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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  September 27, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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looking forward to after a beautiful weekend, a wet rainy monday morning commute. so that means it's just going to be reduced visibility, speeds down around the area. drivers should take it easy. we don't have accidents but heads up in colombia, we have an oil spill that has snowden river parkway, the ramp to westbound route 100 closed because of an oil spill. they are sending sand trucks out there. the traffic circle also closed to westbound route 100. jfx, six minutes southbound from northern parkway to st. paul street exit. 95 southbound, 10 minutes between the beltway heading to the fort mchenry toll plaza. here we are at route 50, sandy point, no problems across the bridges but like justin mentioned the roads will be slick. you might want to take your speeds down just a tad. back to you. in just a few hours maryland's first slots casino will officially open for business. the hollywood casino in perryville will open at 8:00 this morning. abc2 news linda so is in the
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studio ready to gamble. linda? >> reporter: yes, get ready. 1,500 slot machines, lots of food and drinks, in a hollywood theme. the casino is opening a little earlier than expected. it was originally supposed to open this thursday. instead, that is when the grand opening will be, with today being their soft opening. the casino got its license over the weekend after a successful trial run saturday. more than a thousand people were invited to a close-door charity event. it paves the way for the casino to open since voters approved slots nearly two years ago. the casino at arundel mills is going back to the voters in november. operators at perryville say they are happy to be the first to open and boost the local economy. >> we have 350 employees, 80% of which are from harford and cecil counties. so, to be the first, i think it's just an exciting thing for everybody. >> reporter: again, the hollywood casino in perryville
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will officially open its doors in about three hours, 8:00 this morning. grand opening ceremonies are set for thursday. in the studio, linda so, abc2 news. elderly black man beaten while fishing in a south baltimore park will be in court today to describe the attacks. 77-year-old james privet will speak at the sentencing hearing on calvin locknear. a white supremacist. he pleaded guilty to several charges including armed carjacking and first degree assault. he agreed to a 31-year prison term. 5:02. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake will join other officials in kicking off health city days. they'll walk from city hall to the inner harbor for a ceremony at the amphitheatre. the goal is to encourage a healthy lifestyle and choices by eating right and exercising. healthy city days runs up until october 1st. 5:03. all is right in flacco-more.
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he threw three touchdowns and anquan bolden is playing great. come on. against the cleveland browns, ray rice, 22-yard scamper here but we're still trying to find out about ray's knee. joe flacco, hooks up with anquan bolden for a 13-yard t.d. we'll see more from q in a minute. payton hillis pounds it into the end zone to bring cleveland within four at the half. in the fourth quarter, seneca wallace to benjamin watson. that's a browns touchdown. cleveland takes the lead 17-14. joe, you got to win this out for it. joe lost one. high and deep! a 28-yard touchdown pass to anquan bolden. bolden had three t.d. catches on the game and ravens win 24-17.
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and the ravens go to pittsburgh, coming up. we were on the schedule at the very beginning, followed the project every step of the way. we were there at the finish line. it's been more than two months since "extreme makeover: home edition" took over fleetwood avenue in baltimore to build the new home for boys hope girls hope. >> we didn't get to see the inside until halftime -- last night. >> reporter: some of us can change a light bulb or squash a stink bug but also move a bus and give hope. >> all going through my head now is wow. i'm crying a lot because it's finally hitting.
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before i said, i was still in shock. now it's hitting. >> reporter: we were all tied up watching ty and his miracle workers give baltimore two hours of great tv. many watched "extreme makeover: home edition" at home. others came out here to notre-dame prep for a viewing party. >> meant a lot to me and my family. i know that all my friends watching it, they are just like, really impressed at what the program that i'm in and all the things i'm doing. >> ok, here's the situation. a storm has blown in! >> reporter: to show what you can do with a stop watch, weather against us. we saw tears and raindrops, hugs and earthquakes. in the end it's always about the hope. >> i am so happy and thrilled right now with what the show is doing. we couldn't be happier and so proud and privileged we had the house. >> reporter: if you swept a broom, put a chair in place,
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painted a wall, laid a brick, this show was all about you. but it's the home built with doors and a lot of love that gives us hope to a brighter future. girls hope boys hope, thanks for making us feel good about ourselves. it was a great show. >> amazing. >> you can head to for more of behind-the-scenes coverage of "extreme makeover: home edition." see the best 10 seconds of tv with megan pringle. if you want to make a donation, we have a link and information there to help you out. the college of notre-dame is launching an on-line video contest. you may have seen or heard about "extreme makeover: home edition," over the next three months, high school and college students as well as graduates can actually submit youtube videos telling their own stories of how they changed lives. winners receive a cash award, $1,000 donation to the charity
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of their choice. >> i saw the commercial. that's very good. coming up next, a prominent pastor speaks out about sex charges against him. >> this case won't be tried in the media. it will be tried in the court of justice. >> reaction from parishioners. >> hyundai is pulling off 100,000 cars off the road. we'll find out what prompted this. >> before you head out the door let's check on the train and buses. mark jones. >> good morning. for the start, dealing with rain which will slow up things on the bus system. allow extra time foret going there if you travel by bus. on the bus the numbers 10 and 30 still diverted at light and pratt for construction. the number 5 with the diversion at eager also, construction related. marc looks good. ♪
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good morning. on a wet monday. it will be wet for a good chunk of this week. we're watching now our time lapse camera from glen burnie over the last couple of hours. you can see the spray building in, reduced visibility as periods of heavy rain occasionally knock down the advise it to a half mile. we're watching the heavy rain in anne arundel county, millersville is 65 degrees. it's spreading up towards perry hall at 66. 61 back towards randallstown and look at the rain now rolling up the bay now. the chunk of heavy rain over anne arundel county is actually going to be the back end of this one particular pocket so it may ease up a little bit, by 6:00, 6:30, 7:00 and more behind that. so periods of heavy rain making for slick travel. we go from 63 to 2-degree guaranteed high of 72 and some thunderstorms this afternoon. for a check of the wet roads, let's check the roads with kim. >> we have reports of some minor flooding in the same area you were referring to. route 50 at 301, some heavy water collecting on the roadway.
