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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  September 17, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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>> i would not be a proponent of sack feesing people's civil liberties to the extent it would require to ensure that no one's got a pen knife in their pocket or a pair of nail clippers. we want to be reasonable. >> coming up at 6:00 we'll update you on the investigation and tell you what johns hopkins plans on doing to better secure their hospital. >> stay with for new developments on this story. you're going to find a number of video and pictures. we have raw video outside the hospital. slide pictures and a history of johns hopkins. the defense department says a soldier from maryland has died in iraq. sergeant john burn, iii from baltimore died in a noncombat related incident. his death was the result of a medical condition but the exact
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cause is not known according to a spokesman at forth gordon. he leaves behind a wife and two children ages 6 and 10 he was just deployed in august. tonight police in anne arundel are investigating sexual assault in odenton. she was attacked by three men. she was looking for her boyfriend at the intersection of scott lane and saltoun avenue when three men dragged her to a dark area and raped her. police searched the area for suspects but they did not find them. they are asking anyone with information about this case to call the anne arundel sex offense unit. (410)222-3468. baltimore city will be getting a new state's attorney after 15 years in office. patricia jessamy conceded the race. jeff hager has been following the story all day, the matter of counting the votes will continue but with gregg bernstein leading patricia
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jessamy by more than 1300 votes she's accepted to step down. she takes turns and becomes better not bitter from them. >> earlier i called gregg bernstein and i adviceed him i was conceding and i pledged my support for a smooth transition. i also indicated to him that i am moving forward. >> jessamy says after 15 years of putting people behind bars she'll now volunteer with an intervention program to keep children from becoming cold- blooded killers. we'll have reaction from jessamy's opponent coming up at 6:00. jeff hager, abc 2 news. the primaries now over attention shifting to the general election in november. on you can find stories on voter turn out to
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the cost of early voting. click on the political link. pope benedict xvi has been marred by a security threat. >> they have arrested 5 men on planning an attack. they aren't saying whether benedict was their alleged target. >> reporter: he waved at thousands of catholic school children who greeted him. earlier this morning london police were carrying out the arrests of five men they say may have heard a threat against the pontiff. so far the men were questioned but have not been charged. an initial search of businesses and other properties connected to the 5 did not uncover any hazardous item. >> you can say that we are totally confident in the work of the police of scotland yard. >> reporter: for the second day in a row the sex abuse
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scandal playings his church. >> we want to create a safe environment for children and young people. trusted to us for christian. >> reporter: while he had been met enthusiastically by large crowds a small group has remained upset about the sex abuse crisis. >> he is refusing to open up the secret files and hand them over to police authority. >> reporter: despite these arrests neither the pope's schedule nor security arrangements have been changed. the pontiff continues with his visit as schedule. crews are making progress in their effort to rescue 33 trapped miners in chile. they have reached calf earns where the men are trapped and bored a hole so the men can be
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pulled to freedom. but officials say that moment is at least 6 weeks away. three smaller holes drilled year-old have allowed rescuers to give the men food, water medical supplies and air. in hartford county there was a groundbreaking open house open house. making sure soldiers can communicate with one another on the front line. >> thousands of high paying jobs. when you have high paying jobs come to your community that means a lot of positive issues, such as your schools more money going into the schools more money into law enforcement more money going into recreation. when you start one group of jobs that multiplys. you have to go get your hair done pharmacy, food store.
