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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  September 17, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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now, abc 2 news at 11:00. it took just seconds for a distracted driver to end the life of a woman, now her story has captured the attention of policy makers in washington. through the pain of lose agriculture trial russ and kim heard of avington are trying to end the use of cell phones behind the wheel. cheryl connor joins us more on what is becoming a national campaign. >> reporter: christian, heather hurd was killed when a driver slapped into her car when he was texting. naturally her parents want people to put away their cell phones behind the wheel.
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their case has grabbed the attention of u.s. secretary layla today and her father will speak in washington. you can barely see her car, she was a passenger in the blue vehicle when the drive have a tractor-trailer caused a chain reaction crash on a highway in florida. heather's parents were visiting her in the orlando area, she worked for disney fulfilling a lifelong dream sand she was recently engaged. on january 3rd, 2008, the family was set to peta wedding planner. >> and basically we went from planning a wedding to three hours later planning a funeral. >> it took about three hours to find out if their daughter was alive. finally, the dreaded phone call, and word that shattered a family. soon after the crash they learned the driver was going about 65 miles per hour when he took his eyes off the road to send a text. heather died at the scene, another woman died at the hospital.
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>> no message is worth a life and that's what we're trying to do is change the culture in the united states to, you know, just put the phone away. >> it's not the "in your face" approach the murders simply share their painful story and hope to grab attention. heather's law was created in maryland in 2009 when texting behind the wheel became illegal and this year a bill was signed to require a hands-free device for drivers talking on their cell phone. the national spotlight will be on the family this tuesday when russ hurd speaks at the department of transportation national distracted driving summit. it's the simple things about his daughter that he misses most. >> then she would giggle all the time. i miss that giggle will. and it's hard to describe. but i could never believe, to think you're not going to hear than any more is very difficult. >> reporter: the family hopes the memories starts a wave of change so no one else has to
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walk in their shoes. >> there was a lot of fantastic causes out there and issues. ours doesn't take a vaccine, doesn't take new medicine, just takes some common sense.? why. >> and we can save quite a few team on the road. >> reporter: and the murders have fought to change the law in florida, again, where their daughter was killed. right now there is no ban on ÷ phone behind the wheel there. russ hurd is scheduled to speak to advocates at the summit on noon tuesday. cheryl o'connor, abc 2 news. >> the distracted driver in cheryl's story was behind the wheel of a big rig. people in one city out west are worried and angry after a commuter bus driver was caught on tape paying attention to something other than the road. we'll have that story a little bit later. one day after theter filing triple shooting at johns hopkins hospital officials and city police are talking about security. today they said they agree it would be impractical to install metal detectors or to even
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place guards with wanted at each of hopkins' 80 entrances but officials say security protocols will be reviewed and changed if necessary. fred biel felt praised his department and hospital security for having an unparalleled level of communication as the crisis unfolded. a soldier from maryland has died in iraq. 32-year-old sergeant john burns iii of baltimore was supporting operation new dawn when he died. they say he had a medical condition but they wouldn't say exactly what it was. he was assigned to the 63rd signal battalion, burner is the 68-t service member from maryland to lose his life in iraq since the war began back in 2003. weather watch today not bad at all. i mean temperatures up around 80 degrees, we had that nice september sunshine once again, on the whole, just tough to complain about this stretch that we're getting into here, especially for this last official weekend of 2010.
