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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  May 5, 2010 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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orange horizon, and 57 degrees. comfortable start as we range up to the north at 59. 62 on the hill in westminster, and sometimes clear skies at night and in the early morning allow the air to actually hit the hill tops where the air is cooler. 52 along the stretch evoluterville. right there. overall we are looking at clear sky on the satellite radar composite through a mostly sunny day. this afternoon's 2-degree guarantee, 83. it's 6:00, here's kim brown. >> justin we have a road closure in willards, maryland. aen accident involving a couple of vehicles. police are on the scene. we look at the city cameras, and we are quiet on president street although a structure fire has it closed closed from bittal to maryland avenue.
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as you make your way out from providence, 5 minute ride. on the way way topside from the 83s, only one minute so far. megan and jamie, back to you. coming up on 6:01. the virginia mens and womens lacrosse teams decided to honor yeardley love's life by continuing their seasons. at this historic institution founded by thomas jefferson apparently the crime comes down to history. a history of past runins in with law and then violence. yesterday we were saying the team mvp, the lacrosse team dedicated their final game yesterday to love, and they won the game her death has caught the attention of students here and across the country. it highlights the staggering number of violence, domestic violence number cases in college. surveys show one in five students reported some kind of
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violence in the relationship. and police say yeardley love was found dead in a pool of her blood. she had bruises on çher face aç her right eye was swollen shut. domestic violence experts say abuse in many relationships goes unreported. >> it's important to talk about relationships and talk about what a health think relationship is. it's important to feel safe exstressing your concerns and knowing you will be supported. >> at the university of maryland, college park they started red flag. it has information with signs of potential abuse and what to do about it. we have a link to it on our website on all right, and now to the suspected, the latest arrested in the failed times square bombing. the government says that he confessed to buying an suv, rigging it with explosives and trying to detonate it in times square on saturday night. he was arrested late monday night moments before the plane
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he was was going to leave for dubai from jfk. >> i have a message for you to go back to the gate immediately. make the left turn when able. >> clearly the guy was on the plane and shouldn't have been. >> his name was added to a no fly list, and that's why mayor bloomberg said he should not have been on the plane. he was still able to buy a ticket. the government said they send notifications when the list is update but it's up to the airline to check the list. he is now charged with attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction. there city hall wave the checkered flag? that's what we are i waiting for this -- are waiting for this morning. leaders will tell us if we will be sitting on the racetrack in the future. sherrie johnson is live this morning. >> reporter: good morning, megan in a few hours the city's spending board will decide whether or not to approve a
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grand prix. we are in front of the visitors' center, and the track could go right through this area. it could allow for a pretty big race downtown for five years, beginning in august of next year. now under the proposal, baltimore racing development would pay the city over $1 million and an annual race fee, and the city would snare a percentage of revenue generated by the baltimore grand prix in the second year of the event. property pow sal also calls for $7.5 million in upgrades in the route from lumbar to russell streets, and some people like the idea. >> i think it would do wonders for the city, clean up the roads, and the roads do suck. they are definitely not ready for the grand prix. i was in monacco. the race was amazing. >> reporter: the federal government should chip in $5 million to help with road
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surface improvements. sherrie johnson. >> mothers, wives, daughters, we are always carrying for someone else, but if you don't take area of your own health, it can certainly go out of control. kelly swoop has details on how to take control. >> hi, frankie, how are you? >> good. >> reporter: frankie is feeling better physically and mentally with the help of her physician, dr. robin modern, she's taking control of her life. >> my third son was born and i realized i had forgotten about me. >> reporter: two years ago she underwent gastric bypass surgery. >> i weigh half of what i used to weigh. my life is completely different. it changes everything about your life. it changes what you're willing to do, what you feel like you can do, and it was really a big step in it takes my life to the next level, i really feel like it gave me back to me.
