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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  September 24, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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we brought you the big moments live and showed you every step of the bill now we o we -- now we are 48 hours from the big reveal. baltimore will be able to see the results. good evening. before they move that bus we want you to see thely ward for the group of boys that put in the nomination to get the ball rolling for girls of hope. they show us the minimakeover the young men are getting. >> reporter: something is cooking and it's extra special. really a recipe that has been prepare the for months, a lot of hard work, and a pinch of love. you see for months girls hope has been getting the guest treatment but now they want to return the flavor. >> because the boys were so generous and kind to nominate the girls that we could step up and do something really special for them. >> reporter: the boys she is
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referring to are the boys of boys hope and this is evan towns. >> we had an opportunity to bring -- opportunity for a fresh start. >> reporter: things started off pretty good for evan in elementary school. but when he got to middle school. >> boys started picking on me. pretty bad choice. also my grades were not up to par. it was like i didn't understand the work and i wasn't getting help. >> reporter: providing a fresh start is what boys hope is all about. >> i started asking questions. i started asking for help. anybody would or did anything to me i would notify the teacher let them deal with that situation and go on with my week. that was all i had to change. >> reporter: this is evan's room with the help of susan
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miller and her company make your own bedroom it will soon have a new look. >> we felt there was a strong need in the marketplace for people to go out and work and really start to design their own bedrooms. >> reporter: susan miller and her team hopes that donating their time to personalize their rooms will continue work for these young men. >> they started their lives off in pretty tough situation. to see what they overcome and the kindness in their hearts what they have done to other people, we wanted to show them it's about giving back. >> reporter: in northeast baltimore preston mitchum. we are two days away from the grand finale. it kicks off its eighth season with a two hour special on the baltimore build. we will finally see what's inside. before the ultimate reveal we will take you behind the scenes of the build with a special one
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hour show right here on abc 2. that starts at 6:00 followed by the two hour season premier of the home makeover at 7:00. square off with richard cher will 9:00 a.m. instead of the regular time at 6:30:00 p.m.. and if you would like to take a look back to the beginning of the whole project, for example if you want to see the moment the girls found out about their new home head to our website at click on the extreme makeover home edition section. the rain has stopped but rivers continue to swell in wisconsin and minnesota after yesterday's flash floods. they pulled together to salvage what they could. in parts of the upper midwest a powerful weather system the remanence of pacific tropical storm georgette moved through the season. >> all the watap the south -- all the way up to the south.
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not good. >> it ruined my house. again. it's just -- what do you do? you know. what do you do? >> more than a months worth of rain fell in 24 hours in parts of the region. the governor's of both minnesota and wisconsin issue the states of emergency. more is expected tomorrow. back here. we had our story that has been the unbelievable heat to start the first two days of fall. we at least tied the old record. high temperatures across central maryland today. depends on exactly where you were. south and west of baltimore looking at 102. 100 in frederick and 93 in georgia lee that -- galin. temperatures have not cooled off much. almanac numbers 95.
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the old record for 1970. we at least tied that. low 90s and eventually into the mid and upper 80s. dress light as you head out for a friday evening. what about the rest of the weekend? there are big changes in terms of the temperature. thanks. now for the for a look at tonight's top stories. a man in the hospital tonight after serious injuries involving a school bus crash. the bus carrying students to meadow vail was struck by an audi that crossed the line. dense fog covered the road this morning investigators have not determined whether that played a role in the crash. the political ads in the governor's race are getting more nasty as we approach november. some strategist say the republican party sees an opening here in maryland. political science experts say even though many voters don't
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like these ads they do make an impact. tonight a fundraiser for a city teenager that was wounded in a bombing attack in uganda. a concert will get under way for emily kerstetter. it will be held in the gymnasium. the money raised in the concert will cover emily's medical bills. tickets are $10 per person. checking headlines around the nation. authorities in south florida and the fbi are working to track down three robbers they say strapped a possible bomb to the chest of a bank teller after kidnapping them. >> the individual was there giving us information we said there was a person in the bank that had some type of explosive device attached to their bodies and they were asked to remove a
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large sum of money from the vault area. >> the explosive device was safely removed and no one was hurt. the plans are in motion to remove a district attorney accused of sending inn appropriate tex messages to several of women. he has sought psyche cat rick help. three women have come forward. another says she was harassed after she asked for help to get a pardon for a previous conviction. a fourth young male member of the mega church says the pastor coerced him into a sexual relationship. bishop long has preached for gay members to become straight. long denies the sexual allegations. he will address the matter for his congregation on saturday.