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highs today again, 82 downtown, when you generally hit the upper 70s in other places, cambridge, annapolis, out towards frederick. temperatures cooling off sharply. york town to 52, frederick to 59, a little warmer there on the eastern shore. take out a little wider, skies clearing up a little bit. afternoon and evening cloud cover, no rain out there absolutely, a dry forecast tonight and into the weekend tomorrow. we're going to break down that forecast in detail. and look at the big forecast for swim across america. it's at gibson island coming up sunday morning. christian. wyatt, thanks, there will be a new top prosecutor for baltimore city. jessamy trails bernstein and today she announced she was conceding a rays. she told supporters it won't be the end of her career but it is the end of an era. >> february 1995 then 46-year- old patricia coach jessamy becomes the first woman to serve as baltimore city state's
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attorney. she told abc 2 news about her upbringing in rural mississippi. >> we were all culturally deprived but we were not deprived from love and support. >> jessamy had just been appointed to the post replacing stewart simms who had just been appoint todd cabinet. >> i think i bring as a woman a certain perspective to this job that maybe has not been there before. >> reporter: the citizens of baltimore agreed, easily re- electing jessamy in 198, 2002, and 2006. it would be much more difficult this year. two months ago, former federal prosecutor greg bernstein announced his candidacy and immediately went on the attack blaming jess me for allowing violent criminals for remaining on the streets of baltimore. >> she has done a lot of wonderful things personally, her child work, hereford work. but as a result i think she has lost sight of her mission. >> on election day this week it appears the voters listened. >> people of all races, ages
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and economic groups were ready for a change and ready for a fresh approach to toppling the chronic violence in baltimore's neighborhoods. >> for the past several days jess a me challenged the results of the election. today she said she was moving forward. she is now planning to work with antiviolence initiative for children. >> i believe that things happen to us for a reason and i believe that my destiny is to impact positively baltimore city. >> reporter: meanwhile the man who was set to become the city's next state's attorney says getting elected was the easy part. >> the tough part, making baltimore say "start now." >> and patricia jessamy today declined to say why she believes she lost saying only she is looking forward though she and greg bernstein pledged to work together for an orderly transition. >> a high profile appearance in iowa is fueling speculation sarah palin will take another run at the white house this time at the top of the ticket.
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the former governor and very many candidate spoke at a republican party fundraiser, she hasn't said whether she would mount a 2014 campaign, in an election year, and can make or break. >> thousands stood without power after the strong storms in the new york metro area. the fast moving storm blew through the area at the peak of rush hour damaging a number of buildings. just miles away new jersey home video captured what appeared to be a funnel cloud over the statue of liberty. >> i thought it was the end of the world. it was, i had my life blurred on me, i thought maybe i was gonna die. >> national weather service says the tornado did in fact touchdown in ocean county new jersey, one woman in new york was killed when a tree fell on top of her car. pope benedict is pushing on with his visit to great britain after six people were arrested accused of plotting a terrorist attack. the pope did not alter his schedule taking time to pray
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with the archbishop of canterbury and becoming the first pope to worship at westminster abby. he then gave an address, including former prime minister sonny blair, and margaret thatcher. last night, we told you about an acid attack on a woman in washington state was self- inflicted. today the victim, in a possible copycat attack, spoke out. police still don't know why bethany storer through acid on her own face and then fabricated a tale about being attacked by another woman. fairy visitlar tee was splashed with acid outside of her home. she appeared this morning on "the early show" on cbs. >> i can't imagine someone doing this to themselves. it was just an assault setting, all most got physically ill. >> she could face prosecution in washington state. police say she is at least likely to be charge with filing a false police report. it's not uncommon for parents to get fired up when protecting their kids bits not too often a dad gets this raj
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agree.y city the angry tirade that has a father facing criminal charges, a young girl cruises creativity for struggles. >> 80 degrees out at bwi, the normal would be 78, pretty average, a sunny day but not so out in the better humidity understood a, the outer bands of igor moving in. we'll talk about this right after the break. sunday at 11:00. >> it's thought the credit card report protected you. some banks found new ways to add new fees. >> playing with the credit card companies is like playing whack a ball. what was going the station down. abc 2 news at 5:00. the
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check in out. cell phone video has commuters in portland, oregon, concerned. lack closely. you can see the bus driver while he is driving reading an e book behind the wheel. other bus drivers who have seen the the video say they cannot believe a driver would do that.
