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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 9AM  ABC  September 21, 2009 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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good monday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm megan pringle. >> i'm jamie costello. we're coming off a swell weekend. >> you've been on a ravens high all morning. >> ray lewis's tackle. we'll bring it to you. a lot going on. "dancing with the stars." it starts, so we're going to talk to two of the stars on the show. find out to see who it is. they are -- i'll give you a little hint >> what's that?
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>> one is a celebrity chef. the other a tough-talking actress. >> that starts tonight? >> yes. >> guess who is coming into town? rockettes, the ladies. here they come. >> looking gorgeous. they look amazing. >> there they are. the rockettes are in town. radio city spectacular coming to our town. we'll bring -- will bring new york to us. that is coming up in december. they are here to talk bit. >> it's a fascinating show. every girl wants to be a rocket. it's so fun to hear what their life is like, the costume changes, the show everything. that is coming up. >> you ladies are financially fit? you you got your 401k's all in -- you have a financial expert coming in. he'll help you. >> and also ahead, every monday carl delmont comes in and talks about your mortgage. all these letters -- you might be wondering if they mean -- are the offers too good to be true about refinancing?
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and if you don't want the letters, what to do to make sure you don't. i'm happy i came dressed up like santa's helpers, they actually have snow? colorado. i'm serving -- searching for images. it's amazing how all of a sudden jamie turns himself into the station ambassador. 61 degrees doubt baltimore. blue sky, a little haze and check this out across the region. 61, still low clouds and fog lifting and trying to spread out. some spots still blocked from the sun. owings mills at 61 degrees. 71 by lunchtime. our two-degree guarantee of 76 this afternoon under partly cloudy skies. it's about 9:02. a baltimore city cabbie could face charges after allowing eight people including two children to squeeze into the cab overnight.
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and officers say the cab ended up colliding with an suv at the intersection of west baltimore and schroeder injuring everybody in the cab. now, the driver of the suv wasn't hurt. there's no word yet on the condition of the passengers. incredible rescue in southwest baltimore after a man crashed his moped into a guardrail and flipped down the embankment. it happened at frederick avenue and millington in southwest baltimore 3:00 this morning. rescuers had to use hoses to try to get the man out from the embankment. medics took him to a hospital where he's expected to be ok but police say they are not sure what caused this wreck. clean-up continues in dundalk after that massive watermain break on friday but many are concerned their insurance company will not be covering the flood damage. some flood victims tell us they've had their insurance for 40 years and may not receive any money to cover the damages. insurance adjustors spoke with folks in the neighborhood this weekend and to give them a peace of mind about the situation. the situation that could cost thousands. >> this is a recession.
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unemployment is at its highest. this is a working class neighborhood. people cannot afford to pay for he is these costs themselves. >> state officials are advising insurance companies to not deny any claims. victims may not know how much is covered until early next week. for some homeowners they are worried about who is going to pay for repairs. others are being targeted by people trying to cash in on this mess. baltimore county officials are warning you about scam artists that have been reported to the area of dundalk. they are apparently showing up at homes and telling folks that the county told them to come and clean it up. the county says no private companies have been ordered to do that. if you have questions call the baltimore county help line, 410-468-2090. a plan to deal with baltimore city's $60 million budget deficit could cause some controversy. according to "the baltimore sun" the city's board of estimates is expected to begin
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considering the mayor's plan to save the money. in part by shutting down the city government for five days while furloughing every city employee for those days, but representatives for the city fire and police union told abc2 news they would not agree to furloughs. that could lead to more layoffs than those already included in the mayor's plan. the state's university system is dealing with budget cuts as well. another round of furloughs aimed at saving $229 million as soon as next month. it's not clear yet how many days workers would have to go without pay under that plan. here's the story of the morning -- it has the entire country talking about this. we have a couple now suing wal-mart after they lost custody of their three daughters when a wal-mart employee turned in their family photos at bath time. she called them obscene. ron clay bourne tells us that one act raised a lot of questions about parenting and
