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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  September 27, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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we have a flood watch. the lighter greens, that is a coastal flood advisory on top of the flood watch. so, higher concerns right along the immediate chesapeake bay. look at the radar trend, on maryland's most powerful doppler radar, tracking that heavy rain earlier today. now some clearing, a lull in the action for the evening commute. that is good but we're seeing a little more in the way of wet weather out into western maryland. and some pretty heavy downpours just quest of washington now. this -- west of washington now. this wet weather likely to move north and more wet weather well south of this area is likely to hit us later tonight. with all that in mind, here's your forecast for the evening -- more rain likely into the later part of the evening. a flood watch into the overnight into tomorrow morning. some of the downpours could be heavy. if you get into flooded roadway and the rain is coming down hard, do the smart thing, find an alternate route. more coming up. as always, you can track severe weather and the latest forecast on-line at
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western high school in north baltimore was closed today because of flooding. we're not sure if the flooding at the school is weather-related. the school in the 4600 falls road area. no word on whether there will be classes tomorrow but we'll let you know as soon as we find out. a man who told police he idolized adolf hitler and didn't like black people received a prison sentence today for beating an elderly fisherman and stealing his suv. jeff hager has more on the punishment. >> reporter: the self-proclaimed white supremacist received 30 years for the armed carjacking and beating in august of last year. 28-year-old calvin lockner used a stick to beat an elderly african-american man who had been fishing. 77-year-old james prevat lost some teeth and suffered a fractured eye socket. the defendant received an additional year on his sentence for throwing a cup full of
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urine and feces in the face of a correctional officer since his arrest. >> the state felt that the one year was an appropriate sentence to tack on to the end of what was considered to be the most serious -- not so say this case wasn't serious, what happened in jail but we did, we were able to get an additional one year justice for that assault of a corrections officer counted. >> reporter: the trial for another suspect in the beating and carjacking, zachary watson, was postponed today since his attorney is tied up with the ken harris murder trial. jeff hager, abc2 news. >> thank you. four people were hurt in a crash today on route 50 in the annapolis area. it happened around 1:00 this afternoon near st. margaret's road near cape saint clare. investigators say the crash involved two trucks, the crash tied up the westbound lanes of traffic. all new at 5:00 -- a jury convicted a man in the drunk driving death of angels pitcher
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and maryland native nick adenhart and two others. andrew gallo was found guilty of hit-and-run and driving under the influence of alcohol. adenhart, courtney stewart and henry pearson all died in the crash. another passenger was severely injured. prosecutors say gallo, whose blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit spent hours drinking beers and shots before the crash. gallo faces more than 50 years in primp. -- prison. the doors at the hollywood casino in perryville opened three days ahead of schedule. tony marsala was there as the first slots players showed up to pull the levers. >> reporter: at 8:00 monday morning the new hollywood casino in perryville opened its doors. >> it's making perryville grow a little bit. bring the people into town. lower our taxes a little. >> reporter: the casino hopes to improve the local economy by bringing in tax revenue. it has 350 full time jobs plus
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money from tourists. >> we have grandkids and our sons live in the area. we come up often. it's nice. >> reporter: it hopes to keep slots money in the state. >> i believe something like 40% of the delaware business historically has come from the state of maryland. we're going to keep that in the state now. >> it's exciting. very exciting. don't have to drive to delaware anymore. >> reporter: after a late decision sunday night to open monday the casino still plans to hold its grand opening thursday but for many who have been waiting today was a good chance to see if the casino was worth a trip back. >> it's good we'll be back. >> he told me, get dressed, we're going. i didn't argue that. >> she loves the casino. >> i've been a waiting for this. we go to delaware, we don't have to if as far. >> it's finally in maryland, finally. >> reporter: tony marsala, abc2 news. >> the casino is open from
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8:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. everyday. in addition to slots the casino also features several choices for guests looking to grab a bite to eat as well as a gift shop. in democracy 2010 -- the campaign for control of congress is getting tough. with just weeks to go until voting democrats find themselves running as the underdogs. former president bill clinton is lending his popularity to democrats once again. he's campaigning in the once solid blue states of connecticut and massachusetts. he's using republicans' personal histories from tax records to divorce filings in an unusually and harsh attack ad. >> this is what you do when you are running behind in the polls. you have to make the race about the other guy. >> republicans have launched a war room of their own. a shadow campaign called crossroads gps, once again gop
