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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  September 11, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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a chilling 911 call made from inside an out-of-control car, carrying a family to their death. the shocking malfunction behind this tragedy. police department in new york expanded we can do it, too. >> hundreds took to the streets in memory and in honor of those who lost their lives on september 11th, 2001. . first at 11, a two piece to this ongoing a.c.o.r.n. recording. it cost two employees their job and now it's happening again in washington, d.c. but this story is also producing national fallout. >> we can tell you tonight the
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census bureau has cut its ties to the nonprofit it organization and will no longer be using it for the 2010 consensus. both videos were the tipping point and that a.c.o.r.n.'s involvement in the census may be a distraction and maybe even a discouragement for participation participation. a second video in washington, d.c. this time the pimp was that georgetown law student, the woman was posing as his prostitute girlfriend. the a.c.o.r.n. workers tell the prostitute to hide her profession for tax purposes and just like in baltimore, two workers have been fired. >> that served as a distraction. >> reporter: last night sonia merchant jones, chairwoman of the community organizations for reform now, spoke to us about that secret taping. >> there was nothing done where a.c.o.r.n.
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took any type of moneys from them. there was nothing that we found that was done illegal. >> reporter: today, leaders refused to talk as the fallout continues. the organization's involvement in the 2010 census has been terminated. however, one legal expert says a.c.o.r.n. here in baltimore can fight back. >> prosecuting the producers of the video would not be difficult. >> reporter: it is illegal in maryland to record someone's voice without permission. that means the video's producers, two conservative bloggers, violated maryland law. >> it cannot be used directly in evidence, it cannot be used to create evidence. you can't take that and use it to develop leads or information to prosecute them. >> reporter: however, there is no wiretapping statute similar like we have in maryland in dc. it is completely legal in dc. that's why republican congressman from louisiana called for a hearing to investigate the community group and its tax filing assistance
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programs following the dc video evidence of suggested tax fraud. the rain finally started letting up tonight and the water on some flooded roads is receding, but a portion was underwater as a stream overflowed its banks. crews closed the road from ellenham avenue to circle road causing traffic to back up. is the storm gone? and what are we in for this weekend? norm is in the storm center with our first forecast. how about it, norm? >> things are gradually improving as the storm system is moving away from the region very, very slowly. we've still got a few pockets of some light drizzle around the area, cool and light showers but for the most part things are getting progressively better. forecast for the overnight period. showers gradually ending in light drizzle. continue breezy. see an overnight low of 57
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degrees. tomorrow is going to be a little bit better day. actually, a lot better day. we'll tell you about that, coming up. . for the first time the 9/11 anniversary is being observed as a day of service. new yorkers are honoring those who helped in rescue and recovery efforts. it's also a day of remembrance for the nearly 3,000 people killed on that day. president obama spent his first 9/11 anniversary in office with a moment of silence outside the pentagon. the 5 k race started in front of city hall and ended in federal hill. >> if the police department can stand it, we can stand is, too. >> proceeds from the race go to the baltimore police and fire department. >>. >> people united in prayer at
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county court house, this is the scene in downtown baltimore. folks gathered to pray for their community and for the spiritual conditions of the nation. and at centennial park a wreath was placed and ribbons were tied on a tree. >> i lost my fiancie, sarah millcock. >> the garden of hope was designed and officially dedicated seven years ago on the first anniversary of the tragedy. and we all have unique remembrances of that terrible day eight years ago and we encourage you to log on to and share your story with us. just look under the top stories and you'll find a place at the end of 9 article to leave your comments. a morning of remembrance turned into one of flashbacks. fear and media missteps. and it all started with an unlikely source. the u.s. coast guard. viviano hurtado has more on a chain of errors.
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>> reporter: it was what the coast guard is calling a routine training exercise on the potomac river near washington but it caused alarm near the bridge where the president was attending. cable news outlets followed. >> their discussions were taken out of context and what we've seen as a reaction to a training exercise that really was just that. >> reporter: the coast guard says no shots were fired and the president was not in the area. but the confusion sent fbi agents scrambling to the scene and briefly suspended flights at nearby national art. relatives of september 11 victims thought why outraged that they chose this date to have the drill.
