ye heela ther andho married hi decades - more tn a cade a. also with her s he lawyer patti thank you f being here.and eiallyou, nancy. i wanto t tha moment agaiwhere he ss you hav ur hd on h shoder which is w h want. ta us the. >> thawa a vy frighteni ment but it wawhat needed to do toy ive ther i sp tay talng tim antryi to keep him calm an th wne
7:34 am
othe ingst d ry to him o of the age thate s on and said what ededo be said. i thini what i needed to y svive and i dhat need to to live. >>ow sure re you that innd to ki you. >> thereas ndoubt in my nd. e wano doubtn my mind and by t end whene h about i gus what was about t 12th ur, i was almostea to let him do itecse ias exusted. i ess th adrenaline just - it exhsts you. i couldn't stand up.could bare walk ha point. and we had brougseveral counowns whee d e gun toydnd wasouingown toet the police too meing that the wen doing d minme beg f my life and b the en just di't thi i could svive anymore.
7:35 am
he had my head preedo sk wh a gut my tem holding ead do making me beg for sothg overhehone to the pocether -- vel times. the priest to gi me las res because he ft desdast ris fore i ed. orge the police to do mething because he could monitor -- he wamonitong what wasoin outside. so if somethg haened oside that aer him, then we d a countdn d itas rrifying. rryi >>nd at one point saythat heants speecse youere going g married agn. >> yes. heante to communicate with the poli bske because he nted the judho divced us to rarry usnd h wted the priest to be on thother eno th aerhe judge rerried usheest coulgiveeas rite >> howong hath beegoing on iur lif it's been gradually
7:36 am
calang sce fairly earlyn oumarriage. weret gd time notiche ginng althgh he s a very controinpeon but that t worse and worse and r e last the years it'shell. it's just en hribleti. >> s you filed for divor january 20? >> wl, ijanuof2006 h thw son and iutf the hoand we wen live th ly then he came ba and claimehead cancer andas ing toe ad ithreeonth d i ed it himo stay wi him throughheance treaent.i fell for itnd i took him back but it very qui bam clear beuse the were n caer docrs, noeports, no mecal treatment, nhing. and hi abu -- verl abuse beme awful then got a prottive oer andiledor divoe. >> you sawhis? >> yes >> wd you see. >> what i saw s a ry manitive, gry and ifying man. the da learnede abdted ss tyl treas nouestnthatheoulde at the
7:37 am
end of tay being heres as clo as we wi expnce a mirac. h didou getaw? sg>> he brought me dow there and ndffed mto the bolt and at first i -- as saii s out read give .i couldn't and. i was thki about ds i waaying r the stng toet through the ltts and i wausing he same me- he was screaming abt -- cnting d-- starti the cdown e's gog to be dean secoand i was yingo loosenhebold --e iot looned by ung the vege of handcuff then i could start ting it bui dn kw at i wasng t f t loos aly he said the use wa set to expde. he had prone pts s up. he hotion detecrs on the roo e ights weref use. had all of thdos red that iybodeachedhe doorth would blow up. didt know whawas going to dif i g t bo
7:38 am
of wall because i 't know whadoor was . at thamome it either and die or gond i yanked thbolt out the wal ian ouof the roownhe hl an another part of t bame bse thereas a or at e far end of t basement -- didn't know i was wid otut it wa eiie by a gun myd orieoi o a doo hing escape. so i ran. i n across tard and climbeup a chainin fenceand a s.w.a.t. officame out whjust -- it s like angelo me- the sight of is man and hju grabbed m the top of tence and said this wa let'so and w rad final g to where ey had and cter and sat do and at that pnt i started brthing ai >> the's a hearingomorro >>he is. l ask the cot morrow to conclude atased on the y ofhis casehat this mais cab of
7:39 am
