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tv   ABC World News Sunday  ABC  March 14, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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it's back up to 17. just past the midway point. fourth quarter in cleveland. cavs and meeting for the third time this season. they split the first two. close game throughout. but the cavs dominating here in the fourth. that three won't go. comes right back to him. abc "world news" sunday of your local news coming up on most of your abc stations, except on the west coast. james, short. rondo. and rondo fouled by james. perkins will return for finley. james missed two games earlier this week with a sprained ankle. and returned on friday, victory against philadelphia.
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not a bad idea for him to get rest. they only played a handful of games this week. >> mark: not a bad idea at all. it's important to look to where you want to be when it's all said and done and he's a guy that's -- it's going to be important for him to get his proper rest. get his body right. >> mike: pierce hits the three-pointer. 91-77. key stat here this afternoon. celtics have one of the better teams at forcing turnovers. cleveland has just six the entire game. just one turnover over the last 23 minutes. james. garnett, the rebound. rondo looking to push. ray allen fires away. hits a three! just like that, it's back to 11. mike brown says "time-out." so, they've cut six points off the 17-point lead. and there's still 4:54 remaining. ray allen, one of the great shooters in nba history.
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he's got 14. celtics down 91-80. [ male announcer ] 7 out of 10 men prefer degree fragrances over a leading old spice fragrance. ♪
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>> mike: tomorrow night, make espn your nba destination. first at 8:00 p.m., the celtics will be at home and they'll host rip hamilton and the detroit pistons. 10:30, kobe bryant and the lakers make the trek to oakland and face stef stephen curry and warriors. special player doing it here again, mark. >> mark: lebron james. you talk about the ability to use that body. and then, finesse, splitting.
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and the tale of the tape. 6 8, 250, 6'1", 171. excuse me. eliminates him out of the picture. and the tear dropper, a thing of beauty. lebron james, continuing to be spectacular. season numbers, and he's consistent this afternoon. >> jeff: i'm saying the over/under on lebron james' weight is not 250. that guy is huge. i'm saying -- i'm going to set the bar at 265. >> mike: and the quickness, as james goes to the line. flip saunders might have been the first one a couple of years ago, who felt that james was the fastest player in the league. just -- you don't realize until you see him in person, just how fast he is at that size. >> jeff: i would like to see lebron james and randy smith in
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a race. because that's the only other guy i can remember even being close to that speed. >> mike: james to the basket. banks it in, and the foul! perkins and james flexing, with a chance for a three-point play. perkins bumped into him. no affect. >> jeff: that's like their third free throw rebound they've given up today. and i'm disappointed in that foul by kendrick perkins, if i'm the celtics. i love perkins, but you've got to -- you got to put him down on that. not dirty. you've got to foul as hard as he drives. he didn't drive it hard. he eased up at the end. >> mark: if i'm the celtics, i'm disappointed in a whole lot this afternoon. >> mike: lead back up to 14. largest has been 17. still plenty of time. you just don't get the feeling the celtics have the legs right now to come back.
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pierce lost it. james picks it up. allen bumps him. and i think it's going to be a clear path foul. so it will be free throw and the ball. >> mark: here's why we said if you're lebron james, you also hug andy varejao. you talk about two guys trying to double him because of his pursuit on the free throw rebound. so, he allows an opening for a teammate, and lebron james says, oops, look what i found? able to get the basket and the foul because of varejao hustle and energy. >> mike: clear path is a big call. two free throws and possession. lead back up to 15. james, again, had the quiet start scoring-wise. you look up, now he's got 25. plus seven assists, seven
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rebounds, three blocked shots. and a couple of steals. mo williams having a good game. five cavs in double figures. williams to james. poked away by allen. right back to williams. stolen by rondo. rondo, garnett, pierce. takes his time and knocks down the three. and pierce had that slow start. he was 0 for 5, but he's 5 for his last 7. that makes it back to 12. james. pierce falls down. and ray allen shoved jamison. listen to one of the more recent huddles from mike brown.
