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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  September 14, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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it was all about the ravens. even though it was not the prettiest win. >> we're 1-0. >> that's all that matters. trafficwise, a little iffy, no accidents, however the northbound fort mchenry tunnel, the right tube blocked because of emergency roadwork. route 94 woodbine road closed in both directions at annapolis road because of downed poles and wires. no problems southbound on the 95 corridor between the toll plaza. as we look at the cameras, beltway, northwest corner at old court road. traffic moving at a nice pace. back to you. democracy 2010 -- we start with the race for the city state's attorney. a fierce fight.
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challenger greg bernstein looking to unset seat patricia jessamy. linda so with more. >> reporter: bernstein will be meeting and greeting voters at 7:00 as polls open up at cross country elementary school. jessamy will do the same throughout the day. it's their final push in what turned out to be the city's hottest race. jessamy is fighting to hold on to her 15 years as baltimore's top prosecutor. on monday she was endorsed from a group of baptist ministers. also, billy murphy, a well known attorney and former judge in the city. the race isphoused a lot on -- is focused a lot on baltimore's high crime rate and who will make the city safer. polls open up at 7:00. linda so, abc2 news. voters will head to the polls to cast ballots for the
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best person to serve as baltimore county executive on the democratic side. sherrie johnson with the latest on the race for the executive seat. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it's not long now before primary voting starts one of the area's hottest races is the democratic primary for baltimore county executive. kevin caminetz rushed to his old stomping grounds in pikesville waving to drivers. his opponent, joe bartonfelder talked at a community meeting in woodlawn. he says he's focusing on his 28-year record of accomplishment. >> i like to get out to the community meetings because when i get here with these people i get energized and that keeps me going. >> actually concluding 16 years of council service and this was the area where i first was elected. so this is kind of coming home. >> reporter: we'll have live team coverage from both campaigns tonight at 5:00,
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6:00 and 11:00 p.m. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. former governor bob ehrlich has a big endorsement in his bid to regain the state's highest office. senator john mccain says he thinks ehrlich is "a fine guy." mccain's former running mate, sarah palin endorsed ehrlich as well. ehrlich's opponent, rather, in the primary who is brian murphy. mukulski is seeking her fifth term. 11 candidates are vying for her seat. remember, abc2 news is your source for democracy 2010. tonight at 11:00, we'll have live team coverage of the hottest races in the area. we'll also bring you the latest results of all the major races in the mid-term primary. we have you covered with up to the minute results. head to the week -- web site now nor interviews with all the candidates and a look at the primary races.
5:04 am 5:04. last night ravens up against the jets. even before the kickoff ray rice gets into it with the jets. brings the football, then watch the top righthand corner of the screen. anquan bolden was the star of this one. great catch right here. watch joe flacco. he will roll out and fire another shot right here to bolden, over 100 yards receiving. this guy is going to have a great year. this was more like flag football. the jets d held the ravens more than i held my wife on our honeymoon. i'll tell you. here's a tribute question for you. who is the coach of the ravens? all we saw was rex ryan -- oh, there he is. there's coach cam who called for the big play and there he is. but ray lewis, great play here to stop it. look at helodi. say hello.
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this is the end of the game here. this sums it up for the jets. not even getting to first down. it's all over. rex hugs ed reed. ravens win 10-9, the jets cannot cash that check. >> i thought we were disciplined, i thought we were poised, i thought we played with fundamental soundness. >> i thought we played pretty well. the big tough game where the offensive line just hung in there. that's huge in these games. >> ravens on the road in cincinnati coming up on sunday. >> i'm going to need you to repeat that hoon line at some -- honeymoon line at some point. bge hopes to have power restored to little italy this morning. crews are replacing an underground cable that failed sunday morning. sabatino's is just one of a string of restaurants closed yesterday as crews had to work to bury the new cable. >> lost business is like lost sleep.