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they worry about their safety and they are angry. >> you should be fired, done, you're not a bus driver any more. >> the driver has been suspended while the driver is investigated. they say they have seen other drivers doing the same thing. >> another case of ba bad bus behavior has a man in hot water. james jones became enraged after his daughter told him she was harassed on a middle school bus when he walked onto the bus. this is what happened. [ yelling ] >> everybody get out. >> tell me which one. tell me which one. this is my daughter and i will kill ..." >> i was upset. umm, i wanted to cry. >> do you feel bad though for the students. >> i do feel bad. i do feel bad. i told you that. ain't nothing else i can do. >> he said he reported bullying against his daughter before, but since nothing was done about it, the school system says they have no record of that. he faces a pair of misdemeanor
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charges. kid rock has to dig into his pocket after they sued after he says he was beaten up by a man in georgia in 2007. the incident there today, the jury ruled against kid rock, awarding the plaintiff a $40,000 verdict. remember that huge rally on the national mall held by a talk show host glen beck. seems like he is starting a trend. comedy central jon stewart and stephen coal berth have announced plans to hold their own rallies in d.c. next month. stewart announced his last night on the daily show calling it the rally to restore sanity. colbert followed through on his show for his march to keep fear alive. they confirm the hosts have applied to hold events on the mall on october 30-t. back in april we brought you the story of 13-year-old alexis ross who was diagnosed with type 1 juvenile diabetes
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in 2008. a scary week-long hospital stay changed her life forever. that's when her passion for making bee residents became a mission to make a difference. here is abc 2 news preston mitchell. >> yeah, i'm stripping it through the top part. >> reporter: over the last year, alexis has made 600 berets for female football fans all over the u.s. raising money for juvenile diabetes. >> people want us to come out to sell them. >> reporter: alexis knows firsthand the effects that juvenile diabetes can have on both the patient and the family. >> well i have type 1 diabetes so i can kind of relate to some of the kids that are sick too. so i know how they are feeling. >> reporter: the juvenile diabetes research foundation says that more than 15,000 children are diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in the u.s. each year. >> first you got to have the beret and put the ribbon on. >> she is not stopping there.
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>> this summer alexis decided to take a step further and started the live, hope, laugh, the alexis ross organization. >> i hope that we raise enough money to be able to buy gifts for kids that are sick is. >> it's gonna take a lot of work and dedication and we talked about it and sided we would back her. >> reporter: with an overall mission of making a difference alexis has also signed up for the 2010 walk to cure diabetes in hershey, pennsylvania. >> well i did it last year, umm, at camden yards and it was really fun and we raised, i think, near a thousand. >> a 13-year-old impacted by a chronic illness hoping per passion for helping people can bring smiles to others. >> i'm amazed. absolutely proud of this child. she is -- doesn't let the diabetes take control of her. she has decided to take control of it. >> reporter: in wes minister,
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preston mitchum, abc 2 news. >> and for more information on alexis' walk to find a cure including details on how to lend your support you can log onto our web site, now, the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> now arriving at the news desk. >> yeah. >> meteorologist wyatt everhart is here right on time. >> yeah. >> and you know it's -- you have been busy. >> with the swim across america and everything else, a big weekend for you. >> it is. it is a culmination of 7 weeks, christian, of hard, hard-fought training there. >> one mile in the chesapeake bay. >> coming up. >> and you know i've done as much as a mile in the pool. >> yeah, good. >> we know the chesapeake is a whole different ball game. >> chop. >> chop. >> it's going to be cold. >> not so much, you look down, you don't see anything. got to keep looking up looking
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for -- >> and there might be some wild life to guide you along the way. >> we hope the jetly fish show us. >> what is there in the bay. >> watch this, check it out. you know, we didn't see it jump in the pool. the end of the wash. that's me chris. >> look at this guy. >> i'm telling you. >> just here. >> give it a shot, man. why didn't you jump in the pool. i just had to prove it. that could just be one day and one lap. gibson island, first thing on sunday morning talking about 8:00 a.m., i'll be at the very back and outer edge christian. back and outer edge, you know, kind of let the traffic flow go ahead of me. >> swim forecast, you know, because the idea is you know i don't want to get in the way. i'm going to kind of stay in the back there. >> eh, check it out. 68, the morning temperature there at gibson island, a big swim there mount washington too. meadow brook for the inland swimmers, talking about water
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temp. 72, that's not frigid but there will be some chop, current, basically as good as it's gonna get in this part of september on an early early september morning on sunday. good luck to all the swimmers, i'll be out there doing the best i can to support a great cause here in baltimore. >> our first ever swim across america. >> nice night in the city. 63 degrees. humidity 65 degrees, winds north at 8, 7 to 8 actually. a breezy cool night out there. no huge deal for us weather wise. check it out. high temperatures today around 80 degrees, 891 over in easton and 77 out towards winchester. winds light right now. and as we take a look at the over all weather pattern here, relatively quiet, you know, big area of high pressure sliding in out of the west, that keeps the drier cooler northerly winds coming down the pike here, that's going to be the trend force, couple of days of very nice dry and sunny weather, good way to wrap up the last official weekend of summer 2010. i'm sad to see it go chris. summer 2010.
