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tv   News  ABC  May 24, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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the cause of death is still unknown. his wife, brittany murphy, as you probably know died five months ago. the coroner determined she died of pneumonia complications due to iron efficiency, anemia and multiple drug complications. her drug ruled an accident. we have talked about it in recent weeks about bullying in schools and all this week state officials want to bring bullying to the forefront. abc2 news linda so is live in pikesville with how maryland's first lady will get the word out, in just a few hours. >> reporter: students here at pikesville middle will be starting the day a little different today. katie o'malley will be here to talk to students and teachers about how dangerous bullying can be. the first lady will talk about the effects of bullying and how to prevent it. the principal here tells us they talk to students everyday about bullying. each morning they spend time in homeroom teaching kids it's never ok to bully or be bullied. teachers also play a big role looking for any signs of
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potential bullying. >> we are constantly bringing it up in school. teachers are constantly watching and are aware of situations that could lead to or may present themselves as bullying. >> reporter: again, first lady katie o'malley will be here first thing at 8:00 this morning to drive home that message. linda so, abc2 news. 5:31. as maryland deals with ways to fight bullying an oklahoma family is grieving after they say their 11-year-old son committed suicide because he was bullied. >> it's not just a little bit of, you know, i'm bigger than you and i can push you around. it has big consequences. >> ty fields shot himself last week, the same day he was suspended from school for fighting. his father says he believes ty was sticking up for himself to a young boy who bullied him all year long. the child's father says his wife complained about the school, about bullying and got
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nowhere. the superintendent of the school district says at this time there's no indication that bullying occurred. anne arundel county police this morning are investigating the death of a 6 week old boy. authorities say called saturday morning to the home on edge rock way in laurel, where they found the infant identified as joel altalude. police are continuing to investigate. an autopsy is scheduled. 5:32. a baltimore city officer on routine paid leave after he shot a suspect in the leg. when investigators say the suspect tried to steal his suv. the shooting happened on east chase street just after midnight on saturday. police say the officer was inside a restaurant when he heard the car alarm going off and that's when the shooting occurred. it's the fourth officer-involved shooting this year. some pelicans are coated with oil on the waters off of the louisiana coastline. pelican eggs are glazed with a rust-colored gunk and new hachtion are also coated with crude.
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much of the gulf coast could end up looking the same way because of a well that spewed untold millions of gallons of oil since an off-shore rig exploded more than a month ago. graduates of the university of virginia held a moment of silence during yesterday's commencement ceremonies to remember cockeysville native yeardley love. >> in the name of love. >> we're remembering all our classmates who passed this year. it was good to have the moment of silence for them and remember them. >> she was majoring in politics and government and her family will get her degree. earlier this month police discovered the lacrosse player's battered body in an off-campus apartment. george hugueley is facing first degree murder charges. the investigation into her death is pushing for campus
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officials to notify students when a student is arrested. in 2008 george was arrested on charges of public intoxication and resisting arrest. 5:34. the battle for slots at a maryland mall is heating up. a trial is set to start today over the proposed arundel mills mall casino. baltimore city-based cordish company is suing the anne arundel county elections board for claiming it overlooked fraud in the petition drive to put the issue before voters. a citizens group and the maryland jockey club which operates the laurel and pimlico racetracks are fighting the proposal. 5:34. a bel air man disappeared five years ago in vermont. >> authorities say they located his remains and ruled out foul play but his parents say otherwise. who is now getting involved in the death? >> and if there ever was a water cooler this morning, it's about the "lost" finale. what exactly did happen? we'll find out. try to figure it out. here's justin with weather. >> 5:34.
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we've got plenty of water from the sky. it's wet on our camera lens. it will be wet on your windshield. 65, east/northeasterly wind and yeah, it feels like the tropics. keep that word tropics in mind because something could be brewing off the coast. 5:35. let's go to the matt and check in with mark jones. >> your commute looks good on the marc train, no delays or problems on the camden, penn, or brunswick lines. out there for the buses, bad weather, wet roads, slowing things up a bit so allow extra time on the bus. number 3 express, diverting with the number 120 express and fayette and st. paul. and look for the 33 bus to still use the cold spring lane between harford and hillen due to construction on argonne drive. wow!
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and now big news -- the same caltrate comes in a new, smaller, easy to swallow pill. here's the chat that megan has with her husband at 2:00 a.m. >> he says i feel there wasn't enough. >> not enough. i was like, that's interesting because you've been watching tv since 7:00 in the evening and now it's 2:00 a.m. he was on the message boards.
