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that works for you. >> it appears an alleged peeping tom in hartford has been more active than first thought. i'm kelley swoop. police charged a man with videotaping a neighbor's teen daughter through a window but now say more women have been victims. we have the top story tonight. >> reporter: the state's attorney said most of the girls in the videos they found on the suspect's computer were in their bedrooms, showers, or getting dressed. had is still an active investigation. the parents say they can't believe it. they all came out to cheer for their daughters because they do everything they can to support them and keep them safe. >> it's a tough environment. there is a lot of stuff that goes on and you have to protect your kids. >> reporter: as they enjoy the game they are aware a man has been arrested accused of being
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a peeping tom. >> horrified that somebody could be looking in the house. >> that somebody police say is 41-year-old david jones. live was his wife and two children. he was first arrested last month when police say a 15-year- old saw him videotaping her through a window after she got out of the shower. now investigators have taken his computer and storage devices. they found video of 20 more young teen girls inside their homes. >> in their bedrooms, showerings partly dressing, things like that. >> reporter: they believe the victims all from the area. >> we would have to know that the young women are in those residences. >> reporter: giving parents in this quiet community in northern hartford more to worry about. >> it's very disturbing. looking out for the welfare of your kids. then have you stuff like this
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going on. >> reporter: the prosecute said his office is still trying to identity all those possible victims and who they are. they are also asking people if they have seen anyone or anything suspicious in their neighborhoods to call in and report it even if they didn't think it was a big deal at the time. abc 2news. >> breaking news tonight out of west baltimore. a triple shooting happened around ten in the 2100 block of kelsey road but the three victim was able to take themselves to the hospital and are expected to be okay. it was a tearful night in virginia. ♪ [ music ] >> tonight's memorial service
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for a native. uva students take time from studying to attend the service. they remembered a friend and helped each other cope with the sudden loss. >> yardly's death is beyond belief. the action that led to her death are hard to think about. >> take with the determination to speak up for yourself that you will act when you see or hear or hear about adduce or violence in the world around you. >> police charged the former boyfriend with first degree murder. a a viewing will help friday afternoon followed by the funeral saturday morning. three people dead in north
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baltimore after using a gen era tor and is appears they died from carbon monoxide. they came to the country, working two jobs to rent their own place. a long time friend said she lost her life shortly after losing her power. >> so sad and crazy the way she died. >> didn't have power. they cut off her power. [inaudible] >> reporter: baltimore city police came to the house after the landlord reported he had been trying for days to get in touch with her and her boyfriend. officers found their bodies on the second floor as well as a gen era tor in the on position but out of gas. they say she had tried to get an account in her own name but the landlord be past due bill
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at that address prevented her from getting one. >> it's '2should have been a routine assignment in this neighborhood last may. crime suspension but it's turned in to kidnapping assault charges against three baltimore officers involving two 15-year- old's. they were indicted yesterday and bond was set today. 200 for both of them and 250,000 for another. i hearing date has not been set but all three have been suspended without pay. they are accused of picking up two teens in west baltimore, leaving one in east baltimore and dumping the other in an isolated area with no shoes and a cell phone without a battery. >> fantastic day of weather across maryland. humidity staying relatively low and just blue skies. pretty good weather day it turned out. look at the satellite radar. if you look in the left corner
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you can see a little unsettled weather in northern ohio. a long way away. looks like it won't -- 69 -- 66 in frederick and 70 still in the dc area. it'll drop down to 68. not quite as cool. changes in the weather. big cooldown. when that happens coming up. detour in a county community is angering neighbors and they want answers. barricades currently close off a part of the road to traffic forcing driver to use another boulevard. tonight they voiced their concerns but officials say they are trying to work through the problem. >> if we can get some good feelings and agreement on a way to go we can move forward.
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. >> now the state said the new traffic pattern was put into place to give drivers a way to go. forge road is locked at the intersection with belaire. the streets of downtown will soon look like the indianapolis 500. today officials approved a contract with local investors to bring the racing league to the city by 2011. the city used millions in grant money to design the course and make necessary improvements. it'll bring hundreds of new jobs and revenue. >> it put this is city on the map for all the right reasons. it's time for a new story to be written about this city and it's charm. >> i can't wait. i'm waiting for my -- to know the route to get my chair and everything and watch the race.
