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tv   ABC2 News at 630PM  ABC  September 27, 2009 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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abc2 news abc 2 news'. a candelight vigil is planned tonight for a family of four from fredrick county found dead inside their home. i'm christian schaffer. police are calling a suicide. abc 2 news' cheryl conner has more from neighbor who's are struggling to understand what could lead a husband and father to kill his family and then take his own life. >> reporter: a growing
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memorial, flowers, balloons, stuffed animals now stands outside of the dalton house. >> it's just so sad to see the whole family go. >> reporter: friendses and neighbors gathering in this quiet subdivision to remember 14-year-old charlie dalton, his 7-year-old sister and their mother and father. >> such a shock because she was such a wonderful little girl and they were a nice, nice family. >> reporter: police responding to a 911 call around 5:30 friday night are call this a murder-suicide. that 38-year-old charles dalton sr. killed his wife and two children as they slept and turned the 12 gauge shotgun on himself. >> it's devastating to everyone. >> i don't know what to say. it's horrible somebody could do that. >> reporter: neighbors are at a loss to say why. this was a church-going family but some believed there were financial issues. >> i see he's got his house up
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for sale and the economy has been stressful for a lot of people. >> reporter: this could be difficult for young people. charlie and emmaline were popular kids, well liked and now such a sudden and terrible loss. >> this thursday he was laughing and giggling about stuff. it was horrible to find out the next day he was gone. >> prayed two times they will reach heaven. a suspect is in jail after being shot and wounded after he rammed his car into a aplace car. started in ann arundle county. he was pulled over for having expired tags and had a suspended drivers license. police say williams stopped but then pulled away, nearly hitting the officer. williams was later spotted in baltimore county where police say he tried to run over another officer who opened fire. >> was able to drive off and
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drove into baltimore city where he went to st. ag nurse hospital for treatment. baltimore county police received a call from the baltimore city county advised us agnes was suffering from gunshot wounds. >> baltimore county police say a 74-year-old man from perry hall has been murdered. david weeks was found in his home friday night and his death was a homicide but have not released any other details because of the investigation. they will say weeks appears to have been targeted and this was note a random attack. a fire in white marsh early this morning left one woman dead before dawn in the 9,000 block of deviation road. neighbors tried to save the woman but could not get past the intention smoke and flames. >> my neighbor ran in there to try to save her and this guy across the street here did and they couldn't save her. >> victim's name is not being
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released until her family is notified. the cause is under investigation. a college student from maryland has died after being struck by lightning in north carolina. 18-year-old john sacket from minneapolis but attended unc wilmington near the north carolina coast. he was in the ocean when lightning struck the water friday afternoon, rescuers performed cpr but he was pronounced dead at a hospital not far from the beach. it's been more than a week since a broken water main flooded. several state and county agencies provided more help to flood victims. experts were on hand at the water edge community center to provide insurance information and to help with cleanup. >> what i have found here today is that many of the clients that were serving didn't know. we do this everyday, 365 days a year, we're here to provide -- >> insurance money i'm getting
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will not replace hot water heater, furnace, air conditioner, washer, dryer, freezer. i'm trying to get a little help in replacing those things. >> last weekend the red cross served 4,000 meals and distributed hundreds of cleanup kits and opened two shelters for flood victims. well on the weather front in maryland things are were a mixed bag. all weekend you could say that. a decent start on saturday. a lot of rain through the area. picking up just about half an inch in many spots but we're seeing just a couple of showers on the eastern shore. things clearing in baltimore new mexico ---'s most powerful radar bearing that out. temperature wise below 70s to upper 60s. overnight tonight we're dropping off sharply to 55 degrees. a much cooler scenario coming after monday. we're going to talk about some very autumn-like weather midweek coming up in a few. a fire has killed seven horses at an equestrian center on the east shore.
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it took 75 firefighters to put out a three alarm fire in chesapeake city. investigators say it's too early to determine what started the fire but damages are estimated to be $1 million. one firefighter suffered minor injuries. he was treated and released from the hospital. the ex wife of sniper john muhammed is publishing a memoir. which is based on journals that she began writing when her ex-husband took her three children. the book is called "scared silent" and comes out next month. maryland's new ban on texting while driving will go into force this week. it prohibits writing or sending texts but doesn't prohibit reading texts and the assistant state attorney general says police officers will have a lot of discretion with the new law.
