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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 9AM  ABC  September 14, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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good tuesday morning. 3:30 in the morning, jamie had a big smile on his face. good game. a little ugly but, a win. >> a win is a win. sold out, no more seats. kelly ripken is here. hi, kelly. angela foster! >> i know. >> she looks great. >> there's a diamond dash going on. it's a little bit of a scavenger hunt for couples in the baltimore area to win a ring that is worth $20,000. >> a nice engagement. >> i know. >> we're going to talk about oysters. this is a big social club. we're going to talk more about what is going on with what we're doing this weekend. a great event coming up. what else are we doing today? you're a half empty nester. >> half? >> the daughter has gone away to college, son still home. a lot of parents that have both
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kids leave the house want to keep in touch with them. there's a lot of technology to make it possible but you can get a little lost in all of it. so john from the geek squad is going to explain it. >> kelly, you skype with your daughter? >> no. >> not yet. you'll do it after this. what's that? on the phone all the time? great show coming up. so spend the next 55 minutes with us. by the way, it's election day. >> primaries. >> 32% of us are going to go out there and vote, which is according to the state elections administration in annapolis. also, this is primary election day. the nice weather of course and the hot races in the state are going to bring you out including in baltimore city. where the big races for the city state's attorneys office and linda so has an update on where the race stands as voters get ready to decide today. >> reporter: this has been one hot race. this sidewalk here says it all. the street is literally lined
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with signs for bernstein and jessamy. both candidates will be working overtime today to make a final push as voters head to the poll on primary election day. >> how are you? >> good morning. >> reporter: gregg bernstein started his day off greeting voters at cross country elementary school in northwest baltimore. polls open at 7:00. jessamy is also doing the same, going around the city to meet and tbreet voters. it's their final push in what turned out to be the city's hottest race. jessamy is fighting to hold on to her 15 years as baltimore's top prosecutor. on monday she got an endorsement from baptist ministers. bernstein picked up an endorsement from billy murphy, a well-known attorney and former judge. >> i think after 15 years people are ready for a change. more importantly i think that we've really tapped into something. i think people all over the city are frustrated with the crime and want to see change. >> reporter: this race has centered on baltimore's high crime rate and which candidate
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will do a better job at making the city safer. voters will get the final say as they head to the polls today. in northwest baltimore, linda so, abc2 news. the other big race, baltimore county, where democrats kevin caminetz and joseph bartenfelder are vying to win the nation for baltimore county executive. bothates were trying to -- both candidates were out yesterday trying to encourage voters to head to the polls. they are looking to take over for county executive jim smith whose term ends this year. a crowded field of republicans competing for the chance to take on barbara mikulski, who is seeking her fifth term in office. 11 republican candidates are running with queen anne's county commissioner ewick wargotz. he appears to be the front runner after spending $575,000 of his own money in this election. three republicans are vying to take on comptroller peter franchot. the youngest is 18-year-old
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brendan madigan. and 63-year-old bill campbell, the former cfo of the department of veteran affairs. armand girard, 72-year-old, former high school math teacher. that is right now who is running for the comptroller's office. and former governor bob ehrlich got a big endorlt. arizona senator and former presidential candidate john mccain says he thinks ehrlich is a fine guy. his runningmate sarah palin endorses the opponent brian murphy. with the primarily election updatedway today there's a last-minute barrage of campaign literature and commercials in full swing but are the candidates completely truthful when it comes to pitches for your vote? one adage is believe half you -- half of what you see and none of what you hear. as roosevelt leftwich tells us finding truth without being misled is part of the voters' duty as much as casting a ballot.
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>> barbara mikulski, inhabiting washington. >> reporter: no, senator barbara mikulski doesn't have the body of a tyrannosaurus rex and tiny dinosaur arms. what is said about her voting record, is it the truth? >> it's a tax. >> it's a tax. >> reporter: are tack taxes and fees the same thing? welcome to the world of heavy duty political rhetoric. it doesn't have to be completely true to go before voters. >> in political speech you're not liable simply because you made a false statement. people make false statements all the time. rather, you're liable only under two conditions. one, you knew it was false. second, you make a statement in reckless disregard of the truth. >> reporter: this was sent to abc2 by a viewer who felt the wording in this so-called official ballot in the 45th district was misleading. he felt it would make voters think these were the only options on the ballot they will see in the voting booth.
