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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  May 24, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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council to vote once and for all yes or no, up or down in the bev era ge tax but instead they kept us in suspense. the mayor said the city needs the tax to stop large scale layoffs and cut backs. opponents say it would drive business out of the city and wouldn't help the bottom line. abc 2news has been trying to sort it out. she is down in city hall. >> not only do the city council not vote on the tax even though it was on the agenda they didn't schedule a new vote instead delaying to what they call a date uncertain otherwise known as legislative limbo. now its not clear when or whether the tax will come up again. >> reporter: after months of opposition. >> it'll get worse if the mayor gets her way. >> reporter: a group came out in support of it this week. the local union that represents
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workers. >> they talk about the layoffs it's always who who are cut. we support it for that reason. >> reporter: that's why they say a tax makes sense. >> we have said where we are the lowest paid workers who live here every day and pay other taxes and fees and vote here. they say they won't force them to leave the city because they would just buy the large soda bottles. >> reporter: the mayor expects the tax to raise $11 million a year. opponents say that's optimistic. >> it's way high. you know i just feel like should it be passed the result in the tax collected, everybody will be looking at themselves and thinking wow, it wasn't worth it. >> reporter: he said people will just drive to the county to shop for grocery that could cost city stores as much as $100 million and threaten 350 jobs. >> you can't balance the
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city's budget and then put a huge economic gash in the retail food business. >> reporter: monday night the council delayed the bill to a date uncertain. it's not dead but it's definitely on life support. >> if a bill on second reader. i'm not aware of eight council people that would like to vote for it. >> reporter: two weeks tonight the tax is the may ear's billf. she wants to bring it back she will need enough votes to do that and her time is running out. live in downtown baltimore. >> the tax is sparking a lot of debate across the city. let's go on the internet. 4,000 people belong to a facebook page dedicated to putting a lid on the tax. brian wrote in why does the government want to keep taking from us hard working citizens? there are people out here who are on a fixed income and can't afford anymore taxes. another says it's a ridiculous tax. why doesn't the local government trim its expense accounts and david said i don't
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live in ballot baltimore but i eat and work there and if the taxes keep going up i will shop elsewhere. also tonight city council passed a resolution opposing the new immigration law. the law is set to go in effect in august and it would give police the power to detain anyone suspected of being in the country illegally if they are first stopped for another offense. councilmembers suspended their normal rules to pass the resolution after it was introduced. >> this issue here is that we want to make sure that law abiding citizens aren't racially profiled. > one delegate does plan to introduce a bill similar next year. he will talk about the resolution tomorrow. police searching for clues in the murder of lee martin.
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he was shot steps his front door as he locked up his bar early saturday. now police are asking anyone with information to call crime stoppers. police are investigating the death of a 6 week old baby boy. medics find the child unresponsive on a home in laurel. happened on a's tonight the boy's death remains a mystery. >> the quiet of an early saturday morning here at the upscale apartments in laurel shattered by the cries of a distraught mother. >> i just heard something was wrong because i heard her say somebody help. i jumped up and i looked out the window. >> reporter: the woman had run to a nearby neighbor for help. he called the police. the help would arrive to late to save the 6 week old boy now
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identitied as joel. investigators are still waiting for results of an autopsy by the office of the chief medical examiner to determine if the baby died from natural causes. >> at this point it appeared to be somewhat unusual. the circumstances. there were items scattered broken inside the resident. it was if disarray. deeming it was unusual at that point investigators from homicide took over the investigation. >> reporter: for now residents can only speculate on what may have happened. >> the neighbor asked what happened and they think a baby died. i was like maybe it was sids. >> reporter: abc 2news. >> investigators have been questioning residents at the complex to learn more about what may have happened. state leaders are stepping up to stop bullying. the first lady visited students to kick off the bullying
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awareness. >> if you are free to confront the bully you can go to the principal, go to our home room teacher, parents. >> it affects middle school students the most. >> jamie mother you can through most of the afternoon. generally cloudy. you can see clouds continue to roll in and stream in out of the east. off the atlantic. we are getting swirls off a big storm off to the south and east. powerful radar pretty clear. a little bit of drizzle north of baltimore but not much. you probably won't notice it even if you step outside. temperatures 69 out at pwi. we still have 70s. a warm and balmy evening. down to 62 the last of the few source end. we will talk more about the outlook for the next few days in a couple minutes. there are big changes in a few
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minutes. >> a few days from the start of the beach season and there could be a big spoiler. the oil slick is traveling toward the east coast. cheryl connor talked to an expert. wait until you hear this report. >> reporter: it's likely the oil will make it to maryland and even farther north but experts say it could be away from the shoreline unless a tropical storm or hurricane makes waves. it's almost that time of year for beach volleyball and sunbathing. the oil spill in the gulf of mexico could spoil the summer traditions. michael carney at the university of maryland is keeping a close eye on the maps. >> once it gets to the gulf stream proper it'll move four miles an hour, 100 miles a day so it'll take a while. >> reporter: it's now entering the gulf loop current and is expected to make its way into the gulf stream.