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privacy. >> it was a nightmare. it was unbelievable. >> reporter: forrantly and lisa demarie it's been the hardest year in their lives. it began a year ago when they dropped off digital photos to be done at this wal-mart in peoria, arizona. among the batch the developer spotted eight that shocked her. she turned them over to the police. according to the police report the photos show the demarie's three young girls in provocative positions, genitals exposed. >> one of the photos is three of the girls laying down on a towel with their arms around each other and we thought it was so cute. there's still bathtime photos but it's after bath. >> reporter: investigators went to the home and questioned them. did marie said he can understand why the police were there but said they were innocuous photos of his kids goofing around naked. abc news acquired four photos in dispute. the demaries lawyers wouldn't
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no release the others for fear of criminal charges. >> the family is open and comfortable. we don't want our children to feel inhibited in their own house. >> reporter: the police and child protective services saw it differently. the three girls, age 1 1/2, 4 and 5 at the time the pictures were taken were removed from the home and placed in the care of child protective services. it would be a month before the parents would regain custody. a medical exam of the girls revealed no signs of sexual abuse and a judge ruled that the photos were in fact harmless. >> the authorities need to prove some sort of sexual intent and once a judge reviewed the situation, once a psychological evaluation took place i think everybody agreed that there was no such sexual intent. >> reporter: from the did ma -- demarie's perspective the damage was already done. >> we even went on to a central registry for sex offenders. >> reporter: lisa demarie who works at a school was suspended from her job for a year while
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the investigation was underway. the demarie's sued peoria and the state attorney general's office for defamation. also sued wal-mart for failing to tell them of the unsuitable print policy that allowed them to give photos to police without their knowledge. police and prosecutors insist they did what they thought was appropriate. >> as crazy as it may seem, what you consider to be the most beautiful, innocent pictures of your children can be perceived as something very perverse. >> that was ron clay bowrn, reporting. the city of peoria standing behind the actions of the police officers. wal-mart released this statement -- we're going to move on to pump watch. according to aaa the price of
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regular is now $2.45 a gallon, down two cents in a week. nationally the average price is $2.55 a gallon. that is also down two cents. baltimore city restaurants are now changing oil here because the city's transfat ban is now in effect. restaurants now obligated to use ingredients that don't include transfats which are found in many cooking oils. mayor sheila dixon signed the bill banning transfats in march of 2008. has your mailbox been overloaded with mortgage refinancing requests? >> coming up, we explain what a fha streamlined loan is and how to get the mortgage companies to stop sending stuff. the ravens may have given up a lot of yards. we play monday morning quarterback. ♪ good morning, baltimore♪ >> it's not singing with the stars, it's "dancing with the stars." we'll chat with two of the contestants about the big ninth
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season premiere, that's coming up. the rockettes are in town. a big show coming up. we're going to kick it off with the dancers when we come back. >> do i have it? >> not close. >> we'll be right back. you've got a strawberry pop-tart,
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but i've got a warm, fresh baked strawberry toaster strudel. see the difference? mmmm. i do. (announcer) pillsbury toaster strudel. the one kids want to eat.
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until the grands are on the table" grands biscuits. would it really be breakfast without 'em? for money saving coupons go to... "dancing with the stars." it airs tonight season nine. the show is still great, makes you want to get up there and
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dance. we have got a treat for you this morning. debbie mazar joins us along with mark from iron chef. great to see you. >> good morning. >> good morning, baltimore. >> you want to sing it for us. ♪ good morning, baltimore♪ i'm not a good singer but love the record. >> are you a good dancer? >> that's a question that i guess you can figure out yourself tuesday night. i thought i was a good dancer until i got to the ballroom studio and learned that i am completely uncoordinated and a spaz. if i am good it's because i've been working really hard to try to tone down by spaz arms or butt shakes. i thought i was sexy. i'm thanking max, i'm coming home with nice moves. >> the guys dancing on monday. the girls on tuesday. on wednesday two couples are
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going home. >> it ain't going to be us, ok? >> are you nervous? >> yes. sure. absolutely. neither of us are trained dancers. in four weeks - >> he has an advantage, though. he can do a split. >> i can. >> you're a -- marshall artist, aren't you? >> yes. >> i'm used to guys knocking my head off, not girls with gorgeous hips. >> look at you. >> look at her. >> a smooch, too. let me ask you you, have you sized up everybody else on the show. and who are you most worried about? >> i actually haven't sized anybody up but i am worried a little about some of the people that have had pro training like maya, macy gray. mark has a lot of stamina. and chuck, i think is going to be genius. >> but you're an excellent actress and you can bring the
