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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  September 17, 2010 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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this friday morning. i'm megan pringle. jamie is all the way in allegheny county and we'll check in with him later. first, let's get a check on the weather which was rocky yesterday. here's justin berk. >> that's right. we expected to have the rain ban hold off until the evening hours. it came in mid-afternoon. it makes for a beautiful friday. we should have a fairly decent friday stacking up here. this time, a major hurricane karl already hit adds a tropical storm but now winds up to 120 miles per hour and expected to get even stronger before making landfall tonight. we'll have the latest on that. there's that clearing right over central clearing. the hereford zone on the other
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side of the bay bridge. 66 right now in baltimore. in our hour by hour forecast calls for partly cloudy skies. occasionally, the clouds may dominate the skies for a few hours at a time. we should get ourselves up to 82 degrees. the gusty wind could gust between 20 and 30 miles per hour. right now, let's see if that yes, sir our speed or better. >> most people should be above 20 miles per hour hopefully at this early hour. really, the only downside will be the wet roads. aside from that, we're off to a clear start. we don't have any problems as we look at our drive times. on the outer loop, the southwest side only a six- minute ride. traffic is really good, light volume still moving at speed pup the roads are just a little
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bit slick. we are off to a good start for your friday. megan, back to you. johns hopkins hospital will try to get back to normal today after a gunman shot a doctor, shot and killed his mother before taking his own life. linda so joins with us more on the nerves that have been rattled for hospital staff. linda, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, megan. the good news is the doctor is expected to survive. he spent the day in surgery yesterday and came out last night. at last check, he remains in stable condition at hopkins. it was a chaotic scene just after 11:00 when violence erupted on the eighth floor and was put on lockdown after 50- year-old paul pardus shot david cohen in the stomach. he became distraught after being briefed on his mother's condition. he believed doctors failed her
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and shot the doctor. he then shot his mother in the head and turned the gun on himself. news had people with relatives working at hopkins scrambling to get to the scene. >> my brother contacted her and said i have to go and hung up the phone abruptly. at least we know if she answered the phone she's okay. >> reporter: a metal detector may have prevented him from bringing the gun in but they have more than 80 entrances and to have a detector at every door is near impossible. linda so, abc 2 news. >> the scene that played out yesterday morning is a scene that has played out numerous times inside and outside of hospitals all this year. take a look at this video where a man with a history of mental problems gunned down a woman and wounded two other people. there was also a shooting outside a cleveland hospital over the summer.
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this facility had two shootings in two weeks in july. so far this year, there have been fatal shootings at eight hospital as cross the united states, including yesterday's deadly attack at johns hopkins. abc news reports since 1995, there have been 256 reports of violent crimes in medical centers, a number that has risen over the past three years. this morning, we're also hearing from the shooter's neighbors from their home in northern virginia. they described the shooter as a dedicated son. >> he was always there for her. if she had to go in an ambulance or anything, had he to go with her. he never left her side. i told her when i seen him walking her out that she had a great son. you don't find too many sons like that. >> the mother she's speaking of is jean davis. the family wanted her to get the best care. they came all the way from virginia to hopkins.
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her other son can only make sense of this saying that his brother could not bear to see his mother suffer. sherrie? >> reporter: good morning, megan. paul pardus' brother alvin says the family is saddened and distraught by the turn of events. alvin gibson says he spoke to pardus on sunday after their mother underwent surgery. now, he says gibson was very upset and told him the surgery did not turn out the way the doctors told him it would. gibson says his brother was very fond of their mother. she suffered from back problems and their operation was not successful, news that was devastating to pardus. >> it was really, really close. he would do anything he could do to get her well because she had back problems. so he took her back and forth to johns hopkins hospital to get her help. and he just wanted to stay with her and to be with her as best
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as he could. >> johns hopkins security says their security plan worked as designed to keep the staff and the patients safe. reporting live in east baltimore, sherrie johnson, abc 2 news. >> here's fast facts about hop kins to put this situation in perspective. the hospital, as you know,a huge campus, nearly 1100 patient beds, sees more than 46,000 patients admitted every, single year on top of the more than 40,000 outpatient encounters and more than 12,000 people work at the hospital and school of medicine along with 3700 full time and part-time faculty. hopkins has been ranged number one by u.s. news and world reports for the last 20 years. remember to stay with the story. we're changing it constantly on our web site so head to for the latest developments. when you get to our web site, you'll find a number of
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pictures and videos. a slide show of pictures that we captured and a background of history of the hospital. all of that can be found on 7 minutes after 6:00 right now. coming up, the sky got dark and panic set in. >> i started screaming i'm in the middle of a tornado. it was just black and -- >> this morning, the national weather service will let us know whether or not that was a tornado. you know a good diet and exercise are supposed to lower your blood pressure, right? one doctor says this will help even more. it is a fashion statement all for a good cause. how this scarf is helping fight breast cancer. we also want to remind you if you are getting back to work, we would love to help you out. you are looking for a job and want to put that resume out there, e-mail your resume to with a microsoft word
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attachment. we'll call you to come in and tape a 20 second video pitch and we'll put it on our web site. before we head anywhere, we'll get the latest business news happenings this morning. >> reporter: good morning. in today's money scope report, the recession pushes the poverty rate to a 15-year high. nearly 44 million americans now live in poverty. that's one in seven people. millions more only stayed above the poverty line because of government benefits and other assistance. the head of johnson johnson & johnson's consumer division colleen goggins is retiring. she's in charge of a string of embarrassing recalls including children's tylenol. taxpayers want bailout money from taxpayers. they do not think it will be repaid with the initial public offering expected later this year. we'll find out if united
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and continental will create the world's biggest airline. that is your money scope report. i'm rob nelson. hmm, do i wear hats?