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. >> it was a mistake, as was was stated. it was something we found out about along with all of you, and it will not happen again. >> reporter: the coast guard said they're reviewing their procedures which includes not notifying other law enforcement agencies of drills. in a statement, cnn defends its decision to report the story. when the organization called the coast guard, they say a spokesperson said command post knew nothing of activity on the river. vivian hurtado, abc news, washington. here is a play by play of the whole episode. the coast guard began the drill at 9:30. 5 minutes after the president arrived at the pentagon for ceremonies at 9:37 the time of the 9/11 attack. cnn reported 10 shots had been fired based on information they heard over the network's police scanner. cnn even put out a twitter
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alert. coast guard confronts boat as obama visits pentagon. police scanner reports say shots fired. after the reuters news agency reported on what cnn was saying, fox news followed suit telling viewers the u.s. coast guard ship of some type fired on what is considered a suspicious boat in the potomac river. a group for military families expressed outrage over the timing and setsing of the exercise. absolutely inexcusable, military families united said in a statement. september 11th is the day to remember the lost of 2,973 innocent victims in new york, pennsylvania, and the pentagon. not a day to create an unnecessary panic near a terrorist target. while the coast guard said no apology was necessary, the vice admiral did say they would take a good hard look at what we did here today. and a white house spokesman declined to criticize the coast guard, saying if they feel they need a training exercise, best
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not to second guess. now back here to baltimore. the young man shot this afternoon in northeast baltimore has died. he is 20-year-old trenton marshall of baltimore. it happened at mclean boulevard and northern parkway. he was sitting on his bicycle at that bus stop when someone walked up to him and shot him in the head. no arrests have been made. officials are investigating the discovery of a body floating in the harbor. the body of a man was spotted around4. he was someone who was reported missing this morning but they have not yet released his name. a chilling 911 call made moments before an offduty highway patrol officer and three members of his family died in a fiery car crash is bringing up questions about a car's safety. the california highway patrol has released the call made by the brother's brother-in-law. he was in the backseat of an out
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of control lexus on a freeway in san diego on august 28th. we want to warn you, what you're about to hear might be disturbing for our viewers. >> our accelerator is stuck. 125, we're going 120 in mission gorge. we're in trouble. we can't -- there's no brake. >> okay. >> you don't have the ability to, like, turn the vehicle off or anything? >> we're approaching the intersection. we're approaching an intersection. hold on. >> please, please. >> hello. >> no, whoa! >> hello? >> witnesses indicate the driver was applying the brake so heavily flames were coming from both the front and rear tires and the car was not slowly down. the lexus slammed into an suv and then went into a riverbed, rolling and bursting into
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flames. the lead investigator said the floor mat on the vehicle may have caused accelerator to get stuck. toyota issued a recall of those floor mats back in 2007. it's unclear if the he recalled mats were in this lexus. our tough economic times reflected in the shimmering money mirage known as las vegas. and nasa needed break, not from lady luck, but from mother nature. our two degree guarantee, we didn't get any where near that. here in the city, some places recorded more than 3 inches of rain. is the rain over? the answer is coming up.
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. [bell ringing]. after five straight sessions of advances, stocks slipped todayed dow fell 22 points, the nasdaq lost 3, s&p lost nearly 1.5%. a mixed day locally with t rock closing 3% down, light mason fell 1.5%. delaware on the verge of making sports betting legal, some news out of lass vague crass might make them think twice. vegas casinos have seen a decrease in betting in the past few months. casino owners blame the economy for the downturn, of course. after two days of hoping for break in the weather the space
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shuttle discovery landed at edwards air force base earlier this evening. the landing while not unusual drew hundreds of eager space enthusiasts, here's gene gleason with the wrap-up. >> reporter: discovery came thundering in. after two days waiting for the weather to clear in florida, nasa gave the go-ahead to land in florida. >> main gear touchdown. >> reporter: for space enthusiasts, a shuttle landing here is not uncommon but it's still something to see. >> not very often that it comes and hey, if the kids get to watch it come down, why not? >> i wanted to see it land for many, many years. >> reporter: discovery's two week mission was an eclectic one. it dropped off supplies and equipment for the space station and carried a treadmill named
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after stephen colbert. >> so hit the combined load bearing but remember to stretch out first because in space, no one can hear you pull a hammy. >> reporter: they used three space walks to install antennas and cables for the new living space now called tranquility. discovery picked up a passenger, buzz light year. >> and i can fly. >> reporter: for 468 days an action figure of the toy story hero has been on the space station as a teaching tool for kids. the only hitch to landing here in california is it will cost nasa nearly $2 million to fly discovery back to florida. gene gleason for abc news, edwards air force base. >> that buzz light year figure will return to disney world for that ticker tape parade next months. . question for you, have your
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boys decided that they can't fly yet? all boys go through that. >> where they think they can fly? >> they were wearing capes for a while but they're past that. >> i still wear a cape once in a while. i'm not going to get into that. [ laughter ]. >> what do you wear with it is the real thing. >> there you go. shot from harbor cam, our temperature at bwi 61 degrees, 930% humidity. our wind from the west at 8 miles an hour. windshield wipers are working. there are are tides for tomorrow. winds tomorrow from the north at 8 to 14 miles an hour. sun comes up at 6:45 will set at 7:19 high only of 2 today. we will see some sun tomorrow. it's going to be slow, but we're
