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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  May 21, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> put yourself in this mom's shoes. she learned her daughter's school bus was in an accident and the 4-year-old was nowhere in sight. good evening. i'm kelley swoop. it happened this week and we have learned the driver told the students to walk home from the scene of the crash. cheryl connor. >> reporter: nakia love took off three days work to try to find out why the driver told the kids to walk home. all she has receive is the an apology but it's not the end of her fight. kia wraps up her experience on a school bus with one wor her mother was beyond mad on wednesday when her school bus was involved in a minor accident at edge com circle in northwest baltimore. no one was hurt but the driver told the kids to get off and start walking. kia knows that is wrong.
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>> we can't walk around with no big person. >> reporter: she got just a few block was her classmates before her mom found out. nakia was at her daughter's bus stop when a boy walked by and said there was an accident. >> when i got to the bus and realizes where and what area, particular area the bus had stopped, panic started to set in. it was known, known for its drug activity, and just all round violence. >> reporter: 9 kids had to walk past an alcohol store. love started screaming. the kids yelled for her daughter and she found her. the bus is operated by a contractor, located in north baltimore. a spokeswoman said the baltimore city public schools hassin formed the contractor that the aid cannot work with city school students until the investigation in to the incident is completed. >> never mind all the rules
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and regulations. where is -- at what point does common sense not turnover. what point did you say maybe this is not a safe area? >> reporter: kia said she doesn't want to ride the bus so for now she has other arrangements. she still wants some peace of mind and someone to be held responsible. we tried contacting the bus service but no one returned our calls. >> update now to breaking news out of hartford. authorities say an 8-year-old boy is dead after being found unconscious in a stream tonight. police are still investigating. parent at high alert after two incidents of teen girls being approached touched by a stranger. the first was on may 5th in the 200 block of box wood street. the man asked the girl if she would like a ride and then on tuesday a girl was at the bus stop at fairfax road when a man
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grabbed her arm. she got away but her mother is still shaken. >> because it's not just her that comes down. it's a group of girls and the fact that right up the street there is an open field that backs up to 665. god forbid one of these children is dragged in to the field. >> reporter: you are asked to call police if you see anything suspicious. police aren't sure if the incident related but said a dark blue car with dark tinted windows was seen at both locations. an 18-year-old arrested for pointing an air gun at passing buses. he face as assault and reckless endangerment movement. a suspect in a drowning and arson said he heard voices telling him to kill everybody
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in a home. he barely knews intended victims. we have more on the strange event that ended in the death of a northeast woman. >> reporter: the fire started late tuesday. >> neighbors on the street reported smoke, flames coming the building. >> reporter: those same neighbors would pull two men out before checking on the long time resident next door. >> the house was on fire next door. they got me out of here. >> reporter: it wasn't until the next day that a 25-year-old turned himself into authorities in newark delaware. police learn ted would find a body beneath the debris of the fire. >> he said he wanted to kill everybody in the house. he had some kind of mental disorder that he heard voices telling him to do harm to these people in the house. >> reporter: he and the two men
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in the house were friends. they were to drunk to notice he showed up that night. much less that he spiked their alcohol with some kind of acid. >> he put it in the vodka bottle and was trying to get them to drink it but it wasn't going how he wanted and then he was getting frustrated and that's when he went back in the bathroom, saw the young woman in the tub and then proceeded to drown her. >> reporter: he placed his foot on the head and back of a 27- year-old erica green, kept it there until she drowned then set a fire to finish off the two men who had passed out in the front room. they had been so drunk they thought erica green had gone home to northeast long before the fire started. jeff hager. >> the man is in jail in delaware awaiting extradition to maryland. it appears he has a history of mental problems. a car crash claimed the
