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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  July 28, 2009 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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now abc 2 news at 5:30. >> breaking news tonight as the state prosecutor files new indictments in the city hall corruption case. good evening, everybody. i'm terry owens. new charges have been filed against city council woman helen holton and one of baltimore's most powerful developers has also been indicted. the new charges involve developer and bakery magnet john paterakis. she charged with one count of conspiracy to violate campaign finance laws. the charges stem from a poll conducted for helen holton. according to the indictment, paterakis paid for part of the poll. holton is facing two counts of conspiracy to violate campaign finance laws. she could face a year in prison and a $25,000 fine on each of those counts. here is what she had to say back in may after initial charges were dropped. >> i am thankful for this day that i'm much that closer to the restoration of my good name
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and the work that i've done in serving the city. >> another developer, ron lipscomb admitted his role in paying for part of that poll. he has alreadied a pleaded guilty and implicated paterakis. in a statement released tonight, holton's attorney says he is confident the new charges against her will be dropped as well. a spokesman for mayor dixon said she also still faces charges in connection with this case, said the mayor would not be commenting on the new indictments. we'll have much more on the story coming up at 6. thieves hit a brooklyn park hair salon over the weekend, leaving a trail of racist graffiti. the incident happened at the heavenly hands beauty salon. despite the incident, abc 2 news roosevelt leftwich tells us the owner says she is staying put. >> reporter: she likes to think of her place where you come in
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and chat a while while getting done up. >> when i saw the window, i could deal with that. but when you step in and smell the and have to be sent back out until they clear it, and then you come in and actually see all of the damage that was done. >> reporter: the swastikas are the only thing we can show you. the actual writing on the wall speaks derogatory things about blacks and asians. a computer, a tattoo machine and other objects were stolen. and a strong-smelling flammable liquid was sprayed on everything from down inside the hair dryers to all over the floor. >> for this to happen here, this shouldn't have happened. >> right. >> it shouldn't have happened because this is a multicultural area, in you're in this area thinking like that, you're in the wrong place. >> reporter: this isn't the first time there have been problems in the shoping center. some of the other minority- owned business owners have had problems with broken windows and break-ins. the police are investigating this as a racial or ethnic
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crime and may step up the patrols in the area. but for now they have few leads. for brown it's just a setback, but she says she is staying. brown says she owes it to her customers and friends to come back better than before. >> as i prayed and thought about it, i'm not going leave, because that's what they want. i'm going to be here. i built relationships here. i have not only clients, but they're my family. i'm not going to leave them just because somebody is ignorant. >> roosevelt leftwich, abc 2 news. >> if you have any information about the salon break-in, rosy says there is a reward being offer by metro crimestoppers. the number 20 call 1-866-7-lock- up. few for a look at tonight's top stories. police have beefed up their presence in east baltimore after a series of shootings left 15 people hurt. it all started sunday night when a gunman shot 12 people at a cookout. two more shootings followed. the target of the first shooting is one of the members of the blackwell family.
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police say the family is a well- known drug organization. police believe there is a widespread turf war that stretches back at least two years. and as police step up patrols in east baltimore, city officials say $10.1 million in federal stimulus funds will go to hire 50 new officers. the officers will be placed on foot patrols around the city as part of a strategy to help the department win back the community's trust. and friends and family were memorialized four people killed in a helicopter crash last week in frederick. a memorial service is planned thursday for advanced helicopter concepts employees jeff nordaas, george tutor, and niall booth, and their friend kim felix. the four were killed when their helicopter crashed on to i-70. the memorial service will be held at the frederick municipal airport. with summer recess looming, lawmakers in washington struggle behind closed doors to
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narrow their differences on health care reform. kelly? >> reporter: terry, in the senate, sot bipartisan progress was reported in the house. democrats must still iron out differences among themselves. meanwhile, president obama looked for the support from older americans. while it appears health care reform won't pass the senate until at least september, that hasn't stopped president obama. today he held yet another town hall meeting on health care, this time addressing seniors as aarp. >> nobody is talking about reducing medicare benefits. what we do want to is to eliminate some of the waste that is being paid for out of the medicare trust fund that could be used for effectively to cover more people to strengthen the system. >> reporter: on capitol hill, where negotiations continue, lawmakers are also eager to make some progress before congress takes a break for the month of august. >> specific amounts have not been decided on. but the idea is the whole