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enforcement will be based on what officers see just like other laws. the new law fines drivers $500 if they're caught writing or sending text messages behind the wheel. iran said it successfully test fired short range missiles and shows iran is ready to crush any military threats. abc's laura sitrakian has the details. >> reporter: the elite revolutionary guard said they tested a multiple missle launcher and planned maneuvers that can reach u.s. military bases in the persian gulfs. >> it will have very bad consequences for the iranian people. >> reporter: in israel on the somber weekend. department foreign minister danny aisleon called for more sanctions saying it was a huge challenge to the international community.
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iran's show of force comes at an already tense time. on friday western leaders accused iran of hiding a new nuclear facility hours outside tehran. they've long suspected iran of pursuing a nuclear weapon. >> it's no wonder that world leaders think that they have all tearer motives. otherwise why would they do this in a deceitive manner. >> reporter: secretary gates says iran is still years away from a nuclear bomb and that had a military strike would only buy some time. iran, europe and the u.s. meet for nuclear talks this week but in today's political climate, analysts predict no break throughs. tight game at mmt bank stadium this afternoon for the first ten minutes or so and now we'll skip head to the third quarter. joe flacco wants more. airing it out to mason and he
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finds him. mason makes a few move and that was the ravens' final touchdown of the afternoon. mason caught his 800th pass. ravens win 34-3. scott garceau will have more reaction from scott flacco coming up and coming up on abc2 news tonight he's been a fugitive for more than 30 years. now a world famous movie director is in custody. imagine driving down the road and suddenly disappears under your wheel, how about that? well on the weather front not too bad temperature wise. a little damp but 75 is what we forecast. that was your two degree temperature. that's three days in a row now and that gives us an abc2 news umbrella winner. >> cary covert out of addison.
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a look at national headlines begins with red ink officer. , big job losses and spike in early retirement claims from laid off seniors will force.
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former president bill clinton says a right winning conspiracy that he believes targeted him is now focusing on the current president president barack obama. he said attacks from conservatives are not as strong as they once were because he says america has changed demographically. he said many people who oppose him simply want the president to fail. authorities here in the u.s. are waiting to see whether he'll be expedited in connection with the sex crime back in 1977. pa lens ky fled in 1978. he had visited switzerland several times in the past and was never arrested before. officials have not said why he was arrested this time. well the rain maybe gone but the troubles have continued in waterlogged georgia. a sinkhole opened up at a busy
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intersection and someone drove right into it. it apparently opened in overnight. police say someone moved the cones. the driver found himself at the by the hole. suffered minor injuries. police say they've done a better job of blocking off the entire intersection. nothing like they had indundock. you always have to watch not just for the construction but i just think, especially merge on, spiraling trying to get on 695. >> a lot of water down south over the past few weeks. >> they have. we've got just about under .5- inch in baltimore. most of it is out of the area. we've had sunshine break out across the inner harbor. not a bad sunday afternoon.
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sunday evening in the water. temperature wise pleasant. 73degrees. that's not bad for late september and humidity 66% right now. winds out of the west at 9. a little breezy but i think it's going to get gusty tomorrow. i want to show you this. definitely some rain showers down along the water this morning. you see it dries off. few people enjoying fall weekend down there. pretty cloudy day on the hole. temperatures around 72 degrees down beach side. on maryland's most powerful radar. you see there's not a whole lot going on. generally clean sweep across the weern shore baltimore area, annapolis all dry. there are showers down across the eastern shore little bit of wet weather in that direction still. i think we'll be set for a dry evening. that could change late in the day with another cold front moving through. a few showers possible with that and the main difference you'll notice midweek temperatures will be much cooler. lows this morning, we're in the low 60s. may have one or two days that
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are not much warmer, mostly in the mid-60s. sea saw of temperatures continues here and it's not that unusual for late september. this afternoon we did rebound pretty nicely temperature wise. we had 74bwi, 75 in hagerstown. these numbers will be just about identical. and pretty pleasant mild day as well but it does get cooler towards tuesday and wednesday. satellite radar pictures right now we had the early showers. things cleared out pretty decently rain wise and we're getting nice clear skies across the fredrick area back down to d.c. all in all what we're watching is cooler air building in across the plains back towards michigan, indiana, ohio. much cooler air beginning to drift down out over the canadian prairies. not a dramatic cooloff. not a major blast of cold air. not quite yet, anyway.