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>> the street style race will be the first in the area and will run for five years. it's actually condition consever over what's beneath the streets that's prompting a hike in water rates. blame big water main breaks like the one last fall. officials say about 95% of the entire water system is over 65 years old and has never been inspected. without major expensive upgrades they say we will only see more breaks and serious problems. >> who wants somebody to come in and dig money out of their pocket? you don't, i don't. find it -- i don't know where to go find it at. find it some other place. >> we arrived at 9% by looking at what we could reasonablely afford but our numbers show in future year itself we don't start funding improvements we
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could be seeing as much as 20 to 25%. >> now she said on average the proposed rate increase would translate into an extra $84 a year. a hearing set for june 9th. we post a lot of personal information on facebook these days. there are three things that you should leave out. nintendo hoping to spark wii sells with a deal. what you need to know so you don't waste your money. >> more and more websites posting personal information about people in greater baltimore than anybody in the world can see. it turns out they get much of it from us and sites like facebook. consumer reports warns many users post to much information with can be found by criminals. it lists three things you should never post on facebook.
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one, your full birthdate including the year you were born. two, photographs of young children with their name as attached three saying when you are going out of town which says welcome burglars. infinity issuing a recall tonight. this one involving 13 5,000 cars. it affects sedans, the air bags may not deploy in a crash. the bag light goes on check with the dealer as soon as possible. remember when you couldn't find a wii anywhere? now everybody has one and sales have dropped sharply. nintendo hopes to bring back sells of the console by adding a lot of new bone he is features. they are throwing in an extra game and it's motion plus accessory in to the bundle. they also offer a black case.
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$199 for everything. that's lower than the original price. for more go to the website so you don't waste your money. >> gm recalling thousands of hummer h3's. the company saying an artificial part on the hood could become loose and fly off. it appliesa all made since 2006. that's more than 160,000 vehicles affected. we have more now on a story that should have you check your medicine cabinet. the fda has issued a massive recall of children's medicine. this topping the look at news around the nation. >> federal regulators said johnson and johnson failed to test for contamination in more than 40 over the counter drug% kids. it includes children's motrin and others. parents are urged to use generic brands. him recall of children's cold
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and health product social security big. i spoke with leaders. they describe the findings as serious. >> reporter: a report said ingredients used to make the medications were contaminated. they issued a statement promising it won't restart planned operations until it can ensure product quality. this rally in tucson is the latest show of opposition to the afterrors's new law. >> why put poor people in jail and legislate that brownness or reasonable suspicious constitutions criminal? >> reporter: the cities are suing, concerned about the cost of enforcing the law and what affects boycotts may have on tourism. the law will go there to effect in late july. officials say calm winds in the gulf of mexico have allowed crewing to burn off in of the oil in that spill this have also been skimming it. a ship is preparing to deploy a
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giant containment bust under water. it's a pain in the neck for many ofs and our eyes and head. headaches and blurred vision symptoms of an unofficial diagnosis. it's called cvs. before you see double we will give you a prescription for prevention. for example, you know the 202020 rule? and diplomacy on the mound right here in maryland. >> here in maryland 81 degrees out at pwi. the average and the records. 92 degrees. line of showers and storms out of the west. what does it mean for the weather.
