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tv   America This Morning  ABC  April 26, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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making news on this monday, april 26th. >> torn apart, homes, churches, businesses ripped to pieces by a massive weekend tornado and more twisters touch down overnight. deal or no deal. the plan to repair wall street reaches the senate today. but is there enough support to pass it? and offshore threat. a 40-mile sheen that could last for months. good morning, and thanks for being with us on this monday. i'm vinita nair. >> and i'm todd connor in for jeremy hubbard. it was the worst outbreak of violent weather so far this spring. >> and we are now seeing new
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pictures of the destructive hour of that storm as it tore through yazoo, mississippi. the mississippi tornado packed winds of 150 miles an hour. and the same system spawned more twisters in south carolina last night. >> eric horng reports from yazoo city which took a direct hit. >> reporter: in this community of shattered homes, survivors claw through rubble, searching for any sign of the familiar. >> i don't know what to do. i'm just totally lost. i have nothing left. just nothing. i don't know where to begin don't know where to end it. >> reporter: the destruction in yazoo city is measured not in air but in blocks. on the ground, you can feel it. >> with moving forward, with the
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community like this, you know, it's so painful. >> reporter: the twister was one of several that caused a path of destruction almost 200 miles long, killing at least ten people, including a baby and two other children. this woman survived by huddling in the bathroom. >> it came in the bathroom, and just with with the wind, we got down and prayed. >> reporter: in this deeply religious community many spent this sunday praying in churches and for them. the hillcrest baptist church was heavily damaged. >> i went on sanctuary and got on the pulpit table and the whole building fell around it. >> reporter: the mississippi governor, a yazoo city native, promised help for his hometown. >> we will discuss how to get temporary housing because we have a lot of people that need temporary housing.
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>> the governor says at least 100 homes in yazoo city were damaged or destroyed. the national guard is on hand here to make sure no one takes advantage of this vulnerable city. eric horng, mississippi. >> and eric has been working all morning long traveling throughout the region. and now to the latest efforts to fix wall street. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle say a deal is very close. t.j. winick joins us this morning from washington with the latest. good morning, t.j. good morning, president obama will actually be getting out of town traveling to the midwest, bringing his message of reform and jobs to main street. >> reporter: negotiation over the weekend so far failed to produce a breakthrough on bipartisan financial reform. >> here we are, after 17 months, after someone broke into our house, in effect, robbed us and
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we still haven't changed the locks on the door. >> reporter: democrats are determined to pass reform now, but currently one vote shy. the republicans remain hopeful they can strike a deal. >> it's my expectation that we will not go forward with this partisan bill. it's not ready yet. >> reporter: following health care reform and agreements to reduce the number of nuclear weapons president obama is hoping to extend his winning streak. >> we also need some rules of the road for wall street so that reckless decisions made by a few don't take the economy over the side. >> reporter: both sides say they want protection for consumers and assurances that the government will never again bail out too big to fail banks. >> if you're wiped out, your management is fired. you are broken up and sold. what we do, we don't end too big to fail, we end bailouts. >> reporter: most would give information to the bank regulators.
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>> we are heavily, heavily relied on regulators to save this next time, even though they didn't do it last time. >> tomorrow, executives from goldman sachs will be grilled on the financial crisis. todd and vinita? >> t.j. winick in washington, thank you. well, president obama is promising to work for greater safety in the nation's coal mines after that explosion killed 29 workers earlier this month. the president spoke at beckley, west virginia, attendeded by about 3,000 people. >> most days, they'd emerge from the dark mine, squinting at the light. most days, they'd emerge sweaty and dirty and dusted and cold. most days, they'd come home. but not that day. >> before the memorial service,
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president obama met privately with the families of the miners. >> and before attending the miners' memorial, the president visited with billy graham. according to graham's son, the two men chatted about golf and prayed with each other. and now to the environmental threat off the gulf coast, oil is now gushing off that platform that sank last week. it could go from louisiana to florida. matt gutman reports. >> reporter: for the first time, we got a notion of how long this disaster could last. the coast guard says it could take anywhere from 45 to 90 days in order to secure that wellhead. that means 42,000 gallons of oil could keep pumping into the gulf every day. the coast guard says it's going to start sending out 32 skimmers back into the gulf to try to corral that oil as quickly as it
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can. that slick is still 400 square miles wide, very large to contain. the coast guard and british petroleum is using a three-prong strategy. containers to use skimmers to corral that. and also robots to try to plug the leaks in the pipeline that's leaking the oil. and last, by far, the most expensive endeavor, to bring down new rig down that pipe to seal up the oil. buildings in the capital of taiwan swayed for 20 seconds monday after a strong offshore earthquake. there were no reports of damages or injuries. civil rights activists are hoping a tough new immigration law in arizona will be overturned by the courts. meanwhile, thousands protested the statute at the state capital. the law allows police to stop and question people about their
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immigration status. opponents say police harassed those who looked hispanic. and in new york, more lined up for a chance to apply for a job. hundreds of people began showing up before dawn on friday just to get an application this morning for 100 apprenticeships as an elevator mechanic. >> look at that. >> a long, long wait. now for this morning's weather from around the nation. a rough day for the northeast, the midwest. but the heaviest rain and flooding from maine to maryland. mostly showers from the ohio valley, missouri and minnesota. widely scattered showers in texas and some snow in the central rockies with rain in the pacific northwest. >> low 60s from fargo from the twin cities and detroit. 50 in boston, 56 in new york, and design in atlanta. still ahead on this morning, a breakthrough on the fight of one aggressive form of cancer.
