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tv   News  ABC  September 24, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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programs, fresh programs. >> you can read the review on u.s.a. those are your tech bites.
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controversial comments at the un. what the president of iran said that had people leave. delegations walking out. police arrest a man who was responsible for a number of sexual assaults and other crimes. what evidence they have to go on. there is a lot going on this weekend and a big concert where you can see an 80s rocker to a rapper. that and more. happy friday. thanks for joining us.
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jamie is on the go. justin? >> heat is one story. and fog is thick and defensement we have a fog problem. and 90 minutes delayed because of the fog this morning. school delays when we get more information we'll share that with you. we're looking into a hot afternoon. and the record is # 5 back in 1970. we'll be close to that mark. 67 now as we look at temperatures in bel air and that comes along with the thick fog. close to 70. we'll get close to 93 and sunny to partly cloudy. isolated storm. let's check on the roads, the traffic will deal with that. >> as you mentioned on the eastern shore and the delays
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and expect it to be foggy as well, coming across the bay bridge. look at this that's thick fog around the area. drives are trying to keep the speeds down. and not affecting traffic too much. and as you approach white marsh that's off to the shoulder. and we're looking good. the president of eye rain made extreme allegations at the un, so extreme that it caused the u.s. delegation to walk out. we have more on how it will affect the relationship with the country. >> reporter: the president's speech at the un advocated working toward peace in the middle east. >> if an agreement is not reached, palestinians will never know the pride that comes with their own state.
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israelis will never know the certainty and security that comes with sovereign and stable neighbors. >> reporter: and working toward peace with iran. he said the door is open should iran walk through it. but the door was more likely to close after the president took the floor. he said americans were behind the september 11th terrorist attacks to help the economy and to save the regime of israel. at that point the delegation and 27 others got up and walked out. a white house official said the president found the remarks offensive especially made so close to the site where the world trade centre once today, a thought he mentioned in his own address. >> nine years ago the destruction of the world trade centre signaled a threat that respect nod boundary of dignity or decency. >> reporter: he said they were
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not good. >> it was to change the subject and the focus from him and iran to issues that he is much more confident talking about. >> reporter: today the president has an interview scheduled with bbc percentage ya. he can talk to the iranian people directly. -- persis. he can talk to the iranian people directly. a person from the shelia dixon regime spend thousands redecorating his office. a report that scott made 27,000 in renovations including rugs, a ped stall sink and chair. >> what i saw the photos i was shocked. >> i think the citizens expect us to be responsible with the
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funds that we're given, i certainly have never thought it was important to have a laffic office. we're here to work. it was a bit much. >> he was forced out of his job in july. a towson complex is putting the brakes on parking. it is home to the largest of its kind you drive in and you get out of the car, look the doors and swipe a card. a turn table moves the vehicle on to a platform. the garage has 415 spaces compared to 150 at a con ventional garage. you can be parking one of these. it is called the car of the future. it gets 102 miles per gallon made in virginia and the company hopes to sell the ed son with a price of $20,000 e
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looking for work? mac. why's will hire 65,000 holiday workers. that's a slight increase. the positions will be part time. they will be offered in stores, distribution and call centers across the country. a girl involved in a brutal fistfight. it is caught on tape. it pay not be the most shocking thing about the story. and dramatic pictures, flames racing through a home. let's go to mark jones to see how the trains and buss are moving. good morning out there. you find the numbers 3, 11, 51, 67 taking a detour at charles because of the book festival. the 5 diverted at eager and central. the 10 and 30 at height and
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prat. grab a book, relax and go to the book festival today, tomorrow and sunday. the light rail stop puts you right there.
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we're showing the area that has the fog. it is tough to get camera sites. this is a camera site. this is at 70 now. matching the dew point. it is thick fog and visibility cut down and a quarter mile. that may limit your ability to see streetlights and traffic signals and signs. be careful this morning. we have a thick fog on the eastern shore. and 90 minutes and a 2 hour delay. the fog is an issue. the thing about clouds they may stir up the winds and to accelerate the burn off after about 10 a.m. and we start to see it improve
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a bit. we're going to the temperatures near 70s. sunshine and clouds. and the guaranteed high of 93. 95 is the record today. how about images. and the commute here is the traffic. >> the most part the fog is making drivers slow down but we're lucky it is not causing problems, we check out the drive times the speeds and they go down and drive times are up. 12 minutes on 795 and 140 and the beltway. we take a picture of the area, like i say we have no problems and no accidents. traffic is moving well and slow because of the dense fog. and a top story. >> he didn't dress like a man up to no good. when he got the name the preppy burglar police caught up with him. the book festival kicks
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off. more about the authors that will be here for it.
