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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  July 10, 2010 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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[sighs] my work here is done. and your time is up. that'll be $10,000. captioning made possible by abc cable networks group captioning performed by the national captioning institute, inc. captioned by the national captioning institute this morning, new hope. today, bp starts a risky operation to put a new cap on the leaking well. if it works, that leak could be fully contained by monday. we are live in the gulf with the latest on these new plans. the spy swap with russia is now complete. and now, the former agents begin their new lives. from moscow to washington, we'll take a closer look at what life will be like for the spies in from the cold. more than a month after their son's disappearance, kyron horman's parents point a finger of blame at the boy's stepmother. and explain why they think she is hiding something. ♪ how you like me now and miami celebrates the arrival of king james and his court.
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but in cleveland, lebron has been dethroned and disowned. how angry are they? and will this tarnish his legacy forever? good morning, america. >> good morning. it's saturday, july 10th. boy, they are angry in cleveland. the heat is definitely on between those two cities. >> we'll talk to some clevelanders. hell knows no fury like an ohioan scorned, they say. >> lebron, all lebron this week. we have medical news to tell you about, too. we have two, big stories. for the eighth time this year, johnson & johnson recalled some of its products. we'll tell you why you won't be finding things like tylenol, motrin and benadryl on the store shelves. and the fda is considering the fate of a controversial diabetes drug taken by millions to control their blood sugar levels. dr. marie savard is here to tell
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you about avandia. and to the city of the future. this is a fascinating look at a place that cost $30 billion to build. it takes inspiration from central park, venice, and even jack nicklaus golf courses. but the big thing is all of the innovations built into the walls of every, single home. why is it the biggest real estate gamble ever? we'll tell you coming up. but we begin with day 82 of the oil crisis in the gulf. a navy blimp is now among the arsenal of tools trying to watch the slick and direct skimmers. and this morning, bp will attempt to put a tighter cap on the gushing well. if all goes well, it could soon finally stop the leak. we've heard that before, of course. steve osunsami is in buras, louisiana, with all the details. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning, bill. mother nature has given bp a magic window this morning. for the next several days, there's not a threat of a storm.
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only clear skies and calm seas. and bp engineers are hoping to make the best of it. the waters above this massive leak haven't been this calm in quite some time. and today, bp engineers are making a risky move that could finally stop the oil. bp is replacing this cap, that is still leaking more than 1.5 million gallons of oil into the gulf each day. at the same time, they're attaching a larger containment ship to collect more oil. that ship, "the helix producer" is huge. and joins two other ships are trying to capture the oil. engineers will use robots to remove the old cap and put on a new one. if all goes well, they hope to have the oil contained, all of it, in the next few days. >> based on what they're saying, i'm very optimistic. if they have all the vessels in place, with the new cap, then they should be able to contain most of it. >> reporter: late friday, bp spelled out the progress of the ultimate solution, those relief
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wells that they're digs that they will eventually seal with cement and plug the leak. they expect to be finished by august 13th. louisiana's governor went up friday to take another heartbreaking look at the oil that continues to wash ashore. >> we don't like to see oil on the beach. i would rather see oil on the beach than the wetlands behind the beach. >> reporter: in two hours, waters that were clear, were ribboned with oil. >> even if they cap the leak -- we hope they cap the leak soon. the problem is we have 700 miles of shoreline. there's not enough boom. >> reporter: the weather is so clear, bp has every oil skimmer and burner out there. the downside to this operation is that, while they change the caps, the oil, bianna, will flow freely. >> all right. steve, thank you. we now want to urn to the u.s./russian spy swap. the white house says it was actually in the works two weeks before the russian sleeper agents were arrested here. now, the former spies are starting their new lives. we have two reports from two
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continents this morning. we're going to begin with alex marquardt in moscow. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. well, those ten spies from the united states, landed at moscow's main international airport late yesterday afternoon. they were quickly whisked off by authorities. and though this two-week saga is now over, the big question is what happens to them and their children? the arrival of the spies in moscow yesterday marked a new and uncertain chapter of their lives. the u.s. has seized their assets. and they will rely on russia and family to start their lives. anna chapman, perhaps the most famous of the ten, has said to want to move to london. a family member has said her family has left the moscow apartment and is hiding from reporters in the countryside. >> the difficult part for some of these people will be getting used to life in russia. they left russia when it was completely different country. >> reporter: vicky pelaez, the only non-russian to return to russia, wants to move to her