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it's likely to arrive in maryland around the end of july. that according to the professor. it could stay far from the shore but a hurricane would create a perfect storm. >> if you have a big hurricane with big waves, getting that water from depth then you could see a lot of stuff moving on shore. >> reporter: if the storm season is slow the oil could stay in the gulf stream about 150 miles from the coast so beach goers wouldn't notice anything. >> we will know if we are going to get oil when they start seeing it in south florida. >> reporter: the keys will be impacted in a few weeks. the professor said is that will be a good indication of how much oil is moving up the east coast. the one benefit maryland may see is the oil start to break down, experts say the most toxic parts of the oil should evaporate along the way. you can track the latest movement of that spill through
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noa. you can get their by clicking on a link on our website. cheryl connor . >> the message to bp from the governor of louisiana. clean up or get out of the way. the governor wants bp or the federal government to do more faster. >> sitting and waits for clean up and every day it sits and waits more of the marsh dies. >> reporter: bp said it's still working to stop the spill, the latest plan involving mud. wal-mart is cutting the price of the iphone in half. that's another sign apple is getting to reveal a new model. the iphone will government $97 with a two year contract with at&t. not your average road hazard for one coup. an axe smashing in to their
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wind shield. police are searching for the truck carrying it. american hikers detained in iran now making plans to get married. the mothers of the three are now back in the united states and today they talked about being reunited with their children. >> we hugged and the hug, the embrace was like no embrace i have ever had before. i didn't want to let them go. we constantly touched each other. >> the mothers of shane and -- they wear ring that one of the men made from thread from his shirt. authorities detained them after they crossed the border. a new diaper designed to be dryer thinner but concerned parents say it has a downside. serious side effects. worse than the typical rash and not just a few isolated cases. more than 10,000 parents have now joined a facebook page
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sharing their their stories and warning others. what you need to know movement new jewelry for lindsey lohan picked out by a judge. >> 77 degrees today out at pwi. warm day, muggy conditions. just a trace of rain. big storm in the atlantic.
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. coming after the break up to his marriage jesse james is finally opening up about his past, time in rehab and what made him cheat on his oscar winning wife. >> you know during the middle of all of it and when -- i knew it was horrible, it made me
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feel horrible. i knew i would get caught eventually. i think i wanted to get caught. you know i think it's -- i don't think, i know for a fact now what it was. it was me trying toself sabota ge my life. >> he wanted to get caught he did. you can catch the full interview tomorrow. a loss also judge has no sympathy for lindsey lohan. she appeared today after missing an appearance last week. she claimed her passport was taken while in france and she couldn't leave the country. today the judge ordered her to submit to random drug testing and to wear an alcohol monitoring device on her ankle. >> she has a number of up and coming photograph shoots as well as continuing to film a
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movie in texas. >> she needs to submit to the testing here, not in texas. there is no excuse that she is in texas to say i can't show up because then its not random. >> she has been on probation since 2007. before you book your summer vacation you better check your dates. major airlines will be slapping on a sur charge for traveling on peak days ranging from ten to 30 days for each flight. american, delta, continental, united states airways. the 4th of july the only day without the extra charge. if you are a mom you know diaper rash come was the territory. some are claiming their babies have a rash that's off the charts. they are blaming a new product. we have more on why pampers is soaked in controversy because
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of dry max diapers. >> reporter: little charlie is on on the go kind of girl when she gets slowed down her mom knows manage is up. >> she was getting a rash on her belly and back and then the diaper rash started. >> reporter: that rash had smilely little charlie itching so bad she broke the skin and scared. it went on for a month until a teacher said something about the diapers. >> the daycare provider said other children had problems with the diapers. >> reporter: they have the latest technology called dry max and it's designed to be dryer and thinner than other diapers. some moms claim its causing serious side effects for their kids, much worse than the simple rash charlie had to deal with. >> a huge almost two inch size blister. a liquid filled blister. it's about this big.