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stories to the characters and dance. >> but i can't act like i can dance. you can either dance or you can't. that remains to be seen. >> debbie, you always play -- i don't know if the the roles but but you're like a tough-talk new yorker, is it hard to take direction from someone? >> no. it's not hard to take direction. that's what i do for a living. it's hard sometimes to focus because it is so physical. he has me doing things that i my body is not accustomed to doing. i have two kids, i don't have core strength in my stomach. i'm doing moves i never thought i could do. i'm used to taking direction. i'm not used to shutting up though. i'm not allowed to talk back to him. i have to go, ok. it's been a really, kind of eye-opening experience and i can probably apply these tools in my life after the show is over. >> that's great. mark, what about you? what do you hear from family
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and friends about doing this show? >> the great thing about the show is it has such a huge fan base. everybody i know watches it and loves it. so it's been a great ride because we're all on this together. and working with lacy shwilmer, he's a bundle of energy. she says don't think, just do the move, stop looking at my booty shaking, look in my eyes and follow me. >> i think it will be fun. a lot depends on how people vote for you. i think you've got it made when it comes to that. we look forward to seeing you monday night. >> thank you. >> vote. >> the show looks like so much fun. >> thank you. >> remember, it airs tonight. monday night. check it out. "dancing with the stars." of course it's 8:00. so join us, again. they mentioned it earlier. wednesday two people go home. girls dance one night. guys the other night. again, wednesday two go home. check it out, "dancing with the
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stars," season nine, it's here. >> thank you. now to a far, far away galaxy. if you can't get to radio city music hall let radio city come to you. they are going to be performing at first mariner arena on december 17ening. you'll get to see the radio city christmas spectacular. the rockettes are here. let me introduce everybody -- sierra ring from tucson, arizona. samantha berger from yorktown, way at the end -- sorry. number two is christina hendrick from richmond. there she is. and christina. then we have cynthia link from long island. and samantha berger from yorktown. we were talking about "dancing with the stars." could you get on that show and perform? >> i don't know. radio city keeps us pretty busy with the season. those kicks are -- i don't know. we'll see. maybe. >> when you're practicing getting ready how long a day is it for you? before you even put the show on? >> it's a long day. we like to get there early so we can warm up and stretch and put on our makeup.
9:18 am
to give you the best show possible. it depends on the person. >> how fit are you? you have to be in tip top shape? >> yes, we rehearse about six hours. six days a week. >> do you ever get a breath? >> i would say so. especially after 12 days. >> do you ever kick a light out? >> actually, we kick eye high so we're not kicking lights out. eye high, toes in line with our eyesight. >> you brought that up. i have a list of questions i'm going to ask. for every right question you have to do a high kick. let's start with sierra, ready? your question is, sierra, the rockettes will perform how many eye-high kicks in one show? >> in each show we do 300 eye-high kicks. >> you are right. the total during the tour is 442,801. wow! christina, how many pounds of snow will fall upon the audience in the 31-city run? >> 500 pounds. >> you are correct.
9:19 am
two kicks. that's two kicks. christina got that one. cynthia, how many aa batteries are used during the show's reason? >> 14,096. you're right! samantha, here we go. longest -- costume changes. >> shortest? >> shortest. >> 90 seconds. >> that's one two three four, four right answers. the rockettes are kicking. tower kicks, four right answers. go! >> one. two. three. four. beautiful! that's great. where can we get the tickets? december 17th. what's the crowd like here? >> amazing. we're so excited to be returning to baltimore to do two dazzling performances. you can purchase tickets at the first marina arena or >> what does the crowd leave
9:20 am
like? ready for the season? >> yes, it's definitely christmas time when you leave. especially the kids. >> what is it like for you to perform in the group that has been around forever? >> a dream come true. it's wonderful to be part of the tradition of radio city. the show actually was created in 1933 and we still do perform certain numbers that were in the show back then. >> that was not on the list. you have to do another kick. ? parade of the wooden soldiers, the nativity, been in the show since 1933. it's a tradition for everybody. the families love to come back and see it. >> for you, this little girl, you always wanted to be a rockette? >> i did but never thought i could do it. my mom always wanted me to do it. i was just like i don't think i can. i think it looks a little too hard. i auditioned and got it the first try. >> thank you. we'll see you on december 17th. this is great. first mariner. we don't have to go to new york. radio city comes to us. we'll buy tickets now. thank you.