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native peru. >> the only russian thing she likes is vodka with passion fruit. you know? and that's the only thing she knows about russia. >> reporter: russia reportedly offered pelaez an apartment and $2,000 a month for life. pelaez has a son with mikhail vensikof, a.k.a. juan lazaro. just 18 and a gifted concert pianist, juan lazaro jr. is still in new york. >> juan will maybe visit the parents maybe in peru. maybe. we don't exactly yet. we haven't gotten any contact with our parents. >> reporter: unlike in the past, these ten did not return to russia to a heroes' welcome. the story here wasn't considered a scandal like it was in the u.s. still, their lives will change drastically. >> obviously, their names will be changed. and they probably will be offered some jobs outside the intelligence service. >> reporter: and, bill, one of the interesting things about this story was the difference in
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reactions. russians didn't have the same reaction as america did. russians found it amusing that these people were considered spies at all. as one person told us in the street, i don't think they're real spies. it's just a stupid, political joke. bill? >> alex marquardt, thank you for that. as for the russians set free here in the u.s., yunji de nies is in washington with that side of the swap. yunji, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, bill. their plane stopped in london on the way here, where two of those men got off. the other two then continued on here to washington. and this morning, all four are waking up to entirely new lives. so, just who are the four russian men? igor sutyagin, was a weapons researcher, jailed for selling information about russian nuclear submarines. sergei skirpal, a kgb conditional, serving 13 years for spying for the british. gennady vasilenko.
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a recruiter. and alexander zaporozhsky, who may have helped to expose robert hanssen, the american agent who spied for the russians. after years in russian prisons, all four are now free. >> all four of them will have a great sense of relief. they're out of prison. they're free. >> reporter: peter ernest is the director of the international spy museum. he headed the cia task force that helped resettle the highest-ranking defector ever to come to the u.s. shevshenko came to the u.s., remarried and wrote his memoirs. ernest says, like him, he expects the newly-freed prisoners to be taken care of. >> they put their lives on the line. and we have an obligation to them. so, i don't think they're going to arrive here and three days
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later start looking at the classifies on craigslist. >> reporter: at least one already has relatives living here. two of alexander zaporozhsky's sons lives in maryland. at least one neighbor is ready to roll out the welcome mat. >> he's done so much for this country. i hope he's able to come here and live a nice life. >> reporter: now, several of the men reportedly left families behind in russia. no word yet on what exactly will happen to them. bianna? >> yunji, thank you. we return to medical news and two, big drug stories. johnson & johnson is recalling more of its over-the-counter drugs. and the fda is, once again, raising questions about the safety of avandia, a diabetes drug taken by more than 2 million people. here to talk about these stories, "gma" medical contributor, dr. marie savard. thanks for joining us. i want to begin with avandia. there's been questions about whether it can lead to heart attacks, going back to 2007. why is the fda reopening this case now? >> that's true. so many people are taking this drug thinking they're lowering their risk for heart attack,
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which is the most common complication from diabetes. they're looking at it now because the fda has not agreed on the safety issues. there's a lot of new data. there's been question of whether this most recent industry-sponsored study is not really interpreted correctly. >> we should note that heart failure has long been a recognized problem with avandia. the question is, is avandia a higher risk than other diabetes drugs? >> that's right. the heart failure and leg fluid retention has been well-known already. there's been 12 studies over the past 3 years that's shown there could be an increased risk of heart attack, stroke and even death. we really need to look at this. and that's what the fda is doing this week. >> avandia's maker, glaxo smithkline, released a statement in response to these new documents released by the fda. saying, since 2007, we have seen results from six, controlled clinical trials, looking at the cardiovascular safety of avandia. and together, they show that this medicine does not increase the overall risk of heart attack, stroke or death. yet, you mentioned the other studies by the fda. some of them are conflicting.
