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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  September 28, 2010 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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county. rain extends through baltimore and heavier rain from route 50 and anne arundel county. it will swing through and we have a flood watch until 8:00 a.m. the potential of heavy rain will start to taper off probably after the morning commute and then we'll look for some sun but an isolated thunderstorm and our 2-degree guaranteed high of 79. the roads are wet yet again. let's check the roads with kim brown. >> yes, the roads are wet so drivers definitely should be advised to keep your suppose down a little bit as you you make your way around the area. reports of a second crash in middle river, old eastern avenue near hair rison. and middle river, kingston continues to be closed between eastern boulevard and hawthorne road. northbound northbound 95, no problems or delays between route 100 and 195. heads up, in western howard county, wires down in marriottsville at old frederick road and marriottsville road. the beltway looking good, no
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delays between i-70 and i-95 on the outer loop. that is six minutes. here we are at route 50, coming across the bay bridge, a nice steady stream of volume but no problems or delays approaching 97 or headed to the capitol beltway. back to you. 6:01. license, registration and put the camera down. that was quite a traffic stop in harford county. got a lot of publicity because the guy who was pulled over used his video camera to record the stop. that brushed up against the law. abc2 news linda so tells us what happened. >> reporter: it started as a simple traffic stop. when the 24-year-old motorcyclist was pulled over for speeding by a state trooper in an unmarked car. anthony graber first thought he was being robbed and started to videotape the state trooper. then posted it on youtube. that prompted state police to charge him with three felony wiretapping counts. the state's attorney planned to take him to trial but a circuit court judge dropped the charges essentially dismissing the
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case. graber's attorney says the ruling means recording police on the job is not a crime in maryland. >> this seemingly minor traffic encounter has turned into something that raises very important questions about what it means to live in a democracy. >> reporter: the state's attorney has the option to appeal. meanwhile, a spokesman for the state police says if a trooper encounters a video camera in the future they will allow the recording to continue. in the studio, linda so, abc2 news. 6:02. the johns hopkins doctor shot in the stomach a week and a half ago is out of the hospital. a local publication reports that dr. david cohen was released last night. 50-year-old paul warren pardis shot the doctor after telling him about his doctor's diagnosis. he then shot his mother before shooting himself. no word on when the doctor will return to work. building inspectors will be all over west baltimore today trying to determine what caused a building to collapse.
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city rescue crews went out, were called to druid hill avenue and laurens street around 3:30 yesterday afternoon. fire rescue crews were digging through the debris looking for survivors. after police received initial reports there was a woman standing near the building when it came down. >> we heard a loud boom, boom. that was it. my daughter seen it fall. >> reporter: rescuers found no evidence anyone was inside or hurt. police are searching for the driver of a car who hit this teenager. he was riding his bike in anne arundel county, sean hahn was riding with friends this weekend along sunrise beach road in crownsville. police say that is when he was hit by a maroon gmc sierra pickup truck. sean is in stable condition at shock trauma. anyone with information about the driver or the pickup truck should call anne arundel county police right away. it was our goal to fly to sarasota for $22. we thought southwest and airtran would battle it out.