9:21 am
you're always linked? right? we'll go this way. follow me. do i have it? no? do i have it? >> you're not going to try a kick? >> you lost him. >> they do make it look very easy. they look great. stay with us. in this recession it's taught us everything. if it's taught us anything it's how to be very careful where we invest our money. coming up, shouldn't we be confident with the recent stock market rally? is the government making investing mandatory? before we go to break though look at that. time to get your business or charity on the air. send us your mugs. this is our cup of joe. 6400 york road, baltimore, maryland, 21212. send your mug. we'll put it on the air. we'll be right back. so with fios i get fiber to the home,
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we take you out to bel air -- that's not bel air. that would be nice. this is woodland park in colorado. i wanted to show you this because we talked about winter. we had the rockettes all dressed up. a rockette reference in there. yes, it's snowing in colorado right now. mable -- mainly above 8
9:25 am
thousand feet. the sign of the change of seasons. 39 degrees at woodland park. i wanted to show you that because we had 49 this morning. you thought it was chilly. it could have been worse. these numbers not even close to record territory. one of the coolest spots this morning, baltimore, compared from the 60s to pittsburgh to charleston to roanoke because they are under cloud cover. upper 60s for them. back to 61 in baltimore. we're burning off the morning clouds, burning off the little bit of fog we talked about. look at the showers. very persistent and in a normal weather pattern we would expect that to reach us within a few hours. not going to happen this time. we've actually got the wind flow around a storm system in the midwest. the northern plains affecting them, while we have high pressure sliding off the coast and keeping us with this atlantic moisture. that moisture is going to build in and probably give us more clouds and threat of showers over the next couple of days but it's also going to block this system from progressing
9:26 am
eastbound. there's this large storm across the northern plains. it will probably sit and stick. atlanta, georgia, had over five inches in the metro area yesterday of rainfall. some spots over 10 to 15 inches. it's been raining for the better part of the last week. it's stuck there, this is compared to the drought they've had over the last few years. definitely a comeback for their reservoirs but for us the early clouds and fog we've already had giving way to a partly sunny afternoon, 76 degrees. the clouds try to come back. maybe fog after midnight. down to 64. tomorrow mid-70s again with chance of afternoon showers. the extended forecast coming up in the next half-hour or you can do it on-line at on the weather page, at the bottom of the screen. you'll find our weather graphics for your display. back to you. we're all looking to save but difficult in these tough economic times. >> now there's more that the government wants to do. they want to mandate automatic enrollments in retirement plans. but does that mean mandates on investments will follow? and different kinds of mortgages.
9:27 am
the -- fha streamlined mortgages and ways to prevent them from littering the mailbox. so with fios i get fiber to the home,
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call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v today.
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welcome back. it's great to talk with this man, dale horn, certified financial planner fresh back from -- wall street. here we go. >> walt disney -- if it was a sign of the economy, a lot of people spending down there. >> good thing. we want to start with stan in glen burnie. he says will this stock rally continue or is it just too much? >> this is the question on everybody's lips. if there's one question i get more often than any, this is it. have we gone too far? is the rally real? we liken it to an accident patient. patient got drunk, fell down the stairs, broke an arm, broke a leg. got into the hospital. the government resuscitated that patient and now i think
9:31 am
that probably somewhere where we're walking down the hallway towards the exit, the question is, is there something wrong with that patient that would cause us to get back into surgery in the only gap gap we foresee right now, the government infused enough cash in the economy to really jumpstart this situation, are court profits going to catch up to that? if we see a very small lag between that injection from the government and the corporate profits resuscitating we'll be in pretty good shape. it will be a rough ride out of this but every time we've ever been in a recession, going all the way back to the earliest of the disasters in the 1930s we've recovered. >> is there any study, any numbers, any data that you want to look at and know we're ok now? >> we can look at 1981 and 19812, interesting scenario. the unemployment situation was similar as far as the numbers are concerned. coming out of, if you look at 1982 and coming from that period we have a quarter of gross domestic product that was down 46.4% -- 6.4%.