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what are people at home that are taking this drug, relying on it, what should they do? what should their doctors do? >> common sense. sometimes clinical studies are not accurate. it's how they're interpreted or how big they are. there can be a lot of issues. a large, operational study just this month, reported concerns, especially for older people. people should take caution and talk to their doctors about it. i'm really concerned about this drug. >> the fda's findings will be released wednesday, i believe. what do you expect them to say to conclude this time around? >> i think they need to conclude that clinical safety, or concerns about clinical safety, should take the place of certainty around clinical studies. patient safety first. >> that comes next week. i do want to move on to the recall, the johnson & johnson products. tylenol, benadryl, motrin. they're being removed from shelves. what's going on here? >> this is part of the same thing that is going on all year. so, i think people don't need to take alarm here. there's no safety concerns expressed. the wooden pallets where the plastic bottles are stored have
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released some kind of chemical that's caused a musty odor in the bottles. this is just mcneill pharmaceuticals taking the products off the market, because of the smell. not because of safety concerns. >> people have them at home, they can use it. it just may not be smelling pleasant. is that what you're saying? >> no. i think people should go through the medicine cabinets and get rid of the medicines in that recall. but on the other hand, if anyone has taken those medicines or look back and see they've taken them, i think they can rest assure that it's likely safe. but again, we don't know entirely know what the issues are because there's been a lot of quality controls that have been expressed and concerns around it. that's disappointing for a company that we all -- >> we rely on the drugs almost on a daily basis. allergies, headaches. >> yes. >> always better to be safe. thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. now, for a check on the morning's other top stories, here ron claiborne. good morning, ron. >> good morning, everyone.
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we begin with flooding in texas, where the water is still rising this morning. the rio grande river is more than three feet above flood stage and is expected to rise a couple more feet to over 55 feet. and in mexico, on the other side of the river, four people died in the flooding. iran is reviewing a sentence of death by stoning. a 43-year-old woman was given that sentence by an islamic court after she was convicted of adultery. that prompted a world-wide outcry. and iran's top human rights official says the sentence is being appealed. it could be converted to an alternative punishment. and a top general says the u.s. could face another decade of conflict and having troops in iraq and afghanistan. general george casey, the chief of staff of the army, said the u.s. military moved beyond conventional warfare there. an agreement is in place between the u.s. and iraq to bring home all soldiers by the end of 2012. a good day on wall street. the dow jones industrial average had its biggest increase in almost a year.
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the dow rose to 10,198, gaining 5.3% for the week. and the s&p index was up over seven points. finally, "the twist" turned 50 years old. chubby checker celebrated the 50th anniversary of the release of his record in july of 1960, with a free concert in philly, where he's from. even though the temperatures were over 90 degrees, the crowd kept on doing the twist. bill, you're a big music fan. did you know -- >> i did not. >> the trivia? >> okay. >> that "the twist" by chubby checker was a cover of a 1959 song by hank ballard and the midnighters. it went nowhere. >> no kidding? >> and chubby listed it a year later. >> but chubby looks great. >> has to be 70-something years old. >> did you do the twist in your day? >> yes. i tried. marysol is under the weather. i hope you're feeling better at home, mary. so, would you do some weather for us? >> yes. >> while you do the twist? >> no twist here. here's the weather. okay.
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ready for this? scattered storms are still in the forecast for parts of texas and oklahoma today. but the rain is not expected to be as heavy as earlier in the week. the northern plains and parts of the midwest will have severe storms will have hail and gusty winds. elsewhere in the nation, storms from boston to philly, where chubby checker is. and in the southeast, afternoon thunderstorms will bring heavy and that's your first look at the weather. by the way, i'm changing my name to lebron claiborne.
