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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 9AM  ABC  September 28, 2009 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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good monday morning. thank you for joining us i'm megan pringle. i'm jamie costello. brand new workweek. starting off with the ravens win yesterday. love it win the ravens win, because you are in such a good mood on monday. >> we start preparing for new england on sunday. >> back to work. >> we got joe coming in, we
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will break down yesterday's game and get ready for sunday. something interesting, financial makeovers. have you hear of such a thing. basically this program gives you complete financial assistance, talking about debt reduction, mortgage advice, everything you could possibly know for people who really need the help we will tell you how to get involved in this. we will talk mortgage monday. a coup of great questions, you emailed questions about your mortgages. that's coming up thmplets is a tough story about a man, his wife sandy passed away at 42. two young daughters. his mother passed away the same day. from cancer. same day. both on july 1st. i applaud him because he has worked through his grief and making home healthcare safer,
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efficient and better for other families. this is happening down the road in tow send. it's a courageous thing to do when you are in the middle of grieving such a tremendous loss. . scott will join us telling us how to buy a used car. first weather. here is sue susan. things are looking beautiful as we start the monday morning. look a lit built of a haze, for the most part, things are showing nice sunshine. 61 degrees already. relative humidity 81%. wind south, southwest at 6 miles an hour. sunny skies. maybe a bit of a haze starting to move in. to the west of us , there is a system that is trying to come through, mainly passing and moving the energy to the north of us, staying to the west of
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the mountains and north in to pennsylvania. over the course of the day this is going to move through this piece of energy providing the opportunity for cloud cover. also widely scattered showers, possibly a few thunderstorms, the biggest story with this particular system is the wind. we will see it kick up with gusts as high as 30 miles an hour. other wise looks like a nice day with temperatures in the upper 70s. back to you. starting with the top stories. hard days ahead for the mount area community as it mourns the loss of family wiped out by one of their own. candlelight vigil brought out the friends and neighbors and members of the local volunteer fire department. charles dalton killed his wife jennifer t two kids and the dog before taking his own life. he shot his family while they were sound asleep. a friend made the discovery friday night. they attended church regularly
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but some believe there were financial issues that led charles to commit the crimes. >> this was a choice that was made. but we love these people. we love this family. we love each other. >> funeral arrangements have not been set. ex-wife of convicted dc sniper john mohamed is telling all. her ex-took three children away from her a decade ago, she continued writing when he was convicted of the sniper attacks that terrorized us, dc and virginia. the book titled scared silent comes out next month. think twice before you press down on the gas pedal. officials including baltimore city, mayor dixson will unveil the cameras they plan to put in place near public schools. city and county approved installing the cameras,
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construction zones, school zones, those traveling at least 12 miles per hour over the speed limit will get a 40- dollar ticket. >> it's not about generating extra revenue, it's a safety factor on going within the city and communities who are fed up with people speeding. maryland state law takes affect october 1st, the city plans to issue warning tickets for speed camera violations for the first month. maryland new ban on texting while driving goes in to affect this week. raising eyebrows. prohibits sending but not reading. makes you wonder why? the attorney general says police officers will have a lot of discretion with new law. enforcement will be based on what officers see. if you are caught sending a text message you will be fined $500. more than a week since a
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broken water main caused flood. county and state agencies came together to provide more help for victims. experts on happened at the waters edge community center to provide insurance information and help with cleaning up. many of the clients we are serving didn't know we do. this we do this every day we are here for the public. >> insurance money will not replace air conditioner, washer, dryer, freezer. i'm trying to get a little help. >> the red cross served 4000 meals. distributed hundreds of clean up kits and opened two shelters for flood victims. observing i don't mean ca
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pure -- i don't mean it's been a year since a maryland medevac crashed while trying to take two patients to the hospital. ol former maryland state police pilot breaks his silence to abc 2 news expex plains why he tried to blow the whistle before the crash of trooper 2. >x
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so, what do you think?
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preferred package. - good choice. ( laughs ) - i know. only meineke let's you choose your service, choose your savings. like an oil change for just $19.95. at meineke, you're always the driver. yesterday marked a year since a maryland state police medevac helicopter went down near the air force base. the national transportation safety board has yet to determine what caused the crash. brian looks at the questions that surrounds the crash and talked to a man who says he put his career on the line to prevent it. >> reporter: to use the word anniversary may be
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grammatically correct. it hardly seems appropriate for a tragedy that leaves many questions. sunday at 11:57 p.m. marks the time a year ago when trooper two fell from the sky killing the pilot and the other passengers. four deaths that should have been prevented this man says. >> in your whistle blower letter, the first line was your immediate attention is requested to prevents will of life. >> did you believe that at that time? >> yes, i did. >> pete peterson was the maryland state police pilot who wrote this whistle blower letter before the crash of trooper 2. he had been flying with ms p for more than nine years and says his concerns were too deep, too critical not to blow the whistle.