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i could wear hats, if i partook in hat type things
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likeling in rcchirping) ♪ is this my husband? awesome cool hat, mom oh my perfect kids alright fourteen ninety nine i totally wear hats ♪ 11 minute as 6:00 right now. october is breast cancer awareness month. work continues to find a cure and there is a lot of support to fight the disease. linda so tells us how people fight the disease. >> reporter: these scarves were designed to fight breast cancer. every year for the past 18, a scarf was designed for the susan g. komen foundation. >> i have a good friend going
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through this now. she's been amazing, and it's very meaningful to be a part of something that could help a really good friend. >> reporter: so far, the scarves have brought in $1.7 million for komen, money that's led to advances in finding a cure. >> i know a lot of consultants who have actually had breast cancer themselves. so we feel like we support each other. >> a lot of women wear the scarves when they've lost their hair or wear the caps. it's dual fold. it's supporting the foundation and can pass it on to a friend going through the same thing. so it's been very meaningful. >> reporter: a meaningful piece of art that year after year gives hope to those fighting cancer. >> it's an honor to be associated with such a wonderful foundation that continually researches, gives, makes advances. it's a great cause as we know.
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we're proud to be a part of supporting it. >> reporter: linda so, abc 2 news. >> for a $125 donation, you can get the scarf and all of the proceeds go to the susan g. komen foundation. if you'd like more information, head to when you get there, click on the health tab. today, the national weather service will determine if, in fact, a tornado hit new york city. one person was killed, trees uprooted and cars damaged by the brief, but scary storm that swept through. 25,000 people were without power after the storm tore through the boroughs carrying up to winds around 70 miles per hour. >> i thought it was the end of the world. i had my life alert on me. i was gonna press that. i thought maybe i was gonna die. >> i was here to give a speech. nothing i can do to fix his car but thank goodness i don't have
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to visit him in a hospital. >> new york fire officials confirmed at least one person was killed when a tree fell on top of his car. it's 6:14. footnote to that story, new york city has been hit by eight tornadoes since 1960. it's rare but it does happen occasionally. weather service will determine whether that was the case. they look for twisting in terms of damage and actual debris spread across the region. today we're watching the tropics now. two systems that dominated the headlines long beginning to weaken. julia barely hanging on at 75 mile-per-hour winds. it almost looks lack a satellite compared to this planet of igor hanging out there churning at 110 but finally for the first time this week below major hurricane status. that is a category 2 system. that system and forecast tracker just waiting to catch up will work its way back towards bermuda. looks like still a direct hit
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for them. the weather stays well off towards our east. bermuda will have a problem with that. mexico has the problem now with carl. it made landfall in the yucatan peninsula with the tropical system merging over warm waters. this one has a distinct eye and taking all of the energy in the tropics with winds now 120 miles per hour, 70 miles away from vera cruz in mexico. this one will make a near direct hit on that region and maybe work towards mexico see. 120 mile-per-hour winds to the west at 8 mile-per-hours. why talk about this? because there will be a 12 to 15 foot storm surge in addition to high waves on top of that, in addition to 15 inches of rainfall, in addition to the fact that this thing may reach with 140 mile-per-hour winds tonight as a category 4 system. then it goes towards mexico the high mountains around mexico city. this could spell out some dangerous deadly flooding and
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mud slides. there are over 15 million people that live near mexico city itself. so there is a possibility that there could be major problems there. that would be a headline this weekend. locally at 66 degrees. we have ourselves carved out a little bit of clearing with clouds in the north and west. still muggy 70s in southeast virginia. all of the energy rolling out of eastern new england this morning. we'll have a mixture of clouds and sun today going to 82 in baltimore. westminster a little cooler at 78. we're expecting temperatures tonight back down to our 55 degrees. tomorrow we're going to get back with more sunshine and a high of 79. let's see what's happening on the roads right now with the traffic update with kim brown. >> actually, the wet roads are starting to have an impact on the commute. we have an accident reported in jessup, route 1 southbound at
