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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  September 16, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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ier watching the station that works for you. abc 2 news at 5:30. it's one of the top hospitals in the world. but this evening parts of johns hopkins are now a crime scene. after police say a man shot a doctor, then used his gun to kill his mother and himself in her hospital room. good evening, i'm joce sterman, we have been following this story since late this morning and all afternoon. the gun fire erupted around 11:30 a.m. on the north side of hopkins. numerous officers swarmed the facility as the facility sat on lockdown. roosevelt leftwich is outside with a look at what happened. rosy. >> it's been a hectic and dangerous day here on the campus of johns hopkins hospital. here is what we know. a doctor has been wounded, one man is dead along with his mother after what police say was a terrible situation, take a look at some of this video we shot earlier, very chaotic,
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hectic after what happened here on the 8th floor of the nelson building, this started around a little after 11:00th morning when police say a man was talking to a doctor about his mother's condition. that man has been identified as 50-year-old paul war recollection partif of arlington, virginia. after partis received some bad news about his mother, that's what set him off, here is what happened next. this is how it went down. >> mr. davis was receiving some news about the care and the condition of his mother. just outside the doorway to that room when he became emotionally distraught. during the course of the conversation with the doctor mr. davis removed a small semiautomatic handgun from his waist area, waistband area, and
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fired a single gunshot that struck the doctor in the lower chest/upper abdomen. >> reporter: now police say right after that shooting the from was rushed down to the emergency room, he was immediately taken into surgery, they say his wounds are serious but he should survive. davis, on the other hand, he went back into his mother's room, barricaded himself in. swat cruz, s.w.a.t. teams from baltimore county and city surround add couple floors on the eighth floor of the nelson building out here at hopkins campus, and what they did then was once they were able to get in they found that both davis and his mother were dead inside the room, what they consider police are saying right now, preliminary fairly is a murder suicide. we'll have a lot more on this including the commotion it caused here on this campus for this hospital. as you mentioned earlier, joce, this is one of the largest and most prestigious hospitals in the country. for a long time here most of the major roads going into this hospital were closed.
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things are open right now. the hospital is open. but for a long time here it was pretty serious for a lot of the employees and stuff. we'll have that along with the latest from this story coming up at the top of the hour. reporting live, roosevelt leftwich, abc 2 news. >> thanks. as you mentioned our coverage is just beginning this evening here on abc 2 news on that shooting inside hopkins. coming up on the news at 6:00 you're going to explore the security in place at hopkins. you'll also hear from people who tried to get into the hospital moments after the shooting to see if their family members were okay. then at 11:00 tonight we'll take a closer look at the hopkins doctor. when you get to our web site you'll find a number of videos and pictures, we have outside the hospital, a slide show of pictures we captured, and a background on the history of johns hopkins, you'll find all of that at abc 2 and joce, weather wise we have had some pretty active weather out across baltimore and most of the northeastern
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part of the state. in fact a couple of severe thunderstorms just expiring here in the last minute or two. take a look, you can see that storm that blew through alston, kent county south into chester town, but no active warnings at the moment. let's take a little different perspective on maryland's most powerful radar, more wet weather pushing in out of the west. in fact right now we're talking some pretty heavy downpours back across i270 from frederick down to rockville. that line of heavier rain also headed toward baltimore here in the next hour or is. more rain behind that. we've got a little bit of a soaker going on this evening, that's a good thing. those warnings clearing out, it's just showers and we'll call them garden variety thunderstorms, 70s, wet and again this is good, we have had an enhanced fire risk, it's been so dry we'll take the rain tonight. weekend forecast is coming up. joce. >> thanks wyatt. our other top stories, a baltimore county couple is
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locked up after police say they severely assaulted a woman and locked her in the bathroom of their reisterstown home for a year. police say the 22-year-old woman was repeatedly beaten and burned with cigarettes when she tried to call for help. jermaine smith bay and stacey king are being held on charges of attempted murder, assault and false imprisonment. they are finished counting those absentee ballots and greg bernstein has widened his lead over patricia jess a me in the race for state attorney. there are more than 1700 provisional ballots out there. judges will side whether to accept each ballot. that process won't start until next wednesday. a fun filled day almost turned tragic at the north arundel aqualityic center. but for the second time in as many months quick thinking lifeguards put their training to the test to save a life. don harrison has that story. >> reporter: a near tragic
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incident occurred for the second time in as many nights. anne arundel county paramedics were called to the pool. a man in his mid-30s had suffered some medical emergency and went to the bottom of the pool. life guards on duty responded quickly. >> at that time lifeguards did enter the pool, able to extricate the person from the pool. >> reporter: quick response from lifeguards helped save the life of a 2-year-old who almost drown. according to the drowning prevention association 19% of public pool drownings occur when lifeguards are present. in this case, first aid was well on its way when they arrived. >> when our cruz arrived at the scene the lifeguards had already removed the patients from the pool, were performing cpr on the patient, had the patient hooked up to an automated external defibrillator. >> obviously the first incident caused us to step it up a bit. >> reporter: he is the director
