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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  September 21, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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good evening, i'm kelly swoope. the blood sucking critters even turned up in a frederick county library. they are mapping out strategy next week in the city's battle against bedbugs. is cheryl connor joins us with the numbers. >> reporter: next week the baltimore city health department will begin the series of community meetings on avoiding bedbugs. the number of reported cases has multiplied by size since just last year. >> most of us heard that old childhood saying "don't let the bedbugs bite" and fortunately they never did. but that's changing. the blood sucking reddish insects have found more and more homes in baltimore city, 446 to be exact, in 2010. that's up from 83 last year. they leave behind red marks on the skin. to combat the problem the city will hold a series of public meetings starting with the question"what are bedbugs?" >> i don't really know.
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i guess really freey. >> reporter: they are curious about the creatures after they turned up in a library, they fume gaited all branches in the system after they were tucked inside a book. material from the book drop and carts from the building's circulation room have been locked inside a truck parked outdoors so the sun can bake the bugs. >> immediately bagged up all the materials that were in any proximity to that book, bagged them up and removed them. >> reporter: but some parents are thinking twice about bringing the kids back too soon. >> makes you nervous because the three of them are in story time rolling around on the rug and playing with all the different things that were in there. >> reporter: and the bedbug problem claimed a high profile name, nike. the store on 5th avenue shut down due to bugs. they have turned up inside google's offices and the empire
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state building. >> it really has everything to do with trucking. we have found that bedbugs are hitching rides, being transported back and forth into offices in, to stores. >> reporter: the national infestation prompted this bedbug conference in illinois including an expo of test biting products. one thing is for sure. they are moving beyond beds. >> no, i don't want them in my house, that's all i know. >> reporter: and if you want to learn more on ways to prevent bedbugs and how to treat them baltimore city has organized a series of meetings, the first one is scheduled for next wednesday at noon at the war memorial building. as for the situation the frederick county, determine neightors will treat all of the county's 8 libraries, the two book mobiles and the delivery van. they have notified the patron who dropped off those infested books. cheryl o'connor, abc 2 news. >> thanks cheryl. >> harford county high school student killed while crossing a busy road will be laid to rest tomorrow.
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14-year-old joey deoughtremont died friday while trying to cross near bel air. the viewing will be held tonight, another one tomorrow from 10:00 until noon, funeral services will follow. the doris tracted driving, talking while you're texting or talking on a cell phone, is as big on the highways as the drunk driver. they have been on a mission. their daughter heather was killed while driving to meet her wedding planner back in 2008. >> we could not believe that our daughter could be taken from us by somebody who was texting. >> we want you to turn the cell phone off because we're living proof that in 3 or 4 seconds your entire life can change and certainly we'll never be the same again. >> the hurds were among those attending the national distracted driving summit in washington, d.c. nearly 5,000
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people died on the roads and half a million were injured because of a distracted driver. they call distracted driving an epidemic. 30 states including maryland prohibit drivers from teching behind the wheel and maryland is among eight states which have barred drivers are from using hand held cell phones. baltimore county schools are taking a stand against bullying. today comedian keith del pan oh gave them some tips on how to deal with bullies at school and online. it all starts with respecting one another and learning how to deal with differences. and tonight it was their parents' turn. they were invited to a bullying workshop at kin wood high school. >> a florida man says his daughter was bullied by her middle school classmates and that's what caused them to go the to a wage threatening several of the children. this case grabbed national headlines, and today that is again. we'll tell you what he had to say a little bit later in the
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show. >> weather wise, can you believe it, summer 2010. ending on the seasonal note. upper summer, that's what we would expect, dropping off into the 60s right now. 69 downtown, 70 still in annapolis, 66 in cambridge, a little cooler out to the west. wind have diminished but they are going to pick back up tomorrow. coming in out of the south, bring in a warm wind, the upper part of 2 the screen, showers and storms, they have a chance of bringing in some rain tomorrow evening, most of the day will be dry. we'll be climbing into the upper 80s by 4:00 hour by hour. into tomorrow evening we do look at the chance for scattered showers, maybe a thunderstorm, after that we're talking about a major warm up as we begin fall 2010. we'll have those details coming up. kelly? >> third and final call at $28,500,000.