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strategist karl rove assembled this. robert ehrlich launched his first attack campaign television ad this weekend. in the new spot, ehrlich takes on governor o'malley in the bge rate hikes. it calls out the governor for failing to deliver on a 2006 campaign pledge to stop a 72% increase in electric bills. the ad also claims that o'malley gave the bureaucrat to approve the increase, a huge raise. some tense moments for senator -- arizona senator john mccain after a televised debate last night. as he was leaving a protester waving a sign jumped in front of him chanting. a member of the senator's security team tackled the woman to the ground where she kept chanting and yelling to the
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camera. she's among a group of peace activists upset about mccain's stance regarding fighting in iraq and afghanistan. the debate was the only televised meeting ahead of election day for him. the presidential panel investigating the bp oil spill met today for the first time in washington. earlier this month bp permanently killed the well and drained the worst oil spill in u.s. history, nearly five million barrels of oil leaked into the gulf of mexico. the spill created both an environmental and public relations disaster. the president's national incident commander says there was confusion over who was really in charge. a routine flight suddenly turned shocking over the weekend. when one of the plane's wheels couldn't come down and the crew made the announcement that passengers dread most. the sights and sounds of emergency landing all caught on camera. tj winick tells us some 60 travelers have now quite a
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story to tell. >> reporter: after walking away from delta airlines flight 4951 unhert saturday night passengers were practically pinching themselves. >> i don't know. i'm just really happy to be here. >> reporter: just a short time before, cell phone video captured the mood on board the crippled plane as some passengers prayed, others cried. the pilots prepared for emergency landing. >> 4951, i understand you have a -- your right gear stuck? >> the right gear is stuck up. the other two are down. >> reporter: looking for longer runways the pilots diverted in white plains in suburban new york to jfk airport in queens. >> >> i really think the pilot did an incredible job. >> reporter: not knowing his own fate passenger alessandro still managed to shoot the video throughout the ordeal.
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>> we were hoping to film it hoping my battery stays alive long enough and i got it. >> reporter: a warning from the pilot and orders from the flight attendant. >> heads down, stay down! >> reporter: turns out it was a textbook landing. touchdown on the left gear, then slowly the right wing lowered. sparks flew as it scraped the runway but no flames or fire. plawdz -- [ applause ] >> reporter: today the pilot of the jet is being hailed a hero. >> delta is currently working with the faa and the national transportation safety board to ininvestigate the landing gear problem. tj winick, abc news, new york. two of the country's biggest low-fair airlines are joining forces, southwest will buy airtran in a $1.4 billion deal. it moves southwest into 37 new cities. it already carries more passengers than any other u.s. airline. one change though passengers will like, southwest says it won't keep airtran's baggage
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fees. airtran currently charges $20 for passengers' first checked bag and $25 for the second. the merger is set for 2012. tonight, hollywood is mourning the loss of actress gloria stewart nominated as an oscar for her role as a survivor in "titanic." she died last night in her los angeles home. she starred in b movies as well as mainstream ones like "the invisible man." she acted occasionally in later years and was picked to be the elderly survivor portrayed by kate winslet as a young woman. stewart was 100 years old. some sad news tonight from the national aquarium in baltimore. shiloh, a 31-year-old atlantic bottle nose dolphin died following a yearlong illness. shiloh was euthanized at the aquarium where she lived since 1993. she was treated for an iron
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storage disease and series of illnesses. an aquarium spokesperson says shiloh was the second oldest dolphin at the aquarium behind manny, who was 38. shiloh gave birth to chesapeake and mia who are still at the aquarium and is the grandmother of 2-year-old bailey. a 16-year-old is recovering after being struck in a hit-and-run crash in anne arundel county. all new at 5:30, how you can help police find the driver. and, a police officer finds himself in hot water tonight after handcuffing a 15-year- old boy involved with his stepdaughter. we'll show you why prosecutors say the officer abused his authority. it's "think pink" week. tips on how to ensure you are getting the best breast care. >> glen burnie currently 74 degrees tonight. wyett has a complete look at the soggy forecast coming up. [ music throughout ] [ male announcer ] looking for a complete picture of your money?