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life of a well known canned indicate. steven michael wright was killed last night. ace car veered off the road in belaire. investigators say no drugs or alcohol were involved and witnesses said he seemed to have a medical problem. friends and loved ones describe him as passionate about i had loved ones. >> i didn't believe it. i really -- i don't -- i'm having a hard time believing it now. after -- today has been a long day but it's -- very difficult to believe. >> reporter: he is survive bid his wife and three children. controversy brewing in baltimore over a large campaign sign that a resident used to have on display in his front yard. the county said it's to big. the resident said he is being targeted because of the name on the sign. we have that story. >> reporter: political season
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just barely getting started. the governor's raise a rematch between martin omalley and the former governor. steven colby sports erlich and wants people to know it. this is where the sign used to be on the front lawn of his home. this is where it is now, in his truck. >> the last thing that i would have thought is i was breaking a law by putting a political sign up. >> reporter: the county said he is. the 33-year-old computer repair tech got a citation indicating that the sign's can't be more than eight feet in size. the penalty a 200-dollar fine for each day it stayed up. he took it down but he is not going down without a fight. >> many countries in the world you could expect to be fined or jailed for political beliefs. not here in baltimore county. >> reporter: he said he supported democrats in the past but feels the county would be
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better balanced a republican. he said he needs a large sign because cars travel so fast on roads. >> this size is fine for my front lawn and to where i live >> reporter: if you drive south you will see a large sign advertising the 125th anniversary x to the north a similarly large sign advertising a county project. >> apparently the only thing wrong with my sign is that it's for bob erlich. these signs were standing before i put mine up and they stand today after i took my sign down. >> reporter: now a spokeswoman said since a lawsuit could be possibly expense of the county attorney given concerns that have been race is the looking at the decision relating to the size of campaign signs. this time the department of permit and development
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management won't comment on his specific case. he will only say is he considering all of his legal options. we will expect to hear more about that next week. abc 2news. >> after a warm day here all across the baltimore area temperatures still pretty warm outside tonight. after topping out near 90 in many parts of maryland, down into the low 70s now. it's a slow cool off tonight. we still have 75 out in ag hagers town. that will help keep us warmer overnight and in fact you see a couple showers on the far left edge of the screen. it looks like we will be dealing scattered showers ear start into sunday. more on that later. for tonight 57 and mostly cloudy by daybreak. we will talk more about the outlook as we roll into this weekend. all coming up. >> a new vision for restoring the bay's once plentiful oyster
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populationt. calls for doubling oyster sanctuaries. for familiarers working to save it already they say the support is welcome. >> this is more for new start ups. we have gone through all the strug toll get going but this is going to stream line the whole process. >> the governor is also encouraging the development of aqua culture including using cages and trays to grow oysters. tonight the oil spill crisis is heading in to its 5th week with confusion threading like the oil into the gulf. no one knows how much or where it's headed or how to stop it. now a new problem. the epa has asked bp to find a less toxic chemical to break up the oil. testing finds that a quarter of all things living 500 feet below the surface died when the chemical was used. in the worst case bp said it could take until august to
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permanently cap the well. stocks have ended higher a day after posting their biggest drop in more than a year. trading was volatil experience still worries about how europe is handling it. >> some breaking news now from overseas tonight. police officials say up to 160 people appear dead in a crash of a plane in southern india. few details are known about the planet. reportedly overshot the runway. the mothers of three americans jailed in iran for ten months returned home today without their children. the mothers had more time with their children today after an emotional reunion yesterday. relatives say they were on vacation in northern iraq last july when iran said they crossed the border. they are accused of spying. >> in russia a bridge we won't cross even when we come to it. this is a bridge over river volga. it was closed after it started
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swaying dangerously. the cause unnorthern. it's thought it could be the result of tremors or that a bridge was weakened by flooding. wal-mart's battle with supermarket for grocery dollars and you could be the winner. the shopping gained said its slashing the price of 22 different grocery items, how much of the new roll backs could save you. a surprise from google today that probably made a lot of offices less efficient. >> that noise was a little irritating on google. 87 degrees. 12-degrees above average. what a change through the week. now another through the weekend. why you probably want to keep the umbrella handy.