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any more? looking for 28,500,000. >> the baltimore county retail property now belongs to a mystery bidder who tee cleaned to identify himself or make a comment. the auctioneer was under the same instruction leaving onlookers and the county as to the future of the commons. >> at this point it's completely a private transaction so we respect the process and just like you were curious to know who the purchaser is but that was part of the private process. >> new york based lender catmont filed to foreclose on the property in july, western development property incorporated which owns towson commons says cat mark bought back the property. new at 11:00 tonight how prepared are you for a disaster? that's the question they were tackling at tonight's neighbors helping neighbors training session. they gathered at the woodlawn fire station number 3 in baltimore county. this comprehensive program provides training and certification for baltimore county citizens to help
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themselves and their families and communities in the event of a disaster. >> we realize that in you pick up the phone and call 911 we're going to be there in 5 or 10 minutes but if it's a large scale disaster we know we can't get to much right away. so we want people to be self sufficient for 22 hours or longer until help can arrive. >> the five training sessions will be held tuesday 7 to 9:00 starting tonight and ending on october 26th. to register or for additional information please call baltimore county volunteers. the number 14108872715. shining a light on the most common cancer in american men. a very special event tonight at johns hopkins hospital. >> we have asked a group of our supporters here at hopkins, physicians that treat prostate cancer that come down tonight, to witness the first lighting of the johns hopkins dome blue in honor of all the men treated
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and diagnosed with prostate cancer. this is prostate cancer week. 200,000 men are diagnosed with it each year. don't ask don't tell still stands after they voted to prevent gays from serving openly in the military. when it came to vote time, they lost it. >> now is not the time to play politics simply because an election is looming in a few weeks. >> now many gay advocates fear they have lost a crucial chance to change the law. it was a deadly day for the u.s. military in afghanistan. 9 americans killed in the crash of a blackhawk helicopter. the worst chopper disaster there in more than four years. helicopters are the critical method of transportation in the region. the only way to crisscross the
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country full of mountains and roads that are riddled with mines. well twitter under attack, the social networking site fell victim to hackers earlier today. when thousands of users swirled over lincoln, ugly content appeared without warning, in some cases retweeting the links to followers and spreading the bug. some worried today's problems exposed a security flaw that could mean trouble in the future. the platform just wasn't built for this and these types of attacks are going to keep coming on twitter particularly and a number of other social networks. while a bunch of the securities are catching up to the user base. >> glitter says the glitch has been fixed. they may see some unusual tweets in their time lines but the company is unaware of any on going security issues. well, the latest chapter in the big time drama in a very small town, city leaders forced from office amid a scandal over
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inplated salaries at the expense of taxpayers. now nose bleeders are in even bigger trouble tonight. plus mascots behaving badly. why a bobcat took out a buckeye and why the bobcat shouldn't even have been allowed to put on the costume in the first place. >> mascot, some of the hardest players on the field. i'm telling you. 77 degrees out at bia. how the weather will affect your wednesday, coming up.
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if they have their way, we're facing a mountain of debt and a massive tax increase. employers will continue to leave our state, taking their jobs with them. the next four years will impact the next decade, so we've put together a road map to 2020. a plan that brings jobs back to maryland by reducing spending and lowering taxes. let's make the maryland we love not just good, but great. now let's get down to work.