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montevedeo drive. along the roadways, the roads are slick so please take it easy as you make your way around. fortunately 695 looks good. here at 195, no problems there. as i mentioned, just that one crash in jessup, you will see police directing traffic at mont that individual deo drive. southbound 95, about a three minute ride. no issues so far on 795 between owings mills boulevard and the beltway. only four minutes so far. megan, back to you. high blood pressure, so many of us face that problem. one in three adults. the health care costs is $76 billion a year. there are lives lost with heart attack symptoms. but what if we could
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dramatically lower the blood pressure? one doctor says he has the ideas and the numbers. >> reporter: whether it's the stress of the morning commute or of a high-powered job. >> to me, stress is something that needs to be conquered. >> reporter: being a mom can be hugely stressful especially if you are out of the work. >> reporter: the mommy and the breadwinner. >> pretty much and the bread is scarce these days. >> reporter: mike and sandra deal with the stresses the same way. with a technique prescribed by their cardiologists. >> we all know about diet and exercise. very view of us introduce stress reduction. >> reporter: the doctor developed the 15-minute heart cure. a set of breathing techniques you can do anywhere any time. no drugs, no surgery. reducing your blood pressure with brain power alone. his patients tend to show
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measurable improvement in as little as two weeks. >> my blood pressure is stable. it used to hover around 170 over 90. it's now stable at 120 over 80. >> reporter: stress is a major contributor to heart attacks. it triggers the body's fight or flight. the blood thickens, the heart pumps faster putting strain on weakened arttries. -- arteries. the doctor says his regimen of focused breathing is the same technique professional athletes and others use. >> it's how sully landed the plane on the hudson river. it's how kobe bryant hits the shot with no time left. >> reporter: he claims it can save your life. >> this is ancient wisdom being proven by modern science. >> reporter: healing the heart by finding the quiet in the midst of life's storm.
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in entertainment news this morning, she is the incredible shrinking oscar winner. jennifer hudson looks awesome. she says she lost another 20 pounds. she says she feels great having dropped from a size 16 to a 6. however, hudson is clear on this. she says health and not size is what matters most. if you ever caught their show here in baltimore about a month or so ago, if you didn't have a chance to see it, now you can see them at the super bowl. the black-eyed peas are expected to perform at the 2011
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super bowl at cowboys stadium in dallas of course. perhaps the ravens will be from, too. of course they will. the nfl spokesman said that the league had no comment on the rumor. nobody has sung a note yet on tv and "american idol" is already set to announce next season's big winners at the judging table. after weeks of speculation of who would replace those leaving, the show will announce the new judges next wednesday at an event hosted by ryan sea crest in los angeles. aerosmith's steven tyler previously said he would be a job and said jennifer lopez signed a deal, too. these days there san online dating site for everybody out there. there is a new one hitting the web that's turning some heads. the founder of ugly says that his web site is geared towards the unattractive. that got justin to turn around
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in his seat, can you believe that? and they even have members vote off who's too handsome or too pretty for the site. critics say it's disturbing because it is based on looks. booty shaking lyrics upset a mother of a 6-year-old cheerleader. she decided to do something about it. now the child is off the squad and why the coach is so upset. i'm linda so. why police say a gunman opened fire on a doctor.
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two people are dead, a doctor shot and wounded. police continue to investigate what happened at one of the best hospitals in the country. we have more on the story coming up in a live report. a woman burned in the face bias id comes clean about the incident that took place. police are saying that her story was made up. a dad in florida takes matters into his own hands when he confronts the kids accused of bullying his daughter. those stories are just ahead on this friday morning. happy friday. thank you for joining us. i'm megan pringle. jamie is live in allegheny county. meantime, you probably want to know about the weather. it's a little crazy out there. >> not as crazy as our neighbors to the north.
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you may think we had a rough time in the afternoon with rain that came in a few hours earlier that be a lot of us expected. apologize for maybe ruining the afternoon game or practice. the benefit is that that stuff's out already and the benefit is it wasn't as bad as new york city which will be investigating a possible tornado yesterday in the city itself. staten island, brooklyn, queens, yeah, they got hit with rough stuff with winds up to 80 miles per hour. we just had rain and it's gone. we'll talk about weather in the gulf of mexico with hurricane karl with winds of 120 miles per hour and could get stronger as it works towards a second landfall in mexico. northeast partly cloudy in cecil county. we have that rain it's out of


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