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when you've been diagnosed with breast cancer getting the right care is essential. abc2 news linda so has five ways to ensure you're getting the best care to try and beat the disease. >> i knew immediately i had breast cancer. >> reporter: stacey kean knows how frightening it is to be diagnosed with breast cancer. she was in her 40s when her routine mammogram detected a cancerous tumor. >> it gives a new intensity to your life. you realize your days are precious. >> reporter: as a radiologist stacey was used to helping women find good medical care. now as a patient she had to learn how to do that for herself. >> one big piece of advice is don't be afraid to get a second opinion. you're not going to hurt your doctor's feelings. any good doctor is fine with that. and, you want to find somebody you're comfortable with. you don't want to feel intimidated. you want to feel comfortable, able to ask any questions. >> reporter: second, once you found the right doctor, don't feel pressured to make a decision about your treatment right away. >> take your time, don't feel
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rushed into any decisionmaking. your doctor will discuss all the potential consequences, all the possibilities for treatment. and it can be an overwhelming array of things. >> reporter: third, don't be afraid to ask four help. >> many good breast centers have nurse navigators who will take you through this array of findings and lab tests and results and help you through the maze. >> reporter: fourth, reach out to family and friends for support. >> as women we're used to just kind of caretaking for others but there's a time to let yourself be taken care of. >> reporter: fifth, keep a positive attitude. for stacey, that meant keeping up with her martial arts and staying fit. she's written a book about her story of healing. >> i remember sitting there during my last chemotherapy session and asking my oncologist, ok, so when can i start sparring again? that gives you the fighting
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spirit. that was very important to me. >> reporter: linda so, abc2 news. >> tomorrow on "good morning maryland" we're going to talk about what you can do to reduce the risk of getting breast cancer. all this week we are going to be thinking pink. heads up to the big race. covering all sorts of breast cancer-related stories throughout the week. tune in all day tomorrow for our call to breast health. i'll be interviewing medical experts from med star health about beating breast cancer and treatment. it's all part of our extensive "think pink" week leading up to the coverage of komen maryland race for the cure. the race itself is set for sunday, october 3rd in hunt valley. abc2 news will be live on the air broadcasting from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. you can still register for the big race. just head to our web site at when you get there click on the lifestyle tab and then "think pink." look at you even bringing out your pink.
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>> hey, you got to support the cause, kelly. it's going to be a huge sunday coming up. we're looking forward to that. weather looking much cooler but drier toward the weekend. i know you like that. but, none of that tonight. muggy and extremely rainy and still still a chance for flooding later tonight with another wave of rain. let's check it out on maryland's most powerful doppler radar. we've got it in motion. you can see skies generally clearing out nicely for the evening rush. good timing on that. there's heavier rain off to the west but at the moment rain down on the eastern shore, down toward, oh, we'll see cambridge, then more rain back out into western maryland, mainly frederick west into the higher terrain but there's more rain building off to the south. we'll show you that in a second. flash flood watch and advisories, a couple of warnings up toward york. then flash flood watch in effect for just about all of maryland, central counties, then coastal flood advisory along the immediate coast of the chesapeake. let's look at our harbor cam. you can see, actually right now
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the rain let up but still an overcast sky there. temperature-wise, 75. humidity high, nearly 80%. relative humidity, it's a muggy night. winds southeast at 8 miles per hour. look at some of these rainfall totals so far. numbers a little jammed but i wanted to get as many as i could on here. almost an inch in edgemere. higher totals, inch and a half plus toward glenwood and rockville. more than two inches in northern carroll county. there toward manchester. there were some very heavy showers out there earlier today. impressive rainfall totals, eastern shore a little less. high temperatures today, running into the upper 70s, annapolis 77. harbor 78. and frederick 75. winds gusty, too, with the rain we've had. it's a muggy wind blowing out of the south right now. again, this lull in the action not expected to last too much longer because, as we look further south, you can kind of see the scenario going on here. a lot of heavy rain across
