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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  September 14, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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0001books. the votes have been cast and we have the results. but really the biggest story of date, dramatically low turnout at the polls. good evening, i'm kelley swoope, welcome to democracy 2010. far fewer voters came out to cast their ballots than officials hope. what effect did that have on big races in the area? we have live team coverage for you. the democratic primary race for county executive, and we are on top of the hotly contested race for bullet more city state's attorney, brian kuebler will be
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live at canton at the headquarters for bernstein and schaefer is covering the headquarters for jessamy. let's take a look at the city attorney's race. the numbers are in. we are looking at three precincts reporting, jessamy with 49% to bernstein, 47%. very, very tight at this point. let's check in with christian schaefer, live in south baltimore with the jessamy camp. chris. >> reporter: some tense moments here. a close race. we haven't got a lot of numbers, still have 49 to 47 lead for jessamy. she came in to loud applause. she joins me live now. you've had a busy day. tell us what you've been up to. >> i've gone to 40 polls. >> 40? >> maybe more. interacted with the citizens of baltimore city and i had a very enjoyable day. >> reporter: the turn out around
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the city seems to be low. are you concerned? would you have rather had a greater turnout, given that people know you, are you concerned that it's low turnout today? >> i'm always concerned even when i'm not running at a low voter turnout because i think voting is very important. and i've been emphasizing to people that voting is the great equalizer. bill gates may have $60 billion but he only has one vote, and so do i, and so do you. so if you want to be equal to anybody, you need to exercise your right to vote. >> what do you do right now? are you waiting for the numbers to come in like everybody else? is that all you can do. >> yeah. we're waiting for the official numbers to be released. but we have some numbers ourselves and we're very confident. >> what makes you feel so confident about the numbers you have right now? >> well, you know, it shows us what is happening, but we have to wait for the official numbers to be released by the board of
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elections. >> if you win, is it a confirmation that your strategy, the three-pronged strategy we marry about, is that the confirmation that that's the way to go for baltimore city? >> well, i know it's the right way. we must have a comprehensive strategy when it comes to crime. so you can't do just one thing to the exclusion of everything else. >> patricia jessamy, thanks for joining me. >> reporter: it's tense like i said. close vote with the official numbers that we have, you just heard jessamy say she feels confident she'll win another term as the baltimore city state's attorney here at baltimore rowing club, we're watching the numbers come in. we'll bring them to you as they arrive. live in south baltimore, christian schaefer, abc2 news. >> thanks, chris. check back with you in a little bit. races for the gubernatorial and congressional candidates were called quickly.
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the numbers for the local races have come in very slowly tonight leaving the candidates and their supporters on edge. brian kuebler is covering bernstein's camp tonight. let's check in with him tonight. >> it could be a very long night. so, i just wanted to say hello to everybody, and i don't know how long i'll hang around, and i know a lot of you have been here a long time. i don't know what time the bar closes, that's how late it could be. but i skwus want to thank everybody from the bottom of my heart. it's he been a really long day -- it's been a really long day i know for many, many of you. it's been a long day for me. it's very exciting. from all the polling places we went to throughout the day, we got the same level of enthusiasm and excitement that we've gotten throughout the campaign over the last two and a half months as
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we've gone through neighborhoods all over the city. and we are confident. we think we're going to win. and we think we're going to win mostly not only because of the voters, but because of all the work that you all have done. and sheryl and i can't thank you enough. so, enjoy the night. [ cheering and applause ]. >> and hope, and hopefully, and hopefully we'll all wake up tomorrow morning and you'll have a new state's attorney. [ applause ]. >> gregg bernstein came in as you were about to toss the live shot to address his volunteers here. [ inaudible ] you think this is going to be a very tight race, it could take well into the night. what makes you think you're going to win this race [
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inaudible ]. >> hoping tomorrow that they will have a new state's attorney here in baltimore city. the numbers are coming in slowly. [ inaudible ] we'll update you as this continues to develop throughout the evening. brian kuebler, live in canton. let's check out the numbers for the gubernatorial. o'malley winning early and easily over kucek and jape. and on the representan side ehrlich wins the republican side.
