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tv   News  ABC  September 23, 2010 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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southbound past the mountain road exit blocking both shoulders. traffic is able to get by without any problems. the intersection at wesley chapel road has been reopened, but you still will see weather related debris in the roadway at old york road and blue mountain road and monkton road,. 6:30 right now. the chewed up roads we travel on every single day are no doubt about -t annoying. tenth worst in the nation. it turns out it is really expensive. good morning, we are here at the intersection of northern parkway and falls road. you can see what we are talking about here. major potholes in the road, causing people big bucks to get their cars repaired. baltimore city is making repairs to the road with a lot of construction projects. not enough to counter a report that says the baltimore area
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has some of the roughest roads in the nation. a percentage of roads in poor condition. that report says nationwide 24% of major metropolitan roads are in poor position. that number almost doubled to 46% of bad roads. this is costing drivers an extra $600 each year in wear and tear on their cars. the poor economy has hurt road repair efforts. of course -w he cannot do as much as we used to. fortunately this season we are on track to complete 200 miles throughout the city. >> i think they could put more focus on it. now become out here live, you can see these cones and everything here on the sidewalk now. but later this afternoon, it is going to be right out there on the street, because they have
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actually been doing major construction work on the roads, trying to clean them up here on northern parkway. the survey says the worst roads, san jose, california followed closely by los angeles. a virginia woman is set to die by lethal injection tonight at 9:00. 41-year-old theresa lewis is scheduled to be the first one executed in the state in nearly a century. lewis is being executed for the 2002 hired killings of her husband and stepson to collect a $250,000 insurance policy. prosecutors said she promised sex and cash to two men if they carried out the killings. the two gunmen were sentenced to life in prison. one person is running another person with their hands up. a helicopter camera in broward county, florida caught this police chase that spanned over two counties. officers had tried to pull a
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car over, but the driver's took off, hitting speeds up to 95 miles per hour. the car eventually collided with a police car and the suspects were arrested. they face several charges. amazing pictures out of eastern oregon. a rancher documents a fight between a black bear and a cow. he captured the incident on camera you can see these photographs, the bear ended up going up straight to one of the cows, but they weren't about to go down without a fight. >> a similar thing, maybe not with a bear. but similar things, where cows will get together and defend themselves and get aggressive is that at first you see the bear begin to get the upper hand. something they actually notice and jumped in to save their buddy. the black bear didn't fare too
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well in this bout, but he did get away, running back into the woods, probably a little bit shaken. all right. consumer alert for parents this morning. how disgusting is this? millions of containers of the popular infant formula similac are being pulled from the shelves because there could be insects inside. powdered formulas may contain small beetles in them go to our website and we'll link you up to the similac recall website and find out whether or not you should toss your formula. this morning support from a permanent white house official. ses. well, the president interrupted by protesters, what he said to set them straight.
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president obama is kind of used to protesters. >> but yesterday, they invaded his home turf. a democratic fundraiser where he was speaking. they held signs and shouted at the president. the hecklers were so loud, president obama actually entered them. you don't need to yell. apparently you are interested in funding aids. we have increased aids funding. i don't know why you are putting the sign up. but your message was delivered. we have increased aids funding at a time when the budget is going down. now, i don't the president
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pointed out senate republicans voted to appeal down this week. it has been almost two months since their good neighbor was killed. milton hill was killed over a scooter. and how his murder is spurring neighbors into action. a man is accused of killing his dog, and is assigned to work with dogs. plus a woman is evict from her home with six truckloads. why her apartment was filled from floor to ceiling. six months after the healthcare reform became law, we are going to see effects that will happen today.
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i'm megan pringle. and i'm jamie costello. every lane i get in, it is ending if 200 feet. >> your mind is already on your morning compute. >> absolutely. construction on northern parkway, pratt street and the beltway is always slowing you
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down. it is actually costing you a lot of money. how much? first meteorologist, justin burke. >> reporter: feels like summer. hanging on to 67 degrees after reaching 91 yesterday. in between we had thunderstorms, lots of trees down. and a -- little bit of fog to deal with this morning. we have a cluster of storms firing up near hagerstown this morning. a band of clouds this morning. trying to turn partly to mostly sunny and another round of isolated late day storms. puts 90 within reach. let's see what is happening as you reach for the keys. and go out the door. >> reporter: in perryville, we have a crash that has route 222 at 275 close in both directions. traffic lights are not working
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at davidson bill road. i'll give a complete list of downed trees and wires, for issues on any of the major roadways at this time, just building volume. back to you. 6:44 right now. milton hill was the guy who solved -- shoveled the snow off the steps of the church. no way should he have died like this. >> reporter: police believe someone shot hill for his green scooter. it has been almost two months since he was murdered behind his home next to the church. an army of volunteers took to the streets, pulling up weeds and painting. they want to get rid of the criminal element. the 70-year-old was a beloved member of the ark church, known
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as a dedicated caretaker, going out of his way to help others. >> we are convinced we are going to prevail. in spite of the criminal element, i believe people want too do what is right. i think we are going to see that with this park and all that come forward is that the ark church is looking for a donation to replace the playground equipment. it is now quarter to 7:00. the man accused of beating a dog to did he go is asked to do community service at an animal shelter were. the maryland spca is not too happy with this. according to authorities, derek chambers beat a small dog to death after it bit him and his wife. a caller saw chambers hit the dog, stuff him in a plastic bag and throw him in the bed of his truck. a judge has supported chambers's request that he be allowed to do community service at the maryland spca.