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we got it down to $59 but now what? abc2 news sherrie johnson live at the airport. could the airfare war be over? let's find out. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. some big news out of bwi marshall international airport. two major airlines plan to merge. that's right. southwest plans to buy airtran for a reported $1.4 billion. and bwi marshall is the airline's largest east coast hub. the two carriers serve 70% of the passengers flying in and out of bwi marshall. the deal will move southwest into 37 new cities. and with the competition of airtran now gone some passengers fear that the fares will eventually go up. >> we like southwest because they don't charge for bags. we usually also fly airtran because of the price. >> it was my first thought when i heard of the merger. we're losing a competitor. i'm concerned about rates. >> reporter: we are told that this deal will not be finalized
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until 2012. reporting live at bwi marshall, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. we want to know what you think. the story is posted on facebook. leave your comments on how you think this is going to affect airline prices. you may see your comments on the air. just head to then click on the bottom of the home page to go to our facebook page. 6:05. the doors are open at maryland's first casino. the hollywood casino in perryville officially began welcoming guests yesterday. three days ahead of schedule. the official grand opening is planned for thursday but a lot of people checked it out yesterday. >> something to make perryville grow a little bit. bring the people into town. helps lower our taxes a little bit. >> it is exciting. very exciting. don't have to drive to delaware anymore. >> the casino created 350 full time jobs, now open from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. everyday. 6:06. the kids are probably tired of
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the school lunches by now. >> coming up, we have some quick and simple ways to make them a little more healthy so your kids will enjoy them. plus, thinking pink all week long. we have tips for you on how to help lower your risk of breast cancer. >> and things are cooling down around here but some folks are not feeling it in their neck of the woods. time to get you back to work. every wednesday on "good morning maryland" we put three video resumes on the air. you've seen them. send an e-mail to with a microsoft word tornado watchment. we'll call you to come in and tape a 20-second video pitch. we'll put it on the air and our web site. now let's go to new york for the latest in business news. >> good morning. we begin your "moneyscope report" with southwest airlines planning to buy airtran. the deal would move southwest into 37 new cities, southwest plans to drop airtran's bag fees when the airlines combine in 2012. banking giant jp morgan apparently wants a refund. according to "the wall street
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journal" jp morgan told the fdic it wants to recoup the money it used from assets of washington mutual. new figures from the census show the biggest gap on record between the rich and the poor in the u.s., the census found that 20% of americans with the highest income earned nearly 50% of the nation's wages. those under the poverty line earned about 3%. ben & jerry's is dropping the phrase "all natural" from containers. the ice cream isn't changing but a watch dog group said some ingredients don't qualify as all natural.
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6:10. for all you women out there listen up. there are decisions you can make now to lower your risk for breast cancer. abc2 news linda so has five prevention tips. take a look. >> reporter: when it comes to breast cancer, interest are earn risk factors -- there are certain risk factors that women can't control like family history and age but there are things you can do to reduce risk. first, a healthy diet and exercise can go a long way. >> try to maintain a healthy lifestyle as well as a healthy weight. that includes exercising.
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we suggest that if you exercise four or more times a week that actually, that will reduce your risk of breast cancer. especially in women who are premenopausal. >> reporter: dr. garrett ray with veteran affairs says the second thing you can do is reduce how much alcohol you drink. >> if you are drinking seven or more a week it significantly increases your risk of breast cancer. >> reporter: third, talk to your doctor about hormone replacement therapy. it can actually increase your risk for breast cancer. >> many women are prescribed it for menopausal systems. if you are taking it discuss to -- with your provider other options. >> reporter: fourth, there are certain drugs out there that could reduce risk. >> one of the medications is reloxifie, given to women with osteoporosis. we found it reduces risk of breast cancer as well. >> reporter: fifth, pay attention to changes in your health.
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regular self-breast exams can detect potential problems. talk to your doctor about mammograms. >> in terms of early detection that truly saves lives. >> reporter: linda so, abc2 news. >> tomorrow on "good morning maryland," five ways to help a friend who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. today baltimore goes pink to support race for the cure and breast cancer awareness month. today, baltimore county executive jim smith will host a pink pep rally at the old court -- i said that right? >> pink pep rally. >> thank you. conference room 118. pink balloons and pink cheerleaders, to find a cure for breast cancer. that starts today at 3:00. just a reminder, we're getting set for the race for the cure. you know it's sunday, october 3rd. you know abc2 news is with you. we'll be live on the air to broadcast the event, sunday from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. we'll be out there, megan will be at the starting line. you'll be saying hello. >> even high fives. >> walkers.