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of recreation and sports and is happy with the work of his pool staff. >> we're satisfied with the lifeguards and pleased with their response that they were there and responded so quickly. >> reporter: the situations that occurred here over the last couple of months is a good reminder why they call the workers here lifeguards. in glen burnie i'm don harrison for arkansas 2 news. checking headlines around the nation tonight, this was the third day of testimony in a deadly home invasion case in connecticut. police took the stand to answer questions about their response time, getting to the home where a doctor, his wife, and two daughters were attacked. surveillance video shows the doctor's wife at a bank that july 2007 morning trying to withdraw $15,000 in cash. >> what's your emergency. >> we have a lady in our bank right now who says that her husband and children are being held at their house. >> okay. her husband and family. >> yes. they are tied up she said. they told her they wouldn't
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hurt anybody if she got pack there with the money. she believes them. >> but when police got to the home it was too late. the sexual assaulted and killed the wife and the 11 you're do daughters. both could get the death penalty if convicted. now this cell phone video from cincinnati, ohio, that police say shows this 2-year- old smoking a joint. investigators say her mom can be heard coaching her in the background. investigators say that incident happened in august and the person who saw the video gave a copy have the cell phone tape to the state family services agent. the mother is is be hind bars and if convicted she will face 11 years in prison. dressed to a t in a mini spirit, a skirt and still let toes, this robber was no lady. he was dressed in drag and held two employees at gunpoint after he grabbed the cash he dumped the pumps and that skirt to make a quick getaway. well you might think
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underaged drinkers need aphakia d to get their hands on booze. but that is not always the case. coming up we'll tell you why access to alcohol is more plenty full than parents probably think. and the ranks of the working poor have climbed to the highest level since the 1960s. how the president is taking aim at the problem. >> abc 2 works for the community. a proud partner with the salvation army. ♪ seth seth sexual assault ♪
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in tonight's consumer alert, by now most college and high school students have kicked off an new academic year. and for some socializing with friends means pressure to having a drink. access to alcohol is more plenty full than some parents might think. karen cape a has details. from seeing bar drinks to ads on tv underaged drinkers might be tempted to think that beverages aren't a big deal. but once there's alcohol involved there is no such thing as a soft drink. >> the same amount of alcohol in ast-ounce glass of beer as there is in a five-ounce glass of wine as there is in a normal mixed drink. >> reporter: a common belief most underaged drink earrings get their booze by handing over a fake id at a bar or liquor
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store. transaction that is can be corrected by a check. they aren't always buying their booze. in many cases they don't pay a dime. >> some people are paying for it. a small amount gets to these people over the counter directly or over the bar. >> reporter: research shows that discussions about drinking can't come too often or too early. >> talking about alcohol as early as the 6th, 7th, 8th grade is important. you don't want them experimenting in that age. they have got to delay those decisions and you, as a parent, have really got to moderate it. >> for consumer watch, karen. a cost effective way to sell homes courtesy of a little technology. with just a few key strokes reel estate brokers can really doll up a home. how it is moving homes off the market coming up. tax on everything you buy?
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that's in andy harris' unfair tax plan. 23% sales tax. a 23% sales tax will cut my business in half.
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would be devastating. andy harris' 23% sales tax absolutely makes no sense. 23% sales tax would really make things unaffordable. that's too high for the average american out here. i don't know how we would manage it really. don't like that idea. we can't afford andy harris' idea. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message.
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>> there was some striking news from the u.s. census bureau today. new statistics indicate that the ranks of working age poor in this country have climbed to the highest level since the 1960, you can blame the recession. here is abc's t.j. winnik. >> reporter: 2009 was an historically bad year for the american worker. marleau led early is one of 1.3 million americans that has been in danger of losing their home. >> frustrating, heart breaking. >> reporter: today a u.s. census report on the well-being of american families brought that frustration and heart ache into greater focus. >> >> did rate for the nation went up to 14.3%. representing 46.3 million people which is the largest number in the years they have been collecting information. >> reporter: one in seven americans are now living in poverty as the recession forced millions out of work. especially troubling the number of children living in poverty. >> the highest poverty rates by far are among kids who live in
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single and female-headed families but now we have way more mothers that work that in the past. even though the unemployment raid went up and we have some, fewer than we did last year -- >> one thing that prevented these numbers from being worse, the social programs delivered from washington. >> the unemployment insurance extension between 2008 and 2009 lifted 3.3 million people out of poverty. >> reporter: thursday the senate finally passed a bill to try to boost job brought by providing a $30 billion pleasanting fund and 12 billion in tax relief. >> reporter: an important part of our recovery will be when we start to go. whether these tax cred it's will actually work is an issue. >> households income remain flat as low class families continue to feel the squeeze. t.j. winnik, abc 2 news, new york. a foreclosure action scheduled for reality star timothy deans' restaurant has been called off.
