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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 9AM  ABC  September 29, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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good morning maryland at 9:00. >> hi megan. >> hi, birthday boy. jamie's 29th birthday. >> how about that? >> you look good. >> thanks. >> 5-1. >> oh my, that sounds hard! online resume, what's that about today? it's changed when you look for a job. the days of faxing it have gone by the way side. there are a lot of questions that come with it. he'll tell us how to get your resume noticed, keywords to use, what to do, how to send it, we have you covered on this back to work wednesday. >> we hear video resumes, right? >> absolutely. >> dancing for the arts up in harford county. david craig's in here. he talked about bringing the arts and bringing some dancing competition. we've got two beautiful people here, they'll show us the way.
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>> they have quite an art center there too. >> they do. >> the folks from wegmans are here, they'll be talking about apples. >> beautiful. >> honey crisp? >> i interviewed patricia heaton. from the middle right? >> absolutely. >> all that and more coming up. let's get to the top story of the day though. >> first we want to tell you about an anne arundel county police officer who performed cpr and got a 4-year-old to breathe again. he calls it part of his job. her dad says this officer is a hero. brooke bayne was at her dad's home in pasadena when she stopped breathing around 4:00 yesterday morning. alan bayne knew his daughter wasn't feeling well. the girl slept in his bed monday night. >> there's no question brooke bayne is daddy's little girl.
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she's alan bayne's only child. early tuesday morning he thought he lost her. panic set in when brooke was struggling for air and stopped breathing. >> the police officer came. >> reporter: corporal luke ringler was just a minute away from the pasadena home. the call from dispatch wasn't good. >> it came out of a death or unresponsive 4-year-old. >> corporal ringler says he was at the right place at the right time, but others, including county executive john leopold says he did something extraordinary, as a father of two young kids, ages 5 and 6, the officer says it was tough to put his emotions aside while performing cpr. >> just try to react appropriately and do what you'd hope anyone would do for their own child in that situation.
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she started gagging and gasping. she had that one big breath of air she sucked in and you can see color start coming back to her. >> when every second was crucial, alan bayne said there was another moment to corporal ringler to shine. >> he was listening to the paramedics and noticed the sound was going away from the house and he immediately called dispatch and told them they were going the wrong way. >> brooke's mom and dad are now at her bedside at university of maryland hospital for children. she was transferred out of icu into recovery. >> i'm glad he was there. i owe him a lot. >> life is fragile. you have to love them while you have them. >> sheryl connor reporting. corporal ringler says everyone should take the time to learn cpr. there's a happy ending to this
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story, she could be released from the hospital as early as today. i know the corporal said he was just doing his job, but if you're that father or mother, that guys a hero. >> the father was choked up. if anybody is uh, the baby with croup, that's one of the scariest things. good luck to that little 4-year-old, all right? let's look at weather right now. here he is, justin berk. good morning, justin. >> you're not going to like what you're about to see. we've been talking about the potential of building in rain. it comes from the potential of a tropical storm. this one is a unique situation. we could be watching tropical storm nicole form today, over cuba. tropical storm watches and warnings, basically from the keys up through southern florida counties. that could reach maryland and the chesapeake bay by thursday evening and thursday night. for us, that means the possibility of flooding range between 2 to 4 inches.
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on top of what we just had. there may be spots with higher amounts depending on where the rain bands set off. clouds trying to thicken up. we still do have a partly sunny sky across the area. 64 here in baltimore. imagine that mark in easton. mid- to upper 60s in southern maryland, cooler 50s to our northwest. as for the moisture, rain reaching southern maryland. perhaps a few sprinkles in caroline county. rain towards richmond and norfolk and further south. we'll be right along this boundary here. and the focal point of tapping into all this tropical moisture which extends through the carolinas, through florida. we've been watching the potential for tropical development here through southern florida today which would be nicole on the list. this is the pool of cool air that will spill in over the weekend. it helps to increase the flow. that'll take that storm and bring it here on top of us by tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow
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night. our forecast model really highlights this heavy rain in orange and red. you'll see that building in, not so much today with showers, but tomorrow morning by daybreak, we'll have heavy rain. there'll be spots of heavier rain embedded in the widespread rain shield across the chesapeake bay, central maryland and back towards the mountains. this will push itself towards the east. we'll get that dry line pushing towards baltimore. heavy rain may linger around the chesapeake bay, east of ocean city by friday morning. because of the wind flow, not so much the storm itself generating more than 40, 45 mile-per-hour winds, but the surge itself may come off the bay. we have the possibility of high tide floodings and in baltimore at fort mchenry, 11:57 tomorrow, just before the noon hour, we'll watch it again just after midnight, 12:44 on friday morning. we have ourselves thickening clouds today. holding our temperatures into
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the lower 70s. chance of showers will come during the afternoon. a lot of us will have some form of showers by this evening and tonight. heavier rains build by daybreak. the potential of that flooding. more on the extended forecast coming up. we have "dancing with the stars" here on abc2. harford county has dancing for the arts. >> coming up next: what celebrities will be hitting the dance floor for your votes to help raise money for the arts? >> we continue to think pink all week long. we have tips for you on how you can help a friend or loved one diagnosed with breast cancer. >> we continue to help you with your resume. tips to make sure your resume is online for any publications you have to fill out.