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>> absolutely. >> to register head to our web site at when you get there, click on the lifestyle tab and then "think pink." 6:13. we're looking at orange on the map now. it's about the warm muggy weather spilling up the eastern seaboard ahead of this storm system and there's more to deal with this morning. 72 from baltimore through easton to ocean city. 70 york but 60s back towards hagerstown where they are getting hit with heavy rain. it just passed through. the rain starting to ease up. i wouldn't be surprise if no knocksy in frederick starts to flood out, that is usually the first one to go. heavy rain north of taneytown and just to the west side of westminster. 40 east is going to get wet. finksburg, it swings your way but taneytown has been getting turned on the last -- dumped on
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the last half-hour. that stuff continues to move through. wrapping around low pressure that is sitting on back towards our west. continues to pump in the warm air. the dry air swings through here by late morning and midday. we'll try to turn partly sunny, at least the skies will turn marlins and there will be an isolated thunderstorm that pops up in the afternoon. but the whole pattern stays with us, wrapping around this low pressure, notice the cloud band trying to slide from the north. that will be a cool weather setup into the weekend, before that can happen we take tropical moisture up this front and that is actually going to bring another round of heavy rain on top of us for thursday. then we spill in the chill for the weekend. our forecast model indicating the rain this morning, a wet commute, take the umbrella, light rain jacket but we'll try to turn partly sunny as the rain shifts east in the afternoon. then the front slides to the south of ocean city by tomorrow morning. however, while we start dry we're actually going to build that moisture back. watch wednesday night and then thursday, heavy rain begins to
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move back in. we could wind up with another two to four inches of rain in addition to flooding potential, at least on thursday. by friday and the weekend we get a chance to dry out once again. our 2-degree guarantee today gets to us 9. that comes with -- gets to 79. that comes with the morning rain. tonight we slip back into the 50s. clouds return, maybe rain tomorrow night but the real rain is thursday, mid-70s. then we drop back friday, our weekend much cooler, sun and partly cloudy afternoon both days. expecting highs in the mid-60s and lows in the 40s. that means sunday morning, hunt valley race for the cure, bundle up. it will be a little cool but not that slush and snow we had to deal with last year. let's check the roads with kim brown. >> thank you. the chill, you make that sound good.
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not looking forward to the cold weather. traffic, we're dealing with several incidents, including a handful of road closures. first, the beltway on the west side at liberty road. you'll see traffic starting to build, build not heavy volume now. the roads are a little slick so drivers, take it easy out there. we have an accident in howard county, 95 southbound, the ramp getting on to eastbound route 32 is closed because of a crash there. more possible lane blockages as well, expect police on scene. in baltimore city, we have reports of possibly another building collapse. that has oakfield avenue closed between norfolk avenue and fairview avenue. use wolcott as an alternate. on the outer loop, reports of an accident at 795, that may have already been cleared but just keep an eye open for that. in middle river, a pair of crashes, one still has kingston road closed between eastern boulevard and hawthorne road. another accident reported in a
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residential area, old eastern boulevard near harrison avenue and out in western howard county, down wirings in the roadway has old frederick road closed between marriottsville road and cove wood lane. use the baltimore national pike to get around that. 6:17. your kids have been in school a month now and chances are they are already worn out on the lunches. fear not. not only can you make them fun but they can be healthy, too. here's susan. >> reporter: chips and bologna and take that, prepackaged snacks. school lunches can be fun and good for you. it only takes a little imagination. >> a good meal consists of four parts. whether it's for a packed school lunch or a dinner. a protein. a whole grain. a fruit or vegetable and a heart-healthy oily fat or nut. there are several great snacks you can add to your lunch box. one would be these seasonal grapes. the concord grapes are loaded
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with antioxidants. these little cherry tomatoes taste like candy. slice these in half. they add beautiful color and a sweet flavor. i recommend you just cut up vegetables because when vegetables are cut up and grabbable and mixed together the children are more likely to eat them. a really fun he will metropolitan of any -- element of any meal or salad is nuts. it's a great way to get a heart-healthy oil into your diet and your child's diet but it's also tasty and crunchy. then we need something to put it all in. a good insulated lunch box with an ice pack inside. to keep it nice and cool. >> reporter: good healthy suggestions for healthy school year. for today's "health minute," i'm susan hendricks. your kids love them, the happy meals. >> if lawmakers get their way the fun-loving toys may not be in the next kids' meal. >> go ahead. >> no. >> go ahead. >> they danced the night away.
