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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  September 20, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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it's flowing nicely, and we have no problems on 695 so far. >> you can't imagine how tough this morning, tomorrow, and the rest of the week will be. a freshman was hit and killed by a car when crossing a road in bel air. >> police say it is an accident that the driver couldn't override. it was friday night just before 10:00 when joey d'entremont tried to cross at the intersection. friends say joey was a lovable
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and popular guy. >> he was an amazing singer, he played piano, band, and he was the sweetest guy ever. in the studio linda tso abc news. >> >> classes at chesapeake high, chesapeake middle school are expected to pick up class on tuesday. >> it's good for sports talk radio, and the fans are going to explode over this one. we are in a bad mood this morning. >> you are right.
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a lot of ravens fans are in a bad mood. the ravens quarterback joe flacco threw four interceptions in that loss. the ben gals went on to get mike nugent's plays and drive them in to the ground. if it wasn't a quarterback of palmer status, it might not have been flagged. he said he would make the play again. >> 6 points, bs. it's em bar embarrassment.
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the ravens will be hosting the browns. kick off time is at 1:00. >> well, a lot of people are going to be talking about the refereeing. what do you think? drop us a comment. we will read your comments on the air this morning. >> two murders this week with, and police are still out there looking for the suspects. the first one happened here shortly before 5:00 yesterday. an unidentified man was shot in the head, taken to hospital
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hopkins hospital where he died. >> izael white was also shot in the head and taken no the hospital and died a short time later. >> a shocking video crawling on to a busy highway. we are going to find out what happened here. mark? >> good morning. the commute is good on the rail systems. on the buses, number 19 and 35 running about 15 to 25 minutes late. and the 10 and 30 buses are diverted and running behind as with well due to the construction. >> ,
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>> it's 5:07. it's men in pink, and they are happy to -- celebrate the
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women in their lives, the women who has had breast cancer. there was a bull roast to raise money for komen for the cure. to be a guy, you love who is in your life, and you fight for them. this is a way to say, hey, i love you, and i am going to fight for you. >> justin and frank raised close to $11,000. outstanding. we want to invite you to komen's race for the cure. it starts at 7:00 in the morning, and it will continue through 9:00. click on the life style tab on
5:09 am, and click on think pink. >> good morning, it's monday, and you will notice some breeze outside today. now, it's passing well offshore. it's east of where earl was, and because of how large that storm once was, it's now, passing to the northeast of bermuda. there is a 5 to 18-mile breeze out there. we will show you where igor is in a couple of minutes. but the hour by hour forecast --
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>> justin, we have some impact occurring, but it should didn't cause any delay. between the beltway, as you are coming to the fort mchenry toll plaza. there is a little bit of a minor delay on the capital beltway. >> keep an eye out on the credit card fees. and you will want to look at your statements now. 101 year old postal work speaks about the secret to his long life. >>
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bob ehrlich pretends to be for the working guy... but he's not on our side. i thought i knew bob ehrlich, but then i found out... he raised property taxes on every maryland family... and business. he increased college tuition... by 40%. 40%. and i thought i knew bob ehrlich. he was against raising the minimum wage. made $2.5 million... working for a lobbying firm. $2.5 million? he's not really on my side. with this tough economy, we really need a governor on our side. es tax on ez that's in andy harris' unfair tax plan. 23% sales tax. a 23% sales tax will cut my business in half. would be devastating.
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andy harris' 23% sales tax absolutely makes no sense. 23% sales tax would really make things unaffordable. that's too high for the average american out here. i don't know how we would manage it really. don't like that idea. we can't afford andy harris' idea. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message. time for football on verizon fios. the nfl in 100% fiber-optic hd quality. that's a good start. but what's this? i can check my fantasy stats without changing the channel. and get an alert any time my team enters the red zone. and then watch every red zone play on nfl redzone. watch out couch, you've got competition as daddy's favorite. it's time for fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v visit so, get this -- kraft mac & cheese... but it's in a bag. and you bake it... in the oven. whatever happened to cheesasaurus rex? i love that guy.
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well, kraft corporation, i'm on to you -- going after the grown-ups and trying to muscle me out. but i'm not going anywhere. [ male announcer ] new kraft homestyle macaroni & cheese. cheesy noodles topped with golden brown breadcrumbs. you know you love it. >> we have a consumer alert for you this morning. the feds have hit the cards with some of the biggest credit card industries.
