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tv   News  ABC  July 31, 2009 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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happening on the roads with kim. >> thanks, justin. traffic is flowing good on 97 northbound as you make your way towards 695. good news that earlier crash has been cleared. we still have that crash at finksburg. there are emergency crews out there so it could take you a few extra minutes to make your way around that intersection. this is going to be the jfx at east cold frick lake. as you see traffic looks good, light, flowing freely at this time. as you check 95 southbound, we do have building volumes but no major delays at this time. jamie and megan, back to you. a harford county gym teach er accused of soliciting sex from students is in more trouble here this morning. jonathan dick is now facing 18 charges including sex offenses, sodomy and perverted sex practices. the charges stem from a complaint by a 14-year-old boy made back in march.
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dick is a teacher that also coaches high school lacrosse. a lack of water destroyed this historic home in d.c. this mansion belonged to a well known d.c. activist. it took firefighters nearly two hours to get this reliable stream of water going since nearby hydrants war bone dry. the home, including an extensive art collection was a total loss. it was recently featured in oprah's magazine. police confirmed the identity of three people killed in a car accident in white marsh. a mother and daughter died in the crash. another passenger a 19-year-old whose family members say she was pregnant also died. all three women were from pennsylvania on their way home from kentucky when katrina's fee awness yea just graduated
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from the army basic training. they were killed when the car turned into the path of a street sweeper truck. authorities say this man is wanted in connection with the burglary at the odenton sun odenton is odenton odenton sunoco. police say the suspect had a long ponytail and tattoo on his right forearm. if you have any information, you are asked to call metro crimestoppers, 866-7-lockup. it's 5:32. we have an update about the welcome center scheduled to close next month out in washington county. officials now say the museum at the visiting center west of hancock will stay open at least until september the 1st. state officials announced plans last week to shut it down, however, the bay country welcomes center and queen anne's county. that's still going to close august the 15th.
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time right now is 5:32. here's a look at when's happening today this last day of july. nasa cleared the shuttle "endeavour" to come home today. they are scheduled to touch down at 10:48 this morning. we'll let you know what happens. "ponents want the elvis statue at nacho mamas restaurant out of there. thousands of supporters plan to take it to city hall today. at 10:00 this morning, the need for people with disabilities is hosting a fashion show to teach people how to dress for success on job interviews. get your mini helmets, 8 by 10s, footballs and markers out. >> it's time for ravens camp. cheryl conner is here to tell us what we need to know when we get there. hey, cheryl. >> reporter: good morning. you know the ravens came one game shy of the super bowl last year so hopes are certainly high for the team in the '09
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season. quarterback joe flacco is no long are a rookie. he earned the nickname joe cool by being poised under pressure. a big question mark for the team remains with wide receiver derrick mason announcing his retirement. so who will step up? coach harbaugh doesn't believe in picking a number one. >> you've never heard us saying we need a number one guy, number two guy. we don't put our receivers in that. you guys do. we have an x, y and z and they are all interchangeable. >> i didn't know derrick mason. i didn't know what they looked like. i probably thought one was the other. last year, i had no idea who i was throwing to. this we're we're in much better shape. let's hope he doesn't mix this guy up. first round pick michael lord
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signed. orr will be on the field with a full squad beginning at 8:45. it is the first time the full squad will be out there. thousands of fans are expected to attend the morning practice opinion it will last about two and a half hours. cheryl conner, abc 2 news. >> what do you think of joe's little beard going? you like that? >> and the eyebrows? >> yeah. the weekend's here. plenty to do. >> absolutely. if you are looking for good, family fun, stick around. we've got you covered. let's just take a look outside. 74 degrees on this friday morning. now for a check on the trains and buses, here's mta's mark jones. how's it going out there? >> reporter: good morning. the number 5 bus is operating with a 20-minute delay, the m2is 20 minutes late. light rail metro subway looking good and the marc trains are moving about on time on the cam ben, pen and brunswick lines. for the mta transit team, i'm
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i love this fair. this is the harford county fair. it kicked off and it's going to run all weekend long. it's the 22nd time.