what hs done and what miser has suffered held in lie of bo untilrial. >> h did you holdoghe during t i pyed l day. had rosaryds in my ha. he told me i could g my rosary ads because was g ne themnd ias talking i thghout my chen. i thout oumy family and i kn wt they we g through y know at thi inall nt can f my childr a myselfe safe don't want any clateral mage from thisjust w to li. >> tnk y. glad youe here. tha you vy much for hangs. a miss terai s kw that lot of r peopleave not beenlucky as s t espe >> now for theweathe d sachampi goorning,. just horfying to hear it in her words ke that. wee going to start wh th incredibeat th's been out stince abouthe 14th. h been well a 100
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degrees in a lot of locatio anon t light side that r friend krcr i reddi, california, he way this is orovle tand mike krur decid to tt if you cou actually tak ready-ma cookie doanbake it on the shboard of tar a, in fa, itoes. now, they bre ermometer bout 120 deg o the inside othe car. normally youakthem a about 35th tell m not that actuallbake the cookies, i eat t dough. know thas not althy. dodo it at h itook o hos and saidhe cookies were great. with tt is heacontinues, sacramto, 0 des. ve the deal. this is such an odd ptern devering 9ool ur arou the great lakesnd the cldy and damp weather t st big heat in t west. itontinuesfr, 109 to weda 1. phniisell. u stay in the 113 to1rea and vegas anotr areahajust sts bakingnd t heat. stng area, song to severe
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stms from northern tas to rth dakota a sth dot toda ere the likihd at i thstorms ysee 80ilr-ur winds and some hailones, as w beginning toee a s in at beautifupan over wed to the mid-atic and to the northstt 'll wah some >>iane >> okay,am, anks. cong uafter oubrea extraoinary cuttingdg meci cyclingit your gs wh it couldean withour has. they reveamedical eakthrgh ence? ( applse od...cuz here's#sethi else to le -- eeccafé mondays mcdald's. enjosweet, scintilngsale of chate
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se >>serit ere parkinso diseasblem ithe country. ttinedge nabout the mysterious conction between exercise and parkins's diase. neuroscieist discoret accident acdentaln a ke rid it led to sts unlocking secroubo is teon. neuroscien j albtss ansieblgis butas excting makientif discoveries on his bike. did just thatn 50-me ridecross iowaith his tdem ke ptnerdavid, who has a momentisorr parkinson' afr it he not setng unusual. his handwriteing dmall improved vio theyook befo the dehows his han sng wildly but re he is after thede look at hoeadyis hd . for drerts an intgug
7:46 am
ssibility. cod e tor ntrol in david's arms improve when w hilegswereetting t exercise. >> so whate were thinkin maybe we found th of ercise here at actuay is treatinghe disea rather just treing of e symptoms >> are you ready >> read >> reporter: so albertstarted small trial esthether eight ekof forced eksz on thtand be ul improve the sytoms of parkinson' >> how aou fling? >> feeli good. >>ll rig. >> reporr:ord ercise quesheatient to pedal ster tn volunta and a trainer oks at the rate. >>hat we f 35mproment inotor funio f those tits who did theorce erciseompad to the voluntary exerse. >>eporte incrediblsome meure ofment did last fofour weeks a subjes stped biking. how dyou feel? >>d. very goo >> reporteompare thato
7:47 am
medicationfor the diase ich only last a fehos. patien salei trell haseen part of the ial anfeels ha work has paff >> ie tice that aft coueexerciset iave a calmer rig side >> rter: researchers thinkthe foed ercise rks becausking pplpel hard be overdring the ntranervousystem igge the rel osome chemals at may impveotor ncon he's bin scan a parkinn's patient after forced exercise. and here's the scan of ant on medation r the disease. e same brain regns a activate >>he's nothing simpler than tting mebodyexerse. is ireal cstuff. >> repor sly thinks so too. she sat's beusof her workouts that her disease ha t ress. >> iavseen t res and i'm okinforward toeeng this dease abay asest i n. scinatin isn't it? or d albert's. 47 minutesasthe ho. webeight back. cawalk with a purpe to endheimer's.
7:48 am
. 47 minut pe hour 'll be rightack. minutes pt the ho. 'lbe right back.