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the attorney general's office says this ad is ok because it's sanctioned by an approved group even though the actual ballot has similar wording. the candidates may claim they are getting tough on crime or fighting crimeners, how do you know it's true? graber says that is where the voters have to make choices and use their own filters and knowledge of the issues and being be -- an informed member of the electorate to separate the truths from the lies. >> we expect candidates not simply to engage in a little bit of exaggeration but a great deal of exaggeration and voters are expected to know that. vote for me and we'll be out of this recession within five days. highly unlikely, but in fact we decided voters can decide that. >> reporter:s roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. >> graber says our politics have become so polarized over the past 20 years or so that even if the candidates runs a
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spot that criticizes candidate b, for example, that is undisputabley true, the voter of the other candidate won't believe it. something to keep in mind. stay with us and for continuing coverage of primary day in maryland. tonight we'll have all the updates on today's voting and the races starting on abc2 news at 5:00 with results tonight at 11:00. we'll have live team coverage. you can get updates throughout the day any time on-line at 9:07. something a little less controversial. it's turning out to be a nice day. notice after the morning chill, a lot of us were down in the 50s warming up again into the afternoon and quick bounce off the bottom. as we should be aiming for that 80-degree mark. tucked at the bottom of the screen, how fitting on primary day we have our choice of two
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hurricanes in the open waters of the atlantic. igor, still a category 4 storm and we've got julia which was just upgraded at the 5:00 advisory. we're checking out the two storms now. there is julia with 75 mile-per-hour winds. we'll have to ignore that for the time being because it's just off the coast of africa. no immediate impact to land and pales in comparison to igor with 135 miles per hour winds, down from the 150 at this time yesterday but needless to say a potent eye staring at us. that eye itself stretches 20 to 30 miles across and the hurricane-force winds go out 90 miles from the center. still an impressive storm but it's in a gradual weakening phase and will eventually run into cooler waters in the atlantic. wide view shows that trip, a lot of the storms come off the coast of africa. it will weaken to a category 3 and category 2 with maybe winds of 105 to 110. it comes close to bermuda this
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weekend. no immediate threat to the u.s., likely occurs off the east coast but big waves will propagate along the eastern shoreline. this is going to be another weekend with some of the nicest weather all season out there by ocean city but they will have to deal with rough waves off the atlantic ocean. locally, temperatures now back up to 70 in baltimore. after we drop to about 57 this morning. still 50s on back towards our west but as you can see we're under the influence of the warmer flow. this little string of clouds indicating the push out of our old air mass and one more brief warm-up as we head through today. the clouds themselves going to be uneventful. part of a storm system that is a thousand miles away and still two or three days from reaching us. if anything just texture in the sky, beautiful afternoon, 2-degree guaranteed high reaches 80, almost on target with where we belong. these long nights during this autumn season is going to allow us to cool down. 54 degrees. as we head through tomorrow
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afternoon we're going for 78 degrees. that is pretty much on target with normal. just a little pullback from the 80 today and the 80s we had yesterday. we bounce back to 82 tomorrow. thursday, that is with afternoon showers. and perhaps the thunderstorm as we head through friday. we then take it into the weekend with another gorgeous stretch and back into the mid-80s sunday and monday. you hear that? silence all the way up the new jersey turnpike. the stars of hard knocks went through the school of hard knocks last night as the ravens beat the jets on "monday night football." thunder delayed the start but lightning right there on the field. let's go to it now to see between ray rice and shaun ellis of the jets, ray flings a football. watch former raven bart scott, fired back -- oh, he fires back. anquan bolden over 100 yards receiving. what a catch he hits for the ravens this year. now, it was flag football for
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the jets. over 100 plus yards in penalties. the jets held more than i held my wife on our honeymoon. that is how bad it was. i'll wait. todd heap, one of the best catches of the night. downfield, stretch it out. heap makes the catch. you can hear it in the meadowlands last night. the big heap! where was ray lewis? we know where. watch this hit of the night. on keller! down he goes. ray lewis, unbelievable play, the ravens win 10-9 over the jets. we've seen ray lewis play 15 years, i don't think he's ever wanted to win a football game more than he wanted to last night. let's go to the locker room. >> i think what is huge, bottom line we're 1-0. to come in and win the way we did. for us to come in and really grind this game out. we knew it would be a defensive