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>> we would never recommend a child molester do community service with the boy scouts and we should never recommend a person charge with animal abuse do community service with animals. there is just too much risk of harm. griffin says the sentence is simply outrageous, especially since no one asked the maryland spca first. the city state attorney's office said evidence was poor. the department of defense this morning is announcing the deaths of four sailors killed in this week's helicopter crash in afghanistan. 29-year-old lieutenant brandon looney from montgomery county was assigned to a west coast field based team. a funeral has been brand for 1:00 p.m. saturday at sane john the -- planned for 1:00 p.m. saturday at st. john the baptist. the family of a maryland soldier who died in iraq says
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sergeant john berner the third was awaiting tests. he died three days after visiting a military medical facility in kuwait. laboratory equipment had been shipped out. he was given antibiotics, an inhaler and medication for post nasal drip. a white supremacist who goes by the nickname hitler pleads guilty to several counts in the unprovoked beating of an elderly black fisherman in a baltimore park. 2-year-old calvin lock near pleaded guilty to charges yesterday, and he has agreed now to a 31 year prison term. a columbia man accused of stabbing his ex-wife and setting her apartment on fire is now in
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custody. damon white was arrested after he got out of the hospital. white is charged in first degree murder in the death of 33-year-old thelma wynn. he was denied bail. 67 degrees, 6:48 right now. baltimore city police are asking shoppers and business owners to be extra vigilant, following a rash of daytime robberies. police say robberies have been happening, they have been holding up merchants at three separate places. list are talking to mall security as well as patrons to get a more precise description of the suspects. >> we have been partnering very closely with mall security and the merchants. the most important part of investigating a robbery is obviously the video surveillance. we are educating merchants on what types of equipment to use.
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police say sunday's robbery at elite gold and diamonds fit the pattern of the other hold ups. the latest now on the president's perform law. it has been exactly six months since it passed. the milestone brings new benefits americans can grasp. nicole? >> reporter: good morning, p jamie. these changes do not immediately apply to everyone with health insurance. many of the new requirements are for plans that start today or after. six months ago, president obama signed into law a sweeping healthcare bill. now, some of the will you's provisions are in effect. among the changes, insurers will no longer be able to deny coverage to children with preexisting conditions, put lifetime coverage or cancel a policy without proving fraud. >> all these things are designed not to have government more involved in healthcare, they are designed to make sure that you have basic protections in your
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interactions with your insurance company. >> reporter: consumers in new health insurance plans are now able to receive cost free preventative services, keep young adults on a parents' plan until age 26, choose from their health plans network and use the nearest emergency room without prior approval. >> these are the kind of things the american people understand. it didn't take a 2400-page bill and trillions of dollars adding to a budget now of $13.4 trillion to aaccomplish that. >> part of the republican battle cry is to repeal the law if they win power in congress. not because of the changes now taking hold, but because they say it will increase costs for business and his individuals. any bill changing the law would likely be vetoed by president obama and republicans have no chance of picking up enough
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seats this november to override a presidential veto. we hear eviction stories all the time these days. but this one is especially sad. a woman was kicked out of her home, and look the at this video. for the better part of the day, workers had to fill six different trucks with diaz's belongings. she had fallen behind on her rent and she was evicted. she has been collecting all this stuff for a reason. she is going to send it back to the poor people in her homeland of venezuela. >> i know they need me. >> we were amazed one person had all this stuff. >> reporter: this is the second time diaz has been evict from her home. once again now she has all the
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stuff and is looking for a place to live. if you think baltimore area roads are bad. >> i do. >> you do? >> i do. >>, claims baltimore was tenth worst in the country. >> reporter: costing you an extra $600 each year. city officials say they disagree. >> we don't think it is fair, because we have put a lot of effort into maintaining our roadways. it is the one thing we focused on the last four years. it is one thing we take very seriously. potholes in the economy certainly hindered road maintenance in many jurisdictions. joe biden will be in chevy chase this morning to help raise money for a senator. who is in a heavily favored
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election in the fall. biden has been traveling around the country, campaign and go fundraising for democratic candidates. we need the orioles. there we go. david ortiz, the orioles could not finish off the red sox. kevin millwood couldn't make it to the sixth, giving up six runs. the red sox beat the orioles 6-1. jamie is back to thinking about joe again. >> reporter: we are talking about temperatures quit mild after 91 yesterday. a summer like day here on this first full day of autumn. 71 new york, 60s to 70s across the region. patchy, thick fog from
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yesterday's storms. we have been watching this approaching hagerstown. this may hold off some of the sun glare this morning. storms firing into the mountains again this afternoon. those did carry and with the chance of the heat, just a general idea could be four, could be seven. anywhere in between we are looking at the showers trying to roll through into the evening. more showers and storms with this cold front late friday into saturday morning. we've got to get through this. if you don't like it, it is only two days. 88 our two degree guarantee within reach of another 90 spot. we'll step back into the 60s again tonight. isolated storms after a high of
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92. 82 on saturday a stray shower. 73 sunday. monday, tuesday, wednesday, we stay near normal, believe it or not. justin, traffic is moving pretty well. you can see increased volume, earlier work at liberty rad and the beltway, it has reopened. no problems around 695, fortunately. our drive times are all in the green for the most part around the area. our incidents, we have lights out, traffic lights not working at route 424 and route 50. street that as a four way stop? davidsonville. northbound 95 at mountain road, blocking the left lane and shoulder. also some activity there as well. and port deposit, route 222 and 275 close in both directions
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because of a crash. monkton road debris, including downed trees and wires. the crews are definitely working hard to get those reopened pretty soon. 6:56 right now. coming up on "good morning america," new information recently released which alleges the crew of the titanic made crucial mistakes that sped up the sinking of that massive ship. and steven colbert is going to stop by "good morning america" and talk to george. all that and more, coming up. the titanic, still getting to the bottom of it. >> still fascinated. all right. we'll see you later. old gibbs canning company.
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