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. interest rates are just not what they used to be. some people are opting to stash their cash at home. we'll have a look at many places you shouldn't put your cash. and you don't have to find an apple store to pick up an ipad. i will tell you which neighborhood store will have them in stock.
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home sales rose last month but not enough to keep this summer being the slowest in more than a decade. and the rest of the year is not expected to be that much better. experts expect another 5 million sales through the rest of the year. that will be in line with last years totals and just above 2008 which was the worst year since 1997. if you want an ipad you can pick one up from target. the company says it will begin carrying six models of apples popular device. the starting price will be just under $500. target will be the largest retail chain to carry that device. it looks like lindsey lohan will get another chance to do soul searching from inside a
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jail cell. he has thousands of friends. but the founder of facebook probably has more after giving back. how he is helping the poorest school in the country. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle class marylanders do. es tax on everything you buy? that's in andy harris' unfair tax plan. 23% sales tax. a 23% sales tax will cut my business in half. would be devastating. andy harris' 23% sales tax absolutely makes no sense. 23% sales tax would really make things unaffordable.
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that's too high for the average american out here. i don't know how we would manage it really. don't like that idea. we can't afford andy harris' idea. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message.
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more and more people are keeping cash at home worried about the banks or unhappy about the low interest they offer. if you are one of them john john matareese has a warning. >> if you hate putting more in the bank more and more people are stashing cash at home. before you tuck away a few hundred or thousand dollars you might want to know the best and worst places to put it. the website lists the crazy places people stash their cash.
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crazy but not dumb. walletpop includes inside a toilet paper roll, inside frozen food, behind a picture frame, under the litter box, in the base of a fake plant, inside a tampon box, and inside a fake outlet. but from the file the dumbest places to stash cash. walletpops the thieves are likely to look is under the mattress. another bad idea burying cash in the backyard. people have been doing that since roman times and forgetting where they put it or dying before they can get to it. remember that no matter how careful you are keeping cash at home comes with a lot of risks. someone fines it and steals it. a fire or tornado destroys your house and savings. be careful about hiding too much cash so you don't waste your money. i'm john mccain john john
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mccain john mccain -- i'm john matareese. macies is hire workers. the hiring boost is a result of the company's expectations for sales to increase between three and 3.5%. if you are a facebook user you probably hit the like button for this story. the founder is donating $100 million for the newark new new jersey school. they made the announcement today on the oprah winfrey show. so who wants to go to the movies when you have weather like this? forget it. >> i got to beat the heat.
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i say we savor it. these are bonus summer days. the first days of fall. >> you can go to the dollar theater and see the facebook movie when it's still out. >> that's hot statewide. all the way back through ocean city. just unbelievablely hot. salisbury up near 100. >> crazy. >> tying a new record. 94 degrees out of bwi. hot and sticky. that's been our story all day long. southwest winds -- it will be a sticky night out there. i want to show you that. we have pretty thick fog. you can see downtown yeah it took awhile for this to burn off. burn off it did in this hot summer like weather. we were left with a sunny hazy hot day. take you up to parkville. look at that fake fog lifting
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and bleeding to sunny hot weather. lore today sunny. once the fog burned off temperatures sored. hot stuff across the state of maryland today. temperature wise mid to upper 90s out there. and 94 out in yagers town. this is hot. the heat index right now as we speak in easton it feels like 102 with the humidity. second day of fall. let's zoom out a little bit. clear skies across the state. we'll keep that into the weekend. maybe an isolated shower or hit or miss shower late saturday evening and sunday evening. must of the chance for rain will not be there. this frontal though it will pack cooler winds will not generate much rain for us it is generating a little rain.
