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tv   News  ABC  July 30, 2009 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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was fired. and though his will was never signed steve mcnair's widow and entire family will be cared for properly. and she's sitting in the lap of luxury now. a reality tv mom decides to make maryland one of her new homes. find out where jon and kate's kate gosselin is now living. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle. we're going to send it to justin with a check of the weather. >> catonsville. >> i love it. very good. >> could be. we'll have to watch. good morning to you. we're watching outside this morning. temperatures low 70s, a little muggy around the bay. from 71 in ball. 73 easton. 71 maryland and pax river 75. we have a heat index pushing the upper -- 79 pax river. it feels like 89 now in ocean city. really wonder about that thermometer but needless to say we have ourselves the heat and humidity in play.
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no rain now but we had storms roll through overnight. it looks like we'll have a few isolated showers pop up this afternoon with our two-degree guaranteed high getting us back to 89. it's 5:30 now. let's check the roads with kim. >> thank you. good morning. we don't have any problems to let you know about as you make your way southbound on 83 this morning. however, we have fallen trees in the area. that is going to at 9 a southbound -- 95 southbound looking good. but fallen trees, york road past old york road. and north avenue there's a tree blocking the intersection, so use caution, back to you. charges against baltimore city mayor sheila dixon have been re-filed by a state prosecutor. >> the mayor once again faces charges of perjury, misconduct in office and also theft and the state prosecutor says the mayor didn't report expensive gifts from her ex-boyfriend, city developer ronald lipscomb. she's also accused of stealing gift cards intended for needy families. the mayor would not talk directly about the indictments
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but she says she's not slowing down, keeping to her public schedule even after hearing about them yesterday. >> i'm going to stick to my schedule. i mean, you know, that's a commitment that i make. i mean, i'm not going to let -- if i'm sick or my kids are sick, i'm going to continue to works, that's what i do. >> her attorney released a statement saying "the new charges are as flawed as those that were previously dismissed and we expect they will meet the same fate." we're live at city hall in a couple of minutes. serious allegations this morning coming in from morgan state university students >> claims of money being taken from them and abuse of their constitutional rights. abc2 news sherrie johnson joins us now with the details. >> reporter: some journalism students at morgan state university are talking about allegations of misused funds, a violation of first amendment rights and wrongful firing. after six years as morgan's media adviser denise brown was fired last month. she says the termination is linked to series of articles
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and opinion pieces published in the school newspaper in february. student reporters allege funds were taken from the student government association budget. letters prove the administration wanted to meet with the students individually to examine their evidence. in june brown was told her contract would not be renewed until the matter was renewed. one week later she was fired. brown is now seeking legal action. >> just the fact that you want to meet with them by themselves speaks, or suggests intimcation and so therefore, once you have me out of the way you'll try to speak to those students. >> we feel as if it is our duty to be able to notify the students of what is going on with their money. >> reporter: a school spokesperson says brown's firing is a personnel matter and was not directly related to her duties as media adviser and there were issues relating to adhering to state rules and morgan state policies. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. here's the latest on the family of former ravens quarterback steve mcnair.
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even though he left no will his entire family is going to be taken care of. that is taken from the instructions he left before he was shot and killed by a mistress earlier this month. his agent told the associated press his wife is not trying to exclude two children the quarterback had with another woman. the wills were drawn up two or three times but never signed. a teen faces serious charges, accused of raping three teenaged girls. 18-year-old trey kramer faces second degree rape and perverted practice charges. according to charging documents the 13 and 14-year-old girls at the time told police kramer gave them alcohol and raped them last summer. a dc woman accused of killing her four daughters is found guilty. banita jacks was convicted of murder and premeditated murder. deputies found the decomposing bodies in january of last year. while evicting jacks from her southeast washington rowhome. the girls were between ages of
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5 and 16 when they were killed. jackson told prosecutors -- jacks told prosecutors her daughters were possessed by the devil. a grand jury indicted a white sperm cyst from maryland. hate crime charges have been added to the case against james von brunn who lived in annapolis at the time of the shooting. he's been in the hospital since the shooting last month. officials say the 89-year-old shot and killed museum guard stephen johns. 5:35. the governor declares rockville the capital for a day. and it's business as usual for baltimore mayor sheila dixon. she'll award certificates of participation to young people who are in the youth works summer jobs program. ladies and gentlemen, elvis may have to leave the building. >> this story is amazing. there could be a major shuffle at one popular restaurant. we're going to explain what is going on. >> kate minus one has a new
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condo in one of maryland's most posh neighborhoods. it's very close to someone she's been linked to. let's take a live look outside now. check the temperatures. 71 degrees. 93% humidity. we'll find out if a better hair day is on the way when we check in with justin. here's mark jones now. >> the commute looks good for the start on light rail and the metro subway. marc showing no delays on the camden, penn, brunswick lines. the buses working with a heavy volume of passengers on the 13, 22 and 15 bus lines. the number 17 bus continues to be diverted at nursery and winterson due to construction. for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones. first, we dig a hole ne to the house.