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purpose of this is to try to fairly make up for the gap so that this is a deficit neutral bill. >> reporter: house republicans insist they support reform, but they want a program that will lower the cost of health care for individual americans as well as small business owners, farmers, and working families. >> the democrat plan for health care reform amounts to a government takeover of health care in this country paid for with more than a trillion dollars in higher taxes. and it must be opposed. >> reporter: with fiscally conservative blue dog democrats worried about the plan's price tag, republicans believe they have the votes necessary to block the house bill. >> the right thing to do, as the leader said, is to do it right, not do it quickly. and that starts with going home next month, asking our constituents what they think. >> reporter: the president will continue to lobby for reform, traveling to north carolina and virginia tomorrow for more
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health care events. kelly swoope, abc 2 news. showed you a little shower o, making its way towards the city. take a look at the radar. tracking that system right now, what we're going to do is zoom into that region. show you where that shower is right now. it's actually turned into a little bit of a thunderstorm. as you can see in the northern portions of glen burnie, going towards the brooklyn park area. let me put a tracker on that. this system is basically making its way in that direction, and moving at about 20 miles an hour. it's going to be affecting essex and middle river at those times listed as it makes its way towards the north and east. your forecast for the next couple of hours, look for partly cloudy skies. a few showers around. temperatures will hold in the 80s. not everybody is going to see the rain, but it is out there. we'll tell you about the upcoming shower activity that we're going to be having for the remainder of the week and into the weekend in just a couple minutes. >> all right, norm, thank you. some local students with learning disabilities are reaching out to american troops
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overseas. the harbor school in owings mills today packaged over 30 boxes with supplies that have been collected from students, parents, and staff members. they were stuffed with things like peanut butter, q tips, even sports equipment. the collection drive was put together by don emerson, a faculty member whose son shane serves in southern afghanistan. >> when you're out in the field and don't have are if comforts of home, the little things we take for granted are things that they can use on a daily basis. and it's important to do it. >> we don't believe in learning about community service, we believe in doing community service. >> the harbor school's collection drive ends tomorrow. faculty members plan to send the packages this week to southern afghanistan. if you were to go back to school, what would you major in? still ahead, we'll show you the top five degrees that make the most money right off the graduation stage. investigators combing for more clues into the death of michael jackson.
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the official coroner's report on michael jackson's death is expected soon, and there were more signs today of where it may lead. authorities searched the las vegas home and office of jackson's personal doctor near lay week after going through his houston office. dr. conrad murray was with the singer when he died. court records say he is now the subject of a manslaughter investigation. here is abc's carla wohl. >> reporter: drug enforcement agents raided the las vegas home and office of dr. conrad murray, as the net appears to be closing in on michael jackson's personal physician. are you looking for pharmaceuticals? >> we're looking for a lot of things. but unfortunately i can't comment what is in the search warrant itself. >> reporter: the associated press reports authorities say dr. murray told them he gave jackson propofol through an iv
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on june 25th. they believe the powerful anesthetic contributed to the singer's death later that day. >> if he is injecting with a drug that really should only be used in a hospital, then there could be serious trouble for the good doctor. >> reporter: abc news has learned that toxicology reports expected this week will show a cocktail of drugs in jackson's system. in addition to propofol, he regularly took oxycontin and demerol. >> combination of those medicines created an especially dangerous circumstance. and would never have been given as part of legitimate medical treatment. >> reporter: a law enforcement official told the a that jackson relied on propofol like an alarm clock, using it to go to sleep, then having a doctor stop the iv drip when he wanted to wake up. he is believed to have used it for two years. dr. murray only worked for jackson for two months. in a statement, his attorney urged patience saying things
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tend to shake out when all the facts are known. meanwhile, a fight may be brewing over who controls jackson's estate. katherine jackson's lawyers have served subpoenas on the temporary executors. a judge will sort it out on monday. carla wohl, abc news, los angeles. now to a frightening story out of tampa, florida. a 4-year-old girl gets sick after eating candy tainted with oxycontin. the girl was with her grandparents driving home from tampa international airport when she became sick. they rushed the 4-year-old to the hospital. investigators found several oxycontin and oxy codone pills mixed in with skittles, and the bag had been resealed. the girl's father says his daughter spent two days in the hospital. >> didn't know you could open it up and seal it back like nothing has ever happened to it. you couldn't tell it was tamperrd. with. >> we're told the girl is doing okay tonight. police say the skittles were not bought at the airport.