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battle. for us to just get this win on the road. it's hard to win on the road, bottom line. it's hard. to win the way we did i take my hat off to my team. >> from his rookie year to last night, unbelievable. >> and john harbaugh saying he's very proud of the ravens. >> the next play for the ravens, cincinnati sunday. we would play them today if we could. >> i think there's players who would want to hold off. this is great. time for a diamond dash. >> how you might get the chance to win a $20,000 diamond. here's the catch though, you have to find it. >> and coming up, teens and 'tweens, into all these new fashions, we're going to break down the top five trends the kids are looking at this fall. >> for the first time since the vietnam war a medal of honor will be given to a living service member and abc was there in the firefight. we're going to tell you all about it and what had him earn the honor it's a great story. when we come back. everybody i talk to who's seen our tv
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that's 1.877.437.3467. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. [ dennis ] i used to have hair! my commute home to the eastern shore every night only takes an hour but that's more time than congress spends reading massive spending bills, it's crazy. that's why i wrote a law that requires 72 hours to read every bill. i read the big bills and i said no. no to the $3 trillion budget, no to the bank bailout, and no to the health care bill. at home you would never pay a bill without reading it neither should congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message because i'm proud to be ranked one of the most independent members of congress. for many teens and 'tweens fashion is
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important. they want to look good for their peers. sherrie johnson hits the stores to find out the top five fashion tips for 'tweens and teens. >> reporter: here at cohen clotheiers in cockeysville it's all about looking good for the teenagers and 'tweens. that is ages 9 to 14. this family-owned special store has been in business for 100 years. you'll find parents with children in tow searching for the perfect outfit. pat cohen is co-owner of the store. she offers five fashion tips for the fall. >> this is roxy. a roxy skirt with the layers which is popular. should probably wear this with black leggings and little knit jacket with it. of course the pink in the skirt is picked up. a lot of bright colors we have this year, too. the rockets rag dolls, a new brand, we're doing well with it. the longer flowy tops with leggings or skinny jeans.
9:17 am
girls like the scarves to accessorize. new again are the frye boots, we're just starting to get them in. the cowboy boots, they are a big thing this year, too. the jeans with the -- all the worn-out look. this is a billibung shirt. to accessorize with all the ravens colors. the belts are popular with the rhinestones this year. this is a knit jacket with the roxy skinny jeans and the roxy flat shoes. a lot of girls like the flat shoes for going out in the evening. again, accessorize with a pretty bright skirt and woven shirts are really popular for the girls this year, too. then this is for the boys 8 to 20. these are the bright-colored pants which the boys really like. a plaid shirt, you can put a tie with it. that's the brand that is really popular with the boys. >> reporter: following these
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tips will have you looking your best for the school year. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> now that you're looking all fashionable time to get fit. do that by walking. we're so proud to be part of this year's komen race for the cure and we would love it if you would join us. we're counting down the days for the race, it's early this year. sunday october 3rd in hunt valley. three weeks earlier than years' past. so abc2 news is going to be live on the air to broadcast the event. we hope you'll >> angela: us. you can always -- you can always watch it on television. registering for the big race, get involved, head to, when you get there look at the top of the page. click on the lifestyle tab and then scroll down, you'll see a big button that says "think pink." all you couples out there, listen up. we have got a scavenger hunt to tell you about. think high-tech and diamonds. all up for grabs. rula manos is the sales manager
9:19 am
to tell us about the diamond dash. what exactly is it? >> it's the first-ever of its kind in baltimore. a big kind scavenger hunt, kind of like "i amazing race." 100 people signed up already. they will meet downtown. you get clues via text and photos and click them back until you get to the next clue. and run around downtown baltimore for two hours. the couple that has the most clues at the end of the two hours, at the after-party is presented with this beautiful ring. >> it's a honker. tell me about it. >> it's a carat and a half center diamond, offset in platinum. diamonds down the side, encrusted all over. >> you did this before in annapolis. >> we did. >> how did it go? >> it was a zoo. everybody's excited. we encourage you to bike or bring some mode of transportation. you can't drive a car around
9:20 am
downtown. but if you have to get the most clues and it's all over baltimore. you could be at any historical sites, landmarks of baltimore. it's going to be something. >> when the winner in annapolis won this ring, what was their reaction? >> excited, thrilled. how do you -- crowds of people and, actually, they had answered more of the clues than anyone that has ever done the scavenger hunt. that was something. >> it's got to be really exciting to see this many people come down for something that is really a happy event. you're talking about couples. what kind of atmosphere do you think it's going to be in baltimore this weekend? >> i think it will be crazy. we had a little over 460 people at the annapolis one so there's over 800 that will be downtown. clues are spread throughout the city. you can't have 800 or a thousand people going to one venue at one time. you need to log on and write your story about the couple and wait for confirmation. to show up.