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it's a story that we have been following for months. leaders in a small california city accused of breaking the law, paying themselves exhorbitant salaries, first
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they were forced out of office, then the state took steps to pay back the swindled residents, now eight of those former city leaders are facing charges. abc's diana alva-yard run has more. >> reporter: from city leaders to suspected felons, eight former bell city officials were arrested overnight charged with embezzling more than $5 million of taxpayer money. >> were used, the tax dollars connected from the hard working citizens of bell, as their own piggy bank which they then looted at will. >> reporter: the alleged ring leader, former city manager robert rizzo. he was paid nearly a million dollars to manage a city of just 40,000. city council members paid themselves more than six figures, prosecutors say they build the city for meetings that never happened and took thousands more in illicit loans. >> many of the illegal loans were secured by beyond exhorbitant benefit packages. >> shame on you. shame on you. all of you. >> reporter: when the scandal
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broke two months ago bell citizens were outraged. 17% of them live below the poverty line and lines form each week outside the food bank. >> every wednesday is at hand, yes, very excited because just advertise as prevailed. >> just last week california attorney attorney general jerry brown filed suit against those arrested. he wants the pay contracts can voided and much of the salary paid back. records show there are several more city workers that receive exhorbitant salaries. they said tuesday's arrests were just beginning and that many more may follow. >> all eight will be arraigned tomorrow. the prosecutor has requested no one be allowed to post bail until they are allowed to examine the source of the funding. diana alvy-yard run, abc 2 news, los angeles. a florida dad is apologizing for a school bus tirade all caught on camera. james jones says he was trying to protect his daughter who was arrested last week for
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threatening several children on the bus who he believed were bullying his daughter. >> you know, it's not about me, it's not about me, it's about kids that are getting bullied going to school, even if you're walking to school, my action was very much out of line, out of character for me. but my daughter, i still love her and i support her. >> jones says he reported the bullying to the school district but officials say they had no record of a complaint. everyone expects to see tackles at a football game but it's not usually a mascot making the hits. that's ohio university's rue fuss the bobcat mixing it up with ohio state's brutus the buckeye in columbus last saturday. now the man inside rue fuss' costume, 19-year-old brandon handings, says not only does he not regret the incident. he says he has been planning it for months and it was the only reason he wanted to become a mascot in the first place.
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his attack drew plenty of boos from the ohio state faithful and he is okay with that. >> oh, yeah, that's all i could hear was about 105,000 people booing me. there might have been the, just a little part have the stadium in green that was cheering, everybody else heatedded me. >> he has been banned from all athletic events and he has apologized to ohio state. here is the kicker. he isn't even an ou constitutionality. he attended last year but no one realized he wasn'ten rolled when he applied to be mascot. >> in tonight's health world, one of the rarest anomalies has struck an iowa man. john matthews noticed his vision getting blurry, when he looked at the scans he couldn't believe what he found? >> just by luck the first picture we looked at we saw the worm right kind of in the middle of the resident nah.
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>> he said, right, "a warm" right inside of john's eye. it seems that microscopic worm crawled into his resident bra and began eating away causing vision problems. doctors only know of 15 such case necessary the entire world. the worm was later killed with a laser but john's vision may never return to normal. well delivering a baby, of course there's an appeal for that, when her contractions kicked in an oklahoma woman used an application on her ipad to monitor her contractions but somehow she waited too long and with an ambulance on the way marcy woodson's husband began delivering the baby boy right there on the living room floor. >> then i can tell you i was never never much happier to see anyone other than when the emca paramedics came walking through right about the time he was ready to be born. i was very pleased to see them. >> now the ipad came in handy.
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marcy was able to post the birth to facebook on the way to the hospital. now, the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> that's a commercial for apple huh. >> it's been exciting. can we get mascot video back? there is just something unusual about that to say the least. kelly, can you believe it? last night, last summer eve, we're -- >> but not going to be this way for long. >> actually this summer, much cooler than we will start fall, fall coming in tomorrow night and then officially we -- first full day of fall on thursday we'll push '09 degrees. so it's one of those things that you just can't go by the calendar. >> we had 100 in june, right? >> yeah, right, when can you go by the calendar, wild weather here, fall not looking any different. let's take a look outside. >> nice evening, nice nice for an evening as i like to say. gorgeous actually. 63 cool degrees.