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going to see some. as far as our temperatures across the area right now we've only gone down one degree since our daytime high. 60 in york, 63 in hagerstown, board walk in ocean city, 69 degrees, philadelphia right now at 63 degrees. throughout the day, we waited three days for the rain to get here and when it got here, boy, i tell you, did it get here. tremendous amounts of moyes ewe funneling into the region. some regions had in excess of 3 inches of rainfall. it's making its way toward the north. not moving real fast. took time getting here, takes time getting out. break in the overcast just to the south of the dc region. as we go through the overnight period, this little drizzle will end and the breaks in the overcast will move in our direction. on the larger picture, can you see the area of low pressure spreading the moisture into sections of new england. very heavy rainfall across martha's vineyard going up
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through connecticut. portions of pennsylvania getting heavy rainfall. across our area which we are interested in, things are looking better for the weekend here in the baltimore region. right now the most powerful radar, the rainfall has been circulating around this way and a few little light showers going through the downtown areas, northern portions of anne arundel county, but once this is out of here that should be it. i thought we'd see showers on saturday. i think we're going to be okay on saturday. temperatures across the area right now, germantown is down to 56 degrees. 59 in downtown. 60 in reicherstown and on the eastern shore, denton at 61 degrees. here's your forecast. the showers and the light sprinkles that we have around now will make their way out of here. a slim chance there will be a hafrn shower tomorrow. i don't think it's going to happen. think the whole thing is out of here and then for the remainder of the weekend things look better. forecast for the overnight period, showers ending, breezy, 57 degrees for the overnight
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low. during the day tomorrow, going to call it gradual clearing and cool. there is a slim chance for a shower but i think we're going to be okay. high tomorrow, 72 degrees. extended outlook for the next couple of days, up to 830 with partly cloudy skies on sunday. monday, tuesday, and wednesday, looking absolutely gorgeous. cooler on wednesday. thursday a few clouds come in. 72 degrees. cloudy on friday with a high of 74 degrees. hope you have a nice weekend. give you chance to dry out. mb. >> thank you, norm. his name conjures up images for anyone who watched him play. he'll be remembered to make a difficult game look easy. his ability to turn it on when we needed him to. michael jordan was enshrined in the basketball fame and same might say that building has been waiting for him. he accomplished just about everything that a basketball
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player could have is arguably the best player to ever lace up a pair of nikes. he doesn't think it's title he should bear. >> people say i was the greatest to play the game. i cringe when i hear that. i receive it as an opinion, something that someone is either their view of what i did for the game of basketball, but for me personally, and i never played against jerry west, i never played against chamberlain. yeah, i would have loved to. but to say i'm better than those people is not for me to decide. >> jordan was a member of the chicago bulls before coming out of retirement to play for the wizards. and even if he wasn't there, this would still be a star studded class of inductees. former mid-shipman david robinson was enshrined along with john stockton and his long time coach sloan, and c vivian
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stringer rounded out this year's class. we are counting down to the kick-off of the ravens' season, full of expectations. hungry for a little football flavor offer the field? find out what's cooking, new this year down at the stadium.
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. not only friday, it is purple friday. the first purple friday before the ravens kick off the 2009 season against the chiefs. it goes down sunday inside the friendly confines of m and g bank stadium and because the ravens know you can't wait until then they've been hoeding events all week to get fans pumped up. the cheerleaders stopped by the bank in canton today to sign autographs. the ravens band performed for the crowd. all the events this week. what are your expectations of the team this year?
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we went to resident fan jamie costello. >> reporter: ravens fans didn't expect much, steve mcnair retired, smith got sick, and that pushed the starting job to delaware joe flacco. for the first time the ravens discovered a franchise quarterback. baltimore is now wacko for flacco as rookie head coach harbaugh took this team to the championship. the avenue for success always goes to ray lewis. his pregame ritual on sunday will have his team back on the playoff dance floor. the ravens smothering d always rides the backs of lewis, suds, and reed. the offense will continue to run first but with second year man ray rice some insiders say he could be looking at marshall the ii. and when the ravens lose an inch
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or a yard, give the ball to mclean, and they'll run behind an o line which is getting an all pro center in matt burke and rookie michael ward. to swat the defensive linemen away. flacco will be allowed to throw deep and that's going to be a question mark. other than mason, who is flacco going to find? clayton and williams have shown flashes of brilliance but so far no widout has stepped it up. matt stover will not be kicking field goals. that job now lays at the feet of steven houseka. he wants the ravens to be a 10, 11, 12 win team every year and no dropoff seasons so the tone has been set. can the ravens on the 200th anniversary of edgar allen poe's birth reach the highest berth
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come february? we'll find out. >> all the tasty food is part of going to the game. this year there's something on the menu for just about everyone inside the stadium. >> we focus on local, traditional, vegetarian. we have a gluten-free product along with other concepts throughout the building. >> there will be several new restaurants including the green turtle. ravens, chiefs, this sunday. back with a final look at the forecast next. need a lift? hey buddy, i appreciate the ride, you know. no problem. ♪ mind if i take a shortcut? yeah, sure. ♪
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. the drizzle is winding down. tomorrow is clearing up and things are looking good for sunday with partly cloudy and 80 degrees and sunshine and monday, tuesday, and wednesday. >> let the weekend begin, let's great. >> you got it. >> thank you for watching. you can follow the stories we've been covering on and any time on on twitter. have a great weekend. see you monday. good night. ( laughing ) hey chuckles,
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