9:21 am
>> must it be engaged couples? or can jamie and his wife head there? >> i encourage you to come. please come. you have to be downtown at 11:00 to register at power plant lodge. at the end you're going to meet up at ramshead and there's a beautiful after-party. that is when the winner is announced. >> the ring is gorgeous. it's beautiful. give us all the information. is there a web site? >> there is. and sign up. it will prompt you through everything you need to do. it looks beautiful on you, megan. >> i'll wear it for a while. jamie, what do you think? head to downtown baltimore? >> friday and saturday. >> what is the total you can take? is there a maximum? >> i believe they will cap out
9:22 am
at a little over a thousand. thursday is the last day to sign up. >> we're going. >> let's do it. coming up next, the medal of honor is the nation's highest honor and requests to those who go -- and goes to those who go above and beyond. we'll show a recipient. the story of what happened will have you stop and take pause.
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thank you for joining us. a little history lesson for you. it was this day in history that francis scott key wrote the words to the star spangled banner. he was born and raise the in western maryland. he traveled to fort mchenry in september of 1814 to negotiate the release of dr. william bayne held captive by the british. he succeeded in getting him released but was unable to leave due to the british bombardment of fort mchenry so key was taken a prison aboard a british ship where he wrote the star spangled banner which is of course now we know our national anthem. in honor of kelly ripken -- on this day your husband cal ended his consecutive inning streak today in history.
9:26 am
ron washington came in for him. ron is now the coast of the texas rangers. here's a great story coming up. >> a great story. last week it was announced that the nation's highest military award, the medal of honor will be given to a living serviceman for the first time since the vietnam war. >> it's for an extraordinary act of heroism in a region of afghanistan known as the valley of death. here's abc2 news martha ready -- raddatz who talked to the soldier about what happened. >> reporter: staff sergeant salvador junta was waiting at his army post in italy with his wife jennifer when the call came from washington. >> my heart started racing pretty fast at the time. when he said president barack obama it just started really pounding. >> reporter: the honor of this award is mixed with the reality that the day of battle was the saddest day of junta's life. how often do you remember that
9:27 am
time, that day? >> i think about them multiple times a day. i think about it everyday. >> reporter: he was just 22 years old at the time during this battle which abc news cameras captured. it was a site so intense, an ambush so sudden that soldiers were lying wounded within seconds. among them, junta's closest friend, sergeant josh brennan shot multiple times and cut off from the other soldiers. >> to tell a story about that day hurts me. >> reporter: staff sergeant brett perry, back in afghanistan for a second tour was with junta on that frigid mountain during the battle. >> i can't even begin to describe the intensity. the most intense whizzes i've ever heard from bullets just going right over us. >> reporter: that is when sal junta went far beyond the call of duty. with two taliban fighters now
9:28 am
dragging his friend josh brennan away, junta charged right into the ambush. killing one of the taliban fighters and chasing the other away. junta pulled his friend brennan to safety. >> the sergeant was just right there with him, just holding his hand. >> reporter: despite junta's efforts it was too late to save josh brennan. >> i always think of him fondly. i always think of him the way he was. and someone who gave everything for his country. some say he was just doing his job but reality is, there's very few people in the world that would have done what he did. >> reporter: you know what the award says, above and beyond the call of duty? >> if everyone who has gone above and beyond the call of duty received a medal of honor i think everyone i stand with would have the medal of honor. >> reporter: martha raddatz, abc news, italy.
9:29 am
>> what does that last quote say? >> we have no idea. coming up next here, when it comes to blue ribbon schools and honors, this one local school has raised the bar. >> coming up, all four county schools have been showered with blue ribbon awards in the past. why this school in a new accomplishment in the county. we'll tell but it. >> when it comes to protecting the bay sometimes the smallest things can make the biggest difference, how you can help restore oysters which in kind will help clean up our water. [ male announcer ] are you watching cable?