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>> all those 100-degree days, no, i'm not sad to see those. >> not sad to see. yeah, the major heat wave we had in july, we'll say good-bye gladly. 63 in baltimore, a cooler shot '06 air but it's going to retreat pretty quickly back the north. not gonna dig in over the weekend so to speak. looking at sunny skies again tomorrow, a few clouds early on, then as we work into the afternoon sunday, another fantastic looking day of weather there. again all sunshine for the big swim down at gibson island. now where it is not so quiet out on the waters, talking about hurricane igor still powerful category 3 wearing down on bermuda and you can see a lot of deep convex there, reading the latest statement from the national hurricane center, humidity a, everyone there urged to rush to completion all their storm possessions, they are going to get really nailed pretty hard as we go into basically saturday around 18 at night. saturday night that's going to make its move. probably coming in as a category 3. very close to the
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island. 110 miles per hour winds, nothing to play around with, we'll watch that through the weekend. sunday could be a wild ride out in the atlantic. but 55 back here, clearing skies tonight and a gorgeous nice calm day tomorrow. 2-degree guarantee, we'll go right about 80 degrees or so for you. most of the day will be in the 70s, just a gorgeous day, tomorrow night great night on the city, head out and enjoy yourself, why not. 56 degrees. here is a look at the seven-day forecast and i -- you know, the one group that can't have too much fun, all the swimmers heading there sunday morning, going to be a nice morning and episode of the day sunday, 83 or so. early next week looks gorgeous too. sunshine, low 80s, no humidity. we'll take that. back to you. >> thanks wyatt. it is proud take for the british royal family. today prince william received a certificate in search and rescue helicopter piloting from the royal air force. he is the second in line to the british thrown. he is going to fly choppers out of a base on the irish sea.
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many might call it a pretty good prank. police are calling it felony grand theft. they stole the 400-pound guerilla hand moved it on the roof of a high school t cops aren't impressed. everyone else is including the manager of the dealership. >> they did a good job. they did a good job getting him down. and getting him up on another building. so amazing, just amazing. >> give them a pat on the back. that is pretty funny. >> this was property that belonged to somebody and that our researchers will use to go out and conduct the initial investigation, and then obviously our researchers are being used here today. >> okay lieutenant may. calm down. the gorilla whose name is mr. pickles is now safely back on the dealership's roof. when you think of the olympics you might think of gymnastics, figure skating, swimming, bed making, we'll take you to an olympics unlike any other coming up.
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>> storm gear and promotional consideration provided by l.l. bean. if they have their way, we're facing a mountain of debt and a massive tax increase. employers will continue to leave our state, taking their jobs with them. the next four years will impact the next decade, so we've put together a road map to 2020. a plan that brings jobs back to maryland by reducing spending and lowering taxes. let's make the maryland we love not just good, but great. now let's get down to work.
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l.a. dodgers could have a new manager next season, joe torre has stepped down this fall after three years in los angeles, he'll be replaced by long time bench coach, former yankee don mattingly. it's unclear weather torre is retiring from baseball altogether or whether he'll take on another role with the dodgers or even manage
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somewhere else. press box sports report. presented by mr. basement. >> this is joe platania with your press box sports report. can the ravens summon up whatever energy they have left against the new york gets to pull off a success story 6 days later in cincinnati. we'll find out as the boys in purple attempt to go 2-0 for the third consecutive year the fourth time in the last five seasons and the fifth tile in history. they are looking to reverse a trend that saw them lose their last 7 to the bengals. john harbaugh said after practice that the chances of top draft pick sergio kendall playing this year are slim and with the brain injury that accompanies his frac turd skull when he fell down two flights of steps he may never fall football again. >> the west virginia border rivalry continues in morgantown, the terps have will have matched last year's total by winning their first two
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games. >> i'm joe abreu tanya with the press box report. ,
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what happens in vegas stays in vegas, this is what happens in reno, dozens of house keepers folding for the gold. the annual housekeeping olympics raging from bed making to garbage man relay and, yes, towel folding. >> have that whole team come over to my place. >> yeah, might workout. >> sunny weekend. >> perfect. have a good one.
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