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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  September 3, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. you're watching the station that works for you. abc 2news at 11. >> we domed a bullet. purely and simplely. >> the governor of north carolina talking about brush with hurricane earl that also spared maryland significant damage. i'm kelley swoop. we were ready for whatever earl brought. wyatt is here with theist latest. >> reporter: the information from the national hurricane center now a tropical storm. it's fallen below category one hurricane strength and it's well north of the pairy land coast moving toward
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massachusetts now. cape cod dealing heavy rains and high winds. we have cleared things out for some time now. the storm itself, center of circulation, about 50 to 70 miles off the coast of cape cod. it never brushed much closer than about 200-miles ocean city. that's the center of the storm but ocean city got in of the winds into the 40s. also very big wave action to ten feet down there. waves a concern if you are headed to the beach. we will look for big surf and rip currents. sun will be the rule. much better weather from sunday into monday. water temperature 74. back here, we are talking about a cooler day. mild, windy, things will be getting cooler by tomorrow night. we will talk about the early taste of autumn in the wake of earl. >> all right. thank you. earl didn't ignore ocean city there. was some minor flooding. that closure didn't necessarily stop some folks.
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we continue our live team coverage with kristin in ocean city. >> reporter: still a little breezy. surf still rough. let's talk about some of the possible problems. we could have seen flooding could have seen wind damage but neither of those happened because the storm never really got close enough to the coast to cause those problems. however there is still one more thing to worry about from earl. when the weather cleared the people headed back to the beach and that is the problem. ocean city police had to caution this woman who son was to close to the rough surf. earlier the officer ordered two men out of the water. the only ones allowed in surfers taking advantage of the waves. that's how skippy plans to spend his saturday. >> just had to -- good time for the weekend. leave school and get up here as quick as possible. >> reporter: there was concern that earl might bring
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floodwaters to the downtown. that didn't happen but the low lying parking lot at the inlet did flood during the high tide. no trouble for tourists or their cars but still --. >> crazy. just scary actually. i have never seen it like this ever. >> reporter: police emptied the lot and then blocked traffic from coming in. all in all the damage was minimal. people say this time they got lucky. >> i stayed on the boat last night. made sure that the lines were -- that's all you can do sort of moving it and pulling out. >> reporter: swimming in theo season is till going to be restricted but as you saw in that video that's much easy tore say than do. tomorrow it'll be very nice in ocean city and people will have not been in the water for the past two days. its going to be hard to keep all the swimmers out. they want to because though earl is gone the rip currents, should be an interesting day
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here in ocean city. abc 2news. >> looks like it'll be an interesting night. i see all the folks behind you. >> reporter: i think there has been cabin fever. i think people were stuck inside for much of the day, morning and afternoon. we didn't have any major damage but it was rainy and a nasty day. now that earl is gone and it's a fun weekend in ocean city. >> all right. thank you for your like report. good job. as wyatt mentioned earl has lost a lot of its punch but he is still strong enough to bring heavy rains and winds. >> storms -- get exciting around here. this hurricane is something we take a lot more serious. >> earl's first united states impact was along the outer banks. no reports of injuries or serious damage. a high surf and rip current has caused up and down the east
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coast can chew up the beaches. let's go back to is seven city don harrison live with how the resort beaches have held up during the weather. >> the beaches held up well. there is ten miles of coastline here. they have been repairing for this storm for quite a while this is the coastal vacation town. when it comes to hurricanes they know what to do. beach goers came out to witness earl strut his stuff. >> i think you are great. it's beautiful storm. >> reporter: the waves were impressive. >> rough out there. rough seas out there. cracking all over the beach. >> reporter: not only on lookers but some took advantage of what earl had to offer. coast guard ships set sail. these guys got quite a ride on their jet skis. >> forecast is definitely ocean city's favor. >> reporter: joe and his emergency management staff were well prepared. >> as soon as it passes they will be out there and clean up
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the boardwalk, anywhere that's needed tomorrow you won't see know it came through. >> reporter: ocean city has spent $100 million on beaches since the late 80s. >> the storms that have come through its probably proteched or savored over $275 million worth of damages. also helped save the beaches, it protects the economic vitality of ocean city and it's done wondering for securing our beaches. >> reporter: well, earl has come and gone and when that sun comes out tomorrow there are 200,000 people down here enjoying the weekend. i think earl will be a distant memory. >> we are looking at some of the videos and many of the waves on the beach. the surf looked like it was tough and you had firsthand experience. >> reporter: well. as you saw in five and six i