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that people would die if the life saving aviation command continued as it was. >> i thought it was a matter of time. >> turns the out it was a matter of two weeks. >> m-hmm. you could see the progression of things over three or four year period. all the components were in place. >> peterson has 36 years of flying experience. as a civilian pilot with ms p he saw failures in the system in 2004 starting with this executive summary he was charged with writing. conclusion, ms p needed a new fleet of choppers because of what what wasn't being done in the savuation command. the fact was that the lack of recording maintenance records, according to the summary, maryland state police was directed to budget $70,000 for
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a fleet management analysis system. fm as would track information sensual for the fleet and predict when the aircraft needed to be replaced. the study notes establishment and upkeep of the fm as was never put in place. the money went to additional studys it's critically important, because in order to reach an informed decision about replacement of the fleet and spending the million dollars of dollars it would cost to replace the feet, you have to track its reliability and maintainability. >> peterson says the fm as would have tracked availability of the fleet without it he would argue less than air worthy aircraft were pushed back in to service. peterson says that 2004 executive summary was deemed confidential and never saw the
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light of day. state police and its attorney declined comments several times for the story for any accusations made by peterson. as a publicly funded medevac operation ms p is not required to follow the rules and standards as private operations. nor is the ms p operation a accredited by the industry. it is peterson's belief that opened the door to latent failures from a organization he says is shallow in aviation knowledge and ill equipped to be running in air medical service a charge he levels against ms p, maryland institute of ems systems and certain parts of the legislative assembly. >> at some point all of them were aware there was a significant problem for the crash. it was brought to their attention and everybody thought they could fix the problem under the table and they couldn't. >> peterson's concerns writ out
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in his his letter became public, he was fired for insubordination and not cop rating with the internal crash investigation. state police refused further comment. a year later he filed a air 21, whistle blower protection for people in the aviation industry. it could take years to settle the claim but he hopes that change in the aviation command he seeks for all marylanders doesn't take nearly as long. >> i'm still saddened by the loss of four people. knowing that i tried everything that i could as a public servant, 36 years of public service, to try to prevent it. >> now hoping the claims he believes cost his career will buy true reform. >> ntsb has yet to rule on the
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cause of the crash. maryland state police and attorney for the maryland state police declined to comment on the story three times saying that the organization will not comment on a former employee and that is their policy. it is important to point out that the maryland state police says the aviation command has worked very hard to improve the system since the crash and is working to meet with those stricter federal standards that brian mentioned in the piece. state police say choppers are now more safely equipped maintenance records are better kept and they are working to pr cur state of the art helicopter. gored dan says he constantly is reminded of those who died in the crash and thoughts and prayers are with them and their families. another nice start to the
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day. bright blue skies. a haze now and then. 61 degrees. relative humidity 81%. winds south, southwest at 6 miles an hour. taking a look at temperatures across the state, see generally in the 60s. already in the lower 60s and upper 60s. 74 degrees in the coast there at ocean city. we had a bit of rain and drizzle in fact almost half an inch as of yesterday. that is all out in the atlantic ocean. the system crossed through. we had a nice clear overnight and now seeing cloud cover starting to move in at least from the western portion of the state. all the rain with it, clouds will move in this afternoon. we could be seeing a couple of showers as well from the system. the big thing with that system, see we don't see a lot of rain potential as we head in to tuesday or wednesday, instead we are looking at wind with the particular system. looking at wind to pick up this afternoon in to tomorrow with gusts as high as 30 miles an
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hour. 77 degrees, partly cloudy, afternoon showers, now they will be widely scattered and more towards the northern border there with pennsylvania than they are south of baltimore. for tonight nice conditions again. partly cloudy, chilly though, breezy, lows in the 40s most places and over the next 7 days, well, we look at good conditions, fall like condition on tuesday, we may see a bit of a sprinkle shower here and there in some places on tuesday. for the most part a nice day. look at wednesday, thursday and friday, we are looking at highs in the 60s, so it's going to feel different and chilly as we head in to the middle part of the week. terrific fall weather. next weekend back in the 70s. however that's when we see more rain coming in to the forecast. it is a good day to be a ravens fan. up next, monday morning quarterback. before we go to break, we want
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38, 31, 34, good measurements for a football team. that's number of points we scored in the first three games in a year. let's go back. look at this offense. now, this offense is as good as it gets right now. years past, somebody would have to fall down or we get a fluke play and score, this one, map you can't wait for them to get the ball back. >> with this team you have to look at what it means to be a raven and what it means to play raven football. plans told me why didn't the ravens run out the ball. they got the big play to mason to make the score 34-3. have to redefine about the ravens what it is that makes them successful. mason was prettied pretty
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adamant at the post game. >> at the beginning, -- we got a couple of them with mark clayton staying healthy and able to play the way he has. williams hasn't featured in the offense so far. even though three are freecherring, you have todd playing. he had the running back involved in the passing game. it's multifaceted multitalented dimensional offense. >> willis was on top of his game. so was ray rice. look at. that first time two scores he didn't get touched. ray rice scampered to the end. you don't see this in college. you don't see this in the pros like this. >> blocking was phenomenal. cleveland had a lack of talent and injuries on that side, both sides of the ball really.