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>> that's a nice job rolling. you got to keep rolling. nice job. >> mike: more free throws now for cleveland. this will be the 42nd and 43rd free throw. jamison continues to struggle. now 2 of 7 from the line. and as jeff mentioned earlier, since he's come over heto cleveland, he's been awful from the line. came into the game with 47% in his first ten. obviously he is going to go down. wow. perkins and varejao battling, arguing with danny crawford, who items them to play. allen, reverse layup, won't go. good defense from james. and the cavs in control here in the fourth quarter. parker for three. jamison. he's a quick rebounder.
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>> mark: i think the cavs should try to get shaquille o'neal back in town to work on jamison's free throw shooting. >> mike: parker tripped him up. pierce falls down. cavs not in the penalty yet. >> jeff: where is o'neal? is he not here? >> mark: rumor has it he's in orlando. but how about the energy from jamison? you talk about gang rebounding. five guys in the paint for the celtics. nobody there. and jamison gets the easy put-back. >> mike: let's go to lisa. >> lisa: well, we don't need to go by rumor. i can tell you that o'neal is in orlando. one of the cavaliers trainers was with him for a couple of days. he stick has the cast on his thumb and he's expected to be back here in cleveland sometime later this week.
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>> mike: did he tweet you, lisa? >> lisa: he did not tweet me. i -- he did not tweet me, no. >> mike: okay. >> mark: that's what i like. who needs tmz when they have lisa salters? that's getting it done. >> jeff: you can't throw lisa salters and tmz into the same sentence. >> mike: that's a good point. >> jeff: a renowned reporter -- he's not stalking celebrities. >> mike: perkins just shoves varejao, and the frustrations for the celtics showing a bit here in the fourth. >> jeff: i have to say this. who watches their tv show? tmz? i do. i do, i watch it. some of those kids, man, when they're smirking on that show, though, they drive me crazy. >> mike: varejao had a huge first half. 15 points in the first half.
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that's his first points of the second half. but he really set the tone early for the cavaliers. and mark, as you talked about, with kevin garnett, the numbers don't tell the whole story when he's at his best. numbers don't tell the story, what impact he has. >> mark: the worst thing you have to do, as a coach, you don't want to have to coach energy and effort. mike brown does not have to worry about that with varejao. understand what he's going to do and brings it to the table every single time they step on the floor. >> mike: just over 2:30 remaining here in the fourth. cavs, the first team this year to 50 wins. first team to clinch a playoff berth. keep rolling along. jamison, lost it. picked up by rondo. ray allen fires a three, and that's good. allen now with 20, and it's a ten-point game.
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>> jeff: ray allen is so dangerous in transition. that was a great play by rondo. defensively gifting his hands active and then searching out ray allen for the open three. >> mike: james on the drive -- and he gets hit. celtics not letting him get to the rim. so they go back to the line. mike brown likes what he sees. boston sports fans, you can get the latest news on the sports teams you care about. power of espn covering the boston sports scene. "sportscenter" for boston on james -- this will be his 14th and 15th free throw. he takes as many -- he's tied with dwight howard for the most attempts per game. second in the nba in free throws made.
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back up to 12 as we hit the two-minute mark. james has had big games against the celtics. always plays well against them. rondo lobs it into garnett. and garnett stripped by jamison. garnett gets it back, blocked from behind by varejao. garnett again can't get it to go, and a foul. tough defense making life difficult for garnett. third time's the charm. it looked like varejao bumped him. jamison got the foul, and that's his fifth. garnett hearing from the fans. he was kind of upset after that last play, yelling at the fans alongbaseline. doc rivers said it -- he said it a lot. but for them to have any chance
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to winning a title, he has to play at a higher level. and you just -- you hope if you're a celtic fan, he can get close to what he was the year they won the championship. >> mark: i said that in the open, pretty much echoing what doc talked about. watching this celtic team -- i wouldn't just be concerned about kevin garnett if i was a celtic fan or a celtic coach or a celtic player. they have problems across the board that they have to get resolved. >> mike: cavs will take time off the clock. a minute and a half remaining. james crossover, lefty layup, and a foul! lebron james dominating down the stretch. now with 29. cavs back up by a dozen. >> mark: lebron, may i have this dance. momma, there goes that man.