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off the air at 111, you can get up to the minute election results on line. log on to there you will find the latest information on all the races throughout our area. just outside the city limits the race for baltimore county executive has been competitive and at times nasty. two candidates are squaring off, let's take a look at the numbers for you in that race with 12% of the precincts reporting tonight. camden with the lead with 56%, barton trailing with 41%. let's check in now with jeff hager, live in parkville tonight. >> reporter: we're here at theet theatre, 200 people who have been here since 5:00, waiting on pins and needles, despite of the numbers coming out of the baltimore county board of
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elections, they have numbers of their own having them celebrating. they have someone on every precinct out there in the county, 140 reporting out of 223, their numbers show them with about 20,400 to 16,400 with bartonfelder holding a lead. while they're unofficial numbers, we don't know if they're coming from west side or east side precincts, it gives them hope that their candidate will become the next executive. they're not taking anything for granted. joe bartonfelder is not coming into the hall himself, he's going to wait until he knows where his fate lives before he does so. we understand that. everyone on pins and needles. the music playing, no one
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singing or dancing, everybody holding their breath. jeff hager, abc2 news. this is a race where there wasn't a clear cut favor. while candidates spent more money on on air advertising his opponents spend money on signage. >> reporter: finally, there's some energy here in this room. i tell you, kevin camminus was expected on stage at 9:00 but here it is after 11 and finally he will take the stage in just a few minutes and you can see that his supporters have gathered, actually maybe we should go to the stage because kevin camminus is going to go to the stage and make comments any minute. 12% of the precincts are reporting and camminus leads bartonfelder by 55%.
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a lot of people here, a lot of teachers, people who have supported him in this year-long campaign. kelley, we're going to toss it back to you and join you when kevin camminus takes the stage. here it is. . all right. let's get a quick check of the forecast in here. clear skies tonight. the voters had no trouble getting out this evening that's for sure. quickly show you maryland's most powerful radar on our satellite view. all clear across the state. should stay dry tonight into the day tomorrow. temperatures into the upper 50s out there and it will be a cool start first thing tomorrow. hour by hour forecast through the day, back into the mid-70s, push 80 tomorrow amp. basically a very nice -- tomorrow afternoon. basically a very nice wednesday coming up. let's get back to our election coverage. . >> thanks, wyatt. another race we're watching closely, voters also cast their ballots in the race for state
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comptroller. take a look at the results. here are the numbers. looking at about a 41% of the precincts reporting tonight, william campbell with 64% over 18-year-old brendon maddigan who is still a high school student. i understand now that kevin camminus has taken the podium and let's hear what he has to say. >> more red bull for the crowd! [ applause ]. >> i wish we really had the opportunity to let everyone be recognized here. we do have some special guests behind me, you all have been great. real fantastic. i want to tell you, i feel great! [ applause ].
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. >> you make me feel great. >> kevin camminus in pikesville thanking his supporters and saying he feels great. you're seeing the results from the comptroller's race but we'll continue to monitor the races and check back with them shortly. maryland not the only state where voters are hitting the polls. we're seeing some big time races in new york and delaware. plus, the look at some of these other top stories including an investigation into some fuel thefts in anne arundel county. when the average high falls to 79. we hit 80 today. radar all clear but will that hold up all week? the answer coming up.
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. we continue our coverage of democracy 2010 with a look at primary elections outside the state of maryland. today is the last big primary day before the mid-term elections coming up in november. and the eyes of the nation on states like new york, delaware, new hampshire, where it remains to see if anti-incumbent sentiments will lead to big shakeups in the house and senate. john hendren reports. >> reporter: tea partiers are partying extra hard in delaware. >> no more politics as usual! >> reporter: where outsider christine o'donnell defeated castle. >> i would like to thank the republican party for its support. >> reporter: party support wasn't enough. o'donnell who ran for senate and lost twice before this time
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benefitted from an anti-establishment move. >> it is a terrible time to be part of the status quo. >> reporter: and she had a secret weapon. >> this is governor sarah palin. vote for christine o'donnell for senate. >> reporter: they warned if they picked her they would loss to the democrat in november. >> if she were by some miracle to be our nominee that we would lose this seat and lose it by unprecedented numbers. >> reporter: voters warrant listening. >> normally being backed by the party apparatus is a good thing. this year, that is actually a stamp that candidates are trying to run away from. >> reporter: it wasn't all bad news for the establishment. in maryland, former governor bob ehrlich easily won the republican nomination and that was after palin endorsed his tea party rival. nine states saw record high republican turnout. democrats saw record low turnouts in 11 states. it's called the enthusiasm gap
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and it's the reason democrats could lose the congress in the november election. he's been on the ballot since 1980, he is 70 running against a much younger candidate and he's moderate running in a republican primary. john hendren, abc news, washington. forget gas station drivoffs, thieves have taken fuel theft farther. more than 1500 gallons of diesel fuel has been stolen from the underground storage tanks at two area gas stations. the latest happened in glenn burnie, the other took place in august in annapolis. police don't have any suspects so far and they're still trying to figure out how the thieves got access to the tanks and got away with more than $4 ,000 worth of fuel. >> somebody had to see something. i mean, we can't everybody have their eyes closed at one time. it had to be a big truck a lot of people, or at least more than
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one person involved. >> now police have been told that surveillance cameras in the glen burnie theft were not working. . pretty cool night out there. 59 degrees right nought out at bwi. we have humidity coming up a little bit but you won't notice it. temperatures are so cool out there. and take a look through the day today. bottom line was, we started off sunny, brought the clouds in midday as a cool front pushed through the area. this is our parkville weather net camera but the skies clear up nicely as we wet towards sunset tonight. winds gusty as the front pushed through but they've quieted down nicely tonight. now down below 5 miles per hour. mid to upper 50s right now. by day break tomorrow we'll be well down into the 50s.