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it was scarlett red. >> reporter: horror stories have made their way onto the web. more than 10,000 people have joined a facebook page dedicated to sharing stories about the diapers. >> it's fascinating the social networks are kind of an early surveillance, early warning system. >> reporter: the consumer product safety commission is hearing the warning. they have launched an investigation after getting complaints. some of them are louder than others. two lawsuits have been filed against the maker of pammers. still the company denies the diapers have a problem saying they tested them on thousands of babies before release. >> we have done everything we can do to ensure that the product is safe. i stand by it. >> reporter: the company hosted mom bloggers for an open discussion about the safety of diapers and in a written statement they said we can ensure the millions using them they don't cause rashes. dry max is safe and if we found any indication of a problem
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involving the product we would have been the first to act. moms like kara maintain they have seen a problem. >> switched to earth sets and the rash went away. >> reporter: just like that. >> like that. with in two days the rash was gone. >> reporter: she is not going back to pam pampers. >> moms get upset. you know -- you don't mess with a mom's child. >> reporter: abc 2news. >> you can read what the company had to say. just log onto the website and click on the story and you will find a link to the protest page right there on facebook. >> the news forecast certified. >> i think weather had a multiple personal. >> cloudly, gray, sunny. >> yeah. multiple personalities. little bit of everything.
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just on and off. you have a good one? >> yeah. >> brushed it up. >> yeah. i am seeing two of you right now. there you are. >> take a look at the weather tonight jamie. tonight. not this morning, tonight. this is what it looks like. this is what it looks like at night. >> normally are you just getting up right now getting ready to come in. nice night in the city. enjoyable. kind of muggy. humidity at 83%. temperature at 70 right now. the pressure holding steady. want to show you a few sites. jamie talked about the multiple personalities. looking east you see the clouds rolling in off the atlantic and over the chesapeake. beautiful looking sunset. we had late clearing then into laurel we take you down south. you see the clouds again. holding tough at times. last but not least into baltimore and you see generally cloudy as we push toward sunset. at times we had sunshine.
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few light showers. not all that impressive. the rainfall just over a tenth of an in. you head over toward the north and eastern part of the state. less than a 20th of an inch. pretty light stuff. the heat net station. pick up about a third of an inch. high temperatures upper 70s. that's even steven of where we would normally be. little cooler in that direction. ocean city up to 72. have not cooled off much. that muggy air part of the problem for that. we have a lot of clouds. that holds down our -- holds the temperature steady. humidity high. 100% relative humidity. 83% now here in charm city. the winds almost not there. not much of a breeze. kind of a sultry night. you can see the clouds that we
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are looking at chesapeake. this part of the spring to see that kind of pattern. that's what we got. we gotten early season disturbance. maybe a one in five, maybe a 20% chance it could be a tropical storm. the clouds going toward maryland. before that storm would possibly head inland we just got a warm humid air flow. you feel it even as you step outside. things are muggy. holds that storm off to the south right now looks like it'll not come in and the roads are against big storm development off shore. as we go no wednesday a boundary will slide off from the north. i think tomorrow generally dry, cloudy. a better chance for a late day shower or storm on wednesday, thursday, looking relatively dry. overnight down to 62. light light showers on the radar. maybe a little early fog. almost climbed to 80 degrees.
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tomorrow night we are talking about maybe 60 or so with clearing. here is the seven day forecast. consequence into thursday looking for a surge of warm air. could push up to near 90. then the lacrosse championships kick off for the weekend. looking good. temperatures around 80. slight chance for a few showers. medical ralph day weekend looking dry. >> good job. thank you. popular raven wants more playing time. how he plants to get it in 140 letters or less. that's next in the press box sports report. so, verizon fios includes cool widgets
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. a day after the terp season ended the lacrosse coach announced yesterday he was stepping down after nine seasons in college park. he led maryland to eight straight tournament appearances in three final tours. the men's team edged tony brook to advance to the final four this weekend in baltimore. joining the cavs will be cornell, duke and notre dame. the orioles have tonight off. ed birds host oakland for a three game series starting tomorrow. jess in 13 seasons he was 89 in 102 with a 5.26 era. a twitter campaign to play running back. he rushed for 902-yards in ten touchdowns in 2008 but last season ray rice had a break out year and he ran for just 180- yards in two scores. for more coverage go to press box
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. hey. dave goes to bed tonight still i the meaninger of the orioles but when he wakes up what will be find out about weather? >> the last of those light showers we had tonight. they are gone and as we go forward in time not much rain left. the outlook until we get later in the week. warmer, hotter, should be dry. >> yeah. that's it for us tonight. thank you for watching. you can follow all the stories on abc 2news on twitter. i will see you in about five hours. have a great night. see you first thing in the morning. >>
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