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officers have pulled about 30 bags of skittles from store shelves as a precaution. police have sent the pills to the lab for testing. now the forecast certified baltimore's most accurate. here is chief meteorologist norm lewis and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> one of those days that your right guard was at parade rest. i tell you, a sticky one out there. and it's going get even stickierer as we get down through the week. a chance for a pop-up shower, which we're tracking right now. we were talking about it. we knew the shoe was going to drop at some point in time. it's on the floor. take a look outside right now. your shot from harbor cam overlooking the downtown area, showing some of the scattered showers on the lens. we'll go ahead and get the windshield wiper going in just a second. our temperature at bwi thurgood marshall 61% humidity. wind currently from the southeast at 5 miles an hour. and the pressure 29.88. i think we've got a little bit
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of rainbow showing up. there is a rainbow right there. can you see it? i just pulled the stats out, right in the middle of the picture. there we go. thank you very much, mr. video engineer jim kerr for our zoom shot of the rainbow showing up. again, there is the currency at bwi. hagerstown 89. 85 in downtown. 84 in pax river. easton right now at 88 degrees. 90 in dover, delaware. atlantic city at 82 degrees. throughout the day, lots of heat, lots of humidity. sunshine and then some afternoon clouds rolled back in has given rise to a few spotty showers around the region. the heaviest activity is down to the south that will make its way over the eastern shore. if you live in the salisbury, cambridge, easton, you'll be getting showers in about 40 minutes that crosses the bay. sheer the one shower that we're talking about. there it is right now on maryland's most powerful radar. we can see that shower and even thunderstorm activity wit. that is making its way on
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towards the north and east. it was moving right up 95. but it's actually changed its direction just a tiny bit. it's actually kind of moving in, well, this line right there kind of moving in that direction right up there, okay, going towards the edgemere and bowie's corners. 6 minutes up in the edgemere area as it makes its way towards the north and east. again, a very, very spotty showers. as a matter of fact, let's take that track off of there and zoom back a bit. you can see that that's what you call spotty showers. i mean, it's over one neighborhood right now. as far as the temperature at the naval academy, it's 82, but it feels like 90 because of the humidity. 83%. that means the air is holding 83% of the amount of moisture it is capable of holding, and the wind from the south at 7 miles an hour. live data only available here on abc 2 from our exclusive weather net. as far as the forecast for tonight, a few little spotty showers. but for the most part, a decent
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evening. during the day tomorrow, afternoon showers and thunderstorms developing because of the higher humidity. the same kind of a situation is going to be occurring on thursday. here is your forecast for the overnight period. mostly cloudy. a few showers. 73 for the low. during the day tomorrow, very much like today. but a little bit cooler, 85 degrees. mostly cloudy, showers and storms popping up once again. and the extended outlook. the high heat and humidity continue all the way down through friday, saturday, and sunday well. got the days finally straightened out. monday again a chance for scattered showers. tuesday partly cloudy and 84 degrees. we'll be back at 6 with more on the weather. >> all right, thanks, norm. well, bad times are tarnishing the silver screen. the recession is apparently hitting hollywood pretty hard. tinseltown is trying for a happy ending. but for some, show business is already no businessment here is carla wohl. >> reporter: pieces of hollywood history are up for auction. >> how much 100? down 2. >> reporter: 93,000 props in this huge warehouse are being
5:53 pm
sold, including the couch from the 1980 sitcom the golden girls. howard hugh's death from the aviator, and the shower tom cruise used in the minority report. >> will there is a lot of history here, and it will never be replaced again. >> reporter: after 40 years in business, 20th century props is closing there just isn't enough demand. film production in los angeles is down more than 50% this year. >> losing money for a whole year has been disastrous for the company. >> reporter: schwartz is not alone. across town, culver studios sits half empty. >> deal or no deal? >> reporter: howie mandel's game show left after finding a better deal in connecticut, which offered a 30% production credit. 44 states now offer incentives. >> and cut it! >> reporter: new york lured away ugly betty. massachusetts got ben affleck's new movie. and michigan's 40% tax credit snared the george clooney
5:54 pm
comedy. jack kaiser worries los angeles is in danger of losing a good part of its hollywood business. >> we lost over 200,000 jobs in aerospace, and that haunted us for a long, long time. and we don't want to see that type of thing again. >> reporter: california has just started offering tax incentives to stop runaway production. but given the state's huge budget crisis, many worry it will be too little too late. >> last call. >> reporter: carla wohl, abc news, hollywood. and now with a look ahead to abc 2 news at 6:00 tonight, i'm kelly swoope. an ellicott city church is asking the county to approve a tax flu bond. why it is sparking controversy. and a young boy is being hailed as a hero. what he did to help save a woman's life, straight ahead on abc 2 news at 6. (employee 1) subject: urgent!! bob!!
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finally tonight, we're saying happy birthday to bailly. bailly is the atlantic bottlenosed dolphin born at the aquarium. he turned one years old yesterday. bailey is one of ten dolphins at the aquarium. what does a 1-year-old dolphin eat? try six pounds of fish a day. bailey still nurses from her mother, chesapeake, and spends most of the day with her mom, like any good 1-year-old. you'll get to celebrate bailey's birthday at the aquarium august 8th. a new kind of hot stove, orioles compete in a cook-off, on abc 2 news at 6, which starts right now. >> now abc 2 news at 6. tonight the man most responsible for transforming
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baltimore's harbor east area into a gleaming new neighborhood has been charged with a crime. good evening. i'm kelly swoope. john paterakis has been indicted in connection with the state prosecutors investigation into influence peddling at city hall. helen holton has been indicted again as well. abc 2 news christian schaffer is in the news center with the top story tonight. >> reporter: the initial bribery and perjury charges were dropped back in may. the new indictment charges her with violations of campaign finance laws. as for john paterakis, he was not indicted in this case until today. she now charged with one count of conspiracy to violate campaign finance law. the charges stem from a poll conducted for councilwoman holton. according to the indictment, paterakis paid for part of the poll. he has owned the h & s bakery for decades. in the 1980s he parlayed that business into the ownership of a large area of land between downtown and fells point. over the past several years you have seen the land


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