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>> i don't know that i would do that. at least wait until after this next segment. >> and move to miami. >> take your talents to south beach. well, hot in cleveland, not only a betty white offering these days. but also an apt description of that town, after their hometown hero broke up with them on primetime television and then went to south beach to party last night. the self-proclaimed king of basketball has a new court. and john berman has the latest. >> reporter: with the music blaring and expectations soaring, lebron james emerged on a miami stage, with his new teammates, in a new uniform. the miami heat officials referring to this trio as the three kings, james described his reception with one word. >> wow. >> reporter: while the heat was rising in florida, in cleveland, a decidedly different story. >> it's going to be a long winter. it's always a long winder in
8:17 am
cleveland. it's going to be a little longer. >> reporter: the fans there, clearly heartbroken. and critics still steaming over the theatrics of james' staged announcement. >> this spectacle of free agency, the way he has handled it, from beginning to end, in my mind, has been a farce and despicable. he has milked it for every, possible ounce of publicity he can get. >> reporter: if you want to cling to final memories of lebron james in cleveland, you might be too late. you can't even buy his t-shirts on their website anymore. and in a letter, the cavs owner did worse than disown him. dan gilbert told fans, you simply don't deserve this kind of cowardly betrayal. he called james leaving a shameful display of selfishness. and he told the associated press, james quit in the playoffs this year. this was lebron's reaction. >> when things hit the fan, you see guys' true colors. i don't mind the reaction because at the end of the day, dan's comments will not stop me and my family from sleeping at
8:18 am
night. it's only going to make us powerful. >> reporter: we'll see if he can turn that power into an nba championship. his next will be his first. for "good morning america," john berman, abc news, new york. and kenny roda hosts a radio show on espn 850, in the home of rock 'n' roll, the great town of cleveland, and joins us this morning. kenny, good to see you. thanks so much. what goes through your mind? and what do you think goes through the minds of your fellow ohioans, when you watch the video of lebron in miami? >> very painful. the fans were already bitter, unhappy. they felt betrayed. to see that, the way lebron was celebrating in miami. very hurtful. and cavs fans will not welcome him back with open arms in cleveland. we'll see, though, what happens in akron. >> it's interesting. he's been pretty much universally panned for the way
8:19 am
he handled the announcement. just the wording he used, i'm taking my talents to south beach. not south florida. not miami. south beach. which is basically modeling agencies and bars. but is there a way he could have done it differently that would have left less pain? is there any way he could have moved to miami and not angered all of his fans there? >> absolutely. doing this live tv show, one hour, to rip the hearts out of clevelanders on national tv. he had the right, as a free agent, to go wherever he want. but the way he went about it is what has clevelanders upset. and deservedly so. he could have just held a small press conference in miami and said, this is where i'm playing. be done with it. and that would have been fine. some people would have still been upset. but it wouldn't have been, you know, as devastating as it was watching it on espn the other night. >> and the team learning about it from that. one cavs fan put it, it's like dumping your wife on jumbotron. and i have to ask you about dan gilbert's letter. obviously, he didn't have
8:20 am
anybody proofread that for him. did you hail those words? >> cleveland fans did. they needed that at that point in time. now, did he cross the line? probably. but lebron crossed the line with the one-hour crown me another king in miami show. so, dan gilbert just came back and fought back and represented cleveland. and while it's not received great outside of cleveland, within cleveland and the fans, season ticketholders, they love it. >> they love it. what about his guarantee that the cavs are going to win before the heat will win? >> he maybe went a little too far with that guarantee. let's just, you know, get back on track and try to win some games and go from there. again, he was doing that, the guttural emotions, a term we use here, because we're used to these types of things. i think he -- you know, he really spoke from the heart. >> all right, kenny roda. from espn 850. up early on a saturday. look at that. ripping the head off the fathead. at least he didn't set it on fire. >> no. that's right. >> showing some restraint.
8:21 am
>> yeah. well, coming up here on "gma," we'll have the very latest in the disturbing kyron horman case. we'll tell you who the parents think is behind the boys disappearance and why. and we'll take you to the city of the future, that's a $35 billion testing ground for high-tech innovation. try. that no one else noticed. that was pretty sweet. but you did have eight layers of sweet crunchy back up. what can i say? you're the man. or -- you know, the little dude. that's me. [ female announcer ] stop mid-morning hunger with kellogg's® frosted mini-wheats® cereal. an excellent source of fiber from 100% whole grain that helps you stay full, so you can stay focused. also, try chocolate little bites. so, how'd the meeting go? outstanding, i wowed them with my chocolate chip center.