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. update now on an investigation. plenty of reaction from viewers over last night's investigation of a local locksmith in hot water with the attorney general for reportedly charging his customers hundreds, even thousands for services. an order has been issued against him and his company around the clock locksmith. since the store we have heard from people who said they feel they were ripped off as well. if this happened to you contact the office and file a complaint. you can reach the hotline by calling or go to the home page at the office could possibly
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pursue a settlement trying to get money back to consumers. wal-mart announces big new price roll backs. is there a catch? john has the answer tonight so you don't waste your money. >> reporter: wal-mart has upped the ane in its bat well safeway and other supermarkets for your grocery dollars. they launched a new round of price roll backs. this time they aren't joking. wal-mart said its slashing the price of 22 different grocery items. among the roll backs, five packs of craft mac and cheese, cookies, dog food down to $19, craft mayo down to $1.97 and liquid tide was $7.48, now just
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$4.97. consumer reports reports that wal-mart may be raising prices on other items, especially as house brands with no direct competition with local markets. abc so you don't waste your money. >> will they blow it up or not? one of the many question that will be answered sunday with the finale of lost. after six years of more questions than answers fans will learn what is happeningon that island where that passenger jet crashed in september of 2000 had 4. producers said all question also be answered but they are keeping the details close to the west. even the actors were kept in the dark. >> i think that the way the show wrapped up and what it is in the final moments, none of the cast really now until we got in to the shooting. >> and of course you can watch the two and a half hour finale
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sunday at nine right here on abc2. how many times did you hear that? pacman turned 30 and gag the put a small version of the game on its home page. the fish grade class from the dentist school going to amaze you. they are quarter finalists in a national contest that is not only a big deal for the school but a big deal for one local church and the community is serves. we have that story. >> reporter: first grade is a time of laying foundations. we all know of reading writing. in one class there is also responsibility. >> it starts with me. >> reporter: that's their message and video that put them in the quarter finalists. it's a contest in which
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students can profile good deed there's done. >> we got busy. >> reporter: the class that done plenty. >> sounds amazing what they have dub. they have picked apples for the rescue mission, collected over 1,000 cans of food. >> we made blankets for people who were cold. >> we wanted to help people who were hungry. >> reporter: little people offering a lot of help. >> shocks people. they think they are just seven and six, what can they do? it's an amazing group much kids. >> reporter: winning contest will allow one more deed to end the year. the church needs to replace the 17-year-old van. the first prize of $15,000 will do just that. the outreach program provides food and clothing to the which wouldn't happen without this van. >> they want to do for others. it's a beautiful spirit.
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>> reporter: they like the feeling they get in giving. >> it's -- feels great to help people. >> it makes me feel that glad i'm making the world a better place. >> feels really great inside my heart. >> reporter: now we need to do our part by going to the give happy challenge website and make your vote. >> it starts with me. >> reporter: you have through may 30th for this round. the winner will be announced june 21st. >> vote for us please! thank you! . >> reporter: abc 2news. visit to help them. you can vote once a day for the kids but the vote ends may 30th. vote now and as often as you can. log onto abc the story and the link to vote is right there in the slide show. >> now the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate
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and maryland's most powerful radar. >> given the weather might want to stay inside and vote. >> how do i follow that act? >> hard competition. >> something good. >> impressive. >> good little sound bite. >> just takes a few words. the weekend will feature change in weather. not a rain out or wash out. some showers around. >> okay. >> keep the umbrella handy. let's look outside. quiet night. nice night in the city. its been pretty balmy out there today. up around 90 degrees in many spots. now we drop to 72. still a rather warm night out there. finally getting out the summer wardrobe. three miles an hour. almost no wind at all. baltimore, nice looking sunset. you see the blue skies, cloud kind of thicken up and we take you over to chesapeake beach. take a look at that.
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fantastic looking sunset here on the chesapeake. beautiful day on the water. almost like a postcard there. high temperatures 87 again with the high. 84 from easton. warm stuff right now we have cooled off just below 70s. other than work which is cooled off to 65 as western maryland. there is up creasing cloud cover from the west and a couple showers beginning to make their way into extreme western maryland. you can see a couple showers and storms flairing up big time for michigan down through ohio. this is the next weather maker. this storm is a shadow of what it once was as it game through the upper midwestt. will bring scattered showers. very warm. it'll moderate the air. here is the timing on the showers. you can see through the day. tomorrow afternoon. then into sunday its hit and miss. not like a huge blob of rain on the model but on and off showers, probably a few more on
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sunday. just keep the umbrella handy. a good day tomorrow early on especially but scattered late day showers a good bet. 76 for the high. maybe we get most of the rain out overnight. i think shower around for sunday. be prepared for that. showers left on monday. dryer warm america to the middle of next week. >> thank you. we will be right back.
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saturday. sunday the division three semi-finals take place. the marquee game stevenson travels in a bat of teams with a combined record of 39-2. snoot orioles continue their showdown with the nationals tomorrow. the weekend is the first of six series they will play against national league east and west division clubs. the american league has dominated winning more than nine of the 13 seasons in which it's existed. for more sports head to the website. that's press box sports report.
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ó . all right. days getting longer. sun up at 5:48. may see a few early rays of sun. then just a chance for on and off showers through the day. we could see a thunderstorm in the afternoon. taking a look at the seven day forecast, sunday similar deal. mid to low 70s all week. won't be as hot.
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on and off. just have the umbrella handy. won't be all day rain. could probably put in the barbecue. just have to dodge a few drops. >> a good day to be saturday. >> telling you. hot. go to the pool. >> at least its cooling off a bit. silver lining. >> always a silver lining. >> that's it for us. thank you for watching. have a great weekend. >> have a good weekend. so, verizon fios includes cool widgets
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