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the one kids want to eat. kids are hungry after school. that's why i always have totino's pizza rolls. big pizza taste. in a bite size roll. kids can't resist their delicious pizza flavor. totino's pizza rolls. the pizza way to snack. sticks out more than 12 inches from the building you have to put it back inside. the statute 32-01 thus so states. the elvis was too big for the city to handle or so it would seem. especially since it was out there plain as day for everyone to behold in its glory. >> it's impeding pedestrian flow. it was right here, just -- up against the wall. >> reporter: why after 15 years did elvis have to go? some hound dog obviously didn't like his blue eyes crying in the rain or at least his blue
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suede shoes. suspicious minds believe it's s presence is around the restaurant. a person caught in a trap and caught walk out or the least walk around this icon of canton. >> this points out the hypocrisy of government sometimes to focus and worry with one complaint, we have to take it in, yet we have thousands of signatures. a lot of people in the neighborhood really want it back. >> reporter: the city statute is specific, you can't have things in the way of pedestrian flow. someone could get hurt, they could trip, they could fall. you need to have the sidewalks clear so people can get around without having to run into anything. he's taking a petition with a thousand names to city hall to put the king back on his throne. people liking it ang the city t cruel. >> i think it's silly. it's a part of canton. it's a part of the tradition nor the renaissance that happened down there. >> he's leading the people downtown this friday.
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they want the king back because without it things are just all shook up. in canton, roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. 5:50 now. 71 degrees in baltimore. we've got low to mid-70s in all the big cities along the east coast. 60s inland. we had a chance to clear out overnight but the skies erupted in the evening hours. we held off the rain most of the afternoon with the exception of places from anne arundel county to the eastern shore with some really rough weather during the afternoon hours. we had our rain in baltimore north side last night. again, clear to partly cloudy setup. definitely feeling the warm pinching of the humidity and we'll fire up more showers and storms. again, there's one particular computer model indicating the better chance into the mountains but we may have an isolated shower this afternoon. can't rule it out with the heat and humidity. looks like some of the energy could reach us overnights. we may increase our chance of rain tonight through tomorrow morning. and then throughout the day tomorrow good chance of some rain so maybe a slow ride
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getting to the beaches but we should improve a little over the weekend. the general setup -- we have ourselves our two-degree guaranteed high temperatures of 89. we'll call it sunny to partly sunny. then increase the clouds with an isolated shower this afternoon. it will be humid, feel like the lower 90s. the chance of showers and storms heading in towards morning. 70 degrees overnight. and tomorrow looks like the chance of showers and storms will be around at any point in time, back to 9 degrees. going to the -- 89 degrees. going to the beach tomorrow? 82. the chance of rain will taper to isolated storms as we head through saturday, try to bring it back to 85 degrees sunday. maryland's most powerful doppler radar dry. again, something you should watch all weekend long as we have that chance of rain continuing around here. temperatures back in the mid-80s saturday and sunday. kim? we've got a smooth ride on 83 southbound down from pennsylvania through to about the beltway but some of the storms you talked about did take down some trees in our area that could cause a minor impact on this morning's commute at key intersections.
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york road after old york road, in the freeland area, closed in both directions because of a tree down. use 83 as an alternate. also, tree remains down blocking the intersection at growpt avenue and -- greenmount avenue and north avenue in the city and garrison forest and avery hill drive closed in both directionings because of a tree in the roadway. and approaching whitemarsh boulevard, there's some volume now but no major delays at this time. back to you. heads you pay, tails i pay. does it work in an italian restaurant? >> uh-oh. new at 6:00 -- living in a big city could improve your love life. find out where baltimore ranks if you're single in the city. oh, what's this?
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the owner challenged us. he said if you're a gambler at heart come to this restaurant and put your money where your mouth is. the downtown baltimore bistro had flip the coin dinner last night. customers were asked to flip a coin to see if they would have
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to pay for dinner. if they won all they had to do was pay tax and tip and bill. we talked to bosio before the contest kicked off. he said it was a baltimore first. it will probably be copied but just remember where your bread was buttered first. we'll find out later today -- this couple won. that's great. well, that's great. that table won. >> that's clever. >> flip a coin. go good way to get people in. >> what did you say? flip a coin? heads you pay. tails i let you pay. >> somehow i feel like i don't win on this deal. >> three coins and a fountain. >> popcorn on you today. exclusive weathernet and then we'll start the 6:00. stay with us. fiber one. i'm looking for some fiber. this bar is an excellent source of fiber. there's no fiber in this. tastes too good. there is fiber. [ chuckle ] no. i can't taste the fiber in this chocolate.
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this far away from 6:00 - i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle. it's thursday, july 30th.
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before we look at the forecast let's look at the stories we're working on for you today. the mayor of baltimore has been indicted again. cheryl conner live with the latest. >> it's happy hour at the white house. three guys sit down for a man-to-man-to-man conversation. and one day after he was not the fastest swimmer anymore he proves the world wrong. maybe it's the suit. those stories and much more coming up. in the meantime, thank you for joining us. >> let's get some weather now. here's justin berk. >> good morning. pretty much the same old thing except for the fact this morning will be sunny. we've actually cleared out since storms moved through overnight. not much in the way of fog though there may be patches out there. but we have a clear sky over downtown, 73 degrees. notice the humidities sticking around
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