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looking at the new fees. banks are now charging higher fees on some things they can, and in some cases, adding feed. >> it's like playing whack-a-mole. >> karen malee was shocked she was charged for a transaction fee when she never left the country. she had a statement fee of $2,400. some of the credit card companies are putting the fees
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to the rise. the banks say the new reform rules crippled their income. and they are on the hunt for some new revenue from you. they are experimenting with a new business model. looking at the business rates about fees, and experiencing. be on the look out for the balance transfer fees. some of the banks are charging administration fees up to $50 to redeem the awards even if you pay it on time. they could set you back as much as $9 a month. >> get a new bank. >> that's something the banking industry and the
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consumer advocates want you to do, if you don't like what they are doing, look for a new bank. they can close your activity fees and lower your limits. read all of the pamphlets that you have been getting in the mail recrept -- recently. and in the mail is where we are. celebrating his 101 birthday with his co-workers, and yes, he is punching the clock. he works 6 days a week 5 hours
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a day. >> it keeps me going. that's why i am still alive. >> his eye sight is still sharp, and he says you should eat corn bread, peas and sweet potatoes. , potatoes, don't smoke, don't drink, and go to church every sunday. >> we are going to go in the opposite direction here. we will make it up to 77. we are going to push the upper limits of where we belong here. in 1982 and 1983, we have had hotter temperatures, and we
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could see those temperatures later this week. it's about the breeze this morning, though, the winds are averaging 5 to 15 miles per hour. and that is in response to hurricane igor. it's north of bermuda and now moving its way in to the northern atlantic. now, the high in there, there is some heat to be found. once we can get this system out of here and shift the winds in the westerly direction. it's all of a muggy feel to the air as we are heading through wednesday, thursday, and friday. the breeze is averaging out of the north and switching to the north around the northwest. -- -- and the northwest.
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it will be clear and it will be chilly. we have a near normal day, and we have the extended outlook. let's check on the roads and the traffic with kim. >> thank you, justin. no issues on the 95 corridor. at the beltway, hartford road, traffic is moving along well. and as we are looking at the drive times, there is no delays between the split and 295. and no problems on the southwest side of the outer loop 6 minutes between i-70
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and i-95. >> among the celebties, we are going to be watching the situation. they are going to be dancing tonight and tomorrow night. and that will be the night that we have the first one eliminated. >> the high school comedy easy a, it's following in second place with $18 million. everybody going to go see that. >> and an internationally known rocker is honored in his own hometown. we will be back with more. >>
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that trap and lock dirty water deep inside the gradient core while mops can just spread it around. swiffer cleans better, or your money back. ♪ she blinded me with science >> may land's -- maryland's most powerful doppler radar works for you. >> this is the annual tradition wrapping up in
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cincinnati yesterday, and thousands of people took part of the chicken dance. it started in 1984, and then they set a record of the world's largest chicken dance and 48,000 people took part of that. >> the or or yols -- orioles win yesterday, 4-3. today, they will be up in boston against the red sox. and it starts tonight at 7:10. >> now, the forecast certified
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most accurate, maryland's doppler radar. >> check out the extended outlook. today and tomorrow will be seasonably low -- high. we could crack the low 90s. as we head in to the weekend, we have the high temperatures, and the first weekend of autumn will drop down to the low 70s by sunday. >> tech bites. there's a rumor that facebook is building a mobile phone. they are building the software, but they want a different company to build the hardware with.
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facebook states that it is not true. >> apple could offer a prescription deal in the next month or so. apple is also making the move in to china. apple is planning to open up two new stores in china. those are your tech bites. >> >> >>
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>> now, good morning maryland: >> a high school freshman loses his live trying to cross a street in bel air. >> we have the update on the
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doctor that was shot in the hospital last week. >> and the ravens, they lose after a 2-0 start. justin? >> we got some strong winds this morning in some spots and that is due to hurricane igor. it is passing as close as it will get to maryland. we are looking at the winds north to northwest at 7 miles per hour. winds are averaging about 5 to 15 miles per hour for the rest of us. we are looking at 61 at the thermometer


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