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so, how'd the meeting go?
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whoa. oh, my god. oh, my god. oh, my god. woo! >> no, that is not a miami heat fan reacting to lebron news. this is the over-the-top reaction about a rainbow. it's the latest viral sensation. the double-rainbow itself is spectacular, yes. it's the screams. eventually the sobs and joy from the man behind the camera. it's gotten more than 2 million views so far on youtube. you will meet the man coming up. >> i'm so happy about this booking. you can't help but smile when you hear him.
8:31 am
he claims he was actually sober. we'll find out. good morning, america. i'm bill weir, along with bianna golodryga. it's saturday, july 10th. also ahead, the city of the future. we'll take you to the place where the garbage is sucked away by pneumatic tubes. and your house can monitor your vital science. we've been waiting for this since "the jetsons." and we'll give you a tour of maybe the smartest city in the world, coming up. we begin with new twists and startling accusations in the case of kyron horman. the 7-year-old has been missing now for more than a month. while his family clings to hope he's still alive, they're raising new questions about his stepmother. mike von fremd has the story. >> in a way, he's become our little boy. >> reporter: friends, family and supporters, lit candles for missing 7-year-old kyron horman last night. now, his parents, kaine horman and desiree young, have revealed one of the reasons they say they fear kyron's stepmother, terri horman, is hiding something. >> we implore terri horman to fully cooperate with the investigators.
8:32 am
>> reporter: they say horman changed after the birth of her baby 19 months ago. >> she went through some postpartum depression after the birth. and her emotional state was just more erratic. >> reporter: not just the so-called baby blues that eight out of every ten of new mothers experience. but postpartum depression. a serious condition, affecting up to 20% of women within a year of giving birth. but doctors say for a few, what begins as mild depression can escalate over time, to psychosis, impairing judgment, and in rare and tragic cases, lead them to kill. andrea yates had a history of postpartum depression when she drowned her five children in her texas apartment in 2001. a postpartum psychosis case in georgia last month, ended in a 15-year prison sentence, for joanne tucker, for beating her infant daughter to death. while there's no confirmation of their claim,
8:33 am
now, kyron's parents believe that postpartum depression could be a factor. linking the stepmother, terri horman, to kyron's disappearance. >> i really want her to do the right thing. and i can't say it enough that kyron is still out there. and he needs to be home. >> reporter: there are no charges against terri horman. both she and her attorney declined comments for this report. >> do you have anything to say? >> reporter: for "good morning america," mike von fremd, abc news, portland, oregon. for more on this, we is are joined by neuropsychiatrist and best-selling author of "the female brain," dr. luann brizendine. thank you for joining us, doctor. >> good morning. >> we're hearing that terri went through postpartum depression after the birth of their daughter. and her emotional state became erratic after that. as a psychiatrist, does that stand out to you as a red flag? >> yes, of course. it could be related somehow to
8:34 am
the condition and the mental state of any woman who has a postpartum depression. you know, 1 out of 10 to 1 out of 20 women after giving birth, the female brain has a huge change in hormones after birth. and about 1 in 10 or 1 in 20 will develop a condition called postpartum depression. then, another group, 1 out of 1,000, may develop more severe mental illness, called postpartum psychosis. that's the one more associated with women killing their children and fantasize, or the horrible case you may remember of andrea yates. >> and how do you differentiate between the two? >> the postpartum depression is marked by crying, irritability, and fatigue and difficulty taking care of the baby or themselves because they're so sad, crying, depressed and irritable.