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thank you for joining us or than tuesday morning. in baltimore county, there's the new waterview park in essex. the spacious 1.6-acre park is for middlesex elementary school and from the essex tot center can all go enjoy this place. one of the best features, a transfer station that enhances all the accessibility for children with disabilities.
9:33 am
it looks good. brand new and open. the news department of education has announced it's latest blue listenon schools and this year we have a first in baltimore county. abc2 news manny loch takes us to the first baltimore county high school to earn this distinguished honor. >> what is the number one thing that is most critical whenever you are performing a lab investigation? what is it? >> reporter: with two weeks of school underway this ninth grade science class is demonstrating how and why easton technical high school is one of five schools in maryland to receive the 2010/2011 national blue ribbon designation. the school is abuzz. >> it's a tremendous amount of pride. i believe our students and teachers are full of pride. we have students who want to be here and are very focused on academics. they know that high school is an important stepping stone to get to where they really want to be in life. >> reporter: easton technical
9:34 am
high school has won numerous awards in the past decade but to be the first high school to achieve the national blue ribbon of excellence, that is an honor. 100% of the class of 2010 met their career standards, 90% of daily attendance for the school and the student body? >> being a student here, it's an honor that we, out of a lot of schools got the honor getting the blue ribbon. i'm proud of easton tech and that i'm a student here. >> reporter: with the school year just getting started easton tech high is gearing up for the next challenge. having all of its students strive for more excellence. in essex, manny loch, abc2 news. >> eastern tech has also been named one of the nation's top high schools by "newsweek" magazine three years in a row. oxfords and oysters
9:35 am
jennifer grove, president of sky blue events joins us. sky blue events is what? >> sky blue events? >> yes. >> we are a wedding and event planning company. >> you hired quinn and all of a sudden you do everything from social network? right, quinn? >> right, through facebook, twitter, we generate our market to come to all the events we put on. >> one of the big events is this one. it will be the oxfords -- how did you come up with this idea? >> we saw an opportunity to give back to the bay and partnered with the oyster recovery partnership. we're hosting an exciting event on saturday at little havana featuring a live band and open bar. >> you got me so far. raw bar. you got me. who do you want to come out? who is your target audience? >> the young professional in baltimore. but it can be anyone.
9:36 am
mostly it's ages 25 to 34. >> are you amazed that what you're finding on twitter and facebook? >> it's amazing. i can't wait to actually meet some of these people who have been following us on our social networks. we've got people coming from virginia, dc, new jersey, delaware. i mean, primarily a baltimore audience. >> we have people coming from everywhere because of twitter. >> this is the first of four events? >> correct. >> what is the other one after this? >> december 11th, it will be tartans and tidings, a holiday event. then one for st. patrick's day and one pre-derby. >> what does your group give that others -- you've seen something missing out there, what do you think that is? >> just an opportunity to get together. it's social but it's socially responsible as well. we're looking for unique nonprofit charitable organizations that we can make a difference. >> do you love oysters? >> love them.
9:37 am
>> megan, we got two oyster lovers in here, come on. everybody loves oysters. what do you want from the event coming up this weekend? what would be the perfect night for you? >> we want a ton of attendance number one. but we really want to raise awareness for the oyster recovery partnership. they've been around since 1994 and they are one of the largest oyster recovery groups in the nation. >> who else do you want to help along the way? >> we want to give exposure to our fantastic contributors and sponsors. >> speaking of. you want to be the grand bagger? go ahead. this is what i get if i buy $125 vip ticket. >> gets you an vip gift bag valued at almost $500. >> we've had a lot of southern sponsors that have really jumped on board immediately because i think they see the effects of what has happened in the gulf and anything that is ecological they get behind completely. >> great. what do you have there? >> the southern point company
9:38 am
is a great polo shirt and clothing company, they are donating wonderful $80polos. and one from nashville, tennessee, they are donating great harbor trays they designed exclusively for the event. >> thinks the follow-up to the official preppy handbook that just came out last week. >> we can't get to the rest of it but i think you'll like it all. about this big event, oxfords and oysters, coming up saturday, 3:00 to 7:00 p.m. at little havana right there on key highway. ladies, keep coming in. tell us all about the great events. i love it. we'll follow you on twitter and facebook and skylights and everything. >> sounds good, thank you. there's always been a battle between the genders, who is better? but who is cleaner? coming up, a new survey about who washes their hands more, men or women, especially in the
9:39 am
bathroom? why the results may surprise you. and, the kids are off to college and leaving parents home alone with all that technology, we're here to help you sort it out, without missing a thing or calling for help. >> just cleaning up here. we have a beautiful day outside. you may want to enjoy it, with the sunshine and nice breeze out of the west. we drop that humidity and get the full extent of what we have to offer this afternoon. now 70 in downtown baltimore. it's measured from the bwi marshall airport. 68% humidity and that wind averaging out of the west at 10 miles per hour. stay tuned. we've got more of the extended outlook and more of "good morning maryland" after this.