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we're going to hear about it for a while. >> last person just left the berke household for the party. >> it's like watching the super bowl. you want to see the commercials. we wanted to see the show in quiet. i got to he -- tell you, my wife went out, she made labels. we had darma initiative water. some alcoholic beverages and nice-themed, i guess supply of food along with the tropics and the island. yes, we had our own water. cool stuff. some of you might think it's cool. a lot of you are like, just get on it with it. the weather itself is wet. 63 now at the country school. showers, fog, mist, easterly wind at 9 miles per hour. i was satisfied with that ending but i know some of you are going to be talking about that for quite some time. you got any questions? you want to talk? hey, hit me up on the e-mail or
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facebook page. we'll talk. we'll chat "lost." the rain is not lost, it's all over baltimore county. it's making things wet on 83, on 95, around the beltway itself. so if you're heading basically towson, whitemarsh, up to bel air, it's wet and mist and fog on the roads, mid-60s, only going to 75 and the chance of showers continues throughout the afternoon. by the way, there could be a tropical system named off the coast this week. we'll talk about that. yeah, a little premature for tropical season. in a bit. 5:40. let's check the roads with kim. >> it may take you a few extra minutes to get to where you're trying to go especially at this early hour. very wet roads as justin said, patchy fog could slow you down a little bit. no real problems on 795 but just add a couple of minutes to the commute so far this morning. so it could take you is it minutes to -- 12 minutes to make it from 140 to the beltway. all lanes are open. we're dealing with two crashes, way outside the beltway. one in union bridge that has
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route 75 closed in both directions at route 26. you can try south street as an alternate. out in the whiteford area near pylesville, route 165 south of route 136, an injury crash with police and emergency crews on scene there as well. back to you. 5:41. known for her weight watcher commercials. >> this morning the british former duchess of york a royal embarrassment. -thanks for coming back out. -sure.
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5:44. a maryland family wants answers in the mysterious disappearance in the death of their son. police say they found the remains of michael hogan and now his family hopes towson university can help in the investigation. abc2 news sherrie johnson is live in towson to explain how they can help. >> reporter: good morning. michael hogan has been missing for several years and his family hopes a forensic scientist here at towson university can find out what exactly happened to him. he was living at spring lake ranch in vermont when he disappeared in 2005. it's a recovery and therapeutic work facility. recently police told hogan's family that pieces of michael were found less than a mile from the ranch. a skull found in the woods by a hunter has been identified as michael hogan. now family members want to know what happened to him.
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with no evidence of homicide vermont state police say the case wasn't suspicious and the crime lab wasn't involved. but michael's father reached out to a forensic specialist at towson university to see if she could help. >> i said well, i think i can assemble a team of students that can come out and get real life field experience while enabling a fully gridded highly powered search to occur. >> reporter: the forensic specialist and her students, they spent two days trying to uncover evidence and they hope they can somehow figure out what happened to michael hogan. reporting live in towson, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. 5:45. harford county authorities have identified an 8-year-old boy who died after falling into a stream late friday. harford county fire hidefied the victim -- identified the victim as 8-year-old justin hayes wilson. it happened in the 1300 block of harford town drive late friday night. authorities say wilson and a 7-year-old friend were out there playing at the stream
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near their home when hayes just slipped and fell in. the friend tried to save him but couldn't and ran for help. the baltimore county fire department, the day to remember. a ceremony was held to honor firefighters who lost their lives in the line of duty. a breath -- wreath was placed at the monument on courthouse square in towson. 5:46. the premiere of "lost" ended, mem are aably with charlie's big question to his fellow cast aways, where are we? >> i think that the way the show wrapped up and what it is in the final moments, none of the cast really knew until we got into the shooting it. >> six seasons and some 120 episodes later many viewers might be wondering the same thing as the much awaited
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"lost" finale brought the series to a dramatic close and viewers -- where are we? the answer almost anywhere we want to be. there's no gambling but it will still cost to own a piece of "lost." the auction house is giving fans the chance to own actual problems -- props from the show. from the doomed oceanic flight 815 to john locke's iconic wheelchair. at least 100 different props will be up for grabs this summer. if you're interested, check it out on-line, go to our web site or and we want your reaction to the ending. log on to the web site, let us know what you think on the facebook fan page to sound off. seinfeld, sopranos or "lost." which one ended best? >> i liked the "lost" ending. maybe one of the few.