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once it's gone it's gone. but it happens. sometimes you have a snowstorm. sometimes you have a power outage. >> great attitude. he's there laughing. there's still no word on the cause of that fire though. it did damage the underground cable. we'll keep you posted if we find out. >> it's been there 72 years. it's an issue that is close to her heart. >> first lady doing what she can to curb childhood obesity. how she wants restaurants to help out. >> an animal rights group has a beef with lady gaga's dress. what the pop singer has to say about this. >> before you head anywhere, how are the trains and buses? here's mark jones. >> good morning. the commute start is good on the rail services, light rail, metro subway and marc all look good for travel. on the buses, still dealing with diversion activity mainly responsible for construction, due to construction. the 5, 19, 27 and 91 diverted in downtown at fayette and eutaw. the numbers 10 and 30 buses working with a diversion at
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light and pratt. for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones. ♪
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5:10. the university of maryland hospital for children unveiled a new fun center for its patients. the starlight fun center was a donation from the wyndham hotel group and starlight children's foundation. a mobile nintendo wii can be wheeled up to a child's bed when it's time to change an iv. >> there are times when the doctors and nurses are fiddling up with the iv, hooking up a new bag. the kids playing the wii, they are fine, content with it being changed and whereas if they didn't have the video game it could be more of a source of stress. >> it provides a really nice distraction. >> she says it's a nice distraction for young patients and allows them to just be kids. we are counting down the days until komen maryland race for the cure. it's set for sunday, october 3rd in hunt valley. we'll be live on the air to broadcast the event. that sunday at 7:00 in the morning until 9:00 in the
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morning. you can register by heading to our web site, when you get there click on the lifestyle tab, then scroll down and look for "think pink." how many of you may be thinking blue? a chilly blue, in the 50s. right now on our storm center weathernet, harford county, bel air elementary school is showing 57 degrees on the thermometer. 83% humidity. winds near calm, thanks to clear skies allowing us to really lower things. you'll head towards the metro area, in the beltway, it's a little milder, 62 degrees now. the gwynn oak school at calvin rodwell elementary school, 6 2, contrasted with the 50s outside of the beltway. there's a spread on the thermometer, a spread of high clouds trying to move in as well. we should see a fair amount of sunshine though may not be that
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deep blue to the sky. we'll range from partly cloudy to mostly sunny with 50s widespread this morning. official sunrise at 6:47. so still an hour and a half to go. after that, yeah, take the shades with you. you may need them. mostly sunny skies with a few clouds mixed in. this afternoon's 2-degree guaranteed high, 80. let's check the roads with kim, you should not be driving 80 but you may want to. >> thank you. especially at this early hour, it's tempting to do that. northbound through the fort mchenry tunnel, that emergency roadwork has been picked up out of the right tube, everything is reopened and traffic moving very well. drive times, you won't encounter delays. this is going to be 95 at joppa road.
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southbound on the righthand part of the screen. you can see traffic moves without problems. just a heads up, woodbine, howard county, route 94 remains closed in both directions at old annapolis road because of downed poles and wires. back to you. looking for a deal? grab your cell phone. >> how it may be able to ring up a bargain. how to do that the next time you go shopping. to save money. >> and oprah marks her last season with a big giveaway.
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5:16. you could have hundreds of dollars in coupons in the palm of your hands right now and not even know it. >> more retailers are delivering savings directly to your cell phone. karen kafa has the details on how you can cash in. >> reporter: put down those scissors and pick up your mobile phone. when it comes to discounts and deals retailers next hot spot is in the palm of your hand. >> i could be walking by my favorite apparel phone, check any i-phone, out comes a
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coupon. >> reporter: gadget gurus embraced the geographically-based discounts, directly from a retailer or third-party app. >> you always have thousands of deals, we're used by over five million people now and available in close to 20,000 retail locations across the country, a ton more coming on all the time. >> retailers are making a big push to bring mobile discounts to the masses weather through apps or on their own. some stepped it up during the back-to-school shopping, a test-run for a crucial holiday season that needs to drive consumers back into malls. >> when you combine mobile devices with gps and retailers anxious to get consumers into the stores it's a windfall for both retailers and consumers. >> reporter: specialized discounts based on where you are and where you shop raised privacy concerns but retailers
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say people have a choice to opt in to mobile offers only from stores they choose. wal-mart is now introducing a cell phone plan. it uses its own branding. wal-mart family mobile service will run on t-mobile's network and offer unlimited calling and texting for $45 a month for the first line. $25 for each additional line. and the retailer says there will be no contract or early termination fee. we're going to look outside at yesterday's highs. on target with our 2-degree guarantee, 81 degrees. i mention that off the start because you step outside, it will be a chilly morning. we're going to get into this general idea and theme here. during the month of september into october, oftentimes when we have clear skies we have cool mornings, in fact
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downright chilly for some of you and warming up into the afternoons. this is in target with our 2-degree guarantee, just a little above normal. on this day we would normally start at 58, aim for 79. pushing low 80s, not hard to do but that's the limit we can expect this time of year. however, we've been 94, that was in the hot decade of 1931. we're not close to that today. sun up 6:47. down 7:17. we start at 58 in baltimore. some 60s showing up in the big cities from philly to new york. 69 to richmond but back west, widespread 50s into the cool suburbs and back into western maryland and western pennsylvania. clear skies with a high thin cloud band stretching in. if anything you will just dim out morning stars, add for a nice texture to a beautiful sunrise in an hour and a half. otherwise a quiet scene. all the active weather from missouri up through iowa, that is going to spread the high clouds our way. but it will take until thursday and friday until we can get the system moving into our direction. until then, high pressure still
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in control. that means we have ourselves a mostly sunny sky. some clouds occasionally mix in. that is the setup for mid-day tomorrow. then we start the next band of clouds thursday morning. thursday into friday is when the next wet weather should move in. our 2-degree guarantee today gets us to 80 degrees. with a mostly sunny sky. more clouds back towards the west. 77 westminster, 78 parkton and low 80s as we head to the eastern shore in grasonville. tonight, mid-50s under clear skies. in a couple of minutes we'll check the extended forecast which builds off temperatures tomorrow, back near normal under a partly sunny sky of 78 degrees. here's kim brown with the traffic. >> the only incident we did have was western howard county, woodbine, route 94 actually has been reopened at old annapolis road. they've cleared the poles and wires out so traffic moves pretty well there. aside from that we're pretty quiet.
