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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  September 10, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. we start tonight with breaking news out ever north baltimore. three people shot, one is dead, and police are looking for a possible connection. good evening, i'm mary beth marsden. it happened in the area near the 500 block of radenor and york road and it tall began around 8:45 tonight. that's when police responded to reports of shots fired. >> when he got here they found two victims, shooting victims, in the block, one an adult male had been shot in the head. the other, a 38-year-old male had been shot in the right arm and the leg. both were transported to area hospital where the one who was shot in the head was pronounced dead a short time later. >> the victims at this shooting scene are only identified as two men. there's no word on the condition of the other one. just a short time later a third
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shooting victim showed up at the fire station at loch raven boulevard in the alameda. police say they're trying to determine if that man was somehow involved with the other shooting. we'll bring you updates as soon as they become available and can you go to for the very latest. a national controversy with roots right here in a baltimore. members of the community organization a.c.o.r.n. caught on camera giving people advice on how to cheat on their taxes. here's a closer look. >> reporter: fox news broke this story earlier today, aa.c.o.r.n. has been in damage control ever since. man in his 20s posing as a pimp and a woman posing as a prostitute wanted advice on how to set up a brothel. it was a wild scheme that
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producers of this undercover video video say reveal weaknesses in the organization a.c.o.r.n. >> stop saying that. >> reporter: it shows a.c.o.r.n. employees telling a pimp and prostitute how they can cheat on their taxes and claim sex workers as dependents. >> what if they're making money [ inaudible ]. >> and they're underage, you can [ inaudible ] train them. >> we do great work within the city. that served as a distraction. >> reporter: a distraction that has put baltimore a.c.o.r.n. on the defensive. >> we don't know exactly what was said, how it was said, whether it was dubbed, cut, sliced. we don't know. >> reporter: the two employees have since been fired. sonia merchant jones says they were seasonal part-time workers who were not authorized to act on a.c.o.r.n.'s behalf. they say protocol was not
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followed because there were no senior staff members or officials in the building at the time. >> there was nothing done where a.c.o.r.n. took any type of moneys from them. there was nothing that we found that was done illegal. >> reporter: the actors in the video are conservative bloggers hannah giles and james o'keefe who posted the video on youtube. that's why jones is questioning the motive and timing of the release. >> the president gave a speech on health reform. that tape was done sometime in july and just released today. >> reporter: and we can tell you we learned tonight the pair tried to pull off the same undercover act at a.c.o.r.n. offerses in l.a., new york, and philadelphia, but they were all turned away in those cases. jones admits it looks bad for baltimore so employees will work harder, she says, to enforce their own policies. as for the taping, it is illegal in maryland to record someone's
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voice without his or her permission. so a.c.o.r.n. may be pursuing legal action. the other story we're staying on top of, the rain has been falling around the region, particularly on the eastern shore. norm is in the storm center with the first forecast, norm. >> thanks, the even shore got pelted. some places receiving over 3 inches of rain already and as you can see that coastal storm continues to pour moisture into the region. the showers come to the bay but seem to fall apart once they get here. we could see heavier rain overnight. forecast for the overnight period, showers and storms, breezy. overnight low 61 degrees. it will be cooler in the north and western suburbs. tomorrow there will be a recovery. things getting better on the eastern shore. complete forecast in just a couple of minutes. heading back into a
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baltimore city neighborhood. one that we pro filed this summer and we are he going to see how the efforts of one association is paying off. they're using unique methods to clean up their streets. how their crime fighting methods appear to be working. >> reporter: the washington ville taj development association posted this youtube video highlighting alleged drug dealers, a spot light directly on the dark and seedy streets that sent the criminals running. >> pigtown's most wanted video did the trick. three of the four alleged drug dealers that we highlighted on our most wanted video on youtube have been arrested. they're facing serious charges. two of them haven't been seen in pigtown so that's worked wonders. >> reporter: they point to a confrontation caught on our cameras in our original story. back in june we rolled video as
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the wvda confronted a juvenile in the area. . [screaming]. >> why are you following him? why are you following him? >> we're not. we're walking around the neighborhood. >> he always rolling on people around here. >> reporter: it was that death threat that landed wvda and the juvenile in case. they say the judge let the child go only for police to pick him up a month later on drug charges. another quality arrest community organisers say is helping clean up the town. >> pigtown is turning around. property values have gone up, the lawyers and doctors and school teachers aren't going to put up with criminal behavior, period. >> reporter: criminal behavior they hope continues to scatter as their bright lights continue
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to shine. >> the washington village development association says it will continue to post videos of known offenders and use nuisance laws until the criminal element is driven out. a howard county dentist has pleaded guilty to writing bogus prescriptions. wrote hundreds between 2005 and 2008 all so he could get his hands on hydrocodone and oxi codone. two words heard around the nation's capitol and all over the media today, "you lie." all all the shooting, all the angry town hall meetings, another more unexpected outburst over health care reform. >> the reforms i'm proposing would not apply to those here
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illegally. >> you lie. >> you lie. the angry words of republican congressman from south carolina as president obama spoke to the nation last night. they were followed by two more: i'm sorry. >> they indicated that they appreciated the call and that we needed to have a civil discussion about the health care issues and i certainly agree with that. >> and today, the president accepted the congressman's apology but joe wilson's words still echoed on capitol hill. >> i don't think anyone accepts the type of outburst and the lack of decorum. >> it was stunning to hear such a statement made on the floor of the house. >> even those who are accustomed to hearing and annalizing outrage us discussion were shocked. >> i think it was completely inappropriate. to yell out "you lie" during a presidential speech is unacceptable. >> reporter: but resent
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presidents have endured increasingly visible public taunts. democrats booed and hissed at president bush during his state of the union address. congressman wilson says his outburst was spontaneous and factually wrong. under the plan, illegal immigrants would not get money for health care. he has raised $400,000 in new donations since last night. our web poll is, was congressman wilson's apology for the heckling enough? here are enough. 49% of you said said yes, 51% said no. a baltimore area woman didn't have to watch the president's speech on television. she was there.