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>> reporter: dr. modern says you may not have to do something as drastic as surgery but women need to take better care of themselves. start with getting rid of stress. >> the things you can do to decrease that, do things like keeping your meals and sleep habits healthy. decrease on the high fatty foods, foods loaded with sugar. >> reporter: find an activity with repettive motions and sounds as a relaxation technique. >> praying, knitting, meditating and running and cycling on a bicycle. something that gives you positive results. it's going to release the endorphins to make you feel like you have more energy. >> reporter: pulling yourself out of mother or wife or whatever your role is and giving time back to yourself, it's amazing how much freer and happier you feel. >> reporter: the whole family
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benefits when mom is happier. kelly swoop, abc2 news. >> and it's also more than the to keep on track with your screenings like cholesterol and mammograms to name a few. cinco de mayo starting off in fine fashion here in baltimore. lost 5-degrees in baltimore. winds light out of the west. humidity at 93%, a factor of morning conditions. it's actually relatively low. once we start to turn the temperatures up into the 70s and low 80s, you will feel that. nice, beautiful crisp to the feel this afternoon. much like yesterday. the winds not as strong. more on the forecast with the outlook for mother's day coming up. let's see what we have on the grand prix we call the beltway. >> reporter: no problems on the beltway. most of the major roadways checking checking in clear. a road closure on piles avenue.
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route 165, they are trying to move an oversized tractor trailer carrying a big load. and also in baltimore west bittal closed due to a structure fire. we will check on the road closure but megan and jamie back it you. we want help you get back to work. >> and we want to help you find eligible candidates. and who hung up their dancing shoes? a daring rescue as three fight can -- fight against the current to hang on for their lives.
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all right, we are back with you at 6:11. we are trying to help you get back to work on good morning maryland, and we have a new way to market yourself. >> send us your resumes if you're trying to find a job. >> we have selected a few of you to sell yourself. here's this week's choices. >> greetings, my name is craig davis. i have a desire to join an
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effective corporate team with room for advancement. i have a degree in marketing management. i have experience ranging from insurance claims to call centers and recall. i have experience in forecasting, store development, and sales. i recently added ups technical skills to my skills. good morning i'm kerry tameres, a results oriented professional with 17 years of progressive challenging management experience specializing in mortgage lending and collection operations. if you're looking for a proven leader, understanding the importance of rule making, knowing how to build alliance with coworkers and organized and detail oriented and who is as career committed as it takes to achieve suck eases, please consider what i have to offer. good morning my name is
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foster campbell and i live in baltimore city, i'm looking for civil engineering as a drafter. i have 10 years of experience between two companies and i'm efficient in completing road and utility drawings. i'm currently finishing my degree at itt technical institute in owens mill, maryland. remember you can always end us your resume as well. at go to the best resume sections on our web page at it's 6:13. we look outside of the almanac. 71 the normal afternoon. running in the 80s, and we will
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stay in the 80s at least for a couple of days. we have to make payback. unfortunately we will be back below normal to even out over the mother's day weekend. records today in 1966. 82 the high mark in in the hot decade of the 1930s. 6:04 the official sunrise. now down to 50 in baltimore. still upper 50s to lower 60s. down towards richmond and norfolk, clear skies. a new map showing throughout the spring and summer season, moderate category, and that's the case across the mid- atlantic. normal conditions expected with light winds and the sunshine allow things to build up into the afternoon hours. overall high pressure extending into the gulf coast. pushing the frontal boundary off the coast. good news for the winds to settle down. they may push north easterly thanks to the pressure and trying evade the oil slick trying to make its way on shore
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across the panhandle of florida. we will see how it helps with conditions and the oil cleanup efforts down there across the gulf. as far as we are concerned, mild between the weather systems. the next front racing in here tomorrow afternoon. today, mostly clear sky tonight. remember yesterday? we talked about the boundary that could give us an afternoon shower it didn't happen. this one looking more impressive, but not much. philly to new york and england at 1:00, we watch it breakup across the bay. a surge of wind and maybe a brief shower popping up in the afternoon. clearing back out. good through friday. friday afternoon and into the weekend, another change, and that will be a colder change. today the 83 çfor the 2-degree guarantee. for tonight, back çto 52. tomorrow, looking for the clouds to build late in the morning. small chance of an early morning shower. otherwise, once again above normal with the high of 82. right now back to the roads
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with kim brown. >> thank you, justin. this morning off to a fairly good start. don't have too many problems around the baltimore metro area. a disabled vehicle on the inner belt lanes. off to the shoulder, but you may see the activity around there. checking the cameras cameras this morning. looking good. traffic moving at a fantastic peace as you go southbound on 83 approaching the beltway traffic moving fairly fairly well. no problems on harper road on the beltway. we check the drive times in the green as well as making your way southbound on the harrisburg expressway. no problems for the 83 to the jfk looking good as well. only going to take you 4 mints this morning. around the area, a road closure in pilesville. riverside parkway closed at route 163 due to an oversized load being moved. a big tractor trailer is hogging up the roadway there.