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break down, excuse me, in traffic, using the opposite hand. my goodness. >> mike: he's hearing the mvp chants. last year's mvp. having another one. there you go, mark. >> mark: i like this guy. i don't know him, but i like that guy. >> jeff: and if i was the cavaliers fans, i would change that mvp chant to "please stay" chant because this guy means everything to this team. kendrick perkins, that's a man out on an island. i el sorry him . oh, my.
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104-91, cavs in control with 1:27 remaining. james, 30 points, eight rebounds, seven assists. you see career numbers against the celtics. always seems to play well against boston. and getting his season numbers right on the mark here this afternoon. another tough afternoon for the celtics against the elite teams. pierce to the basket. lays it in. game was tied with about four minutes to go in the fourth quarter. celtics had trouble scoring down at the end of the third. and this one was over.
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james, once again, against rondo. leans in, puts it up -- celtics fly home tonight. they'll play against the pistons tomorrow night in boston, that game on espn, as pierce misses. and rebound, moon. cavs will win their 52nd game of the year. improve to 52-15. 29-4 here at home. now 68-6 over the last two seasons at quicken loans arena. this is one tough place to play, led by number 23. james can't get it to go. varejao, his tenth rebound. superb performance by andy varejao, as the celtics lose for the second time this season to cleveland.
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and fall to 41-24, as they fight for their playoff positioning in the eastern conference. a sellout crowd watches the cavs impress once again. they dominate the second half and the fourth quarter. tough afternoon for kevin garnett and the celtics. lebron james, 38 and 7, plus three blocks. he's with lisa. >> lisa: thanks, mike. lebron, you kept them from scoring in the first 5:30 in the fourth quarter, really was the difference in the game what were you doing defensively? >> you know, just contesting every shot. you know, when they went up to shoot the ball, we contested. we helped each other and cleaned it up with defensive rebound. >> lisa: six points in the first half. finished the game with 30. what changed for you? >> just started in attack mode. i was able to get to the line a lot and open the game up for us. >> lisa: i can see a little bit of a red mark on your eye.
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what happened? >> just went to the hole and k.g. got the finger to the eye. blurred my vision for a little bit. got a little headache but i'm fine. >> lisa: and jeff van gundy, he doesn't really believe that you are too much of a 50. so, i'm going to ask you. how much -- how much do you really weigh? just between you and jeff. >> i hear a lot of debate between jeff and mark, every time i watch these games, so, on this time, i'm going to let jeff be right. i'm not saying i'm 250, but i'm going to let him get the edge. >> lisa: congratulations. >> thank you. >> mike: all right, lisa. the nba's best record improves, as the cavs beat the celtics, 104-93. for mark jackson, jeff van gundy, lisa salters and our entire abc crew, this is mike breen saying, make sure to tune in tuesday at 9:00 for an all new episode of "lost." now except on the west coast, stay tuned for abc "world news" of your local news.
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frost-brewed coors light. the world's most refreshing beer. the cleveland cavaliers, the best record in the nba, another good night beating the boston celtics. what's up? stuart scott, mike wilbon, jon barry. cavaliers, first team this year to win 50 games. the last two years, the first team to win 50 games won the nba championship. celtics, tough year for them. tough game for them. when you look at this game and the fact that lebron only had six points at the half and still finished with another 30, what does that make you say about the cavaliers? >> and eight and seven. >> and -- really? >> it was varejao. he had 15 in the first half. i see a much more confidence group of guys. i really believe they don't think it has to be lebron james on any given night for them to win. they're confident, they are a
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great defensive team and lebron became lebron in the second half and bye-bye celtics. >> you said group of guys. that, to me, is where cleveland is evolving, most important ly. they need guys other than lebron. we know what the game on the line and game fives, game six and game seven of the playoffs. it's lebron's time. before that, you can't wear him out, j.b., asking him to do everything. when you have jamison, when you have hickson, when you have varejao, they did their damage in the first half. hi hickson had 10 of 12 in the first half. but you want lebron fresh enough to do his thing late in the game. and i think that's where cleveland made a big improvement with their personnel acquisitions. >> think about it, like you said, lebron, 30-8-7, and yet we're talking about j.j. hickson, anderson varejao. it shows you the completeness and the diversity of this team. hey, guys. bracketology, "sportscenter," tonight at 7:00 p.m.