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he is not a salesman but say the man is up to no good. lin is a so tells us how police
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tracked down the preppy burglar. >> reporter: thanks to tips and a homeowner, he was arrested without incident. here is a look at that video that helped capture the robber. he installed four security cameras after the home was robbed. the burglar is sizing up the home and the video shows him carrying out the stolen goods through the front door. jeremy hall from silver spring was arrested. they found other items, mainly from montgomery county homes. the homeowner is glad he invested in the cameras. >> get him off the street. that's a help for anyone. that's great to have. >> he will face more charges for the other items. police say the person who recognized him from the videotape will get a reward.
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this is linda so. police believe that this man is responsible for a number of sexual assaults in the woodlawn area. he faces charges including sex offenses and intee crept exposure. they started in june with the assault at monica place. another crime occurred the 24th when the police were called to frank lin avenue for an attempted rape. officials are facing a lawsuit. the lawsuit alleges that in december 2007 officials at up with school failed to protect a student's rights by not interviewing a student on student violence. and intervening in a situation. a group of five children were involved in this. the victim's family says he now suffers from symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder. and 5:4 now. time to get reading. this is the weekend to get your
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nose right in a book. the book festival is here this weekend. they're not just bringing in good reads but big stars. and sherrie johnson has more on the festival. she is at mount vernon this morning. >> reporter: that's right, i'm here and in a few hours the festival kicks off. and i'm so excited. there will be so many different authors here. holly robinson-pete. sherry shephard will be here from "the view." i can interview her and can introduce her on saturday night. they they have 8 stages. the festival promotes reading honors the printed word and showcases authors and publishers. there will be 200 caughtor apierces, book signings.
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sellers. panel discussions. now the other authors include nora o'donnell. that's to name a few. >> i try to work to raise a child who loves books and reading, i'm excited about my daughter coming here this weekend. i grew up in the library and these this is an easy way to spark it. >> and that talking there about the festival. and this is free and open. another event the virgin mobile free fest was to take place. and mia and joan jet are among those to perform. the festival has three stages and the first band plays at
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noon. we want a list of all things for the festival, performance, schedules, go to we have you covered there. >> we have fog. it is widespread coming up from 95 from the south. on route 70. and all the areas. patchy thick fog. slipping our way. that's some of the stkurps and it may stir the winds up. we head in through the morning hours. we will not have sun glare, that's the bright spot compared to what we had over the mornings. a look at the storm.
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that's cranking up. and some flooding rains yesterday and the trailing front west of chicago and through st. louis. could be travel flight delays because of that. that will continue east bound. problems through detroit, cleveland and that's the storms charge eastbound but hot air we tap into the 90s. and within the reach. it may be breaking up before it reaches us but there will be showers into the mountains. the front crosses over. and south of us and more showers to the south during the day tomorrow and making a return. and we'll be very close to the
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record status. and 8 # and warm but not that record heat. and more and damp on sunday. but decrept weather to watch a game. we'll stay in the 70s with showers returning late on monday, tuesday, wednesday. wet in the 70s. >> the weather is improtecting traffic more than the traffic. and we take a look now at the drive times. running well. and the through way is good. 97 at route 100. the i-70 corridor will be foggy
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as well. take it easy. stay with us we have more coming back after this.
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bob ehrlich pretends to be for the working guy... but he's not on our side. i thought i knew bob ehrlich, but then i found out... he raised property taxes on every maryland family... and business. he increased college tuition... by 40%. 40%. and i thought i knew bob ehrlich. he was against raising the minimum wage. made $2.5 million... working for a lobbying firm. $2.5 million? he's not really on my side. with this tough economy, we really need a governor on our side.
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a 41-year-old grandmother was convicted of arranging the murder of her husband and stepson over an insurance payment. her lawyers say that lewis was border line mentally disabled. a mom was arrested after egging her daughter on in a fight. instead of breaking it up. it was caught on tape. you may find it disturbing you can see why. you can see dozens of students some standing around with cameras. the woman cheering on a girl is the mother. (shouting). >> the sheriff's office is charging the 39-year-old mother who said she showed up to make
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sure her daughter didn't get hurt. investigators say the students could face disciplinary action. a home in colorado collapsed and burned to the ground. they don't know how the massive fire started in the first place but it is amazing. and it destroyed one home and is threatening to do the same to three others. the fire started about 60 miles north of dep ver. no word on the cause right now. flames have burned 1000 acres total. shoppers were inconvenienced by a glitch at a retailerment how people got around the cash only registers. helping you and your kids staying safe. tips on using restraints.
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