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that could be the case all around the area, in certain spots. definitely try to keep the speeds down and take it easy on the roads. one incident in colombia. snowden river parkway on the ramp to westbound route 100. an oil spill there, so they have the ramp closed. the traffic srk circle is closed to route 100. on the outer loop, seven minutes from belair road to providence road. 95 southbound, five minutes from whitemarsh boulevard to the beltway. on the very top tied between 83 and the jfx, two minutes. as we look now at the cameras, this is going to be the west side of the beltway at liberty road. traffic is moving pretty well but all the road spray makes visibility a little more difficult. just keep inin mind. back to you. >> where is everybody going? >> i know. a web site is offering incredible deals for local restaurants. >> what to look for so you don't waste your money. >> and raking in the dough.
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5. 16. in our consumer alert, nearly 45,000 hyundai sonatas are being pulled off the roads, the national highway safety traffic administration says the recall affects vehicles mafd last december. it could cause drivers to lose steering control. go to a dealer and they will update the power steering software. the price of regular unleaded remains at $2.69 a gallon. aa mid-atlantic says drivers on average are paying eight cents less. a lot of buzz about a web site. incredible deals for local res -- restaurants. >> john matarese reports some downsides so you don't waste your money. >> reporter:er loves a deal
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when dining out and many love the great deals on but some don't find out until it's too late those deals sometimes come with a catch. bev riley couldn't believe the deals on the popular web site offers $25 gift cards to many local eateries for just $10. sometimes even less. she said she was disappointed on a recent friday night at one restaurant. >> the certificate didn't say anything about sunday through thursday but when i got to the restaurant on friday night it stated that they did not accept the certificates on fridays and saturday nights. >> reporter: sure enough, we found a sign on the door saying no certificates on weekends. two other times she says, by the time she went to use her gift card the restaurant was closed. >> i found a couple of places where i purchased the certificate and then went out to the location to dine there and it's been closed. >> reporter: the good news,
5:18 am finally agreed to reimburse her for what she paid but the consumer web site redeeming riches, in an article called "what's the catch with" warns of downsides. it says read the fine print because in many cases you can't use the certificates on weekends. you often can't use them on alcohol, tax or tip and most restaurants have a $30, $40 or $50 minimum purchase when you use your gift card. bev will read much more carefully next time. >> i felt it was a bait and switch. >> reporter: offers some great discounts in gift cards you won't find anywhere else but you might want to check with the restaurant before you buy a big gift card just to be sure it will be accepted when you want to use it. that way you don't waste your money. i'm john matarese. good morning. 5:18. we're looking outside with a very wet morning.