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eastern carolina and that's going to continue to surge up and move into maryland here. there is more rain building off to the south. this area of low pressure, really the culprit. continuing to spin and churn up that very heavy rain. zooming in a little, showing you our futurecast, we expect heavy rains to be on and off through the overnight hours here. more rain comes up from the south. as we go into tuesday here we clear things out. looks like some showers early tomorrow. then we'll dry out tomorrow night. and then as we go into wednesday we start off dry but we may end wet. as more rain comes up out of the south. wednesday night into thursday morning. so there's multiple chances for rain here. it's been a very dry late august into early september but looks like things are finally starting to turn around on the rain front. 69 tonight. rain with a flood watch. some of these showers coming from the south, heavy at times. tomorrow the 2-degree guarantee, 79. scattered showers, especially early in the day. breezy and muggy, finally tomorrow night we begin to dry
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out as the showers come to an end. down into the upper 60s, but changes on the way as we go into the 7-day forecast here. it looks like wednesday night into thursday another round of rain will be likely. then finally drying things out toward the end of the week. fresh cool fall air arrives for the the komen weekend ahead. more on that coming up. >> thank you. if you are thinking of places to retire, don't stay here in maryland. according to the web site maryland is the fifth worst state to retire. the reason for the low ranking, high cost of living, high local and state taxes and violent crime. so where are the best places to spend your golden years? new hampshire, number one, followed by hawaii. of course. what is not to love about hawaii? if you drive a hyundai sonata, listen up, why that vehicle is being recalled. plus, acupuncture has been used for healing in china for 3, 000 years but in tonight's "health alert," why it's not effective
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for stroke. bob ehrlich pretends to be for the working guy... but he's not on our side. i thought i knew bob ehrlich, but then i found out... he raised property taxes on every maryland family... and business. he increased college tuition... by 40%. 40%. and i thought i knew bob ehrlich. he was against raising the minimum wage.
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made $2.5 million... working for a lobbying firm. $2.5 million? he's not really on my side. with this tough economy, we really need a governor on our side.
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in tonight's "health alert" -- acupuncture has been used in china for more than 3,000 years as a treatment for a variety of ailments. a new study found acupuncture was not effective in treating stroke rehab. here's dr. timothy johnson. >> reporter: acupuncture has become a popular alternative to traditional medicines and procedures. while the eastern practice is often used as supplemental treatment, in stroke rehabilitation, it has been difficult to rate its effectiveness. researchers from south korea and the united kingdom reviewed 10 studies that included more
5:26 pm
than 700 patients treated with acupuncture after suffering a stroke. they found the majority of the studies did not show a substantial benefit. from acupuncture. data measures included neurological deficit, quality of life, motor recovery, daily routines and adverse events. because most of the studies had a small number of participants scientists are not completely ruling out acupuncture as a viable treatment. but say a larger more rigorously designed study is needed to properly measure its effectiveness. with this "medical minute," i'm dr. timothy johnson. also in our "health alert" -- a new study finds vision problems among baltimore school students may often go uncorrected even though that vision screening is required by law by students in the first through eighth grades. the report says uncorrected vision is leaving many students at a disadvantage in the classroom. imagine living in a house that can think for itself. at least one that makes that
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morning cup of coffee even before you get up. new at 5:30 -- a look at the high-tech future of homes. tax on everything you buy? that's in andy harris' unfair tax plan. 23% sales tax. a 23% sales tax will cut my business in half. would be devastating. andy harris' 23% sales tax absolutely makes no sense. 23% sales tax would really make things unaffordable. that's too high for the average american out here. i don't know how we would manage it really. don't like that idea. we can't afford andy harris' idea. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message.
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[ announcer ] complete opposites...] in complete harmony. introducing the sport hybrid. [ engine revving ] ♪ [ dance rock ] ♪ hey ♪ [ woman vocalizing ] the combination only honda could engineer. the all-new cr-z sport hybrid. ♪ [ woman vocalizing ] we begin with a live look at the baltimore inner harbor, gray skies tonight following some fall showers and tornado warnings. good evening, i'm joce sterman. it's a wet evening in charm city. that is expected to be the theme


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