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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  May 26, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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gabaldon. force-mac [ indiscernible ] they assault a cold case. they lend to the suspect eddie is accused of raping and killing a woman in 1981 the police say analytic and [ indiscernible ] investigate or state their car broke into the store and then went to the victim's apartment on the second floor. the woman was smothered to death. the mac and apparently not too long ago he had been arrested for a felony. he was wild for dna and that's
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when they hit came back. >> knows the place they that they put it with the dna database. the family of yeardley love has set up a memorial fund. she was a standout in lacrosse and field hockey player. the school holds -- hope that the fund will help build a turf field in her honor. the school has raised about 3 percent of his $1 million goal. her ex-boyfriend george hugely, is charged with first-degree murder in her debt. if you would like to make a donation to the fund i to do with it to our website. >> three homes were evacuated after a ghastly in baltimore county. billy b. 41130 this morning. they responded and shut off the lake. the families in the three homes were taken to the volunteer fire station while firefighters
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remained on the scene. new home buyers, the drywall used to build their homes is putting high levels of sulfur out. is releasing the names of the companies whose products had the worst results. we have this with the details. >>reporter: the sulfur was so bad it started rotting everything from air conditioning wires to kitchen knife in the people's homes. it came from china. has been investigating this problem for more than a year and spent more than $5 million. this problem first popped up in florida last spring when homeowners start complaining about the rotting of their wiring to the humidity brought the issue to light up faster than other parts of the country. the cps began testing. they are releasing the name of the
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tent manufactures the product had the highest levels of hydrogen sulfide. they say it can be linked to the metal erosion problems but all of the countries are chinese and the only recognizable name is [ indiscernible ] at their drywall made in 2005 could do our manufacture of course has been prevailing to this controversy. after hearing about the suffering of the homeowners who dealt with all these problems, the chair is calling on these chinese companies to examine what they can do to fix it. us officials are pressing the chinese government to rate a meeting between the cpsc and the makers of the drywall. mrs. josie. congress is considering an amendment to the motor vehicle safety act, which would mandate out all detection vehicles in all cars. john introduced the amendment, which would provide $60 million for the development of those devices to be installed as standard equipment on all cars within five to 10 years. this proposal is similar to a bill in the senate introduced by tom
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and bob corker. the mechanistic committee has approved removing the words mental retardation and mentally retarded from federal loss to the health education labor and pensions committee passed a bill introduced by bob mikulski. it were placed the term mental retardation and mentally retarded with intellectual disability and intellectual an individual with a disability. operation cop killed in on the way this hour. this is the latest effort by pp to stop the oil. abc john reports. >>reporter: the effort to kill the
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whale is underway. an entire nation awaits the results. >> if it is successful and there are no guarantees, it should greatly reduce or eliminate the flow of oil streaming into the gulf from the seafloor. >>reporter: cameras capture this. the mud and cement flow through a tube into the blowout preventer. a hearing on capitol hill that management agency which oversees drilling came in for heavy criticism. >> that agency went to hell. it is unprecedented. >> you say this unprecedented but it was not unimaginable. >>reporter: even allies of the president are growing exasperated. >> put somebody in charge of this and get this thing moving. >> if today's efforts fail that's
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criticism is likely to grow much louder. tomorrow president obama plans to announce tough new regulations. this is john with abc news. hurricanes a peer to [ indiscernible ] the governor posted [ indiscernible ] he discussed how are paired the state is for disaster and impact of the massive oil spill in the gulf of mexico could have on maryland. >> to the extent that we see any of this this will be small tarballs off our coast, if it even reaches our coast. if there was a hurricane it would not push it, it would break it up. and after the meeting was held there was a hurricane response to drill. the government and nonprofit organizations who had damage related to the snowstorm in february. the agencies and nonprofit started the process to apply for aid through the federal emergency
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agency. they're hoping to be reimbursed for snow removal and other costs. >> they will pay 75 percent of some of the cost related to snow removal. they're going to walk them through what it will cost to what paperwork they need to commit as far as reimbursement for the funding. >> the myth that government agencies and nonprofit organizations should note a couple of months if they qualify for the aid. look at that the picture-perfect day. their warm temperatures and dry conditions. it's an excellent combination. so what is on tap for tonight but. temperatures are just soaring. makes you want to have a snow cone. let's take a look at the
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numbers but it is 91 degrees right now. the high temperature today is 91 from frederick. at some of the hottest air on the east coast in baltimore. this satellite will show just a few clouds that all that sunshine helped push up the temperatures. this evening will be a need, warm and muggy. just a few clouds. we'll talk about when we'll see some clouds rolling in and how the weekend is shaping up at this time. tonight fans are mourning the life art linkletter. he died today in california. he was known as oriskany interviews with children and ordinary folks but he also collected comics and a number of best-selling books. he was 97-years-old.
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a family crest thou after their dog isn't euthanized for biting a trespasser. this animal control was out of control. and memorial day is just around the corner. we have some tips to make sure that you stay safe. plus restaurants have cut out [ indiscernible ]. are there alternatives healthy? >> and is currently 87 degrees in baltimore. while a complete look at your
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weekend forecast. the countdown is on. you start to summer travel season starts in 48 or more maryland are expected to head down to ocean city.