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we'll show you the latest weather maps in a moment. normally we expect 52 in the morning, 74 in the afternoon. we were in the 70s yesterday but from saturday and friday we added a couple of more 90s to the list. and building the record across the area as to how many 90-degree days we've had in a technicaldar technical -- calendar year. we're now 64 in baltimore. a sign of a very moist morning where we had 64 up towards philly and not much different towards richmond, 66 degrees. look at the periods of heavy rain, continue to move through. i say periods of heavy rain because they are showing up in bands, breaks in between, another band on down towards the south. and pull this back wider and you can see the reinforcing shot of tropical moisture feeding off the gulf and florida and pushing through the carolinas and up to our north. low pressure on top of atlanta, georgia this morning, pumping in that moisture. that is going to continue to keep us wet. we're on the cool side with an easterly wind wrapping around the back side of that storm but
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overall a rainy pattern will continue as we watch the bands of rain and some surges of heavy rain, maybe even locally heavy downpours and thunder mixed in. 4:00 this afternoon to our south, a band of rain to the mountains. that tries to swing through in the evening, overnight and tomorrow morning. could be very wet at the start. we'll try to swing this through as we head through the afternoon and evening tomorrow but it really all depends on how this area of low pressure to our north behaves and how soon we can get that trailing cold front to swing past the baltimore but it's likely to get hung up near or south of ocean city and another area of low pressure will ride up the coast. and may push this moisture back towards us by the end of the week. overall, we've got a wet day. periods of heavy rain. we may see one to two inches of rain and localized flooding, holding our temperature to 72 degrees. temperatures steady or nearly rising overnight. as we'll have a surge of warmary, we're about 67 and we can push the low 70s towards
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daybreak tomorrow with the surge of rain and maybe thunderstorms and during the day tomorrow itself. we're up to 78 degrees. it will be a warmer day and more of that rain and mixed in thunder. how about the rest of the week? we'll check it out in a couple of minutes. kim brown has another look at the roads. >> so far we've been lucky the wet roads and rain hasn't caused accidents as of yet. however, we are dealing with some standing water, some possible flooding on route 50 at 301 in route 197. you -- if you have to travel there keep an eye open for that. snowden river parkway, the ramp to westbound route 100 continues to be closed because of an oil spill. they are sending sand trucks there but the traffic circle remains closed. 95, look at the road spray kicking up from the traffic early on. that is going to keep the visibility reduced and people are trying to take it easy as they make their way around. fortunately, northbound and southbound 95 look good. no problems yet. on 795 southbound, no real
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issues, it's about 12 minutes between route 140 towards the beltway. like i said, just keep your speeds down because you could see ponding oor standing water. that could make for a hydroplaning situation so be careful. back to you. i only see movies made with starring roles or casts for michael douglas, robert de niro, maybe denzel, maybe travolta. maybe. >> when was the last time you saw a movie? >> leslie nielsen. wall street, money never sleeps, topped the box office, with $19 million. "legend of the guardians" number two, bringing in over $16 million. who is in that? >> that owl. >> oh. if you're celebrating a birthday day, happy birthday! her husband sent in this picture of julie and their dog. they've been married for 37 years. not only congratulations on
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that but i hope your birthday is wonderful. she celebrated yesterday, was born in baltimore, lived here all her life, seven grandchildren ranging from 5 to 25. do something nice for grandma today. happy birthday. if you're having a birthday let us know at we'll blow out the candles for you on "good morning maryland." it's 5:23. tensz moments from -- tense moments from senator john mccain. >> a protester confronts him. cameras rolling. we'll show you what happened.
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bob ehrlich pretends to be for the working guy... but he's not on our side. i thought i knew bob ehrlich, but then i found out... he raised property taxes on every maryland family... and business. he increased college tuition... by 40%. 40%. and i thought i knew bob ehrlich. he was against raising the minimum wage. made $2.5 million... working for a lobbying firm. $2.5 million? he's not really on my side. with this tough economy, we really need a governor on our side.
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one week left and the orioles lost 5-2, in fact they lost the entire weekend in toronto. buck spent the rest of the day at the cn tower. they lost four straight. the longest under buck.
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the orioles in tampa bay the next three games and come home to finish out the year against detroit. wet weather this week. the second half of the week is a little bit of a split as to what we might get but the first part, i guarantee we're wet. three to five inches of rain could fall between now and tomorrow night, wednesday morning. we're watching some of the rain this morning already heavy and already producing localized flooding. it will be slick and ponding and puddles, 72. only 67 overnight. we're rising towards daybreak. heavy rain and thunderstorms possible tomorrow at 78 degrees. it looks like it's going to try to cut off wednesday morning but wednesday night, to thursday, next storm system arrives from the south. one computer model tries to keep it ocean city and off the coast. another one trying to bring us heavy rain again for the end of the week. a little question mark, plan for more wet weather possible as we wrap up the week and head in towards the weekend.
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it's wet this morning so please be careful. right now let's go to new york for "tech bytes." >> reporter: in "tech bytes," apple taking a big jump. the music social networking site now has users post what they are listening to or click when they like other peoples' selections. it seems people in china can't get enough of the i-phone 4, "the wall street journal" reports 200,000 have been preordered since preorders began in china on saturday. the preorders are quickly outpacing supplies. an apple spokesperson tells the journal that more i-phone 4s will be available soon. would you like to watch movies at home just after they are in theaters? bloomberg reports that sony and disney are discussing releasing movies to cable just after the theater run. it's reportedly $30 a flick. those are your "tech bytes."
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