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went out a lit. you start off ankles and suddenly it's your armpits and it's hard. it's pulling hard. sand is coming out from under your feet. they tell you to be out for a reason. it's dangerous. they will watch it for the rest of the weekend. >> did you for that live report. did a great job this week. early morning house fire in has been ruled after sob. firefighters called to the home just before 2:00 this morning. a woman and child made it out safely but the house is a loss. >> offer the course of the evening and into today the investigation folks have been trying to find the cause of the fire and its been deemed arson. they are requesting help from the community. >> the fire also damaged two other town homes. investigators are asking anyone with information to call 410- 222-tips. a new perspective tonight
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on the terrifying hostage ordeal at the discovery headquarters. recordings of the calls for the incident were released today. cheryl conner listened to them. >> reporter: a dozen emergency calls released today. the firsthand accounts of the explosive device strapped on the man's body and the shots fired from the gun he carried into the building. >> he has -- he has seven tanks of propane. you will need a sniper. >> okay. >> reporter: frantic calls downtown silver spring on wednesday afternoon after a man walks into the discovery building and holds three people hostage in the main lobby. >> i didn't see when i walked by he said nobody move and shot in the air. >> reporter: witnesses describe what james lee had on. >> it's a yellow backpack strapped around him. it looks like a harness. it has two yellow bottles and a
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red one. >> reporter: montgomery fire chief said lee had four explosives with him. two of them he describeds propane with shot gun shells. other two were pipe bombs. lee had protested the channel in the past saying its environmental programming didn't little to save the planet. a security guard calling the police clearly recognized the man responsible for terrorizing two employees. >> james lee, asian male, 5'11'' 40 years old. >> reporter: investigators are still looking for a vehicle owned or operated by him. >> to help spread the word about the first early voting the governor and lieutenant
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governor anthony brown cast their ballots for the election. this marks the start of a period in which voters can cast their ballots for the september 14th primary. disappointing news for ravens fans. the nfl network reports the team will place ed reed on the physically unable to preform list meaning he will be out at least six weeks. as recently as this week he had pushed to get back oned field when the ravens opened against the jets. he is rehabbing a hip injury. a major fitness chain accused of trying to crunch the cash out of its former members. those customers claim the gym tricked them into reuping their memberships and tonight the gym has promised to change its ways. plus plenty to see in the skies over hartford tonight. we will tell you why the late summer scene isn't just a show. >> and baltimore today just a few clouds. we still got to 88 degrees. behind the big storm that's
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moving out. big time cool air coming in. we will talk about that.
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. a sigh of relief along the gulf coast. cutter reports no signs of leaking oil following yesterday's platform explosion and fire. 13 workers were forced into the waters of the gulf where they were rescued. the cause still under investigation tonight. while the newest jobs report is out and again the news is mixed. unemployment increased by a tenth of a percent to 9.6% but they had expected more lost jobs and the president sees today's news as a reason for optimism. >> the economy is moving in a
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positive direction. jobs are being created. they are just not being created as fast as they need to given the big hole we experienced. >> experts see it as a good sign the economy may yetta void a much feared double dip recession. part of new zealand picking up the pieces after an early morning quake. the 7.0 hit the south island and cause widespread damage. the pacific quake center said it most likely will not produce a destructionive tsunami. past due notices sent to people trying to cancel their memberships and is starbucks getting rid of its small coffee? >> every year many people decide to end a gym membership only to find it nearly impossible. one popular health club has agreed to stop mailing out threatening noticing that made
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it look like former members owed money. bali's total fitness has settle with the attorney general who charged them with sending out fake past due notices. they say they were aimed at people who had dropped their membership. they they this often happens with magazines so watch for it. anyone who gets coffee at starbucks knows you normally have a choice of three sizes. small, medium and large. could the small size be disappearing? that's what the one website is asking after finding missing the board at several drive throughs. the new signs list the medium and large but no tall. that means the cheapest oposition is no longer an option. starbucks said it's not dropping its tall size but
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rather making the sign sill simpler. how many will buy a bigger one just because the smaller one is missing? starbucks actually offers a very small size called the short but doesn't advertise it anywhere. you have to ask for it. >> now, the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> weather department might get a break. >> yeah. we hope so. we always look for those breaks when we can get them. we have one one about -- you know we are looking good for the weekend. happy to report. three day weekend. outstanding weather. breezy through the day tomorrow. wind write and much cooler for 70s for two days. hard to complain. >> not at all. >> we survived earl. >> good-bye earl.