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"seinfeld," one of those shows that, it was not -- you were not happy when it ended but it makes sense now. we look back in retrospect. i hope you enjoyed it. >> my husband said it was emotional. did you think so? >> no doubt. you need a box of kleenex. >> it makes me sad. he was probably downstairs crying by himself watching the "lost" finale. he said it was really emotional. >> a lot of this lost love coming together. i think it was well done how it interplayed what happened over the last six years. sawyer, the nasty character, turned into one of the naiforts. -- favorites. there's jack -- i don't want to give it away - >> go ahead. >> i thought it was wonderful. it makes for a lot of conversation. it didn't answer everything but i think that's probably the way the show should have ended. it got people talking. >> is there a web site you can
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go to? >> a couple. i talked to friends, listened to pod casts. my wife made all the props for the party. i hope she doesn't hear about that story. i'll have to take out a second mortgage. we had a cake with a plane going into it. >> yes? >> she made the props in the oceanic 815 sign. it was a good time. it brought people together. it makes you think. >> that's good. >> mr. pringle cried. >> i don't know for sure if he did. he did tell me this morning it was very emotional. >> he came up with a soming shirt -- it takes a strong man to cry and stronger man to admit it. we have weather to talk about. it's tears coming from the heavens today as we start off with wet weather. yeah, the rain moved in overnight at 64 degrees. the regional temperatures right now, by the way, those of you who are wondering, three hours of sleep. i feel your pain and there's some here who watched last
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night as well feeling it as well. 63 in philly. 57 and cooler drier air up towards new york but mid-atlantic, socked in with the moisture. look at the general flow, coming from the southeast. this is an environment that is conducive to produce more rain, keep us socked in basically on the east side of the mountains, we're locked in with the moisture and you'll notice a lot of rainfall on down towards the carolinas. you can see this circulation. this is interesting because something that the national hurricane center had been watching, right there since last week. some computer models picking up on a developing area of low pressure that will work towards shore. already helping to enhance rainfall here. this could be the first named tropical system of the season. hurricane season officially begins june 1st. to get it a week early is just a little rare but it's possible. we're expecting a very active east coast atlantic tropical season. heavy rainfall stays to the south, with periodic showers today and tomorrow. let's just go with today's forecast, 75, warm, humid. and we'll try to break the
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showers with fog. we drop in the 60s overnight. our wake-up window at the bottom of the screen for the rest of the forecast. let's check the roads with kim. >> the crashes keep starting to come in. definitely take your time. we have another crash reported in milford mill, eastbound lanes of liberty road right there at old court road. still dealing with a road closure in frederick county and union bridge, route 75 closed in both directions at route 26. police are detouring traffic to south street. in whiteford, police on the scene, also route 165 at route 136. in the immediate vicinity around the beltway, traffic is moving pretty well at old court road on the northwest side, beginning to build on the outer loop lanes as you head to i-70. but fortunately no major problems on 695, 83 or on 95 this morning. as we peek at the drive times, it will be up a little bit southbound on the jfx and northern parkway to st. paul street, about six minutes. no problems on 9 a southbound, four minutes from the beltway to 895.
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95 split, fort mchenry toll plaza, about seven minutes. stay with us. more when we come back. wow! that's a low price! wow! that's a low price! wow! that's a low price! i'm sorry. did you say something about a low price? wow! that's a low price! i know! [ male announcer ] see for yourself. staples has low prices on everything you need for your office. staples. that was easy.
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the jamaican government declared a state of emergency as violence continues in west kingston, considered to be the stronghold of a reputed drug lord. the state of public emergency is limited to two parishes. u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton urged china early this morning to work with the u.s. to coordinate a response to the sinking of a south korean warship which has been blamed on north korea. secretary clinton is in beijing for the two-day talks. china is north korea's main ally and so far has remained neutral on the investigation. britain's former duchess of york is a royal embarrassment this morning. sarah ferguson, you may know as fergie from the tabloids with weight watchers and the commercials, well, now she's being seen on video that she wishes she never made. the british tabloid "news of the world" set up sarah ferguson with an undercover reporter posing as a
5:56 am
businessman willing to buy access to britain's ambassador for trade and investment prince andrew. israel has come under fire again for an alleged role in the murder of a hamas operative in dubai. earlier this morning you a industry -- australia demanded that israel withdraw diplomats from the country. the moves follows an investigation claiming israel forged four australian passports involved in january's murder. meanwhile the australian foreign minister maintains the two countries have a good relationship. four minutes from 6:00. >> spring is certainly arriving and so is scams. >> either a tax rebate or tax credit on it? you need to do your own homework first. >> the top five scams to be aware of. >> and also ahead, setting records when you're 13 years old? you dream of climbing a mountain. this 13-year-old scaled mount everrest. >> and labs are known for
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swimming but this black lab needed help after getting stuck on the wrong side of a river in california.
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parents will not give up. they have taken the death of their son into their own hands. find out what they plan to do five years after his body was found. >> closing time saturday. a dundalk bar owner found shot to death. we'll have the latest on his murder. >> stop shoving and pushing, stop saying hurtful things. stop texting and stop the nasty rumors on the internet. it's time to stop bullying. good morning, maryland, i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle. thank you for joining us on this monday morning. >> let's turn it over to meteorologist justin "the lost" berke. >> one minute before 6:00. we have wet weather. in


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