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. modern moms like their mothersa. new moms up creasingly older  better educated than two decades ago. 14% were at least 35. this study also finds 41% were to unmarried women. good morning american tomorrow their cries may be cute but for moms those sleepless nights aren't fun. the baby dear sir sometimes take the joy out of your day when you keep the mommies up all night. a new mom who has a lot to juggle. >> every single thing. the days fly by. always something you are eating or need to change. it took a few weeks to really
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believe it. this is now our life. >> tomorrow on good morning maryland the adjustments need to make and how hospitals can provide that much needed relief. >> do you ever notice after a couple hours of sitting at the computer your neck starts to hurt? you aren't alone. more on the condition some are calling computer vision. >> >> i look at a computer screen between eight and ten hours a day. >> reporter: it takes its toll. >> i come home sometimes with terrible headaches. >> reporter: blurred vision, focusing problems all symptoms of something people refer to as computer vision syndrome or cvs. it is not an official problem but is real impacting as many as 70% who work on computers
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daily for at least two hours. >> just got worse as computers have gotten more in the workplaces. >> reporter: it can also happen when you text a lot. certain groups are more prone month problems. >> anyone who requires bifocal glasses. your normal ones designed for looking down about 25 degrees at a viewing distance of 16 inches. that's not where the computer is. very often a person needs to take them and go like this and then like this and then they get neck and back aches. >> reporter: or dry eyes. >> blink rate goes way down. they only blink one third as frequently as when you are engaged in talking. the main reason for a blink is to rewet the eyes so if your rate goes down the eyes open longer you typed to get dry eyes. >> reporter: most menopause women are also at risk and anyone at any age who plays
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computer games for hour social security also at risk. what can do you? fix your work environment. >> you shouldn't have bright lights in your field of view. also get your computer display straight in front of you. you shouldn't have to look off to the side to see it and also the top of the display should be at about the same horizontal level as your eyes so you are looking slightly down at it. >> reporter: and use the 202020 rule. taking breaks every 20 minutes for for 20 seconds, looking off 20 feet at something p did instead of flat. that helps. >> i will go walk outside, try to get some sun, just get my eyes where they don't have to focus so much on a screen. >> reporter: abc 2news. >> doctors say the good news is there is no evidence of long term damage from computer vision syndrome and there is treatment if the symptoms are severe and don't go away. >> now the forecast certified
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most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. > >> beautiful day. >> yes. i just get scared with all these weather computers. >> i was looking at them. >> 202020 rule. >> look away, step outside. today was a great day to get outside. say i have to get out for my eyes, soak in the sunshine. ily try that. >> we are off to another great day tomorrow and then friday looking good to. not bad. weekend some changes. let's take a look at the inner harbor. not to bad at the moment. we have basically conditions are generally clear right now. 69 degrees. humidity 73%. winds relatively calm at the 2985 and holding -- beginning to fall right now. i want to show you chesapeake beach. interesting shot here. right now we have basically nothing right now. this is earlier today. what am i talking about.
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you can see a few high thin clouds. then nice sunset tonight. okays cleared out nicely. nothing to complain about. a couple high wind gusts, 26 owen's mill. 20 boston. on the whole not a bad looking day. little bit above average. way above on the tree pollening. early may you get that sometimes. also high grass pollens. there are some allergens in the air. wind's have gotten light but i think they will get gusty into tomorrow afternoon. clear, statewide. everything in the middle under a clear sky. couple showers and storms flairing up across ohio into western new york state. this line not that impressive. not that much moisture ahead of this front to produce much rain. i don't think we will see much from this. few more clouds tomorrow afternoon. forecast model bearing that
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out. i don't think we will see much, maybe isolated shower or two but not much tomorrow afternoon. then into friday sunny start, chance for a shower perhaps friday evening but not much. just not much moisture for these next couple systems. tonight dropping down to 60 or so. mostly clear. mild, tomorrow through the day about 82, sunny skies, then into tomorrow night talking about 50 or so, quick check of the seven day forecast. the trend here pretty moderately warm next two days, cooler by sunday into monday. ready for that. >> thank you. academy teams team up with the state department. the results, international inspiration. plenty of smiling kid from half a world away. the only place that you can find southwest fares on the internet
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. they say baseball is a great american past time but tell that to these kid from iraq. they are training at the richland academy as part of a program response soared by the department of state and ripkin baseball. iraqi coaches talked about the differences between playing in the united states and in iraq. >> we don't have the fields, we don't have stadiums that we need. we take them to stadiums -- the universities. >> and as part of the trip here they will tour camden yards and get a chance to see an orioles game. baseball also donated several boxes of equipment movement the ravens debuted another off season addition today. their new field. the artificial turf has been replaced a new generation of faux grass. there are no ravens logos at
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midfield. press box sports report presented by mr. basement. >> stan the fan charles with press box sports report. all the goodwill from last weekend sweep of the red sox is gone by way of the three game sweep at the yankees. today's score -- orioles at a horrible 7-21 now. going to minneapolis for a four game serious. the commissioner sang the praises for earny who passed away yesterday at the age of 92. he said he was a great broadcaster and a greater human being. he broadcast orioles baseball from 1954 to 1959. when the ravens have their first ota on friday one player won't participate, ed reed. he was stated he is thinking
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about retiring. he had his injured hip repaired. the ravens had no comment. baltimore updates all day long click onto press box
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. all right. line of showers and storms developing off to the west. i don't think it'll hold together very well. we will see a few more clouds tomorrow. just a slight chance of a shower tomorrow afternoon. best chance of rain scattered showers saturday. probably not much. >> all right. that's it for us tonight. see you tomorrow. have a good one.
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