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go over all the brackets in the ncaa field. and tonight, watch "winning time," 9:00 eastern. spike lee against reggie miller. it is selection sunday for college hoops, and for some of us, it means it's a good day because you're going to the big dance. for others among us, we can hope for the n.i.t. but there's also a bracketology for nba basketball, where our guys think the brackets will fall. let's take a look. >> all right, stuart. ncaa basketball doesn't own bracketology, we're going to have our own version right here with the nba playoffs. if the season ended today, these would be the matchups. i have the eastern conference, j.b. has the west. let's look at the seeding, j.b. and tell people if we think it's going to end up as it is now. in the east, i don't have it doing that. i have the heat swapping places with the bobcats.
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the heat, because of an easy end of season schedule will move up to six. the bobcats will be the seven seed, and i've got the celtics finishing hot after losing today in cleveland, finishing in the third spot, the hawks slipping down to fourth, but that's how i see my top eight teams in the east. >> okay. i have a little bit of movement in the west. the suns at the seven seed right now are going to leapfrog the spurs and the thunder and they're going all the way up to the five seed. san antonio, going from six to seven. 14 games with teams over .500 left, nine of them on the road. >> that's tough. >> spurs are going to struggle. and the thunder slide in to number six. >> all right, so, let's look at the winners now, j.b. >> okay. >> not going to spending a lot of time analyzing the top of my board. >> you don't like the raptors? >> i don't like the raptors chances against the cavaliers and lebron james. they're going to move through. as a matter of fact, let's not waste a lot of time at the top
6:26 pm
of the board. cavaliers go through again, let's go to what is left. i have a surprise for you my friend. the hawks, a lot of at let schism, been together for awhile, they are going down to scott skiles and the milwaukee bucks. that team's won 12 of 13, nobody has that pick but me. give you an upset special. the celtics have been limping but i have them getting it together in the last couple of weeks in the season. going to beat the heat. >> they have to. >> and the magic are going to spoil the bob cats' first tripe to the playoffs. orlando magic, winning their first round series. should be an easy series. >> i love your milwaukee/atlanta pick. i'm going to be with you. you put cleveland all the way to the conference finals -- >> the lakers struggle with the blazers -- >> in the blazers were healthy, i would love to see this. the blazers give them more fits than anybody in the league. here, i'm going with your team. you pay taxes in arizona, i'm
6:27 pm
going with them. mavericks and thunder, i have to go with the mavs. you talk about great coaching, how about scotty brooks in oklahoma city? great job. kevin durant, future star. and i love the nuggets to get through the spurs, the spurs lose first round again for the second year in a row. last year they went down to last, but i like the denver nuggets. >> all right, so, what about that second spot? >> well -- i'm still going to go nuggets to get through -- >> you're not buying a 13-game winning streak, the dallas team -- >> i love the team. but i still like denver. they're quietly doing what they did last year. chauncey billups having an awesome season. 20 points a game. i like the nuggets to get through. mavericks aren't ready yet. >> i might just go the other way on dallas to be contrary. orlando magic, not going to lose to the celtics in a seven-game series. i don't think boston has enough left at that pint. i have orlando advancing to although conference finals, a rematch, if you will -- >> all four teams the same as
6:28 pm
last year. >> going to have a twist at the end -- >> we wanted it last year. >> lebron/kobe, we get it this year. >> bracketology 101. coming up next exempt on the west coast, abc's "world news," or your local news over most of these abc stations. we'll see you. nationwide insurance, let me hear it. i've never had an accident. is there anything you can do for me ? yeah, i'm here with liz. i need a brilliant idea right now. guys ! i just gagged. here it is. deductible. take $50 off. wait. take $100 off for every year she doesn't have an accident... ... and call it vanishing deductible. hook, line, sinker.
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