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you figure this is an era of parity in the nfl. some teams maybe it parody. cleveland has a lot of problems with the coach, former ravens assistant, fining guys $1700 for not buying a bottle of water. grievances are going to be filed. the word quit was passed around the locker room. with a team like the ravens ultra focused and down the business 34-3 is the result. >> last monday talking about the secondary for the ravens. i know it's cleveland and mason and brady quinn, but it's going to be a different story this weekend. we were on in this one. >> when i covered high school sports for 20 year period, i saw foxworth play for the wolverines and thought he is speedy and fast to get to the
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ball can he play d-1-rbgs he showed up at maryland and played in the nfl and made a big play, first interception as a raven. >> are we this good? think so. >> i think so. back on august 18th, press box on, august 18th is when i picked this team to win the super bowl, we are seeing why, you got to take care of business against a team reich this. sometimes a team on the downside, jump up and beat an under established team. >> baltimore and cincinnati, not who we thought they were. sips gnatty 2-1 b pittsburgh 1- 2. cleveland, they could run the table.
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new england this story. it's going to be tough. >> new england is the best team in the nfl this decade. that's the way i feel about it. >> it is a winnable game. >> it is a winnable game. tougher against new england. wouldn't be surprised if the pats took this one. ravens one of the best in the league. see you next monday. everybody could use help financially bs but a lot of times it depends how much trouble are you in. this program gives people a financial makeover. who is eligible, coming up. if you are thinking about refinancing morgan, you got to be aware of scams, be smart with your money. excuse me, mary?
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thunderstealer-tom. (announcer) want the perfect solution built for your small business? switch to verizon and get more for less. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v and for just $79.99, you'll get it all: a dedicated high-speed internet connection from our office to yours, unlimited nationwide calling, 50 gigs of online storage and our award-winning internet security suite. that's high speed internet, phone, storage and security for just $79.99 a month for 12 months with a 3-year contract. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v today and switch to the complete solution built for your small business. welcome back to good morning maryland. we love a makeover, maybe on a house or hair style or outif i felt what about a financial makeover, doesn't sound as
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exciting but if you are in trouble it can put you back on track. brian is from stewart financial group. thank you for coming in. >> thanks for having me. >> you are here to tell us a about this program. what it is. >> it's a national outreach program. we are awarding deserving families around the country a financial makeover for up to two years. >> what exactly is a financial makeover? what does that mean? >> a complete comprehensive financial makeover, what it entails is everything from retirement planning to financial assistance, debt reduction, tax filing and up to 6 months payments on a mortgage or a lease. >> wow that's huge. >> how did this thing come about, how did it start. >> donald trump's first apprentice bill came up with a idea to help out individuals
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who are struggling financially. in his tv series we mean business helps businesss get on their feet. bill is the campaign's national spokesperson. >> is this for anybody who thinks okay i've got a couple of thousand dollars in credit card debt or how do you qualify. how much trouble do you need to be in? >> it's all needs based. anybody can apply. the way that it works is that you need to go to our web site, www.gradient gives and apply. the application process is completely confidential, gradient will award numerous makeovers through the end of this year. >> what are you hearing from people about a need for something like this? you talk to people every day about financing, what are you hearing? >> there are so many people
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struggling financially. people are getting laid off, left and right. problems making their mortgage payments. these are tough economic times for everyone. gradient gives back is an opportunity to help people who really need a second chance getting back on their feet. >> is there one thing you heard in talking i bout this with people that will entice them the most. >> people like the financial systems to help them make the more began payment, seems to be an awfully big deal for a lot of people losing their jobs. >> let's give out the web site again. >> gradient gives >> right there on your screen for example you missed it or have questions or confused how it works, watch the segment on abc 2 .