7:49 am
7:50 am
7:51 am
i a great familvacation. my weeoff, hope rohas beguone foherself but your vacationically frida afrnn? >> friy afternoon ter it was gat caughthe bge strip baf myifbuit's not abt me. plsehow thpictur it'shat the sh are getng gg. that was a 40 plus pnd siped ss. i didn even cle to the biggest one. myud todd one0 pods. why?ouwi our budd lisland
7:52 am
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7:53 am
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odmornin 7:56. we're ghting off l some ou thimorn a litt sunshine but finite we're looking at the ouds winning thisbatt a teeratures toy, we're go to noti it warming up a lile bibut wegointo tice re midiin air as . currently canslle. towson thenback by the water, arnol and pos 73. overall we'vgot that wind flowfrom e sout weshowers dottg ar centl d norn rg. the y rreir y onthe west side of baltimore
7:57 am
la moing but ovall pecting thsoh wi to crse e moistu, humidity d ancef shows th afternn. twdegree arantee 812 degree tonight slip ck into t miand r s with sti e chceshowers and stor that will linger tomoow, t daat 78. 87 on weesday. low 80s ain for e of the we sttrying to cln up e trs in owgs mis bu th ho stl grpring valley ad betweebroon d ring hill ad remain clos inhe ings mills area caus downedre in the adwa try nes road analtee. still asin owin mills, southbou 795 you approa e bey. alsoa crasnoound 895t thhaor tunnel tola, t crash actual but disabled cle blocks one lanecausinminor delays a crash in ltimore county, windsor milladynn oak ro anutnd at 8 a w affic paern. take895 soutouth new 895 ex isoingtobe
7:58 am
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>>ood ing america" coinues th one woman cautry talof do it yourlf cmec aorpeople are doi it tsa upon itou cost youor youver agined. seniors in the dver's seat. and thnew bo suiat l you exence it. could it change y we a dre dre. she ds sparko thda idea aricaidol" rdin ar pforms live. evething ie don ♪ ♪ i tnk iove y ♪ millions ofirls david cassy. now tal aut being yngpop idol. life after "e partridge lyand neproj a re-life milyffr. ♪ i oy wt make
8:01 am
happ♪ ♪ and i youay i'do away toda >> ianelie it.we havthe bu e >> we hahe bus>> and we have david cassidy. >> who ion t of the b itself. >>lo, . ssidy. >>, my secury team. >> oh, that's the gentlemen. that's w this . you'rekiddin >>o, rig downelow next to you, diane woulde vi tha his code name asreto him in terms of secur and nex t w call stevehi pe1.he would be broth patric >> dyou lk haveclearance? >>ave yogot eara >> welco to "good rning am" we're a go. >> oka folks. gess. >> wl,re the. >> wrehey here? 'll te youll bit. epicv we got goi on >>inging a morng long
8:02 am
about the part family. gait to ha them .>> they're gng to tells abt a ne-- wait a mi. >> wchut. clear thwa ssidy comi through. the heoes. >> theres a mob of at lst 10 or0 peopere. weoto t inside. tt's great. we wilnever dohat wi y by the way i ntou to ow. >>on't t that home. let's go to "geendanch katenoshe isn for thnews a start ofth hf ho. good mning again dia a chris odningevyone u.s. fces in ahastan arsearchg for pted americdier shown in aew taliban vide 23-yeaold army private bowe bedahl vanhethree ek ago ne the pakistan boer the oative ars physical oka but heakes it ear inhat video he is afra height not comeome. the ildrbu and menie billgs areected to moome is wee thfirst me since their parentpants'
8:03 am
mders a lea thr older sist intends to move ny home will adt the ildren. abc's jerey kofmanas more. >> reporter: the scethe oody cs ing reed and repated d will have new secuty gate all anks to a lueer effo by friends and neighbor ithould be r f t billings' children by the d of e week meanile are lrng more outhmurder victims, bu billings one adult entertainment sinessn . a bar is now long go. woman says e owes her start tolings o hired en single moth tend bar. she teoped hwn cl. i r my biness thwa i because learfr bud. was always very extremy profsional. >>orter:s well as nkrolling nightclubs he was inlvedn a us carusess and ned a fince compy. he w alsvolv in a birre scme in which he t to pyght his ildren nas and successful maedillions wh the sta of florida ud those mes in doment al this ismo
8:04 am
questions about e ciumstceof the murder arys tt's not case. >> whatevecomes upit this inveatn, i think is impoanthat peoplow tt bud anmelae re two the most gous,loving coeratpe wh a lot of inteity. >> reporte now is impoant mphasize t sffells he knows of no instign to the billings faly. e cusemainsn theeven perpettorsow in custody and wantto tto a few perns ierest anesn't rule out thiby of me st te ask. >> jefey kma > thank you. > 000 runns rn o in nnectit to hor mother d two daughters killed ding brutal attk inheire two yes ago. amg those ruintheir husbd d dad d willi pet who was severely bte at the ti butscaped. money raed goes t theamily fountion. > in mical new new evidence tt smog may harm delopi bas. fothrst time researche hainke airolluon exre before rth wi lower
8:05 am