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high pressure sitting off the coast generating that warm southerly wind flow that has pushed temperatures into the upper levels. tomorrow passing clouds. you will notice the breezes pick up behind the front that comes through tomorrow. and a little breezy into the day on sunday. that will drop us from 80s tomorrow to low 70s on sunday. there will be a chance for hit or miss showers sunday into late. tropical satellite still good. sitting there are 50 miles an hour sustained winds. i think the moisture gets into the gulf. believe it or not the remanence of the storm could bring us rain toward the end of next week. 68 partly cloudy. does stay muggy out there.
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tomorrow 86 not as hot. tomorrow night we are talking about 57. we'll be much cooler by tomorrow night. you'll be open the windows back up. the seven-day forecast. look at this. much more seasonal. a chance for showers comes in for us monday into tuesday and wednesday. but on the hole pretty nice stretch of weather coming our way. jozy. >> thanks. brett michaels is scheduled for thursday to repair a defect. it is set for jan. he barely survived a brain hemorrhage. he's had this heart condition his entire life. link say lohan is back in the courtroom to face the judge for the first time after admitting she failed a drug test. her admission on twitter is what could have sent her back to jail.
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>> reporter: lindsey lohan is back in court. lohan faced to return to jail for violating her probation. she told vanity fair i'm a completely different person now. substance abuse is a disease which unfortunately doesn't go away overnight. i'm working hard to overcome it. judge eldon fox didn't buy it. he immediately ordered lohan to jail. refused to consider jail and lohan was cuffed and taken to jail. >> she's very cooperative. very quiet. once again she is doing everything that is asked of her. last time she was a -- behaved very well. >> reporter: it's the third time lohan has seen the inside of the lynnwood detention center in three years. most recently for 14 days in july. and put her behind bars saying lohan refused to take court
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orders seriously. >> she hasn't gotten help for addiction yet. she doesn't make the right decisions. >> reporter: all this comes while lohan was trying to jump start her career with a new movie machete tee in theaters. and even rumors of saturday night live hosting slot. alex zone alabama -- alex stone abc news. music lovers will be sharing the beat. this years all day show features rapper lude chris, mia, and the band jimmy east world. expect a bigger name acts to take the stage later. for a complete list of performers as well as today's schedule go to our website at now with a look ahead to abc news at 6:00 tonight.
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i'm kelly swoope. now the primaries is in. the democratic process is becoming more about shock values. and commonly mess in the ocean. tonight we will look at the latest editions of baltimore's inner harbor water. we have a preview of what's ahead of world new comes up at 6:30.
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it's been a record breaking week for people across the
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country for a number of reasons. let's start on the west coast. students at the university of california set a record. 1,725 players took part in the world's largest dodge ball on wednesday. they topped the previous record by more than 500 people. the big easy turned into the big cheesy serving up huge portions. chefs have cooked 2100 pounds of mac and cheese. servings of the giant pasta dish was to raise money for habitat for humanity. set a record for largest standup routine. march lee told jokes for 40 hours straight at a comedy club in portland. guinness is jet to certify that record. ten audiences had to be there at all times and stay awake. helping you eat healthy on a budget. abc 2 news at six starts right
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now. maryland's governor's race is taking a negative turn as the state moves toward november's general election. good evening i'm kelly swoope. there is not much space in the polls between governor o'malley. it sets up a close race between the republican and the democrat. both parties really have a lot another stake. >> reporter: now the primary is passed, the focus is squarely on maryland's governor race and the gloves are coming off. >> with martin o'malley as governor maryland has moved back ward. >> reporter: bob's campaign releases positive ads the gop is doing the dirty work. this ad from the republican governor association blasts o'malley for the unemployment rate and raising taxes during his term.


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