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also in willard's maryland, remaining closed detoured to old ocean city road this morning. >> thank you, kim. religion to this, it's exciting no doubt about it, everyone wants one. next week we are giving away two apple aye -- apple ipads. if you want one, watch beginning monday. look for the daily code word and text it to 6988, and you could win an apple ipad. talking about the 32 gig. the contest lasting until may 21 may 21st two winners will be randomly selected. all the rules are posted for you online. it's 6:17, and here he is, our certified financial planner, is a country defaulting on debt the same as a company defaulting on debt? if it's not the same, point out
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the differences. >> we are talking about sovereign debt versus a corporation going out of business. they are different initially because typically a country doesn't go out of business or cease to exist when it stops paying the debt. the default process is simply that if a country stops a payment or principal payment, that's considered default. often it's a political decision. the easiest way to look at it, a company going into a default situation typically has nothing left. they don't have the ability to repay. a country has the ability to repay but chooses not to for political reasons or economic reasons. it's more of a choice factor versus an absolute factor with the company. >> grease-- greece is playing a big role.
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we didn't think they would bump us so much. >> reporter: we get rescue package after rescue package and the market yesterday was signaling the first package may not quite be enough. the european union came out again and reiterated they think it will be enough to keep them going for a couple of years. the big fear there is not just greece and the people or the banks that hold the debt but that there could be a domino effect. we talked about the piggs before. p-i-g-g-s. as you go along the chain around the mediterranean and then italy in there for good measure. if one goes down, we worry the rest will fall. >> any big deals? >> we have a preliminary employment report today and the final one on friday. great factory data coming out
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yesterday. domestic reviews had good news. but clearly the market was concerned yesterday. >> you want to go up to new york with more business news. >> sure, bring it on. >> abc now. >> the money scope report with the oversea stock markets selling off. markets are tumbling after the worst day on wall street in three months. the dow plunged 225 points. there's growing concern that europe's attempt to help greece will fail. angry workers went on protest in greece today. proat theat the times -- they are protesting, the $145 billion bailout packages. eight in ten people who lost their jobs during the recession are unemployed. 70% have spent more than 7 months looking for work. some have giving up all together. >> older people have opted out
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of the labor force. 17% of those over 50 have stop looking for a job mostly because they were discouraged. we are finding this has gone on for so long, it's really changed people's life courses. >> reporter: most of those who have found work have taken pay cuts or lost benefits and said they took it to make ends meat. bud light will replace coors light beginning in the 2011 season of the nfl. anheuser-busch got a six-year deal sponsorship worth more than $1 billion. a 1932 painting from picasso has sold for a record. $106.5million at christies' last night. the most paid for any work of the art. the previous record was $2 million less. coming up on good morning america, our expert has advise
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for parents on the recalled medicines. that's your money news report. i'm jeremy hubbard.
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good morning, 6:24. what a beautiful day today. starting off nice and cool and crisp. 50s across the area. aiming for 83. mostly sunny sky. low breeze. tonight upper 50s to low 60s. tomorrow there may be a brief shower when the wind picks up. most of tomorrow will be dry. same story on friday. easy thunder shower threat. the better chance of rain on friday night, and the first half of saturday.
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saturday afternoon should see an improvement at least west of the way. to the beaches, mid-67 -- 70s. mother's day will be in the 60s unfortunately. at least it's dry. one crash in parkville at hillerdale road and one in westminster closed with a crash involving a motorcycle. as we peek at the cameras, the outer loop will slow down in a hurry here making your way down to the beltway or on the beltway down to i-70. checking the drive times this morning, all looking good down from 795 to i-70. five minutes for 95 southbound headed towards the beltway and 8 minute ride from the 95 split down to 295. megan and jamie, back to you. mr. michaels was in deed a
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lucky person a very lucky person. >> bret michaels leaving the hospital just three weeks after suffering a brain hemorrhage. he will have to rest four to six weeks before he can go back to a normal schedule. pamela and damion. >> pam anderson and her partner were sent home on "dancing with the stars." anderson got a score of 51 on monday night. she was tied for fourth but she didn't get enough votes to stay on the dance floor. something the baggage handlers consider carrying at one airport. >> . >> but they were relieved when they found something that could cause an explosion in one passenger's bag.
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come of you cannot bear the news of what happened in charlottesville, and some of you can't get enough of the news. we have the latest. are you rooted and hoped like you had them against the ropes? you hoped they would be pulled to safety, and you did a good job. that's just an aid yacht to do that -- idiot to do that. >> it happened again. a 34-year-old tryi


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