q. scos inilood. thfindings suggehereay be more dafrom uan pollion anreviouy thought. filly, "americanl" may ve voted pau abdul out of jue's box. her w manatellhe "los angeles mes" tt the show has noma an fer fodus turn tthe ninth seanhich bens ait nextnth. and thats e ws 8:05 time f tther and sam ampion.sam? >> good rning, kate. i'm t sure -- i'm n sur e's ought ke an impoan edient , me take the mpature heref the fos. paula abdul o iameca ol" whatyou think? eah, we need he ont, ocourse. >> bigheor paula abdul th? by the way, dne swe ushe parte faly bus. not the origion but the paridge family ptyus and you renthis
8:06 am
ou it's likgoalthe hip uff -- goorning, donby way. all rig, wa a mut thisikcan be taken out r -- wow, th igreat inhere so can y take it out andarty th it. >>ou b. we do it a t t every ween do people sing y on the stre. ll the tim >> do yoknow all theords to the sos. yes. >> so you can your guitars out anding. >> we can but m t ry gd at that. >>ell, we have -- it a minute. he keitpartdg whave and who -- gy're he all the aere today to talk"partrge family two tngs ing on ts morn head out the do we sh you pictes o of siesta y, a,hat's one of areas looksike haven'tad good beh weather. stng thustorms movedn and kind kicked up 60-mile-per-ho wds. lilyo happen ain today withe strongo sere storm asshe iulse and odd pattern dr them to the d soh. ok athe
8:07 am
areas ly to see raino sevenderstor nghe day todayhich is normal a quietnquil pattn as w me intougus anit is ytng but in those areasd in r make sure yone inour lal abc stations >> jusow me where e ai horn is. thne rig here? at's theidge family bus aiho. diane? >> o m, thks. > and wee l h abo do
8:08 am
youelf medicine f us have do it b whatabt dot yourlf plastic surgery?the woman you're about to meet thought she'd ve a lite money, do heow cosmetic injeio abc'snda cann here toell us w happened next. >> good mornin dne needless to y this wan is ally embarrassed. all srted wita tin cial scar she wantedo get rid of but couldt afford a plastic susoiterally ok matters into heownands or in this ce adl and silicone ahe ded while she was at it e might asell plp up her lips o. not a oda. ma is ur typicalki mom t ater ruest s askeds tohange her nand voice. ununately, her and nglass c he her tgi mistake. one word th ss it up is nitmar i woul't wh this on anody. >> repter: youan sll rryingects of ma's tched plasrgy but in th case there iso or tble.
8:09 am
ju my heelf. >> i can't believe i did wha i d. >>eporter: in search of smther sn shincted lips and fe th sicone she ht othe tern. >>ndhese were synges i boht. eporter: at rst ry ought thee hit t beauty jackpot. >>ually felt pretty prd of mysel thought, youno this was a eato g it looks goo is one particula wsite h it for $10 for bottle >>eporter: but withi24 hrs those desidests t rn the e. by eollowing da it was juompletely inamed. myace. it just looked le hrie blrs. >> reptehe silicon procedurwanothinneto ma for arhoand doar plastic sueohad injected in h face on before fade a ar what he used was medical gde line. what sheased was actll persal lubricant. withll duees what were you thinki. >>thtime i rllthout
8:10 am
that it would b okay, yo know i thought that most t wld juu kn, come outf the facend the ls that very le of it would actuall sy in the. >> reporteid you think because u w e doctor do that it wod be okay iually d. reylanoxthat's hundredsf dollars every time yohave it done. you know, how many pe ca fo that? >> repor butnstead o saving tusandsndedp with massive billsheshe had to turto california tic rgn steven williso hel remo the infected silicone. body looks at this as almost likan invasionnd trs wl off the te ies to bown e mari and th'sccpa b inflamon and scar tiue. >> reporter:illiams says t currt econy is driving ople to peive b dangeroudo iurself predes. e he mosshocking ts koan pstic surge aict ce autiful singer an model. injected hersel with
8:11 am
coing oi the results we disastro. doctorved a lf pound of oil from facd ck nce soone ki of goes do that thy're never gointo be backo al >> reporr: in a publied study ey citother extr cases wh body dys morphic papeone used sandper as a form o rmabsion. >> we've heveralaties removimplants themselves. they d't knothe rr techqu they can havproblems ranging from infection, iecting io the wrong area daminr ructures, dangeuroloc struures. >>eporter: willis ys afrdabt me ks are also tang o.erything from seemingly silly se thinninvices pressialde acid peels. and do iturlfers,beware. mary ss there $10he paid foe price ofeay eed u cog her evytng. >>li in a sociybssed
8:12 am
thooks and bety how do youeawhen youook in thmirror >> should ve bn happy with way iook. i have tlee it in god' ppens and realizeha there are mo important things i life and thaal we all look >>ary still has sel more surgies ahead of h but h surgeon ysill most lily n be 0% again. thdage is do. she'now justg what she did servess message to hers. we'retetohinkt's just czy to do tt buthe's workg. she'mom. is ia smarman hiis an ecated won, dian who knew whhe was talking abt but justught she could do iherself because she haseen docr and the the relts viouslwe sastus theay after. >>ell,o onli i you kw ofthriesike th or anything youant to sut out out b. ming up next the bodui that shows
8:13 am
wits rea ke to be an dedrer getting nd t wheel. taki its rightfulcilong linof ang performancehine this the newoupe. is imeesz. re;ñ
8:14 am
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whicnaturally comes th vitamin nerals and fiber. l we did was ioon size. did we go o far?