8:35 am
but postpartum psychosis is where the mother actually loses touch with reality. bizarre thinking. strange ideas. and may have what seems to be a complete personality change. and in the context of losing touch with reality, may get bizarre ideas about her baby. like somehow the baby is evil. and the baby may need to be killed to save it from going to hell. some kinds of bizarre ideas like that. >> and how long can this last? their daughter is 19 months old now. >> typically, the postpartum psychosis will come on in the first three to six weeks, postpartum. and it may last intermittently, up to one year or even several years. it may have relapses for quite some time. the postpartum depression will usually resolve in four to six months. although postpartum depression can also last up to two years. >> it's also been reported in this case that terri horman made threat-related calls to her
8:36 am
husband, two days before he filed for divorce and a restraining order against her. the police also reportedly told him that they had evidence that terri had tried to hire the landscaper to kill him. what do you make of all this news? >> well, it sounds like what they have done is that someone may -- i mean, i have not evaluated this woman myself. so, i'm just saying, from the data i've heard, like you have heard, on the media, it sounds as if there's been some kind of an evaluation of her that led them to take her daughter away from her, for safekeeping. and also, that she is not a danger to herself, in terms of being suicidal. otherwise, they would have her in a psychiatric hospital if they assessed her and decided she might be suicidal. she has been homicidal, about some evidence about her trying to hire a hitman. so, they're trying to keep others out of her way, is what it sounds like at this point in time.
8:37 am
>> all right, doctor. we'll have to leave it there. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thanks. hope they find this little boy. >> we all do. and now, for the check on the other headlines this morning the back to ron. >> good morning, everyone. in the news, undersea robots are removing the containment cap over the gushing oil well in the gulf of mexico. by monday, engineers hope to install a tighter cap to catch all of the leaking oil. an naacp has sent a letter to bp, about concerns over the hiring of cleanup workers. the letter says that minorities tend to be assigned tougher and lower-paying jobs than whites. and china has renewed googles license to run their website there. the renewal had been in doubt after china's censorship of search results. and starting next week, you
8:38 am
can buy the stuffed remains of roy rogers' horse, trigger. an auction is being held from the roy rogers and dale evans museum. wouldn't that be great, to have in your living room? >> it's a conversation-starter. >> it would start a conversation. what is that dead, white horse? how about some weather? >> you want some weather? we'll give you weather. okay. the northeast can expect scattered storms. in the plains, severe weather from kansas to the dakotas and minnesota. sunny skies likely in the west. not sure. but likely. and in the northeast, temperatures won't be nearly as hot as earlier this week. it will be 82 in boston. 85 in d.c. but it will be hot and humid from florida to louisiana. 96 in orlando. and 92 in new orleans, where there's a heat advisory in
8:39 am
that's a quick look at the weather. back to bill and bianna. >> thank you, sir. coming up on "gma," a look at the city of the future. the smartest community. wired for everything. we'll show you what that looks like. plus, the double-rainbow dude. we'll meet the man behind the latest youtube sensation. >> double-rainbow. oh, my god. the way you like it-- made with wholesome grains, real beef, even carrots and peas. you love the smaller-size, easy-to-chew kibbles, and i love the carbohydrates for energy and protein for muscles. whoa! wait for me! ha-ha. you only think you're getting spoiled. [ woman announcing ] new beneful incredibites. another healthful, flavorful beneful.
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♪ living just enough for the city ♪ glimpse at our hood there. cross roads of the world, times square. you want to talk about what will happen in the future. seoul, korea, is the place. juju chang made a great visit there, 60 years after the end of the war there. and she's found a place that's taken high-tech to a whole, new level. >> reporter: in the 1920s, "metropolis" gave a glimpse of the future. and "the fifth element's" cities of the future were war out. or tom cruise's future in "the
8:43 am
minority report." it's hard to imagine. but from his balcony, real estate developer, stan gale, has a clear vision of the future. this is all landfill? >> yes. it's spectacular. >> reporter: he's take than swampland and turned it into what's being called the largest real estate gamble to date. a $35 billion instant city. a city of the future. become to songdo. the bike rider's view is of a hyper-planned community, well under way. gale's formula? start with backing from the korean government. add lots of investors. partner with a steel conglomerate. take high technology to go green. and finally, provide a huge helping of chutzpah. let's start with the vision. tell me how audacious it is. >> i like to think of myself as a big-picture man. big thinker. but this was really stretching the bounds. there was no instruction manual. >> reporter: it took seven years just to landfill 1,500 acres.