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everyone benefits. >> big changes in aberdeen down neared ft. meade. today's event was all part of the realignment and closure process. the state of maryland is getting $115 million in federal stimulus money to build a high speed broadband internet system that will criss-cross the entire state. the governor and state lawmakers made the announcement in canton. the network will reach 2 million homes more than 440,000 businesses. they are saying it's going to run from oakland to ocean city. >> this broadband grant will build a super information highway where broadband has not gone or if it has gone it's been too skinny and it's been a two-lane highway and now we're going to be a zoom zoom digital super highway. >> the one and only senator
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say the grant will help create 1600 jobs as well. a great event hitting the water of the chesapeake bay. swim across america is an event coming to the baltimore area. they are raising money for cancer research and sunday's swim is already setting records. >> one of the people swimming is going to be our own meteorologist wyatt everhart he's been training for the swim. >> reporter: it's interesting christian i was actually out here doing my last training swim today and just did about a half to two-thirds of a mile. hey, beautiful day finally and why not come out to the pool. you know, meadowbrook has played a huge part in the swim that's going to be at gibson island and meadowbrook. i'm joined by john you're the general manager at meadowbrook. you got your son here. talk about what it's meant to you. >> it's an honor for us to be part of this inaugural event. i've heard about the swim
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across america event from relatives and folks who swam here. now we're having one here in baltimore it's great going to be so well attended we're exciting to be a part of it. >> reporter: for people who haven't been here this is an enormous facility. this is a full length olympic and one of those situations where without this a lot of the new swimmers probably wouldn't be able to do this mile out in the bay or even right here. >> i think that's important. one of the things we're lucky to have is the two 50-meter pools indoors and outdoors. we can accommodate more swimmers than most of the other pools that have this event. >> reporter: we're going to be packed on the sunday morning for the swim. >> we'll have at least 88 people in the first wave in these pools. >> reporter: bill you're going to be doing the swim are you ready? >> yes, i am very ready. >> reporter: thanks so much guys. we're going to have a lot more the people that are still involved in this. going to be a huge event for
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baltimore. let's give you a quick check of the weather. high temperatures, check them out we were up into the low 80s most spots today. our satellite view basically we had some pretty thick cloud cover roll in late in the afternoon, but now skies beginning to clear just a little bit. your evening forecast we're talking about temperatures falling off into the 70s. most of them already have in fact. just a gorgeous, gorgeous friday evening here across baltimore as we come back here live to meadowbrook. my photojournalist nice shots of the training. we'll have much more about this coming up in just a couple more minutes. chris san head because to you. >> you can go down to gibson island for the free swim or meadowbrook aquatic fitness center. it was a shocking crime
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acid thrown on to the face of a woman in washington state. now police say she did it to herself. but why? >> and a father upset over his daughter's bullying gets arrested himself. plus it's a fashion statement that helps a good cause. how this scarf is helping in the fight against breast cancer.
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at 5:00. the . not too far away from october which is breast cancer awareness month. there's a lot of support out there to fight the disease. linda so shows us how people are getting involved. >> reporter: these scarves were designed for the sole purpose of fighting breast cancer. every year for the past 18 years the carlisle collection has designed a scarf for the susan g. komen foundation. >> i have a good friend going through this now, and she's
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been amazing, and it's very meaningful to be part of something that could help a really good friend. >> reporter: so far the scarves have brought in $1.7 million for komen. money that has led to advances in finding a cure. >> i know a lot of carlisle consultants who have actually had breast cancer themself. we feel like we're supporting each other. >> a lot of women going through chemotherapy actually wear these scarves when they lost their hair. it's supporting the foundation, but it's also they can pass it on to a friend who's going through the same thing. so, very meaningful. >> reporter: a meaningful piece of art that year after year gives hope to those fighting cancer. >> it's an honor to be associated with such a wonderful foundation that just continually research, gives, makes advances. >> it's a great cause and we're very proud to be a part of supporting it. >> reporter: linda so, abc 2
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news. great looking scarf for a great cause. the 125-dollar donation you can get a scarf of your own go to our web site click on the news tab then health. we are counting down the days until komen maryland's race for the cure. is it et for sunday october 3rd in hunt valley. abc 2 news will be live on the air to broadcast the event that sunday from 7:00 a.m. until 9:00 a.m. a great event. here's how you can register for the big race head over to click on think pink that is under the lifestyle tab. another there is another way to help battle cancer to take part in this week's swim across america event. also raising money for cancer see search. a is taking part in the event. nice day wyatt. >> reporter: nice beautiful
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day why not come out to the pool. but it's actually for a serious reason add a huge cause. first for baltimore to be part of the big swim across america that's going to happen early sunday morning. and it's an honor for me to be joined by john, and you have swam in these events before but you also were the key person in setting this up here in baltimore. >> that's right wyatt. i've done it 10 times in the long island sound and swam across the long island sound that's a four mile swim we're going to have a one and three mile swim. we hope to raise about $400,000 for johns hopkins cancer center. we're setting up the first swim across america lab with dr. diaz and dr. nelson. we'll have 450 swimmers at the chesapeake and 125 here sunday. >> reporter: talk to us for a
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second if you would. i mean how has baltimore stepped up and helped this success relative to other cities you've swam in like boston. >> the other cities do a nice job. what we have in baltimore is a the number one hospital and one of the top cancer centers. we have michael phelps. we'll have 8 olympic swimmers two nobel prize winners in medicine. that's unprecedented. >> carol agree der that just one and bill kimmel eric before we bring your daughter in. what kind of funds raising are we on track to do. >> with 550 swimmers we hope to get about $400,000 our first year, and you all out there be help build that more by contributing to swim across baltimore. >> reporter: thank you so much.