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we're going up to bel air. it's kid friendly complete with games and kids and win prizes. they have activities for everybody, and organizers say that it's kids' day tomorrow. i'm telling you this is a great, great fair. i love it. >> it looks like fun. >> funnel cake and let's go to the fair. >> let's go and see how the weather's going to be. i'm guessing hot. >> stormy and typical summer stuff. we made it through yesterday dry. we're looking at big storms that could blow through today. plan around your outdoor activities. 76 degrees feels like 78. we're taking you downtown baltimore where 77 feels like 81. high humidity out there. we are looking at clear to partly cloudy skies giving way to more clouds. maryland's most powerful doppler radar showing rain west of hagerstown. we'll have that roll in with the risk of some of the storms turning severe. what that means, we'll explain
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in a bit. plan for rain the second part of today. here's kim with a check of the roads. >> reporter: traffic is running smoothly if you are headed towards the capital beltway area. 29 south bound and bw parkway are all checking in smoothly this morning. we have a crash to let you know about in columbia. it will be route 175 and tamar drive. route 130140 at sandy mount road there's an accident as well. looking here downtown, this is fayette street at st. paul street. no real traffic at this hour. this is 95 southbound approaching white marsh boulevard. a decent amount of volume given the time of day it is. no real delays at this time. all being brought to you by wpoc, baltimore's country station. you'll find more from country stars. the b & o railroad museum has been rebuilding ever since
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this ionrima it say "booger." ...i-can-get-him-a- math-tutor" button. it's my "save-so-much- on-school-supplies- he-can-stop-using-his-sister's old-backpack" button. it's my "save-so much-i-can-get- a-binder-for-every-day- of-the-week" button. there's no school on saturday and sunday, genius. don't ruin this for me. (announcer) staples equals savings on everything for back to school. staples. that was easy. it's 5:43. welcome back. here's a look at what we're working for you on this friday morning. the cash for clunkers has been around for a week.
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guess what? it's too popular. it may have exhausted its billions in a week's time. the department says they may have to suspend the program as early as today but needs to be reviewed first, of course. in the past month, eight churches have been burglarized. mees say they have broken into windows to get inside. the suspects haven't made off with much, only about $200 total. that's all. police right now are looking for suspects. they say they have very few leads. a white supremacist accused of killing a security guard at the u.s. holocaust museum is expected to appear in u.s. district court september 2 ntd. authorities say this man shot and killed museum guard steven johns june 10th. baltimore mayor sheila dixon could also be in for the
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fight for her political future. with new indictments handed up on wednesday, political experts say the mayor's trial probably won't start before the next election cycle. dixon, as you probably know, is accused of accepting gifts from her former boyfriend city developer ronald lipscomb and not reporting them on the financial disclosure forms. she's also accused of stealing gift cards for the needy. those are tough charges during an election year. >> this could extend her vulnerability when it becomes dangerous for her. >> reporter: the mayor says she remains focused on city business. now to a story you'll only see here. pete on the street o'neil on the skeet of this shooting. police still trying to find the person who shot a man near lehman avenue. police do not have a suspect or motive in the case. a new report on the health of the chesapeake bay urging regional and federal officials
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to pay more attention to pesticide pollution. the report says not enough is known about the effects of pesticides, which they say have been linked to problems such as intersex fish. the watershed project is farming and responsible for most pesticide use but lawn and golf courses there are also sources as household items like antibacterial soap. it has been six years since heavy snow caused the roof of the b & o railroad museum to collapse. >> sixiers. the museum itself has been going strong since it was rebuilt. some of the attractions inside were missing. roosevelt leftwich explains it to us. >> reporter: it is state-of-the- art 1863. it's burr rid under tons of snow when the roof collapsed during the great president day storm of 2003. it's been out of sight for more than 12 years. now it's just weeks away from rejoining the museum's
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collection. >> it takes really 19th century skills and talents to be able to put together a steam locomotive from the civil war period as you might imagine. you can't order parts from a warehouse. >> reporter: but the perkens is one of the last engines to be restored. three others are still waiting their thurn and they need everything. >> this is the first engine to be restored after the roof collapse from the iron work all the way up to the wood had to be replaced by hand. it's slow and intricate work. it has to be done by people that know what they are doing. >> reporter: to fit old trains, you need old tools. at 107 years old, this machine is what you need for the old parts that haven't been made in 100 years. in many cases, they just winged it. >> all by hand. a lot of it is just figuring out how to do it on a case by
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case basis. you have to keep trying things. you have to do research on it. >> turns. >> if you have to, get into the minds of the people that actually built it and understand why they did what they did. >> reporter: depending on the damage, each restoration could take a year or more. the projects are expensive to do with hand made parts for one of a kind items of the likes may never be seen again. roosevelt leftwich, abc news. >> for more on the effort, head to our web site, when you get there, click on links. 5:48. it's friday. we come to the end of the week. a lot of you trying to come to the end of your road that ends at the beaches. we're heading out towards rehoboth this morning.