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darlene daniels was invited to the speech by the president. she was chosen because of problems she'd had paying for health care. she got to sit with the first lady for the speech and later got to meet president obama. >> i was so nervous. i couldn't move. >> your hands were sweating? >> yeah. my hands were sweating, he was going to shake my hand. and then when i finally got there, i just stood there. get over here and i'm thinking, should i move or what? you know? then he hugged me, he shook my hand. >> pretty exciting for here. daniels is getting a momento of her visit. an official white house photo of her with the obamas. new information about the swine flu vaccine. according to american and australian researchers the vaccine is strong enough to protect an adult with just one shot. the data shows it takes eight to ten days for the vaccine to take
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effect. people still need to get the regular flu shot come october. also when the h1n1 vaccine is supposed to be ready. in the meantime, an important change in howard county regarding your flu shots. instead of holding its season tal influence shot in november, it's moving it up a month. doctor peter beilenson says it's to avoid confusion and overlap with the h1n1 vaccine available in october. >> no point waiting. >> the flu mess which is given to young kids all the way up to 49 years of age, you cannot get the next vaccine, the h1n1 vaccine, for a good four week after getting the flu mist. >> also in howard county monday night at 7:00, there will be a town hall meeting about h1n1 and the seasonal flu. you'll be given the most up-to-date information on the virus and details to protect you and your family.
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it will be at the ten oakes ballroom on signal bell lane. the cast of the wire gathers in baltimore tonight to get rewired for change. giving back to the city they portrayed in their hit show. and speaking of gatherings, ravens fans flocked together for a big kick-off celebration. and the two degree guarantee for today was 68 degrees. it got to 73 so we did not hit that 2 degree guarantee. what about tomorrow and the weekend? forecast coming up.
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. [bell ringing]. now to your money and stocks
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shook off early september losses to return to new 2009 highs. the dow capped off the day at more than 830 points, nasdaq gained 23.5, and the s&p closed up nearly 11 points. we had a mixed day locally, in lincecum the sanicor closed up 6%. sparks ended down a quart ert after per cent and joseph bay bank ended its day down nearly 1%. the weight of these tough economic times has caused two local gyms could close up shop. the gold's gym are closing their doors. memberships are being transferred to the gold's gym aquatic and fitness center in parksville. it was a star-studded event at the frederick douglas eye sack myers maritime museum. some of the stars of the wire returned to baltimore. they were in town to celebrate a new nonprofit aimed at helping troubled kids. terry jones us with more. >> reporter: the wire was much
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see tv, the gritty series taking you inside the city's crime scene in a way that few television shows had before. that program is now the basis of a new nonprofit called "required for change." . when the hit television series the wire, sonia som played a detective. she's using the show as a learning tool for young people. >> we're proud of the first group. we started out with 16. 11 stayed, and we took steps toward personal transformation. >> we re-evaluated our life knowing that's not the path i wanted to take. >> reporter: it's called required for change, som is ceo of the organization. several of her former cast members are backing the effort. tonight's event was a celebration of the first graduating class. >> i think it's popular so when
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they see something that reflects their own issues in their lives, they really connect and so we use that as an opportunity to help them change. >> reporter: most of the young people admit they've within in trouble with the law and -- been in trouble with the law and credit the program with helping they are change. >> everybody can't play basketball and football and find their way out ever the ghetto. >> when they watched the show, they believe that the show is actually based on them and their own personal lives. >> reporter: what began as a six-week program will be expanded to 12 weeks in the fall with som-her colleagues taking kids out of the juvenile services department. >> our mission is to help high-risk young people improve their lives. >> reporter: several members of the ravens were on hand supporting required for change, including ed green, clayton, and foxworthy. the baltimore urban league
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honored longtime community activist the reverend willie ray. he's foundered of save another youth incorporated. he's been an advocate for young people for more than four decades. . only imagine what ocean city looks like. >> they had one tough day out there with extremely heavy rainfall that's been going on throughout the day into the evening even as we speak still raining. wind gusts of 45 to 50 miles an hour and it's still going on. very slow moving storm, basically it's stopped in place because that area of high pressure up to the north won't let it move. and we could see some of that heavier rainfall during the overnight period. as the rain comes on towards us it gets to the bay and stops. you'll see it on the radar in a second. take a look outside right now. our temperature at vwi 63
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degrees, 65% humidity. breezy out there, barometer 30.24. as far as our coastal flood advisory, remains in effect. all around the dc area because of the potomac, but on the eastern shore, a gale warning in effect. that area has been socked with extremely heavy rainfall throughout the day. tides, winds tomorrow from 8 to 10 miles an hour. sun comes up at 6:44 and will set at 7:21. the high 73 degrees. didn't get quite so lucky in the east and the high was 68. as soon as the rain rolled in the temperature fell through the bottom. 61 in york, 63 in downtown, 62 in pax river. watch this rainfall as it makes its way. this was early this morning.