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humidity at 70% right now. winds southwest at 5:00 and a nice quiet night in the city. man, nothing to complain about weather wise at least. all right. through the day today our weather net camera downtown, nothing but a sapphire blue sky, gorgeous weather, that's the way we like it to wrap up summer 2010 on a nice note. now before the actual fall equinox comes in tomorrow night we'll still be in summer for a few hours tomorrow during the day. our last afternoon of summerily is a day where we ended up only into the upper 70s so a very seasonable day, bel air to 79, clayburg to 77, chester town to 76. state-wide today, a little warmer to our south and west, down here in northern virginia there were some 80s, most of us hanging out in the 70s. tomorrow mid-to upper 80s, sun plus a lot of sunshine going to help that happen. we're cool but not as cool as
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this hour last night. yesterday we were close to 40 degrees, buy wind tonight have quieted down, and they are going to be out of the south tonight. south breeze helping to keep us a little warmer. south wind kicking in stronger tomorrow, clear skies tomorrow and into the day, a lot of sunshine, the bottom line is we do have some back to weather, back across chicago moving the to detroit. but high pressure, keeping the dry air around, keeping us clear, that southerly wind flow will keep us up tomorrow as the high moves east. that disturbance kicks south, it will bring us a chance for showers into tomorrow night. it's going to take a while to happen. our forecast model showing you we'll that have chance for a line of showers to develop out in the western part have the state. they may make it in but it does look like they fizzle pretty quickly so we'll clear it out for friday, thursday and friday looking quite warm and no rain coming our way out of the tropics, that's for sure. tropical storm lisa not looking impressive sitting off the african coast a long ways from
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us. 57 tonight, mostly clear, cool and refreshing. tomorrow, sunny start the first day of fall. warmer, actually, as we go to about 87 for your 2-degree guarantee. tomorrow night we'll bring in that chance for showers, that disturbance out have the west only down to 66, that's not going to affect our weather beyond tomorrow night. in other words we clear it it out thursday, that front is not going the bring in any cool air. talking near 90 thursday, at least '09 on friday. those are the first two full days of fall. this weekend it does cool off a little bit. kelly? >> all right. thanks wyatt. >> after last night's season premiere "dancing with the stars" sent its first couple home tonight. >> the couple with the lowest over all combined total and therefore leaving right now is ... david and kim. >> oh, david. >> david hassellhoff and his partner kim johnson were the first team eliminated. they were tied with margaret
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cho for the lowest scores in week 1. it was down to the former star of bay watch and night rider and actor/rapper kyle massey. but there was no lifeline for talking cars to save hassellhoff. every once in a while we'll tell you about price wars leading to dirt cheap deals on gasoline. some people in texas are cashing in after a price war over milk. a few local stores were selling floods of milk for under $1.70, another store slashed its price to 99 cents, then every other store followed suit. it's a god sent for kathleen thompson whose family goes through a gallon of milk a day. >> at 3, two sons and a husband at home, so with all the testosterone goin' on they need to eat a lot so we do. >> most of the stores have some kind of restriction. some require a minimum purchase to get the super cheap milk. others limit customer to a
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certain amount of gallons per sale. we'll be right back after the break. >> storm gear and promotional consideration provided by l.l. bean. bob ehrlich pretends to be for the working guy... but he's not on our side. i thought i knew bob ehrlich, but then i found out... he raised property taxes on every maryland family... and business. he increased college tuition... by 40%. 40%. and i thought i knew bob ehrlich. he was against raising the minimum wage. made $2.5 million... working for a lobbying firm. $2.5 million?
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he's not really on my side. with this tough economy, we really need a governor on our side.
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abc 2 news is brought to you by the y of central maryland. why >> well when the navy midshipmen play the fighting irish notre dame will have a very reel home field advantage. the 86th meeting between the two teams will be played in dublin, iowa, two years from
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now. this year's game will take place at the new meadowlands stadium in new jersey. press box sports report presented by mr. basement. >> stan charles with the press box sports report, john harbaugh will head to work $15,000 lighter, he was notified by the league of the fine for impermissible verbal and physical contact with the official. he admitted at his monday press conference his animation describing tyrel suggs tackle may have gone over the line. the tackle wasn't a stark one but nick markakis would come back in the ninth inning with his 43rd double of the year becoming the only the third player in baseball to have 40 or more in three seasons, both of them reside in the hall of fame. baltimore maryland will host the ncaa lacrosse championships
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in m and. the bank stadium in 201214. the event was held at m and. the this year and will be next year as well. boston was set for 2012 but philadelphia 2013 and baltimore for 14 were chosen today. >> baltimore, where you can stay on top of all the things baltimore sports. ring ring. progresso.
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abc 2 news is brought to you by mitsubishi >> here in philadelphia. >> finally tonight another case of a phillies fan be behaving badly. last night a fan clad in head to toe red spandex body suit made his ways on the field. security chased him around. they got a big assist from rays outfielder matt diaz. the 17-year-old shawn hygiene philly stayed in detention and was picked up by his parents. >> what a bad color selection. >> we're back tomorrow. have a good night.
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