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don explains why. >>reporter: in the winter you can rely on big east to migrate. in the summary as you head to the beach. and a lot of us. do we know that the roads will be heavy and heavily traveled. >>reporter: to the tune of three and 50,000 people will be crossing over the bridge of this holiday weekend. >> a later date that you all on, typically when we'll date falls on the 31st, we tend to see an increase in travel. >>reporter: in recent weeks gas prices have dropped almost a dime and the best news is it supposed to drop even further. >> i felt it was 4 cents down. it's a commitment. >> i saw the prices were down below did they or overhear on the the western side of the bay.
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i didn't fill up all the way to alter get cheaper gas on the other side. >>reporter: with gas prices headed in the opposite direction, it is no surprise that reservations are up in ocean city. >> we are ahead of our room tax is ahead of last year at this point. >> i can't wait for summer to come. >>reporter: at the bay bridge i am don harrison. >> and speaking of the bay bridge and should be completed soon. the crews have been replacing the deck on the bridge. it has led to closures and things are moving smoothly right now. the $65 million project is expected to wrap up by the end of the week. twenty-five years after it first soared into orbit, the special olympics came back to home to earth today to win32
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missions and a hundred and 20 miles behind it, the spacecraft will be retired as the entire shuttle program lies down to a close to a capped off its quarter-century career bringing six astronauts safely back from a 12 day mission to the international space station to the crew put some finishing touches on the space station, adding a new docking port and installing fresh batteries that will help keep the laboratory functioning. >> atlantic in a credible ship. she was absolutely perfect. >> there only two were missions plant. discovery is scheduled to fly for the last time in september and in denver in november. nasa is still evaluating the launch date. to the forecast. more sunshine than we've seen
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for the rest of the week. we didn't have that kind of cloud cover. it was 90 with a high humidity but we're going to cool it down for the three-day weekend and at that cool air comes and we're looking for some showers and storms to spark up tomorrow afternoon. temperatures are warmunder the late mate sunshine. not a date to take a sale. the water temperatures are in the high 60s to 70 degrees. we were up to 91 just about an hour ago. winds out of the west to northwest at 6 miles per hour. we'll take a look at our weather net cameras. there is a live feed out of our exclusive site is down at the maryland science center. a lot of blue skies. blue skies for the afternoon to debut 50 more clouds building up in the afternoon. there are no showers and storms
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today. 91 out at the airport. it's 87 from york and havertown. we've only called two or 3 degrees. we have plenty of daylight left the defense that does not till 820 tonight. the dewpoint numbers are very high. you can tell how mighty it is out there. the clouds are still streaming in from east to west today. off the atlantic comes still getting a bit of moisture above to watch the breaks in those clouds. the storm is still spiraling down to our south and east. it's well off shore of the carolinas. still looking like no threat for tropical development developments. hot human air has been our story today. they were in 90-degree range up
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in the big apple to debut our forecast for the rest of the evening here. generally clear and we have a couple of passing clouds. tomorrow here disappeared a line of showers and storms likely. a little bit of upper air disturbance. as we go into friday were going to see general clouds. they're there still a chance for on and off showers. this is the least attractive weather day in the weekend. it is friday. looks like the weather does begin to improve as we go into saturday and sunday and memorial day monday. we stayed 90. tomorrow it'll be 90 degrees, hot and humid there will stroke with a mixture of clouds and sun but watch out for those late day showers. a couple of showers could last into the evening. this weekend as we head towards the big baltimore lacrosse
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festival. it goes all week into the temperatures are going to be cooler. there is a slight chance early saturday but not much. it's hot tomorrow and cooler for friday to a new chance for showers bathe out after friday and saturday morning. a controversial plan to build [ indiscernible ] and it is sparking a heated debate. we'll hear from supporters and critics of this controversial issue could plus just changing some foods to reduce fat, make them less static like some critics say no. this is the latest study on
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trans fats.
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we have a ton of brand-new stores all heading your way at 5:30 p.m. a gamble family says their work on was put down by animal control for the wrong reasons that we will tell you why they are claiming the dog's death was unjustified. in the warm weather wants to make you take a nice trip somewhere. we will tell you some good summer deals. and a former pussycat doll is the dancing with the stars at champion. a complete wrap of all the competition is heading your way. the stores along with the forecasts are all coming your way at 5:30 p.m. in tonight's health alert, public health officials have warned against eating food in high trans fats. it may taste good but they also clogged arteries. even if you have legal restrictions on trans fat can have a meal. does that really do any good click here is doctor johnson.
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>> since 2006, new york city health officials have restricted the use of trans fat in restaurant food and as a result of growing number of food manufacturers have a reformulated food products but replacing it with alternative fats. some critics contended that the reformulated foods simply substitute unhealthy saturated fat in many fried and processed food. however, , new findings in a new england journal of medicine by expert at harvard medical school and the center for science in the public interest show that is not the case. they examined the fact content and 83 reformulated food from supermarkets and restaurants. the results show that trans fats were reduced to less than half a gram in 95 percent of supermarket products and 80 percent in restaurant products. the level of saturated fats increased in one third of the supermarket foods. but the over all fat content.
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the researchers say the study should ease the fears to restaurants and food manufacturers who simply swap out one dangerous bat for another. with this medical minute, i am doctor timothy johnson. get excited the virgin mobile music festival is back there with all the details coming up at 5:30 p.m. which is just two
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