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thereby noticeably cooler. forecast model in detail here. best chance for rain tomorrow probably towards lunchtime or just after. computer model around 2:00 pick up rain here in baltimore and up north say towards harrisburg. we'll watch for that midday tomorrow and i think we'll dry it out in the evening. in the evening winds pick out of the west/northwest. again, tuesday, mixture of clouds and sun. i don't think we get out of the 60s, partly cloudy. watch out for a few showers. small craft advisory all day long in chesapeake thanks to wind gusts later in the day. , high temperature 77 degrees. variablebly cloudy skies. watch out for scattered rain showers later in the afternoon. seven-day forecast, five days plus another two, how about that. the trend is a cooler one. midweek that's what we're talking about. we might squeak to 70s on tuesday. back into the low 70s next weekend. christian? >> thanks. well today franklin square
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hospital celebrated life and hope through the eighth cancer. they've been trying to involve as many people as possible. an oncology nurse at the franklin institute says surviving cancer is all about an attitude about life and living each day to the fullest. >> these are people who are survivors and a survivor is defined as anyone who is diagnosed from cancer from the moment of their diagnosis for the rest of their life. >> hospitals also celebrating the fifth anniversary of its cancer institute. up next, more from an amazing day for baltimore ravens' fans. undefeated. looking ahead to a tough fight after smooth sailing today. we'll hear what the team has to say about beating down the browns. 
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you know those so-called power rankings that the experts
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put together at football season. they don't mean much. of course when you're number one maybe they do mean something and right now espn and other ratings have baltimore ravens at number one spot and that's unlikely to change after this afternoon. john harbaugh had his guys ready to play. brady quinn at quarterback for the browns and he probably should have pulled that one down. got the interception. quinn was later pulled in favor of derek anderson who did no better. how about willis mcgahee this season. that gave the ravens the lead. that's the first touchdown of his career. ravens 27-0. the browns did get a field goal but that's it. ed reed with the interception. final score ravens, 34-browns 3.
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here's scott garceau with post is game reaction from the coach and the quarterback. >> let's call this a denny green game. they were who we nugget they were. the undefeated ravens dominated the winless browns. the ravens' defense bounced back with a near shutout and four interceptions. joe flacco threw for 342 yards and willis mcgahee scored two more touchdowns. the browns got a full dose of purple and black. >> i thought our guys played from the get go. that was the good thing. we came out really smoking out of the tunnel and that's what they wanted to do. we got the turnover right away. we scored right away. i think we had three touchdowns off of the turnovers and controlled the ball. we got something out of our kick returns. playing great run defense. really across the board i thought it was a complete victory. team victory.
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>> we always play together and team victories. it's our job as an offense to put the ball in the end zone and we converted them to a pretty good amount of points. that's swlea to do in order to win games. >> next stop new england. the ravens and patriots in the matchup two of the best. coach john harbaugh call it's a huge challenge and far this season the ravens have been up to the challenge. scott garceau. a somewhat different story in college park. the terps will spend a week looking for a way to turn it around new mexico --- turned the ball over five times in their loss to rutgers. roll 34-13 at birds stadium. coach admits he's disappointed in the performance. they host clemson in their first conference game next week. another bleak season for the orange county.
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the indians shut out the orioles this afternoon. final score 9-0. shelley shoppach hit a three-run homer. orioles got just five hits in the game. they scored just 29 runs during the ten losses in the row. sounds more and more like baltimore's favorite swimmer is ready for one more challenge. michael phelps told fans everybody goes through tough times. phelps has won a record 14 gold medals in his career and says he has one more olympic competition with him. after that he said "we'll see. ." >> we'll see about the forecast. pretty nice right now. we'll be right back.
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s. time for a final check of the forecast. >> i think we're going to say dry. >> couple of showers over towards the eastern shore. your seven-day forecast look good evening, for monday. we might see a stray shower or thundershower mid afternoon or so. cool front pushing in. you will notice a more fall- like feel in the air. >> thanks a lot. that's all for us at 6:30.
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we'll be back tonight at 11:00 after a couple of big premiers. "desperate housewives" at nine. " brothers and sisters" at 10:00.
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