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on this date in 1999, hurricane floyd. we had to evacuate a lot -- i was in cecil county in northeast, they were flooded out. the hurricane did significant damage to cecil county and parts of the bay. it made landfall in north carolina as a category 2. walt disney world had to shut its doors in preparation for the first time in its history and nasa operations at the cape were shut down to get ready for the coming storm. in all approximately three million people evacuated their homes, in all 68 people died from hurricane floyd. let's look at some of the featured events today. how would you like to play around the gulf in florida with greg norman? >> i would like that. >> or how about backstage to see the boss or bon jovi? >> i would really like that.
9:43 am
>> let's go to yankee stadium. exciting, priceless auction going to be held at the blue hill tavern tuesday, september 28th from 6:30 to 9:00 p.m. proceeds benefit the kennedy krieger institute for autism and related disorders. for more information and to purchase tickets contact amber weiner. her e-mail address is weiner@kendall kennedy krieger -- >> diana e-mailed us, havre de grace, the downtown area, there are walking tours. it's rich in history. now they are offering historic walking tours of the downtown area on saturdays, starts 10:00 in the morning and goes until 2:00 in the afternoon. they also are offering it on sundays. tickets can be purchased, all you have to do is go to the web address
9:44 am
too schedule something in advance you can also call. the number is on the web site as well. >> if you have an event you would like to see on gurm at 9:00 e-mail us, we'll make sure everybody knows about it. 9:00 stay with us.
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your kids finally moved out. you have the whole place to yourself including new technology and no idea how to use it. the week squad agent john ammon is here and has tips for empty-nesters. we have a celebrity in the studio. kelly ripken. she's doing the texting. you have to convince her to get on board with all the technology they have for parents. >> absolutely. >> first let's start with the basics. kids leave, parents have no idea to use any of this stuff. >> the in-house tech support now moved out. what they are going to be doing is the big thing to remember is stay calm, it's ok. there's actually very little you can do that is going to break the computer or technology permanently. you can always reset it. there's always that reset
9:48 am
button. you'll be able to actually play around with different things. in all honesty, that is how people learn about computers. as a kid i used to take things apart. eventually the parents got tired and told me i have to learn how to put it back together. that's what i did. >> a lot of parents and people seem to struggle with e-mailing the pictures. why is that so hard? >> i don't know. i've explained this many times to my own parents, grandparents. it's something that is a little -- it's something they want to do. most computers, specifically any computer with windows vista, windows 7 or macintosh, any of those are going to have built-in programs that will be there to organize photos, edit photos. so it's beyond just being able to view them. just try to open the file and you'll be able to pull it up. you'll be able to do so much more with what is built into the computer already. >> viruses. i think they can be confusing. you feel am i getting ripped
9:49 am
off buying all the software? what do people need to know >> we're programs that are pretending to be anti-virus programs. if you give me your credit card information we'll remove it for up. it's extortion. don't give your credit card information because you don't know what else it will be used for. if you have, make sure you contact your credit card company right away. >> when jamie's daughter comes home to do the laundry she'll have papers to write. she'll have work to do. should she bring her own stuff? use the computers at home? >> it's the perfect time -- a lot of people are giving computers, laptop computers as graduation presents. this is the perfect time to make sure you're set up for wireless. when the kids come home they are not always on your computer tying up -- you've gotten used to being able to use it, you paid for it but setting up a wireless network, that will be able to let the kids get
9:50 am
on-line when they need to, do schoolwork, keep communication with friends without tying down everything in the house. >> where can people contact you if they are saying ok, i have questions. this is way over my head? >> any questions or problems, 1-800-geek squad, or any best buy store, we're located there. >> we'll be right back.
