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tv   News  ABC  May 5, 2010 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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1st to 3rd, and he's thrown out. knock it off. i'm jamie costello. >> and i'm megan pringle. thank you for joining us on this wednesday morning. cinco de mayo. >> let's sink our teeth into  here he is, justin berk. >> reporter: good morning at 6:30. an interesting setup. clear skies, light winds. a wide variety of temperatures. sometimes the hill tops get the warmer stuff. look at. this the high school at 900 to 950 feet above sea level. that elevation has a mild start at 63 degrees. down 140. over to owens mills mills and then over to green spring university. that's the northwest corner of the beltway. 10-degrees colder, and then in the location, 53. a mild start but 10-degree spread on the northwest drive. mid-40s to 50s this morning.
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aiming for the 2-degree guarantee of 83. under the sunshine this afternoon, and the sunshine should extend through sunset. 8:04 this evening. hopefully we can enjoy the early morning commute. >> justin, the activity on the roadways is heating up this morning. just getting word of a crash in anarondo county. keep an eye out for that if you're traveling in the area headed to the beltway. we peek at our cameras. really looking fairly good on the northeast corner here. traffic beginning to build on the inner loop lanes on the right-hand side of your screen. outer loop looking good thwart 83. no problem on 95. 95 corridor looking good. a crash in parkville at taylor avenue and hillendale road and also the oversized tractor trailer at route 553 and route 165. that will cause some delays. you may want to try to make your way around that this morning. good news in baltimore.
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bittal street has been reopened near mlk due to the early fire activity. jamie and megan back to you. their lacrosse seasons went well until monday when the teams found out a woman from the women's team had been murdered and a player from the men's team was arrested. both teams will play in the upcoming ncaa turnment. linda so is live from year thely love -- yeardley love's school. >> reporter: yesterday the lacrosse team dedicated the final game to love, and they won. her death is catching the attention of the students here and across the country highlighting the staggererring number of domestic violence cases in college. one in five in college reported violence in their relationship.
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yeardley love was found dead in a pool of her blood, her right eye was swolen and she had bruises on per face. her boyfriend george huguely is charged with her murder. >> the victims couldn't do it differently because it's not prekicking who will be victimized it's about predict hog who will perpetrate. >> reporter: red flag has been started as a program to help spot domestic violence. there's a link on linda so, abc 2 news. continental airport in houston was on high alert yesterday afternoon after employees feared a piece of luggage exploded. airline workers were unloading baggage. they first thought the baggage
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may have been an explosion but now they think it may be have been an aerosol can. three people have been pulled uninjured from a rain- swollen creek bay. the responders pulled live preservers to the people and pulled them on the tethered line. the water was knee inform deep and the fast water rushing fall was 30 feet. what an idiot. that's just an idiot to do it in a game just as important with hamels pumped up. >> for a second night in a row, a crazed fan interrupting a phillies game. the 34-year-old ran on the field in the 9th inning. it was just one day after a 17- year-old ran on to the field and he had to be tazed by police. what in a a name? a lot of you asked cecil and
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kirby. >> you wonder who they are? >> the 5-week old baby warthogs and their names were officially announced. an online vote picked the names and yesterday was the first time the public got glance at the brothers. the sentiment? the warthogs are cute. mother permitting you will get a look at the two in the warthog pen just across from the giraffe house. >> you are happy with those names? >> i love them. you thought the priqueness was a big deal, it will be nothing compared to this race. >> reporter: downtown baltimore could be looking more like the indy 500. when you can buy tickets for the excitement event. it's a mecca for country music stars and lovers.
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good morning i'm meteorologist justin berk. we have had our quiet night and will have another beautiful day. starting off near 50 downtown. clear skies and sunshine expected. the outlook coming up for mother's day weekend as well. >> we have the volume on the northwest corner of the beltway, but things looking good on frederick road. a pair of crashes we will get you caught up in less than 10 minutes. they black on their lacrosse sticks last night in the honor of yeardley love. >> reporter: she graduated from noter dame present, -- notre
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dame prep, and now they will have more on her death. live to pensacola, florida, where the plan to keep the oil off the shore is on. ernie harwell dead at the age of 92. we will look back at the life of the great broadcaster. we know no other child will have to endure what she had to endure. parents can rest easier, a new law aimed with stricter punishment for sex offenders, and the little girl who made it happen.