8:44 am
9 years into a 14-year project, they sprouted green space, copying new york's central park. a canal, you guessed it. inspired by venice. there's also a new jack nicklaus golf course. and a brand-new, state-of-the-art elementary school. all easy to get to, by foot or by bike. was the goal to have a lot of people riding bikes in your city, stan? >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: but the main selling points are actually built into the walls. this is a fully-wired community? >> fully-wired. only one of its size, from scratch. >> reporter: wired and connected. the city is a test ground for large-scale tech operations. an energy-efficient electrical grid. and energy-efficient windows, lots of them, being tested out by the company 3m. waste systems that suck garbage through pneumatic pipes. >> right on it. good-bye. >> reporter: no trucks needed. and the technological crown jewel. cisco's telepresent system, with the bold vision to outfit 25,000
8:45 am
homes with life-size video conferencing that will deliver services directly to the home. need directions? or a parent/teacher conference? >> hi, juju. >> reporter: hi. nice to see you. even doctors' appointments. all done electronically, from right inside your home. what's it doing? >> body fat. >> reporter: it's checking your body fat? the vitals are sent to the doctor. >> if you think about this, this is like we're in the same room. if i can deliver health care remotely, geography and the boundaries of geography are taken away. >> reporter: but cisco's vision, as well as the city, is still a work in the progress. wheel gale says apartments averaging $500,000 apiece are being sold quickly, the jury is still out as to whether songdo can really come to life. >> what keeps me up at night is to see an attractive, new city before your very eyes. but how a city feels and how it
8:46 am
operates is the determining factor. >> reporter: is songdo a success? >> songdo will be a success in my mind, when it's fully populated, with residence and businesses and young people. a fully self-contained city. >> reporter: and that reality is still somewhere off in the future. >> the economy booming over there. >> it's booming. they're raising interest rates to slow it down. >> wouldn't that be nice? coming up here on "gma," what do a cage fighter, a double-rainbow and youtube have in common? it's delightful. stick around. [ woman ] i don't want to feel depressed.
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♪ somewhere over the rainbow time for a very special
8:50 am
"news you missed." we're devoting this entire segment this morning to rainbows and happiness. thanks to a gentleman named paul vasquez, better known on youtube as yosemite bear mountain giant. who has 2 million fans of this, him reacting to a double-rainbow. that's a full rainbow, all the way. double-rainbow. oh, my god. it's a double-rainbow, all the way. whoa. that's so intense. >> oh, it gets better. as yosemite bear moves around the tree and the wonder of discovery explodes into full-blown ecstasy. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. oh, my god. oh, my god. woo! >> but then, moments later, his whoops turn to sobs, as he's overcome by the enormity of this
8:51 am
colorful celestian sign. >> oh, my god. what does it mean? [ crying ] >> what does it mean, indeed? now, joining us via skype is yosemite bear, paul vasquez. good to see you, sir. thanks so much for joining us. so, settle a bet for us. several people here think you were licking toads. i'm going with mushrooms. what exactly were you on that day? >> i was just on pure rainbow power. i was by myself. and it was just the spirit of the universe influencing me. >> come on, man. seriously. look me in the skype and tell me you were sober when you shot this? you were just happy about the rainbow? come on. >> i'm a pretty happy guy. i mean, there's some other
8:52 am
videos on my youtube page where i was. >> oh, okay. >> we haven't seen those. >> a little high. but not that one. there's actually another rainbow video where i was high. i will admit it. but not that one. >> it's legal if you get a prescription in your state there. >> that's true. >> matter of fact, i have one. >> what do you make -- what do you make of the celebrity you've turned into? the children wearing t-shirts in your honor. 2 million people have visited your site. people have created their own version, by putting music into this video. what are your thoughts on that? did you ever think that could happen to you? >> well, when i shot the video, i knew it was pretty amazing. you know, i always thought that there was something special going on, you know, when i -- >> oh, my god! oh, my god! >> what does it mean? >> we'll be right back.
8:53 am
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may you all be as happy as yosemite bear. thanks, paul. see you tomorrow, everybody.
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