8:16 am
8:17 am
>>you see it i an theate out when are too old to dve?many of us he h i right and mahave people in y mi wldre getng up the and you start think abt wshould maybe the y we, tre anyay to know littleetter than jt opin maybe so. comphas now designed su to let younow bette wha 's lik be an older drive on road yourse. abc's johnern trieit o reporr: iibertu's veioof a time mach a senior simor
8:18 am
suit desigd help researchers, filies and yes, reports. >>ictouc >> reporter: undstand w age afft our mton helpedesign th it. dave, whavu do to . >> we haveaddeweight t you le, we have pua ee bce ont limitsour abilityo beouee put the straps on y tto you omendi over. >> huhomethingtoh. >> rorte while i m seem whimic whimsica >> how areou gngo ut the door? >>eporter: il hope. there's realcice awork. ecl ov to simute the vages ofhritisnd nec brace stop ur ran of moti. it tooyou ugh scenarios you face dly allf a suouave to ma aisiowhich wato go. >> reporter:our ms -- i so har move your .
8:19 am
>> ipret tough to go fro what mig b sedenry poti into havintoake thatmeency reactiooff e s on to the ak turn t whee >> rorr: oy, so braking might be diflt b thing, thing compedo simple reverse. >> can. i can'see be me. >> rorr:orome le agmait pulooo ov their shers. wt i nt you t do bacng up using only your mirrs is wee innd out o tho cones. reporte oh,'r kidding me? once ain this replicates whatpe when we lose the pebody -- >> rorte i curn arnd. i n'see y thi honyo i ve. >> ihi you probablhave two thr conesundeeath the ca epter: i made this. got byhion i y this dn' gowell. exceent. >> a little pove
8:20 am
inforcemen eptet hopes l helphederstandnd betr compsate the phyl chang mlion old drivers face allong from nedesignin autoto eanced types of driv testg. this fs prettyextreme. >>eoplagdierently and they a in a different times in their les soeoplmay have thisyp ofimedobit and i the s or 50s. hers may beerct fine to drive thei entire life. repr: like dad erma when ople say donike torive c't intify with what they're saying. >> reporte at 84ke made it bk onhe rd after five ars withoua cense. >> i'm very acti. i play 18 le of gf every we pretty mund i'm ysically strg a i can move my hd arnd ywhere i wan reporter:tuckers family
8:21 am
convced m sp driving when he t inn dentutafter s wiied february heanteto do things for himself agn. somet with dto the dmanwas earedo dve despe family ject >> dring bec a p of yo 's aeagood feeling o inpendence and freedom t b able to drive aun wrever i want to go. >> reporter:ib ml's gr gordosays helping fanderand the bance bewho should and shoul't dving and howo lkbout it itheeanisompa cread the it. >> whas reaymportantso apprch it fr needs of the or and approach fromthe stapoint of srt rather than confrontion hodo we keepur senrs mobilenddent while remaining fe >> rorr:or "go mor america," john bern, a ns, new york >>lso rtant to note the overwhelng majority of s thatind up hurti o csing atns with drirs under , notlder drers. 21inutesasthhour.