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we got to bring in your daughter over here. carly talk a little bit. you've swum in a few of these. >> i'm swum twice in long island. i'll be volunteering on sunday in honor of my dad and mother who have survived melanoma cancer. i couldn't be more happy to be involved in a great cause. it's going to be exciting on sunday. >> reporter: you must be pretty proud of your dad bringing this for the first time to baltimore. >> he has work his butt off. it's an amazing thing. >> reporter: swimming all the miles other swims. he contributed to setting this up. carly thanks so much we'll look forward the seeing you out there. i got to get my tail in the bay. let's get into the weather talk about exactly what we're seeing out there for the gibson island swim. >> this is a look at your swim forecast. and the bottom line is i think it's going to be a little cool out there but the weather couldn't be much better. water temp about 73, air temp about 70 and just some gorgeous gorgeous weather for the swim,
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although there will still be wet suits out there 73 is not warm water temp. take you down to chesapeake beach. gorgeous day you can see the clouds breaking up a little bit. current conditions out at bwi temperature wise we've been hovering around 80 degrees over the last hour or two. high temperatures today across the board ranging into the low 80s for the most part, and as we zoom out just a little bit here our eastern satellite view you can see clear skies. going to be the story into the weekend. we've had that frond front come through last night. now high pressure bringing dry weather for the weekend. our forecast models we zoom in and roll this forward. you can see just a few clouds and skies clearing off nicely, and then continuing to roll forward into saturday, more good looking weather skies stay clear. the tropics one place as we zoom out to the atlantic one place we have concern. hurricane igor still a powerful
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category 3 headed toward bermuda. it's going to be a rough weekend on the island back here just the opposite. take a look tonight we're talking about cool evening temperatures eventually dropping down into the 5s. a little breezy this evening. tomorrow nice looking saturday. temperatures up into the low 80s. and then as we roll forward into tomorrow night nice night in the city little cool again but good weather. 7-day forecast check it out. nice trend here, low 80s this weekend, and just a nice looking trend here. next chance for rain probably coming middle to the end of next week. you have to love september in maryland because these temperatures are really pleasant. back here live at meadowbrook as we look at the skies above already a good-men for the big swim as we see the skies clearing up nicely here. so again at meadowbrook it's interesting christian i got to tell you i thought he was getting better until i saw some of these guys. you would not believe what some of the baltimore youth can do
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in the pool man i'm not even halfway as fast as these guys that's for sure. >> you're going to be in the bay could be a little choppy out there too wyatt. >> reporter: i'm under no illusion. i may have to doggie he paddle to the finishing. >> great job out there thanks a lot. swim across america is this sunday it takes place at gibson island. that's the free swim in the bay. you can also go to meadowbrook aquatic and fitness center for the pool swim. a powerful storm moves through new york city downing trees and power lines a look at the damage the storm left behind in the big apple. if it's time to get away from it all we'll take you to picture evening allegheny county. [ male announcer ] antiques can be nice.
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. glucose mean and condriveway ton have become over-the-counter remedies dealings with aches and pains. dr. timothy johnson has our medical minute. >> reporter: glucose mean and condriveway ton are popular supplements meant to combat joint pain by helping to build cartilage but a new study found that the supplements do not actually work. the european study examined the results of 10 clinical trials that included nearly 4,000 people's knee or hip arthritis. there was no clinical evidence that the supplements worked. even though some patients were convinced that they helped relieve their pain. researchers said this could be due to the natural development of the arthritis or a placebo
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effect. researchers stressed health officials and insurers should not feel the need to cover the cost of the supplements and new prescriptions of the products should be discouraged. with this medical minute, i'm dr. timothy johnson. >> the fall sports season is in full swing. kids are putting in plenty of time at practice and the gym. with sports you have to be careful about broken bones and sprains but some of the scariest threats are germs. viruses bacteria and fungi lurk with they hang out. national athletic trainers association say skin infects count for more than half of the infectious disease outbreaks. staff or mercer can put players in the hospital. the germ hot spot, the locker room. >> we do a daily check of the equipment with the pads and bench coverings to make sure there are no accurate. even though you disinfect the
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outer covering you could have fungus harboring inside the crack. >> wash your hands with liquid a bar soaps. how do you protect your cell phone. we have tips coming up in just 2 minutes. gecko: good news sir, i just got an email from the office
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anncr: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. . it was an almost unimaginable crime throwing acid in someone's face. good evening i'm joce sterman but imagine something even more incredible doing that to yourself according to police in washington state that's what the victim in this heinous crime has admitted. alex stone helps unravel this mystery. >> reporter: in vancouver is stunned


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