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hours before a prime steakhouse was to go on the auction block the foreclosure sale was canceled. it a bank won a $1.3 million judgment against dean and his reel estate company in may setting the stage for that auction. the power of computers is now helping to sell homes. it's called virtual staging and instead of dog up a home with new furniture and accessories a computer does it digitally. diana al vy-yard run reports it's a cost effective tool for reel estate brokers. >> reporter: you may be happy to make yourself at home at this living room 689 it's all visual staging, in the hope of making it more likely to sell. >> i was surprisingly pleased with what the end product was. i didn't expect it to be as good. >> realtor marina cohen used staging for the first time. she provided the staging
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company with a few photos, less than $500 and a couple days later she had a fully furnished home to sell, well, at least online. >> it's easy, fast, you take a picture of a vacant room and the furniture is slotted in and you can approve or disprofit and try again in you need to. >> reporter: reel staging has been a staple of the industry for a while now. adding tables and sofas or changing drapes to enhance the home's over all look. virtual staging eliminates the cost involved in moving furniture in and out of a prompt. one california company claims virtually-staged homes sell for up to 17% more than vacant homes. but buyer beware. just because a home looks fabulous online doesn't always mean that's the case in person. >> it must be identified, virtual staging must be identified as virtual staging. >> reporter: industry leders say images need to be clearly marked otherwise they violate the buyer's trust. virtual staging will be
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increasingly in demand. >> cost advantage is huge. i think i would pro met this to anyone on a budget who wants to promote a property to its highest and best use. >> reporter: especially in an economy where cost efficiency is key. diana alvy-yard run, abc 2 news, los angeles. now the forecast most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most popular doppler radar. >> we've got this rainy day going to be better over the weekend. we need to hold undertake. >> we need the rain, we're glad to have it. >> right. >> we had lightning earler in the city, pushed that further east now. we're looking better into the overnight, looks how it the shake out. >> you got a big weekend. >> yeah, a big swim goin' on sunday, we're going to be talking about that live tomorrow night. we'll be live at meadow brook aquatic center -- >> yes. >> we'll take a look ought at the radar, not a great night for a swim at the pool. pretty active weather out here
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across the state. maryland's top radar we have been tracking these heavier downpours across hagerstown across i-70, headed west out of town a wet drive for sure. rain a little lighter along the immediate baltimore area at the moment and here is the cluster that came through earlier. you see the lightning up through southern new jersey, northern delaware, even back through kent county, northern queen anne's county getting a little bit of lightning still, the roughest weather out of here. we'll still see some on and off rain the rest of the evening and into the early part have the overnight. kind of a good thing. the roughest weather pushing now east '06 gerina here. maryland's most powerful radar. middletown you can see the weather developing as we go in the afternoon hours, skies dark engineer, showers starting to come down, wet weather out that ways we push toward 3:00 or 4:00, later in the day it made its way into parkville here. skies murkier, rain coming down in a classic weather system pushing in out of the west and
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headed due east in hurry in september. eh, about a 10th of an inch of rain in mount eerie, about a, you know, 6th of an inch downtown through anne arundel county, the system towards millersville, more rain in chester town and harbor degrace. you also picked up a half inch of rain there. it's rain we could really use, we would like to see these numbers climb a little bit. right now downtown people out and about, well it's a little slick right now, got to be a little careful out there with those wet roadways. 72, winds northwest at 8, highs today were on the warm side, 84 downtown. we hit 90 in dc. that warm air helped to fuel those showers and storms. cool air trying to come in right now, we're right on the battleground between the warmer and the cooler air here in the baltimore area and that's allowing those rain showers to kind of reagain rate behind the first line that came through. still more showers developing out in western maryland. eventually that's all going to pool north and east of us but we'll still tv rain around here
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for at least several more hours, keep it a little bit on the damp side, again the overall weather system here is gonna eject northeast pretty quickly into the day tomorrow. i think we'll see some clouds around early tomorrow, maybe morning showers, after that milder drier air is on the march. here it is for you overnight tonight. 66, showers will linger into the late evening and then tomorrow maybe an early morning shower and then a drier day, partly cloudy with a west breeze tomorrow night. we're talking about 60 or so and mostly clear. seven-day forecast, again as we head toward the weekend, looking good. sunshine back friday late in the day, we've got blue skies saturday-sunday, looks like fantastic weather for the big swim there on sunday.? all right. thanks a lot wyatt. with a look ahead to 6:00 tonight, our live team coverage continues from the campus of johns hopkins hospital where a gunman shot a doctor, his mother, and then himself. plus, six pups were abandoned in a dumpster and left for
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dead. a local rescue group talks to us about how the pups are doing two weeks after the incident. those stories and much more coming up at 6:00.
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the festival is september 25th and the big names ludicrous, gift i and joan jett. our coverage on that shooting at johns hopkins hospital continues. abc the news at 6:00 starts right now. >> announcer: now abc 2 news at 6:30. fear, panic and chaos erupt today when a gunman walked into johns hopkins hospital shooting and injuring a doctor. then he turns the gun on his helpless mother and finally himself. good evening, i'm kelly swoope. since this story broke abc 2 news has been the source to keep you informed t incident unfurled shortly after 11:00th morning on the 600 block of wolf street in east baltimore. we have more live team coverage from the scene. we begin with roosevelt leftwich who has been posted near the hospital grounds since this morning. much different scene now than what we saw earlier today. >> exactly kelly. in fact things are pretty much back to normal. traffic is now moving up


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