8:22 am
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tops desned for coe nd thoan of le eager to . mostloy skies hereat 8:25we'vt teeratures ba up to e 70s spots. in ltimor ineaston. wiina w ees the upper s and lo70s t all it is about t more slling itway in he. in factu seme showers ofe cot. we'vgot some ss back into the tains. we've t just a lile uster downhere it es appear if wil ridehe winds. it cld be ridi ac centry bnchtime. otheise we are excting to soshers delop, espeally into this afternoo 82 degrees d tonit 'll slip ck m-60s th a chance ofre shows. let's see at's pping roads righnow. >> report: than. do have t of heav
8:26 am
volume and me congti on the outer loopon e east side betwn bellairend rk roadth an accint th shouer near e lockraven boulevarexit several crass around th ar. oninty hern parkwaming up at he parkway d -- excu me lean boulard. also anotr crroe 2 at lford ro d westminsr, route 97 at st mayberryoad cled cause of cras the's ports of a fire columbiasue onplace. that wke you feexa minutes to g 175 d 0. on thter lo, modete vome itpears to be running thin both ctns. we'll rightbackwith yo moinnews updatet.
8:27 am
> good morng. here's a at urews headlis this morni. rbon mide lef nine ople ckin an apartmt complex in noheast baltor th happened ound:30 sterafteooin e 6900 block ofmcune boulevard near thintersecti orthn rkwaand arinparkway. re offia say two adul and ven children gosick udina young baby. re crews acedthe ak to a en teater. the victims are being eate univerty ital. their names, ough, havenot en releed. a serious ash inan arundel coty s to th spal, cluding several children. th enedtly befo 8:00 lasght the tersection of js roadand stilmes ive which is
8:28 am
r from 40 rt e. e ildren juries no lifehrning. hor, a 22-ye-oldanwas taken to shock trma. s injues are deribed as life-teang injuries. >>baltime city top precutor is cal f chge in thewaat the statdes with veniles cud of violencrimes e statattorney h commentsfoowing a seofa 17-year-olcuseof criticallywodinga 5-ye- ol. a local par is reportinat montdavis had en reed tim nce hes 10 years olshe told thwspar at the s are not pable ofinrehatated in e jule st. shsaid mo yog ofers edto be charged asadts and iledfor longer periods ofime. >>wellng up on d morning la" at 9:00if you' been thinking abou getting a smhone and what exacy is a tpne, yo don'want to mi. we'll be talking with est
8:29 am
who's wellconnted with thte technology > plus we'lhave oser the e's smt grid pl. cuomers e being asd to spd re in the benning to sa down road, t doesit ally work? 'll he wh bge'ssenior vice prest s to say t th. alof thaand ch more cong at 9:00 have a greaday and thk u for joining us
8:30 am
♪ ou knoi never want tour you don even know ♪ ♪ whyoes lov fee like a battfield why esal feel le a btlefield ttlefield ♪ aattlefield love always feels l ♪ >> wow, atshene and only jordin ss, "erican il."
8:31 am
awe all know her fro th. titl sgrom her new title album. e's urinne of the biggesgroupss amer and of coue rforming le is morni. happy to have you. you. >> welcome weome ai od mning, americ die saer, ris o,ate snow filng in d biis off. sam chon i--he isam chamon alwan thbus. wel swer questions aboutheth issues. you it's great. weave doors onhehow, ndful doctorlikearie sava a wget to am everhinge nto kn in the commerals. ybe you'd li toear som o their sws, acid reflux dt d exercise. dr. sava iin the h bring answers. especially wn thths --e can hps tlheer things are te. we'll get ppy. it ds not ire any mecine. weave david cassidheh hibrothe. e star ofthe partdge family." their regul cloes, ry
8:32 am
handme a taleed.the partrid famy bus. isn'thright,r. chpi? theenla on the bus. go happy. so we' alrdy happy. get happy. let's talkut the weather that goingtoday. wee so big heat gog on in the west and is is part o the bieiculsly biz pan ere everyby complaing abouthe weher they g so far thisumr. the heilcontinue. shoulde there you go. he will continue as g into thet co of days cause look at palmsprings, abt 113. we shod you earlier th pictes obang cookies on e dashboard. they'vbeen 1 degrees sin andbove. back t107odohis is big take ieasyn thosareas and t ke to brk over the neckoue day otr thing since thisnts dipping althe way tough milef thcotry and uphe n abrd t's l rt of e country that will be aling th strong to sever thunrstormthese cod be dangous from north dthe y intoth texas.