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my commute home to the eastern shore every night only takes an hour but that's more time than congress spends reading massive spending bills, it's crazy. that's why i wrote a law that requires 72 hours to read every bill. i read the big bills and i said no. no to the $3 trillion budget, no to the bank bailout, and no to the health care bill. at home you would never pay a bill without reading it neither should congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message because i'm proud to be ranked one of the most independent members of congress.
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we take a look at yesterday's temperatures, we hit 81. on target with our 2-degree guarantee and actually a little above normal. this 14th of september, notice we belong in the 50s in the morning. we belong in the 70s in the afternoon. we try to shoot for the 80 mark and that is bonus territory as we go through this stage forward. we're checking the records, ranging from 42 on the low end. 1975 we hit that mark and we're looking at 94, on the high side in 1931. that was still on record as the hottest decade on record in baltimore. 6:47 sun up.
9:54 am
down 7:17. we're checking conditions that are ranging from the low 70s along the eastern seaboard. 75 towards richmond and still cool 50s in through western pennsylvania. high pressure in control. it's a matter of the fact we got high thin clouds mixed in. i want to pull become wider. to get an idea of where the clouds are coming from. a system diving from missouri, going to be slipping more to the south and east and not a direct shot across the mid-atlantic. the offshooting clouds are come from fast-level winds aloft and that is going to keep invading our sky from time to time. there may be waves of clouds that could occasionally dim out the sun a little bit. we're still going to have a mostly sunny setup even though it does appear to be a little more ominous on the satellite imagery. what you see is what you're going to get. almost a repeat of yesterday. with a nice breeze, low humidity and our 2-degree guaranteed high hitting 80. we check our forecast with a little more cloudiness than just up in the higher terrain,
9:55 am
hitting 77. hereford zone and parkton 78. and the eastern shore, lower 80s. they are protected from the little shots of chill as we head on into the month of september. tonight, we'll slip into the 50s. we're expecting a bounceback to near normal tomorrow at 78. again, a mostly sunny sky but occasionally waves of clouds could dim out the sun a little bit. we'll be back in the low 80s again. 82 thursday, comes with a chance of an afternoon shower. better chance of storms on friday hitting 80. and a beautiful weekend here saturday, sunshine, 78 and 58 to split. and building back into the mid-80s by sunday and monday. we're knocking on the door of autumn. >> beautiful forecast. >> you can see the leaves turning, too. >> good stuff. do you wash your hands - >> did you hear about the survey about public restrooms? who washes more, men or women?
9:56 am
>> this will gross you out and which cities are the worst offenders, yunji de nies has the answers and they might surprise you. >> it's particularly important for you to wash your hands after going to the toilet. >> reporter: we all know we're supposed to do it. you always wash your hands when you leave the ladies' room? >> always. >> always. >> always without a doubt. >> reporter: always? >> absolutely. >> reporter: do you ever see guys who don't? >> yes. >> reporter: in an unscientific survey observers went undercover in public riftrooms in four cities across the country and found 85% of adults washed their hands ferlings that is up from 7p% just three years ago. but separate men and women and the numbers change. here in atlanta's turner field the gender differences were the most extreme. 98% of women were seen washing their hands but one out of every three men left the bathroom without hitting the sink. >> nasty.
9:57 am
>> hopefully you were not. >> i do. >> men are always in a hurry. you get it done and go. >> reporter: doctors say wash up. 80% of infectious diseases like pneumonia, salmonellaened a the common cold are passed through human contact. >> the good news is we're doing more and more of it and doing it better and more thoroughly. let's keep on that track. >> reporter: are you listening, guys? >> wash your hands! >> reporter: yunji de nies, abc news, atlanta. >> one out of three which means one of you don't. >> wait a second. >> i'm clean. i'm clean. >> now you understand why everyone does the fist bump. >> leaving with you a great thought. thank you, kelly ripken for being with us today. >> it's fun having you here. >> she looks natural up there. give her a script! [ male announcer ] are you watching cable?
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