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profits during the first quarter. that follows the announcement by gm last week that it had paid back government loans earlier than expected. a new forecast shows economists feel increasingly better about the way things are going. 70% believe the gross domestic product will grow by 2%. that's up from 61% in january. 37% say they plan to increase employment. tokyo's nikkei average soared 221 points. hong kong's hang seng was higher in late trading. in london, the ftse opened higher. the dow opened after climbing 186 points last week. the nasdaq was up almost 41 points last week. scheduled passenger flights between britain and iraq have resumed. it's resumption was delayed more than a week by the ash cloud
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i found answers about fibromyalgia. then i found lyrica. ask your doctor about lyrica today. destructive path of the powerful tornado in mississippi. the governor saw the shattered neighborhood from from above yesterday. ten people were killed and more than 100 homes severely damaged. those severe storms remain a
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threat to south carolina where rain makes for slippery highways. also wealth and flooded, on i-95 and other roads on the east in boston. >> and if you're flying today, expect airport delays in seattle, out west, mostly on the east coast, new york, d.c. and miami. there is reportedly a potential breakthrough in the fight against cancer. this week, the fda may approve the first vaccine to treat prostate cancer. the vaccine increased it from four months to 26 months in men who had an advanced case of the disease. now, to the tragicnd to a good samaritan in new york. a man intervened a woman being attacked only to be stabbed himself. but what is even more shocking, as he lay bleeding, no one would
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help him. here's linsey zafyninsey davis. >> reporter: the video shows a woman. he's stabbed several times if the torso, but second laters, the camera captures the attacker running away. he starts to chase him but then collapses. watch what happens next. the first person to arrive walks right by. so does the next person and the one after that. daylight does, but help does not. a procession of 20 people apparently to help. one man pulls out a cell phone only to snap a picture. another man rolls him over to see blood but then walks away. he laid here for an hour and a half before someone finally called 911 for help. but what these security cameras captured we've seen before. seattle washington, a 15-year-old girl is brutally beaten as three security guards stand by and watch. hartford, connecticut, a hit and
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run. the 78-year-old victim lies bleeding as ten vehicles drive by. >> it really scares the heck out of us in the psychology business is the desensitivation. >> reporter: it's too late. an immigrant from guatemala recently lost his job and his home. the sad irony is he was attacked because he went to the aid of someone else and died because no one would come to his. linsey davis, abc news, new york. well, there will be no solo around the world trip for abby sutherland. the 16-year-old reports on a blog she's ending it because of
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her boat. time for nba playoff high lights. here's will selva at espnews. good morning, dwyane wade with that blockbuster free agency class this summer. potentially playing his final home game in miami. we'll get to wait in a moment. first, michael beasley, 2 of his 20. heat least by 28. celtics up by two. ray allen, rajon rondo, back to allen. 15. celtics lead by four. then d-wade time. wade, three points at the end of that wave, though. the heat open it 25-8 run. 6 career, 44 playoff games. 14. michael beasley with the putback. the "c"s can close out the series in boston on tuesday night. game four, spurs/mavs, manu
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ginobili. playing with a nasal fracture. and he bounces hard. he pulls ginobili hard to the ground. you see him saying, fellows, fellows, stay on the bench. he's ejected. hill. 29 points, 5 for 6 from three-point legend. from behind the arc. jason terry had 13 points, they all came in the second half. nowitzki to terry again. mavs down by 14. the spurs win it, they take a three game to one lead in their series. that will do it for this espn news update, remember, you can always stay current with espn news. now back to abc's "america this morning." well, humankind shouldn't rush through the welcome mat, but e.t. comes knocking.
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now, a look ahead to the stories we'll be watching on this monday. residents of tallulah, mississippi, are picking through what's left of their lives. a democrat bill to reform the financial agency faces it in the senate today. negotiation continued behind closed doors. president obama is hosting an entrepreneurship summit aimed at partnerships with muslim nations. the meeting in washington stems from a promise the president made to the muslims last year. and the president is also we can l welcoming professional guests to the white house. he's honoring the new york yankees for the 2009 world series victory. and later on "good morning america," we go behind the scenes at the homeland security department at the super secure
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kids love totino's party pizzas. if you couldn't fall asleep last night because you're worried you can't pay your mortgage, help is here. from and if you couldn't sleep last night because of the storms you're not alone. trees down, power still out. >> mississippi is waking up facing destruction it's not seen since hurricane katrina. we're going to have the latest on the deadly tornado. good morning. thank you for joining us. hope you had a great weekend. >> last night was ferocious. >> it was. let's get monday morning weather with meteorologist justin berk. >> 4:58. may have knocked the lights out as well. if you lost power. we're with you. your clock may be flashing. let's go to the screens.
4:59 am
4:58 is what the clock should read. we had widespread storm reports yesterday. as you can see we had about a dozen reports of hail in the area. including 1.5-inch hail near damascus. that was at 8:00. also back in frederick, 1.75 inches near burkeetsville. so impressive storms yesterday, most to the west. this morning we have rain erupting again across the area north and west of the city, slowly pivoting through. making for a slow commute. right now most of the heavy rain on the west side of the city. 52 in baltimore and hagerstown. 54 dulles. not much variation under the rainfall to the west. we'll get to about 66. isolated thunderstorms erupting this afternoon. could be mighty heavy once again. 4. 59. let's check the roads with kim.


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