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and which celebrity will be given the boot later tonight? >> all this week we're telling you "think pink." we're covering breast cancer-related stories throughout the week. be sure to tune in all day for our call to breast health from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. part of our expensive coverage leading up to the komen maryland race for the cure. >> what a lot of women don't know is 90% of breast cancer are not hereditary. mine was the hereditary type but most of them are not. so no woman can feel safe that she is not going to get breast cancer. when i was 12 years old my mother died of breast cancer at the age of 37. so, ever since then i was 12, ever since then i have been acutely aware of breast cancer. i started to get mammograms at age 30. and i've had normal mammograms all these years until two and a half years ago. when i had an abnormal
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mammogram. i like to tell people about that one because it was one year and five days after a previously normal mammogram. so, i like to tell women how important it is to continue getting mammograms every year and when they say one year they really mean one year. you shouldn't be waiting any longer. after my diagnosis i was extremely eager to do volunteer work for komen. i tell people, my message today, remember four words, one year, five days. if you don't remember anything i tell you today just remember that.
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topping our entertainment news. legendary actress deplora stuart passed away. she broke into films in the 1930s and made a major comeback in the 1997 james cameron film "titanic." she played the older version of kate winslet's character, rose. she once received a star on the
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hollywood walk of fame. in 2000. she passed away sunday. she was diagnosed with lung cancer five years ago. wyclef jean has been hospitalized for exhaustion. the star checked into the hospital over the weekend. his rep says that the stress and fatigue from his failed bid for haiti's presidency is to blame. will there be another harry potter adventure? what do you think? >> yes. >> i think so. many questions facing jk rowling today as oprah, the queen of talk, talks to her from her home in scotland. we'll find out all about it. week two of "dancing with the stars." bristol palin was the night's final performer collecting 22 out of 30 points for her quick step. her mom was in the audience. she had only good things to say about her daughter's competitors. talking about their courage and exuberance. tonight is elimination night. which celebrity will get the boot? we'll find out when the show airs, 9:00 on abc2. a teenager taking advantage
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of the nice weekend weather went to the beach. >> then to the hospital. 51 stitches later, what he says is lurking in the water and it won't stop him from going back into the ocean. four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle class marylanders do. but now it can make you more connected to your doctor through e-mail. test results from home.
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check records. change appointments. now doctors, nurses, techs, pharmacists are all digitally connected to each other. and ultimately connected to you. at kaiser permanente, we believe that if knowledge is power, shared knowledge is even more powerful. kaiser permanente. thrive. old gibbs canning company. shared knowledge is even more powerful. today these factories are full of dot com businesses. and now my job is helping maryland create new economy jobs. training new math and science teachers investing in our institutions of excellence pioneering new cyber security jobs and giving an old gm plant a jump start building electric motors. i'm barbara mikulski. i approve this message so you'll know i'm fighting for you.
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linda so - so we're good. let's toss to it weather. >> justin berk. >> good morning to you. you may be saying row, row this morning as you work your way through carroll county. heavy rain had already pushed throughh taneytown to
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frederick. we'll have partial clearing through lunchtime but an isolated thunderstorm pops up again in the afternoon. more rain and heavier rain may move back in thursday. on maryland's most powerful doppler radar you can see the red and orange from frederick to tawnytown, westminster now getting moderate rainfall. still heavy back towards frederick moving east. and reisterstown around the beltway has become a little wet. we're dealing with wet roads, that line of rain extends to the west side of dc and more through southern maryland. we'll have to see if that band can enhance a little bit but needless to say it's making things wealth, -- wet. with the rain we've already had there's a flash flood watch in effect. an isolated thunderstorm could pop this afternoon with a partly sunny sky, 2-degree guaranteed high of 79. and get set for more rain by thursday. we'll talk about that in a bit. the wet roads starting to affect your morning drive


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