8:33 am
st wyo l abc stations. so, widecaererful undein flori and lookinatrobly re rain movi back into tewngland ea aer aat wnd as we geto lern thevin hos nigh quick yourationa hi temrares and >> ahat weather was broht to. wee a cked downstairs day j. mr. chris omo. >> w is luier sitting wh the caidy men. kw e cassy family is a true enttainment juggernaut. david sang hayntour hets shaun lvedystery as e hardy in "e hardyys" and patrick a broadway star andhe womb familactother
8:34 am
working on aamy projec the abow "ruby and theck" is is grt. >>t's that and then say it. is all that and a buck of chwing thawhat they say. >>'m n sure abt thwings part but just working with someone who makeme look so ch young on the -- >> uh-oh. >>t's a aufu beautiful ing. i have to y a truth a honesty, tis the b expeen ieverad for me.>> cay in all truth and honesty it'sind of lewarm fome ki the best of a b situatiore the yngest other and lookintholde. >> youe aletti a lot of los. let'sump the show. ats the plot of thsh ruby aet i'mhe pcer. ey the actor m re i write anodehe show. a story ang gl played bylexaahows up o t
8:35 am
doorstep of hefaerdavid, sang5 arago youpent the nit th my mom andere i am they are former -- likeaso where i'm performingnd still buyg th eam of being theul rock ar. not the ed- >> we re t rockets '80sophare susful and brokep because he accede wearing heels to be tallhan himnd pumped ut in front t audience. >> it uld ppen again today. >> all truto li folks. >> we have clip t sw. let's ke aook. >> when i aed forfi i expect it zz and there are still pudding cuakes in the eg room. my brotheras theupcake guy. i'm a so a. didn't y reathe marque davirmer of throits. soy, no autogrhsut youan buy onofh t-irts out fron >>'m ruby.
8:36 am
i'm youraughter. >> i'moi to ne se rum in that wer. b that writing reallstin >> imas thdifferen. emieres on a's fam >>omroght. >> tsday nightrit? thhen itoing to be 30. you know when wat ipeople wating ll say how muchf this sares up wi exriences that you've had? let usnow where some biologic, graphil parall >> l of sties and the parajust purelfrom a experiential, our rien gether we ok famyf brrlve tour abt x ven years ago. >> road trip, no sesno chdren. >> right. >> the fr of us -- four middgemen in car tother. >> who hadot snt morthan 15 minutes alo tour o us our her ry is al oe shlead dss and the first me we alworkedtogether.but it came -- ihink thea was spawout ofhis rotr where wnt from
8:37 am
atlan to savannah, gia, to -- amelia island. >> canut to e che here? hhed me out athe ppiest placen rt we got toney world. thin got aittle tense he car. the inthort broke the cal's back he ask t where tget his launy done don't know th wast. that wt itas. >>s taller than me. >> we th spent the next five hours in an v going wn the ghway an it thy. we gotut fivers late patrick got out because t cotaickeng. i'm meanwhile, i'm d pl in e car. heetout a stationn e midd onowhe in frida anys thas it. . i'm t getting back inar so i'm standg e irida 8-ee heagopatrk wee gas stionhere's noing el f 40 mile. what are youoi tdowa heets ck in tar andor rehept was pins
8:38 am
and needles and crying and loving -- >> cathartic. >> we evenally -- >> it ended u wh us smmin withhe ds anmaking out. e acally spth one of the dohins. every -- >> wasn't it dolphin - ju like . excfothat o-cor remark abo the dolphins. >> it'grto be back togeth. feo say. it's fun. >>heest thing that a tee us ha ever ne i say th bsehe experice we've always wanted to wk geernd other than thshow we never had. it's the gatesca i've ever ed witand it' tire. eat itingstaff. rasi," "fe," "jt shoo." >>re music. daand i like wsa we played rockitsndave a lot of80sflashback videos where we look a combition of dun duran d our ers. >> kd of like scary'80s tch.
8:39 am
>>s will be grea keepiolence down. otheise you can rnnto realshow down ro if it doesn't o dpratdo ve t cassidy boys he. thanks a lot. good to be back on abc too. >> aamily. uby the rockit" 30 pl watch it. 39ut pt the hour. drrie wl be with he ce ba.