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6:43. time for your abc2 news to go. new developments overnight in the murder of the university of virginia lacrosse player. >> and the womens and mens team both decided to play. that story in a minute, but first justin with the forecast. >> reporter: good morning it's 6:43. did you like yesterday? we never really developed the afternoon showers, nice breeze, and 81-degrees in baltimore.
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more than 10 degrees above normal, and we will do it again today. slipping back 5-degree in the past hour. 54 in easten. showing the area location near 60 this morning. dropping back north of the border çin pa. we have moderate air quality. the map through the spring and summer çseasons, and high pressure in control allowing the fairly typical conditioning here the sunshine is doing its thing. easy winds and waves as they continue the cleanup effort in the north and north eastern section of the gulf. the north easterly wind helps to push it away from the panhandle of florida. otherwise, mild conditions. that frontal boundary back across the northern plains. until tomorrow, clear skies today and tonight. tomorrow, frontal boundary showing a hint of showers developing by 1:00.
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philly up to new york a bitter shot. see how it breaks up outside of baltimore? that means a chasmal chance of showers pushing through. we will have midday clouds tomorrow, and then a nice weather pattern through friday, friday night, into the weekend, a different story transitioning back to cooler weather for mother's day. again, aiming for 83 as the two- degree guarantee. a beautiful day leading to a nice night. down to 59. the outlook for tomorrow a small chance of a shower, early afternoon, and a quick peek at 80 on friday. slipping into the 70s with showers on sunday morning and, 67 on mother's day. kim. you may see closures still at westminster because of a motorcycle accident. emergency vehicles are still on the scene we check the baltimore metro area, and looking good on 95 southbound as you approach white marsh boulevard. 97, just north and south of the
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beltway. an accident reported 97 northbound at ben full boulevard. the drive times not too bad from route 1400 franklin boulevard. 4 mints and then owens mills down a 3 minute ride. an accident still in hanover at dorsey road and candlewood road. police are on the scene with a detour. also in baltimore city, bittal street has been closed again from mlk to maryland avenue as the crew the continue with the fire itth and an accident at parkville. megan and jamie, back to you. it happened on april 20th but we could finally see the effects of the oil rig explosion in the gulf coast for years. cleaning up the oil is in the an easy task but today the best short-term solution for bottling up the oil spill threatening the lives should be
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arriving. a specially built giant concrete and steel box designed to keep the oil away. >> reporter: good morning, megan. the giant steel and concrete dome is expected to leave louisiana midday today and make 50 miles out to the site where the oil is spewing they have never tried this this far down. the concern, they don't know if 5,000 feet below the surface, the water pressure will not crumble the dome. they are hoping it will hold and give us some relief. justin called it perfectly saying the winds are helping to keep this thing offshore, and they are. yesterday we had the offshore breezes, stalling the oil slick, and now there's virtually no wind. the seas are calm, one feet is all. fortunately the slick has stalled 80 miles from where we are now. it's still stalled 5 to 10 miles off the louisiana coast. that's nothing but good news. there's calm seas and they will try to burn the oil off today
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and cyhen some and they have been waiting for this over a week. >> that's certainly good news. this concrete-steel device has been described as a short-term solution. have they been discussing a long-term solution in this? >> reporter: the only long-term solution, drill a relief well. they have another rig doing that. the problem is it will take three months to cap everything. if this short-term solution, the dome doesn't work, we are going to see hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil spewing out of that hole in the ground for three more months. >> hard to believe. all right, don germaise, thank you for your report live from pensacola, florida. >> we have an online log from another college student affected like most of us by the murder of yeardley love saying we should study as much as we want, have as much fun as we want because we want to shake
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the dean's hand in the end. knowing with didn't wasting the prime of our lives. yeardley dean was 20 days away from shaking the dean's hand. lynn a de -- linda so with more on her murder. >> reporter: yesterday the lacrosse testimony dedicated -- team dedicated their final game to yeardley, and they won. surveys show one in five college students reported violence in their relationship. police say love was found dead lying in a pool of her blood with bruises on her face and her right eye was swollen shut. her exboyfriend is charged charged with her murder. domestic violence experts say abuse in many relationships goes unreported. >> it's just an issue of people feeling entitled, people feeling like they have more power and control over another person. >> reporter: at the university of maryland college park, they