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let's put it up, two great questions here. couple of great issues. this is from david in rose dale, i'm in the middle of refinancing through a large national bank, appraisal came in at almost 70,000 less than estimated. the bank said there is nothing we can do. are we at of the money? can we refinance. >> david, you're not alone there are a lot of people facing similar situations. there was a rule passed by the hbcc, the home value code of conduct limits people on how they are influencing appraisals. the old days where i would be
9:34 am
to call an appraiser and say this is what we think the value is, that's gone. no more. they turn around and give you a value. you can't contest it. they say you can contest it. what appraiser is going to admit they department do a good job. i didn't provide the service i was hired to do. a lot of people on the selling side as well now, you can have a contract, say you want to buy my house for x price, we have that agreement but through the management companies if the appraisal comes in low you are going to have to lower your sales price. that's affecting sellers as well. >> the issue, if you have an fha loan, those appraisals if they get logged, they log that value in that system, you can't do anything for six months. they are changing that at the beginning of the year. now here is an un fortunate situation.
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>> i responded to an ad promising a rate of 4% fixed for 30 years. gave them all my personal information and was told the rate is only for five years, pay a few points and get a 30 year fixed and got a application fee for tell megathe true story. i feel scammed. is this legal. >> two parts here. one they are not allowed to take application fees anymore. there is a new rule this went in to affect. you should be able to go in, what am i going to be offered. what happened is they took his money, turned around and misled him with the interest rate. they weren't completely hiding anything, the rate is available but as aubrey found out, he could get the rate if he pay more points or wanted to take op adjustable rate mortgage. arms are about 1% lower than current market rate. so he has that available to him but they weren't up front in
9:36 am
disclosing to him it could be a 30 year fixd with x amount of points there is a new rule that good faith estimates have to be, called a truth in lepping act where they have to disclose the fee before they incur -- they are starting to come out with things to protect you. it's going to be a delay. i would look at going to another company. >> you have a question, why is it every time you come in, new rules. you say new rules are in place. >> i'm like the grim reaper. . stay was, there is a question that a lot of you are going through, if you are caring for a loved one at home,
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it can be costly and emotional. and if you save money, some people are thinking about buying used carses maybe it's not a bad idea, what you need to know before you buy. a beautiful start to the day today. lots of sunshine, little bit of haze from time to time, you can see a bit of wind picking up too. 61 degrees, relative humidity 81%. south, southwest winds at 6. satellite radar, shows mainly clear skies. activity to the west of us. staying to the west now. we will be expecting that to move in to the picture today. this afternoon a couple of showers, 77 degrees and watch for the wind to pick up as well. stay with us, we'll be right back.
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welcome back . this is a tough thing to talk about. when you are grieving and taking care of loved one and preparing to say good-bye, the last thing you have to think about is the cost. the man you are about to meet is telling you it's a sad reality. thank you for joining us. >> this is a tough story. your wife sandy passed away. 42, your mom passed away the same day. you have two daughters. how do you get through something like this?
9:41 am
>> like a lot of people, you get through it. there is no choice. you deal with it and deal with everything day-to-day. >> she was sick for three years? >> yes. >> how important was it for you to have her at home. >> it was important for her to stay involved in their lives, she was a champ about doing that too. staying at home and patient live their lives day-to-day is critical. >> people would come in and help take care of her, but you ran in to problems. >> i noticed tremendous people in the healthcare business, right, particularly home healthcare. they are in the bps because they enjoy it and dedicated but saddled with a system that's inefficient and makes them spend a lot of time not caring for patients. we learned from that lesson.
9:42 am
my view, this is a problem solved in other markets. >> it's got to be frustrating because you are so close to it. it was happening in your life with your wife of 17 years. >> a lot of people are faced with similar circumstances when this happens. it's not a common occurrence. everybody has to face it and rally the troops. get support from the community. friends were tremendous, healthcare system was good. what we spotted was the massive inefficiencies that were causing her to spend more times of being a patient than living her life. we created technology that helps companies those providing the people and equipment and supplies, to help them run efficiently so they can schedule resources better, they can do it efficiently and travel fewer miles and save on fuel costs. really what that translates to is better care for the patient
9:43 am
at home. they are able to spend more time with patients. >> what would you say to somebody who is where you have been? >> for the patients and for the people at home caring for them, take control, don't just accept that when somebody gives you a schedule that equipment is going to be dliferred next week on tuesday, don't accept the date. ask questions back and see if you can move the schedules up. might be be a blood draw or go to get radiation treatment, don't sit back and wait for things to happen to you. take control, try and promote your own agenda. with the help of neighbors who were there by your wife's side, you started a company. >> go to it's all about bringing
9:44 am
operational efficiency to companys that provide equipment and resources to care for patients in the home. >> i think sandy would be really proud. >> i think so too. we'll be right back .