8:40 am
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as we said wlove getti askhe wondeuloc who e on the show ouestions, we ought we'div you a chceo do it. it'ssk d marieime. l of you came our website. u had greaquesons for her and our mal contre dr. e savard iently sa down a s gave us some answers aberything from acidreflux to birth ctrol devices, new os al treatm diabes. t's start withis. we know soy peopl are on medicatifor id re. u're hearingut hip frtus of we have a viewer mail take ir- i'm gting -- w is th
8:43 am
it raisethskf fractu. it tnsut wblock l thatcid you're n absorbg impoanmins including lcium as yo lower the caium levs youincr the ris for pros, it's strong an meant for taking fhort piodsf me. the's a rare contion you lkutefore ateay does rse your riskf cr. incase mbe nd lilongedications. >> we ha tthink abt acid re medications a shrm an not long t everyay for thst of yourif escriptions. >> yit not the magic bullet tt ride of arurn d indigeio n't ea latat night. mimize the alcohol. youeed itor a short period try t ci. stilho shortte. >> contreptive oble.
8:44 am
injectle depo prvera. does it workhee as t pill or icoletely differt? the injecble fo ltsor ree nthe easy part oft and the activ ingrediis progtin, versilar to whath ntrol ll the fferen there's no added trog. esen w put i pilo even outhe ling so you wld moreven flow every moh. en you're tting the shot y are muore lily to have brkthrough bleing ansome othedeffects the pca e. >> it's ju aeffective? t's absotely just as efcte. the active inedie and rks by tinthe lining of uterus so you can't have a sf pregnancynd sps an egg froforming ery mont eo says i he typeii diabet i knowome pele whoay they control it wh dinste of ci how do youo that? well,hi complicated. so to arom the beginni anyone whoasypii abet their pancasworking ti to make ext
8:45 am
sulin. etnd exerce can a lot to help at insulin be more effecte. adually the ng you h . thcreasrodus less of it. >> so et c contr it. if yol it efcty the early st, n you fostall completel prevent e risk t long-term proble >>es, people nd toear it. di and exercisean aolely ma tnsinork betr an let your pan rest and cove it's aro and the pcreas wi recov iit noteat up so much by theverworthat it has to do. >>ha you as alys i'll be ck. thanks. >>ill have more questns for drma send theto u we'll take most asked on d ask heon t broadcast for you. website, 'll be cheiner also find ination on what y sulea hp corotype ii ics lat onset dies coming unext, jo sparks performs .
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>>goeous, soly gorgeousju 17 when sheecth younst "aman idol" ever and two yearlater jordin sps stilon the se. shs touring wihe jon brothers "batefldcomes t moow so eit to wee herck. jordin. u lo loveland soun nderich isood s you and hearouo great. two almshough because m thinng to se w,7, 18 a loof mus. ight, d it feelsike it just hped yestday. but athe same me itms ke forer crazyoller coasr. i s souc wh the sices
8:49 am
off myir albu >> "no air."i lo thasong. so autiful. so what's erout this one? >> think tge differens owth in as pe and, you know, grow in my voice a mity. it'stelot moretrgth from tng ahe time havevenugone through cole thingnoo much bee i'm still only 1but it sll like i've gonlew up tng my ngs reect ha. as big as"idol" is and all the crds jonas broth, mpare the owds aittle mo crazy, slightly, just aittle t but 'sot of n. i didn'tnoif i would be prepared fonasia. it funo see and so eit for tht mter o coout. they're justyp as on walk in. >> tit tck. let'hear itjordin.
8:50 am
♪ d't t to einou mind i know what'haeng here ♪ ♪inute it's lovnd ddly it's ke ttlefield ♪ one w tur into a whys it themallest in that te dn ♪ ♪y worls thin when you don't i'not ithout a shieldan't gba now ♪ oth hands tied behind back with nothing ♪ ♪ oh no tse tim when w said we'd climb so st to fall ain ♪ ♪hy we g to fl for it now nemet to srt a war you kn i never wanto ht you don't eveow wt we're fighng for why dov alyseel like a battle battleeld a baled ♪ike abattlefieldel balefi
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wet to - where are we? >>hank you thank you. >> go to later o geanother clusive performancfrom miss sparks thanks for that. >> tomro kherieigl on e show. w movie out. thanks f stoing by.
8:57 am
wewatca li peeof the n mi , althou clds seeto be doming, holdour eratures in checwesh imo humidit 71 feli76 degrs. watching showe t ofe south. it los ke this one rang arod rich, viinia, and 'll be watching that flocay thowerr y, d this afternooers and thunrstorms poible, deeelocking for today. ila chan shower even flh of lightninout ere. heading intoomw, 78 degrees, weweathe will p wi anafternn thundewer, but more rain and to the low 80s fothe enofthe workek. re's k. than, justin. tomany cis to tell you abt nde beltway, buheavy affic between be roadnd york ro wi
8:58 am
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