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boardwalk hotel 76 degrees. they have a little bit of a warm start to the day. just about everybody on the eastern seaboard dealing with the warm weather. we'll see if it will be a good weekend at the beach in a moment. 77 up towards philly, 76 in new york. all of these places have the chance of getting severe weather as we head through today. there's showers up there in northern new jersey and the new york metro area. we're looking at these showers and storms that extend to the deep south. this is a frontal boundary that will bump into the heat and humidity in place already. as it does spread eastbound, we have the risk of severe storms popping up as we head on in through the afternoon and evening hours. essentially, as we slide on in through today, plan for this afternoon to turn downhill. we'll start off with sun this morning. the developing storms especially after 3:00 or 4:00 could turn severe. that means the potential of damaging winds over 60 miles per hour, large hail over the size of pennies.
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we have frequent lightning and the chance some of the storms spin up isolated tornadoes. that chance of severe storms will taper off this evening with a chance of showers. we'll linger through midnight 68. by daybreak tomorrow, we show showers across the bay and maybe the return of showers in the afternoon, 88 degrees. 82 today evening showers and storms. rl i had storms and a return of the late storms saturday. it looks like an all-day wet event. looks hike temperatures pulling back in the mid-80s. we'lltry to dry it out into the weekend. kim? we check both the harbor and fort mchenry toll plazas. we have no problems or incidents to tell about you. route 175 at tamar drive, we've got a crash reported at that intersection. also in finksburg, they are in the final stages of cleaning that up probably within the next 30 minutes or so. looking at the exam razz, we're
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looking downtown. this is mlk at fayette street. mlk will be on your right-hand side. checking 95 southbound, lots of building volume as you make your way towards the white marsh area. no delays and no incidents at this time. moggen, back -- megan, back to you. this is the sweetest dog. her name is butter cup. talk about her, aleen. >> she's coming out of the shelter about a year and a half old. subdued dog, very, very friendly up for adoption at the sp. ca. >> sometimes beagles are stubborn but she has the nicest disposition. >> she has a nose on her so she could wander off without a leash. shea's available at the maryland spca. you guys have great pets. every week you bring in a great one, but i'm sort of in love with butter cup. >> one of the things we do for them is provide anti-flea and
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tick treatments. you can check in your home. you can use one of these. the comb's got really small tines. as you comb through, they sore thin they will swatch fleas so you know if your dog or hat has them. i deally, you don't want to find anything. the specs are flea eggs. if you have them, you have to get rid of them then start prevention. getting rid of them is a whole house ordeal then a topical ointment once a month, and you should be good. >> so getting rid of them is key before you do the prevention obviously? >> yeah. it's no fun but you ned to do it so you and your pets don't end up with the fleas. again, take a look at injure screen. check out butter cup. she is as cute as can be. we'll try to get a tight shot of her face. she has the sweetest face.
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shea's at the maryland spca. give them a call. aleen gabey, thanks for coming in. you always bring such great pups. jamie, come on. have you ever seen such a cute dog? >> the mortgage is due, i've got an appointment at 10:00. i'm not going to make it. if corey long can be adopted, so can i. still ahead, a litter of canine campaignens are rescued when fire sweeps through their home. wait till you see this. sometimes you end up tossing stuff in your grocery cart without knowing the costs. we'll cut that for you coming up. did you fall?
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all right. when you look at this, you have to wonder, who could ever let these little cuties get hurt? a massive fire broke out inside their north carolina home. it was so big, nearly three dozen firefighters came out. neighbors told crews one man was home and his adorable puppies were still inside the house. so crews broke down the doors and found nine puppies. all of those puppies were huddled in the corner. they were given pet oxygen masks and quickly recovered.
5:57 am
the little guys also drank a lot of water from the water hoses. they are okay this morning. >> all right. let's look at the exclusive weather net then go right to the 6:00 news. >> let's head outside. we'll do 76 degrees. we're going to see what happens for the weekend and the rest of the week when we come back with justin. say "booger."
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