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started an antidoe mississippiic campaign called red flag. there's information with signs of potential abuse and what to do about it. you find a link for that website on our website. linda so, abc2 news. now the latest on the suspect arrested in the times square attempted bombing. faisal shahzad confessed to buying an suv, rigging it with explosives, and trying to blow it up on friday night. he was arrested just before his plane left jfk airport for dubai. >> i have a message to go back to the gate immediately. make the left turn when able. >> his name was on not fly list but on monday afternoon he was still able to buy a ticket on the airlines. the government says they send notifications when the no fly list is updated but it's up to the airline to check the
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website with the new information. he is charged with terrorism and attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction. nashville is a such a great community and the spirit has never been more evident than it is now. all the relationships down here are playing no music. there's virtual all pledge drives happening now. >> keith urban about blazing fiddles and screaming guitars. the city is recovering from theç flash flooding blamed for 28 death in the 3 states. the cumberland river cresting at a 7-year high, 12 feet above the flood stage. the grand ole opry and the country music hall of flame is flooded out and no one has been able to get in to see if the priceless items items items are in intact -- items are intact. a man was at the intersection of eastern and
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paylor avenue last night when he was hit. no word if the driver will be charged. the driver did stay on the scene. a riverdale funeral home has had their license suspended after the inspectioner found 40 bodies in bags in the garage. they have until this friday to cremate the bodies and then the funeral home will be shut down. one of the funeral homes owners say he will fight the license suspension. three baltimore city police officers accused of kidnapping and assaulting two west baltimore teenagers have been indicted. the teens were left without shoes and one claims the police ripped the battery from his cell phone. milton smith, tyrone francis, and gregory helen. all three were assigned to the violent crimes division and have all been suspended. now we know no other child will have to endure what she
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had to endure. >> the hope of jennifer foxwell. her 11-year-old daughter was murdered allegedly by a known sex offender but a new protection for maryland's new children. among the hundreds of bills signed into law, several targeting sex offends including tougher sentences and registrations. montgomery county police arrest a fourth suspect in the death of a high school principal. 18-year-old deanta gray facing first-degree murder charges. gray was at betts home at the time of the murder. gray was scene in the sure -- seen in the surveillance videos using the victim's credit cards. two police say two recently escape from the department of youth services.
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lancaster's mother is facing charges for knowingly receiving a stolen credit card from betts. the city of baltimore's spending board is set to vote on a knife-year contract that would pledge $8 million to prepare the 2.5-mile track for a lop of streets surrounding the inner harbor that would be transformed for a race course next summer for a three-day event that they hope will rival the preakness. local ledge ends flying out to detroit to say good-bye to their near and deer friend ernie harwell, and now the rest of us will say good-bye. he died at yesterday at 92. he was the orioles' first play- by-play man but left in the '59 season for detroit. he was the only broadcaster to be traded for a player. and when the ball went into the stands he would say that ball was caught from someone from
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ann harbor. nicest human being you would want to meet. one of the greatest voices of the game, ernie harwell passing away from cancer at the age of 92. a.j. burnett's curve ball was curve balling and jose posada going three for three with a great catch. the orioles lose to the yankees for the second straight night. the final score last night 4-1. happy cinco de mayo to you and yours. >> that is the 5th of may in spanish and commemorates the battle back in 1962 1962 -- 1862 rather when a smaller french army was turned away as invaders. there's a celebration every year held in washington, dc. many mexican restaurants and bars will have specials on food and drink in honor of today. coming up next on good
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morning america, we will hear from ahmadinejad. he shares his views on things like president obama and possible sanctions against his nation. the exclusive interview from the couple booted from "dancing with the stars." and don't forget about good morning america at nine. >> pamela anderson was upset. >> it's hard work to get on the show. i understand why people get emotional. >> everyone saw lost last night? >> don't tell me. >> i i was sleeping. >> i was too. >> it was great. >> i didn't hear a thing. no, no, no, no. >> keep to the traffic and shut them up, please. >> we have a problem in westminster, the lanes closed because of a motorcycle accident. gee get on union -- get on union town to get around it.
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mother's day will be cool but dry. >> shush. >> yeah.
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