9:32 am
every area is different. we can look at history and apply some lessons but what the government has done here has been more substantial than probably anything we've seen in history. >> a great question from roger. he says if the government mandates automatic enrollments in retirement plans are they going to mandate investments? >> roger, this is something that the obama administration has promised. it's been on -- as part of the campaign promise, an automatic enrollment system for ira's, say for those that don't participate in a 401k at work. what is being talked about now, the r-bond. you'll hear more about this. it would be a treasury-like vehicle that would gain interest over time. notfesly exposed to the stock market itself but would be
9:33 am
something that would grow a lot more slowly, a lot more, in a more steady manner than say just cash sitting in the bank. the reason they are doing it is a lot of the people mandating into the program have very live experience with investments. so it's a slow steady gainer until they get used to it. >> great questions from roger and stanley and also the answers from dale horn. back from disney world. what a ride that was. top that, carl, where were you? he was at disney. >> i was home. >> no place like home. >> that's right. >> carl delmont is here from freedmont mortgage. he comes neverry monday to answer your questions. we're talking about something that scares me a little. fha stream liendz mortgages. what is that? >> streamline just means streamlined the process. no appraisal. they used to not require credit scores, now they are, typically about 620 to 640.
9:34 am
then they are looking to make sure you are current on the mortgage. the beauty of the streamline, say someone watching now has 5.5% interest rate. with the streamline you can lower the interest rate, just contact your lender, give them the case number, they turn around and lower your interest rate. it's a easier qualifying process. you don't have to worry about appraisal fees or anything else and closing costs are less. >> a couple of things about this that i noticed -- four of these came to the same person. a, that has to be annoying if you're getting a lot of mail from the same sort of thing but they sound like a great deal. receive a refund on your current escrow account. we're talking about really, really low 30-year rates, there's refinance, no income documentation. no equity, no appraisal is it too good to be true? >> they are taking the best parts of the program and highlighting it but not telling you the other stuff. in this, it's an artificially
9:35 am
low rate, but it's a fixed rate for three years. someone thinks it's great, and give up a 30-year fixed rate for something that is only for three years. it could ben at this time but you have to -- benefit but you have to understand it. to take the best parts of it and then they don't tell you the other details, you have to ask. >> would you do something like this? >> yes, fha streamline is great, if you have a fha loan, two things, it's a streamlined process. there are a lot of people now who are not refinancing because maybe five or six people in the neighborhood are in foreclosure -- there are not many programs out there. say a year from now you want to move but you owe pretty much what the house is worth. fha loan, you can turn around and have someone assume your mortgage. the lender qualifies them, they
9:36 am
take over payments, you're off the hook. there are some good features but don't fall for all the ads that come in. you can contact 888-5-opt-out. the credit bureaus sell your information. you can write to dma, direct media association of new york, will take you off. >> every time you come in i feel they change the rules. do you get, like alerts? >> fha is getting a little more scary -- they used to give us a month notice. january 1 last year they told us on, like, december 29, oh, by the way, on the first it goes into effect. a proposal that scares me, they are going to try to take this new appraisal process, they take it out of the mortgage company's hands and put it in people's hands. people will have to pay for
9:37 am
appraisals they can't use. a lot of stuff going on. hopefully lobbying groups and consumers will get together and say, hey, wait a minute, qits effecting my pocketbook now. >> you can always contact carl if you have a question. e-mail us at he'll answer it on the air. thank you so much for coming in. we all want it to be protected especially when we're at home. coming up, a new scam that provides a home alarm system. why free isn't always good. time to play monday morning quarterback. we all knew how good the ravens were going to be this year but two games in the season and we know just how fast the defense may have gotten from last year. we're going to take a look at this defense. what ray lewis said was one of the best plays of his entire career. well, we have a good-looking day, 61 degrees.
9:38 am
more clouds begin to roll in as we watch this time lapse in sparrows point. morning fog giving way to sunshine. another round of clouds will fight its way back in by this afternoon. downtown at the inner harbor here. we'll talk about warmer temperatures and rain, next. stay with us.