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you're a big proponent of this. >> i think the best values are on the used car lot. quite frankly. >> you tell people, i would not buy a new car. >> no. the first year of ownership is the biggest depreciation. when you buy a new car the ole story you drive it off the lot, lose $1000, that's true. cars cost 30,000, 40,000, you drive them off the lot and lose, 7, 8, $10,000 driving
9:48 am
around the block. the value is in the late model used car. scotty, that's you, my father told me when you buy a used car you're buying somebody else's troubles and now my wife and i can't agree. she wants used, i want new, help. tom in parkville. >> your dad was right. your dad was right. so is your wife. this is a big confusion. politically correct. years ago they used to make cars with a 12 month, 12,000- mile warranty. they were nowhere near the quality standards that they are are today. personally i think that used car play is an excellent value, especially in tough economic times. i have three tips for buying a used car for the folks at home.
9:49 am
buy one or two year old used car with under 36,000 miles. it's under factory warranty, most of the depreciation has been taken already. in other words, you can buy a 25,000-dollar car, 18 months old for $15,000. it's still under factory warranty. that's the first step. second tip, buy factory certified. a factory certified used car. when it's certified by the manufacturer and that's important by the manufacturer, when it's certified by the manufacturer it's reconditioned to a much higher standard. often times that certification will include an extended warranty above the 3-36 and no additional charge. the third tip, even tells you to look at the maintenance records, i think that's important too, but i would like to look at the warranty record. we are talking about a one or
9:50 am
two year old car. maintenance history has essentially been rations and oil changes. but if you had the warranty history, you're going to see if this car has any type of preexisting condition or recurring problem. can save you a lot of headache. if you would like to ask scotty a question, go to morning show at he comes in almost every other monday. >> almost every other monday. thank you. good morning even, things are looking beautiful out there we have really nice start to the day. things are going to go down hill as we head in to the afternoon hours. humidity 81%. winds south, southwest at 6 miles an hour. temperatures around the state
9:51 am
feeling nice now. 64'sston n the mid-70s in ocean city, 63 degrees in pennsylvania. 62 hagerstown. all of the rain in the drizzle and the cloudiness and uncertainty in the weather around yesterday is out of here. it's well off the coast, we we have the system that's moving in from the west, see across the mound tains now. starting to come in hagerstown, they are starting to see it. now the area of rape along with it. the rain is not going to be a real big deal, what is going to be the deal is you are going to have a high wind. wind gusts up to 30 miles an hour this afternoon. see there on the cast, we are not seeing a whole lot in the way of showers today or tomorrow or wednesday. a relative dry week. we will have the showers and widely scattered areas this afternoon. for the most part it's not going to be a whole lot for us.
9:52 am
afternoon showerses widely scattered, the wind that's going to be the issue for us. tonight,el chilly, 49 degrees, chilly and breezy. we have the wind also staying around throughout the day tomorrow. gusts as high as 30 miles an hour. going to be on the chilly side. in to wednesday, thursday and friday, we to want get past the 60s. mid-60s at that for wednesday and thursday, daytime highs warms up in to next weekend. that brings the chance for some rain. back to you. time for a cup of joe. there they are. there by the pumpkin. they provide individualized academic vocational therapeutic programs for students with disabilities or health impairment. serving students from grade 6 to 12. i have inside source who told me they have an excellent playground.
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you want a shout out on our ware, we will be happy to give it to you. send your mugs to cup of joe. time for featured events. we tell you what is going on in the community. i love this. >> allison sent in an email. -- the first annual free to breathe yogathon in baltimore raising public awareness and the fight to lung cancer. participants are going to perform 108 song salutations and salutations. 108, if you are interested in this, check out free to you want to head to the baltimore congregation on park heights avenue. the address is right there.
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kim's crypt is open. room, scare asks tribute to edgar allen poa. norm goes there every year. you have something going on in the community. all you have to do is shoot us an email. we'll be right back. and that's how verizon fios works.
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call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v this is fios. this is big. welcome back. look at the final check on the weather. >> nice weather coming in. except for the afternoon, may get dicey. it's going to be more wind than rain. little bit of a shower possibility, that's just really little possibility on tuesday. going to be windy the next couple of days and then cold. get used to fall. it's here. remember to join us tomorrow starting at 5:00 on good morning maryland. captions by: caption colorado,llc. (800) 775-7838. email:
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