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895 just south of the 95 split. you can see we have a little moderate volume but everybody appears to be moving at speed. no problems heading to the tunnel. drive times show hardly any delays around the major roads so far, on 895 from the split to 295, that is six minutes. no problems on the 95 corridor from the beltway southbound to route 32. that is only 15 minutes. on the southwest side of the outer loop between i-70 and 95, that will also only take you six minutes so far. back to you. it's 5:21. entertainment news -- don't you wish you could have been there? in the audience? to mark the first episode of her final year oprah announced she's taken all 300 audience members on an all expenses paid trip to australia. you're not coming back. the gift is the latest in a series of giveways from cars to homes to scholarships. is that great? >> it's great. i wish i had been there. you knew this would spark controversy. lady gaga coming under fire for her attire at the mtv video
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music awards. the pop star wore a dress that was made of raw meat. peta slammed the singer's choice in fashion saying it was offensive. lady gaga says it was meant to not disrespect or offend anyone. 5:2. it may have captured more attention than the game itself. 5:22.
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leaves this surface three times cleaner than a dishcloth. and it's really durable. so all that's left behind are the smiles. new bountyxtra st. and try bounty napkins. don't forget the orioles. 9,800 came out last night to camden yards to watch a pretty darned good baseball game where the orioles proved they can finally beat toronto. wait a minute. hold on now. hey, brian mattis was a little hurt yesterday but will be all right. the real play of the game was luke scott's rbi single in the 11th inning giving the orioles a 4-3 win. the first win over toronto in some 12 games. time now 5:26. we have some video to show you we couldn't resist.
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fans at sunday's titans/raiders game may have been a little confused by the mascot of the titans. apparently a broadcaster was too. take a listen. >> it's always great when the mascots and cheerleaders get together. whoa! engulfed. that's not right. >> wait a second. maybe he'll spit up a pom pom or something. that was the inflatable version, he gobbled up the cheerleader. there's no word on whether the cheerleader eventually made it out safely. i'm guessing the answer is yes, she did.
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>> there are a lot of lines there. >> not one will save you despite the antacid that might be needed for that. we're looking at the outlook here for real nice weather today and tomorrow. sunny to partly cloudy skies. highs upper 70s to near 80 with lows in the 50s. in -- the next weather system comes in mainly thursday afternoon, there could be showers, a better chance of thunderstorms with a cold front arriving friday. behind that a brief drop leads to a big warm-up. 78 on saturday will give way to sunday's temperatures that move ourselves back up into the 80s. in fact leading into early next week we're looking for highs in the middle 80s and lows in the 60s. late summer weather still trying to hang on even though fall is knocking on the door. right now time to go to new york and get this morning's "tech bytes." in "tech bytes" -- youtube goes live with the trial of a new live streaming platform. they are partnering with four producers on a series of shows
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to run through tuesday night. users can post comments and chat while they watch. halo fans get ready to reload. the newest installment, halo reach, comes out today. it's a prequel in which a group of soldiers battle the forces on a planet called reach. dan ackerman tried it. >> the main differences are some of the cool new weapons and accessories you can carry with you on the battlefield, whether it's a jet pack or set of super armor you can turn on that makes you impervious to harm but you also can't move. if you played the previous halo games, it's familiar, almost as if the series is due for a visual makeover. >> it goes on sale in 25 countries today. those are your "tech bytes." i'm vinita nair.
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