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you down longer than you think. take a look. >> reporter: they say every man's home is his castle but since most don't have fortress protection alarms are a popular alternative. and with some companies you don't even have to search them out. they come to your door and offer free systems they'll install the same day. sounds good but the better business bureau and local police departments are warning about some of those offers. saying you've got to be careful about signing up on the spot. >> you've got to read the fine print and you really should think about it. >> reporter: or you could end up like many marylanders trapped in a five-year contract. the bbb says you typically have three days to cancel any deal from door-to-door sales but are hearing from a lot of people that get the equipment installed right away. once you do that legally there's no turning back. >> what most people complain about, they purchase something on the spur of the moment, an emotional epale, they want to get out of the contract and are bound, they can't. >> reporter: that's why the bbb advises against signing up for a high pressure sale even
9:42 am
if the equipment is free. asked for a copy of the contract and read it to see how long you're committed and how much it will cost you each month. get quotes from several companies. check the alarm company's record with the better business bureau and make sure they are registered with the maryland state police. >> you want to make sure they've been fingerprinted, they have a badge, id, they have been, actually gone through the proper channels to offer the service in maryland. >> reporter: simple steps, protect yourself from those claiming to help you protect your home. joce sterman, abc2 news. >> if you want to know how some of the companies make their pitch and what they are going to say, check out angie's blog in the "scam alert" section of he delivered more than just a hit during the ravens and chargers game. >> this was a game-changing play. who else made it but ray lewis? against san diego. and elecfied the defense even more. we'll be right back. so with fios i get fiber to the home,
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over 100 hd channels and $150 back..... yes, yes and yes nice, what about you? the best of intentions.
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the ravens win a tough one on the road in san diego. 31-26 and to break it down for us, joe from press box live. joseph, let's start with the offense first. 31 points. i'm watchingand thinking there's no way a ravens offense with 31 points can be beaten.
9:46 am
it almost happened yesterday but thanks to turner it didn't. who impressed you the most? >> you have to look at the offensive line because it only allowed one sack of joe flacco. if he doesn't get the protection nothing happens. joe can make great decisions on the run, going to the right, throwing to the left like ray rice like that. one of the great three-headed monsters you have at the running back position. willis mcgahee with trdz tds as well. >> should he be in front of rice now? he had different backs for different needs. mcgahee can slash inside and outside. ray rice can give you the change of pace. san diego had the advantage yesterday because they were so banged up in the interior. >> how about heap? is heap back? all the way back? >> it looks that way. i wrote a story on our press box, on-line report, in the summer that showed he was getting back to full strength as soon as the mini camp practices. he looked good to me for several months. >> this offense is in great
9:47 am
gear. what happened? >> it just, joe flacco developing. it's his second year now. young defensive line transitioning to a more versatile line. >> let's look at the defense. the only negative i saw, secondary. it was tough to watch. phillip rivers threw for about five miles. >> 430 something to be exact. the second highest passing day against the ravens. ironically, it was a former rain, vinny testaverde. they are speed oriented but not very big or physical. so they are going to have to step up their game and learn to take on the receivers and jam them a little better up the line. frank walker is a lot more physical, not as big but has the confidence and physicality to go after a guy. >> again, he threw under a couple of times. the one i was going to show, if
9:48 am
we were going to let that go, the triple team coverage. watch. still caughtle -- caught the ball. >> phillip rivers has a strong arm. maryland fans saw him when he played for nc state. they should be very familiar with what rivers can do. one of the best in the league. >> the game-changing play. when ray lewis goes to the hall of fame in canton this may be the first play we see on the highlight reel. ray lewis, fourth and two, what did you do? my eyes fell out of my head but really shouldn't have. i've seen every ravens game ever played. it shouldn't surprise anyone. as far as the esthetic value of the tackle, it's a fundamental tackle. the timeliness and suddenness of it is what made it great. no question. >> john said it was the best play he's ever seen. >> he's very enthusiastic. he once poked his head in the meeting room at owings mills
9:49 am