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the heart of the city may be warmer overnight this time of year. highs around 80 today. 81 for frederick. 82 for easton. a clear scenario, that front did not spark any rain in the state. and so there will still continue to be this enhanced fire threat out there but this boundary will continue to push further and further south. cooler air works its way in tonight but the highs the next few days will whoever around 80 so you won't notice that. tropics staying awfully active. hurricane julia pushing category 2. hurricane igor 155 mile per hour sustained winds. hurricane igor which is now nearly a category 5, 1356 miles per hour. we get to to -- 156 miles an hour. it's tracking towards bermuda towards sunday monday. an interesting developing weather situation off the coast of the east coast of the u.s..
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heading towards ocean city. back tonight, 54, few clouds, nice and cool. tomorrow we're talking about 79 or so for a high temp. partly sunny skies, another fantastic day of september weather, and let's get you right into your seven-day forecast. here's how it shapes up into the next couple of days: our best chance for rain with another weather system coming in late thursday night into the first half of our friday. about a 50/50 shot of much needed rain activity. after that, though, sunny weekend and a gorgeous weather for the swim across america on sunday, 83 degrees there. kelly. >> all right, thanks, wyatt. back to our democracy 2010 coverage. take a look at the latest numbers from the key races. baltimore city state's attorney race, bernstein 48% to jessamy 48% with 6% of the precincts reporting. going to be a very, very long time for both of those candidates. moving on now to the race for governor. o'malley the clear winner there,
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86% to cusak, 10% with 51% of the precincts reporting. next race we have, republican side, robert ehrlich setting up a rematch with o'malley, 76% to murphy's 24% with 51% of the precincts reporting there. we'll be right back after a break. don't hold back, really express yourselves. don't be afraid to go outside the lines guys. ♪
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. more coverage now of democracy 2010. we're going to check in on the latest numbers from the democratic primary for baltimore county executive. hotly contested race. camminus looking at 36% of the vote and bartenfelder with 46% with 12% of the precincts reporting. comptroller, do we have that race? there we go. campbell with 64% of the vote, to 18-year-old brendan maddigan 25% of the vote. 51% of the precincts reporting there. here are some of the other races we are tracking across maryland tonight.
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. this is stan the fan charles with the press box sports report. the ravens got out with a 10-9 win at the new meadowlands stadium over the jets. here's the only td of the game that put the ravens up 7-6 but as usual ray lewis was at the center of a ravens win. here it is before the game getting the troops fired up. here's another one of his signature hits during the game against keller. and here he is after the game talking about all that talking. >> the bottom line is, you know, this is football. [ inaudible ] we made some
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plays, they made some plays, we bent by we didn't break.
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everyone knows a fee is a tax. you raised some taxes during that period, particularly the property tax as well as a lot of fee increases. as you know, there's a big difference between fees and taxes. but...they're the same. it's a tax. it's a tax. it's a tax.
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it's a tax. there's a big difference between fees and taxes. fees and taxes are one in the same. if it comes out of my pocket, it's a tax. now he says it isn't true. we didn't raise taxes. what? still doing the same thing, paying out more money. typical politician. definitely.
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my commute home to the eastern shore every night only takes an hour but that's more time than congress spends reading massive spending bills, it's crazy. that's why i wrote a law that requires 72 hours to read every bill. i read the big bills and i said no. no to the $3 trillion budget, no to the bank bailout, and no to the health care bill. at home you would never pay a bill without reading it neither should congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message because i'm proud to be ranked one of the most independent members of congress.
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. quick check of our wednesday forecast here, kelly. hour by hour, we're up to about 79 or so late in the day but cool in the morning and the evening. nice september day. >> all right. got a couple of nail biting races we're watching tonight. our coverage of democracy 2010 continues on line, and you can also catch megan and jamey tomorrow on good morning maryland at 5 a.m. with the very latest with all of our election results. we're back tomorrow at 5, 6, and 11. have a great night.
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