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the showers were off-shore and then they rolled in. and they've been rolling in throughout the evening, heavy rainfall just kind of stuck right there. and again, the dividing line is the chesapeake bay to the east. it can rotate some of those showers into our region but the heaviest is going to be to the east and to the south of the baltimore area. take a look at our radar. past couple of hours, showing that heavy rain hay cross southern delaware, up in new jersey, down through the ocean city area, no precipitation in the baltimore area. but some of it could make it in overnight. if we get anything it's going to be on the light side. all the heavy stuff will be on the eastern shore. right now in riser'stown, 60 degrees falseston 69. annapolis at 62 degrees. your forecast, that big slug of moisture continues to plague the eastern shore, southern portions
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of pennsylvania as well as new jersey and delaware. through the day tomorrow, scattered showers, then things start to clear up for the weekend. not going to clear fast but it is going to be clearing up. your forecast for the overnight period. showers and storms mostly south and east of us. it will be breezy. see an overnight low of 61 degrees. during the day tomorrow, mostly cloudy, a few showers are possible early in the day with a high of 70 degrees, and the extended outlook, saturday things clear up with 78. 81 on sunday. monday, tuesday, wednesday looking good. thursday a few clouds start to increase and chance for showers on thursday. hope you all have a nice evening. if you're living on the eastern shore, try to stay dry. less than 72 hours from now the ravens will kick off the regular season and fans were gearing up tonight. they were treated to a free concert from sign down, along with the cheerleaders, and mascot, edgar, allen, and poe. they're looking for the ravens
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to return to the super bowl. >> that's the preseason, they're going to go all the way. >> we love our fans. >> i think they showed that much support for their fans. coming up, are the ravens changing identities, though, and going to the high octane offense? a bad opening game loss, one of their leaders on defense next in sports.
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doctor says i have to lower my cholesterol. here you go, mr. noran. (announcer) trying to lower your cholesterol can be a challenge. but with the help of honey nut cheerios' sweet taste, lowering your cholesterol is a non-challenge. get your free sample online at this is really good! . the ravens may be 13.5 favourites against the chiefs on sunday but kansas city won't be overwhelmed. the chiefs are a perfect 3-0 here in palt more. flacco looked comfortable throwing downfield this preseason hitting on a number of deep balls. traditionally, of course, the ravens have played to their strength which is running the
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ball. flacco is hoping that the offense picks up where they left off when the regular season gets going. >> see what we could do throwing the ball and i think we did a good job that we can hold up in the passing game and do a good job of it. it will depend on the game but i think we play well. >> we'll see sunday at one. mattis will get the jim palmer award. layering gets the robertson award as the player of the year. they'll be honored before the next game at camden yards. they had won their last five season openers before saturday. the terps host james madison this saturday at 6:00. they gave up too many yards in game one. they hope it improves. >> open up out there, obviously
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going to bring challenges, so face the challenge and we're going to see a lot of improvement from week one to week two in a lot of players. after almost pulling off the monumental upset of ohio state next week. they host louisiana tech. georgia tech and clemson tonight and who says the option can't work at this level? former navy coach paul johnson has them running it to perfection. anthony allen, 82 yards down the sidelines, 5 rushes, 127 yards, 7-0 tech. a punt and this is not exactly the way they had diagramed it. parente takes it 85 yards back the other way. georgia tech was up 14-0. then late in the half on the fake field goal, blair, the kicker, to thomas, clemson stormed back, made it a game,
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but tech wins on a late field goal, 30-27. and finally, unbc soccer hosting the kick-off classic against st. francis. fupaw to bowls in front for that great first touch spin and finish. a pair of goals. the unbc wins 3-1. they're 4-0 for the first time in a decade. castle men won today. >> lots of football. >> that time of year again. >> a lot of people are excited that the season is here. >> i can't wait until sunday. >> you'll be be there, too. we'll be right back.
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. heavy rain overnight but things should start clearing up tomorrow and then the weekend looking pretty good. >> that's a good thing. that's all for us tonight. thanks for watching. you can follow all the stories we're covering on abc2 news and on twitter. i say that wrong, it's abc2 news on twitter. it's because i don't tweet. good night.
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