and said we had the best meeting. you can understand why he would get fired up over a play like that. >> we're in first place. ravens 2-0. everybody else, has-beens. browns 0-2? >> they could be very well 0-3. they have problems. they couldn't decide who their quarterback would be, either the former raven draft pick derek anderson or the hometown boy brady quinn. i think quinn is the better option. >> score? >> 41-13 ravens. >> that close? >> yeah. >> joe. thank you. he used to warn justin that the ravens would go to the super bowl. he did it in july. >> ravens/giants repeat. anything? >> i think ravens/vikings. >> you heard it here. we'll save the tape. this afternoon, basically a nice day. sunny to partly cloudy skies. we got high clouds thrown in. we've got this wind trying to shift out of the east-to-southeast. not a strong wind but
9:50 am
definitely throwing in moisture off the atlantic. this system back to the west going to hit the roadblocks into the mountains, stay to the west. pittsburgh, they get it. cleveland, they get it. cincinnati, they get the rain but as far as we're concerned, watching that system stay back to the west. we throw in high to mid-level clouds and maybe overnight because of the long nights we may develop fog towards daybreak. clouds trying to hang on more so tomorrow. there may be some spotty afternoon showers because of that easterly wind throwing in more moisture into the mix. this afternoon, partly cloudy in baltimore, 76 is our two-degree guarantee. we'll take you up towards carroll and northern baltimore county. we'll range from 74 westminster to 75 degrees in parkton. and we'll take you across the bay on to the eastern shore. grasonville and easton should make it up to the upper 70s. tonight, cloudy skies, above normal. compared to the 40s of the
9:51 am
last couple of mowrs we'll tell get back to 64 degrees, maybe near 60 outside the beltway. look for patchy fog as we go through daybreak. for some reason we're showing you sparrows point to show you that blue sky. clouds arrive tomorrow with fall arriving at 5:18 in the evening. 76 degrees, spotty showers. it's not going to feel like autumn with wednesday and thursday in the lower 80s and scattered showers. we'll try to drop back into the 70s by next weekend. catch us on line at don't forget to click on the weather page and play around with our interactive doppler radar. in the middle of the screen. back to you. we've been asking for your cup of joe for a while. we have one! look at these. they come from the orthodox church of st. matthews. they sent these in in celebration of their multicultural festival. it's october 3rd and 4th. they got a nice mug and then this inside. they are called nut horns. have i no idea what they are but look tasty. >> nut horns?
9:52 am
we're going to try them. that is a sample of some of the delicious food that will be at the festival. if you have a business or charity and want a little shout out, sends your mugs. you don't have to send the nut horns to 6400 york road, baltimore, maryland, 21212. provide a little background information so we can share it with everybody else. let's look at the events of the day. >> i got an e-mail. erin was telling me about the brewers hill community association having a sidewalk sale. they'll have everything from housewares to baked goods. on september 26th. it's a saturday. from 9:00 to noon. it covers two different blocks. it's the 3700 and the 3800 block of fayette and foster streets. >> pam is an alert viewer. she was watching your segment on the greyhound rescue. she wants equal time for beagles. she's having a beagle bash, sunday from noon to 4:00 at the country side kennels.
9:53 am
in culvert county. it will be from noon to 4:00. thank you, pam, for letting us know. >> i love beagles. >> beagle bash. >> if you have something on let us know. e-mail us. the addresses on the screen. jamie, me or we'll be happy to mention what is going on in your community. we'll be right back. ber to , over 100 hd channels and $150 back..... yes, yes and yes nice, what about you? the best of intentions. (announcer) with $150 back, there's never been a better time to switch to fios. unlike cable, fios delivers 100% true fiber optics straight to your home. for hd picture quality that beats cable in customer satisfaction. and crystal clear phone service. just... an amazing price, guaranteed for 2 years. don't miss this unbeatable value. hurry,
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in honor of the primetime emmys we're going to do the best tv dads. number five, jim anderson from "father knows best." >> number four, ward cleaver, "leave it to beaver." >> number three, jonathan kent from "smallville." >> and dr. huxtable from "the wisconsin bee show." >> and andy taylor from "the andy griffith show." >> dr. huxtable? should have been number one? >> we thought he was number one. >> father knows best. love that show. you don't remember that. >> you're a pretty good dad. >> i do want to say, now that
9:57 am
we have some time. last week you were so proud. your son, who by the way is a great baseball player -- quarterback of the football team? i mean, that's a proud dad. >> you were so proud. >> of course. >> you're going to downplay it but he was beaming. >> i have to watch from far away. >> your daughter is getting ready to head off to college. >> you're going to make me cry. >> we have a minute left. >> let's peak at the forecast. warming temperatures, 76 today. tomorrow autumn officially begins. it's just a mark on the calendar. the days are already getting shorter, nights getting longer. we still have warmer air building in for the middle of the week. wednesday, thursday, scattered showers, pulling back to the 70s by the weekend. norm, the other good tv dad will be here at 5:00 with more. check back then. >> have a great day. so with fios i get fiber to the home,
9:58 am
over 100 hd channels and $150 back..... yes, yes and yes nice, what about you? the best of intentions.
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