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>> the radar. things all clear now. just a little bit of rain that we picked up earlier today. you can see cleared the area of ocean city by four or five. mostly ground clutter. those last bands clearing out by five. you know the storm still impressive looking storm but now just a tropical storm. hurricane earl no more. just a powerful storm churning over cape cod. putting a lot of rain down in eastern massachusetts. windy, big surf. as we take just a little different perspective you can see the unique color patterns here. the darker red with the deeper convection with the storm even when it's with in 200 miles of ocean city. this is the -- he we haven't had a well defined eye since it was south of the hip. ocean city 76 but up to 80 earlier. check out the peak wind gusts. 41 miles an hour down at the
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beach. some pretty high winds. again most of the beaches now clearing up nicely tonight. we will still see big surf but overall things looking up in that direction. the hurricane track pulling it further and further away from us. that is good news. it'll eventually get wrapped up into the northern territories of canada there and become just a big rain maker well north into the atlantic. as we check out the watches and warnings left not many. they are mainy tropical storm watches, it's worth recapping. just one last time a look at the size and scope and power of what was once a category four hurricane but as so often happens as it worked in to the northern cooler waters, juror around the virginia knock north carolina border. you may be thinking about what's behind earl right now? the answer not much. we have fiona but it's just a tropical low. when you get the powerful hurricanes coming through tends
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to churn up cooler water and make agriculture a hard time for storms behind the big storms to get strong. its cooler air on the march. that's what we will notice. breezy conditions. you can see the cool air on the march. 65 cincinnati. that's coming in through the day tomorrow. overnight, 65 partly chady. tomorrow through the day muchl key day. 78, and quite a bit of wind out there through the middle part of the day. shelly tomorrow night 55 on a cool north breeze. we keep the sun around. it'll be pleasant toward monday. >> all right. thank you. looking for something to do? preparations underway in hartford for a great show in the sky. as pete explains it's also for a great caus >> reporter: here at the hartford economy horse center folks are putting on the final
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touches for a fundraiser that would benefit the victims of domestic violence. >> it's really important because there is many unfortunate victims that need our services that are sexually assaulted and abused we are here to meet their needs through counseling and give them hope so they can start over and create a better life for themselvesful. >> reporter: why do people feline need to support it? >> trying to make a poor situation into a little -- and recoverable situation that the victims whether they are male or female now they have avenue those can turn to in comfort and a peace of mind they can and will get the support they need. >> reporter: as the sun went down in the candles were little real stars of this event arrived. ♪ [ music ]
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>> no! . >> wow like to ride in my beautiful balloon? >> no! . >> reporter: what can i say in that's right. pete was scared to take a balloon ride but if you have five dollars come out and take a balloon ride and support a good cause. >> this is as rough as it gets. just as smooth as it'll be. >> reporter: safely on the ground for abc 2news. >> pete is afraid of heights. it's at the hartford county horse center. in belaire. wow. today it was a big one for big ben. hear when the quarterback will be allowed back on the field and if that return will come when he is up against the ravens.
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. big ben didn't quite get his wish but he will be back on the field after a meeting today the commissioner reduced his suspension from six games down to four. he had hoped to have it cut down to three which would have put him back in time to face off against the ravens. >> press box sports report. presented by mr. basement. >> this is joe with press box sports report. the ravens denied a second straight unbeaten pre-season in the loss to the rams in the gateway city. troy smith played the entire game. the ravens second and third string carved up in the first
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two by the rams quarterback. the ravens as well as the other 31 teams will make final cuts to get to the roster limit. football season on us the basketball bale released its schedule. the highlights in the appearance -- a trip to penn state as part of the big ten challenge and two conference games each against virginia, virginia tech, wake forest and duke. the football team getting it going with a game against navy and the opener for both teams. that's press box sports report.
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. have your week filled with hurricanes and quakes and all kinds of destruction just about all of us can use baby panda? . they are twins, brother and sister, born last month in a zoo. today they made under public debut. this isn't the first time twin giant pandas have been born in japan. a set of twins born there just two years ago. look how little they are. >> that's incredible. > >> they grow up to be so big. >> i think even the big ones cool and these little baby ones. >> it's crazy. >> better than earl. >> way we are glad that's gone. in i where you travel, lewis, virginia beach, looking good. we he a breezy windy day. back here in baltimore and overall we are looking at a
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nice looking labor day weekend. not so hot and sunny and good stuff. watch of watch. >> all right. and a great weekend. >> absolutely. like it . three day weekend when you get the weather. that's a good thing. >> it is. thank you for joining us. >> have a good labor day.
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