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komen maryland race for the cure just four days away. this sunday, hunt valley. thee weeks earlier than last year. abc2 news will be live on the air to broadcast the event. we'll start at 7:00, continue until 9:00 that morning. if you'd like to take part, there's still time to sign up. head to our website at when you get there, look at the top of the page, click on lifestyle tab, scroll to the right and click think pink. many of us have been personally touched by breast cancer. perhaps you're a survivor or going through the battle right now or you know someone who is. all of us have the same question, how can i help? what do i do? linda sow has five ways to help a friend diagnosed with breast cancer. >> reporter: breast cancer is a
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tough battle to fight alone. but when you have support from family and friends, it can make a big difference. >> a lot of breast cancer survivors and people going through treatment want to be as independent as they can be and so it's often difficult to ask for help. so simply being present and say "i'm here to help you" there'll be times when you're fatigued, whatever you need, let me know. >> susan appling helps breast cancer patients. just being there to help with everyday chores around the house is one way to help. second, relaxation and exercise can go a long way. >> fatigue is a big problem. one of the best ways to help your friends to fight fatigue is to plan times that are relaxing so you can help her with that and to plan times to exercise. we don't mean going to the gym exercise, but just getting out the 15, 20, 30 minutes to walk. >> third, offer emotional
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support. >> saying you don't have to keep up the strong front for me. it's okay when you're feeling down, just let it out. i'm here for you. you need a good cry, please call me up, i'll come over, we'll do something. >> fourth, help your friend plug into support groups. >> there are so many resources out there for breast cancer survivors, um, and to reach out, not just to family and friends and medical profession, but also to a myriad of support groups that are available within the community and online. >> and fifth, there'll be a lot of doctor appointments, offer to drive your friend there and stay with her for support. linda sow, abc2 news. >> all right, you just watched "dancing with the stars" last night, now we get to watch dancing with the arts. how are you linda? >> i'm doing great. great to be here. very excited.
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greater leaders in harford county, the hottest event in harford. >> this is the third year we've done this. pays a lot of money, right? >> yes, yes. center for the arts in harford county. people need to call us and get their tickets. >> you can buy the tickets, show up and also you can go online, right? >> absolutely. they go online at 1 equals one vote. . >> first time out, first winner was: >> claudia hullman.
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>> last year? >> patty dresher. >> you're going to have a reunion kind of show, right? >> absolutely, some are coming back for the first time for an encore presentation at the end of the evening. >> i want to give you a sample. these celebrities are working with good dancers, right? >> absolutely. >> they're going through the training. >> here's debbie and tom. tom is a buddy of mine. dancing with friends. i want to show you some of the routines to see coming up on saturday night. bully rock, right? >> beautiful residents club. >> tom, debbie, you ready to dance? >> here's a number, we'll talk to them next. coming up. >> bully rock, dancing with the arts.
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tom and debbie, nice, nice job. tom, how are you sir? >> nice voice? that was me. >> three years you've been doing this now. >> still the same age. >> are they getting better and better? >> they're awesome. every year they're stepping up. have to step the show up, as you see on "dancing with the stars". every year, the show has to get better and better. a lot of pressure on debbie. >> take me through the process. >> we start at the very beginning, as we'd teach any student, doing rhythm drills, getting them to feel the beat, come up with the idea and pick the ideas that match each people, each client's personality. we have something over the top. >> "dancing with the stars", has your business prospered because of it? >> low impact exercise. we see all ages come to the
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ballroom now. >> we have two dancing with friends, right? >> let me put it up on the board again, coming up on saturday, beautiful bully rock, we're raising funds for the arts in harford county. we start at 6:30. two awards, right? the judge's choice and the top fundraiser, $1 equals one vote. go to www.centerfortheartsharford and find all the information you need. >> who's your celebrity? >> i have three of them right now. jim butcher is an artist in harford county. bill gandan and chris streep. >> all right, we'll be right back. stay with us.
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new to medicare? call or visit us online and get this free guide. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message. the real andy harris. buried in his website - a promise to replace the tax code with a 23% sales tax and eliminate the mortgage interest deduction. a bush tax panel said families would pay $6,000 more a year. a reagan tax advisor calls it a very dumb idea. but that's not his only bad idea. harris was the only senator to vote against expanding the child care tax credit and against the state's cancer treatment program. andy harris' extreme ideas will cost us. all right, we're saying happy birthday to all of you who are celebrating a birthday today. it says get back to work, but don't get back to work until we wish you a happy birthday. happy birthday to our very own
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jamie costello. jamie was born and raised in baltimore, featured there with his lovely daughter lauren. you know the tootsie rolls come back. happy birthday. >> thank you, all right, here we go, if you're having a birthday, send it to we'll give you all the publicity you need. happy birthday. let's take a look at our events of the day. >> okay. >> saturday we have a farm fest going on. glen arm, we're celebrating all things local. we're kicking off by local for the holidays. we have music, games, raffles, 12:00 to 5:00. it's about 15 minutes off the beltway, okay? once upon a time, this place to be was barnes & noble, ellicot city. head to montgomery road.
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barnes & noble there. there's a number to call on your screen, starting tomorrow, every thursday, friday and saturday until october 30th, 11:00 a.m. they have a kid-friendly event. children telling stories. if you want more information, give them a call, that's every thursday and saturday, 11:00 a.m. until the end of october. if #y0u6b something happening in your community, we'd love to mention it on the air. tell us what's going on e-mail us personally or send an e-mail to when it comes to applying for work now, more and more companies want you to apply online. what you need to do to make sure your resume is ready for the internet. >> we are taking a religious test. it's back to religion 101. how did we fair and do we know all there is to know about religion? we have a pop quiz coming up for you. also ahead, if you love
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apples, who doesn't love apples. what kind of apples you need to be picking. there's a large variety. we'll take a look at folks from wegmans when we come back.
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all right, it's time to get you back to work. for those looking for work, you found us on good morning maryland at 9:00, we're working for you. we've asked you to submit your resume to us and then we feature those looking for work online and right here on wednesdays. here's wednesday and here's a look at this week's job hunters. >> hello, i'm mark and have a solid background in it. i've worked for major corporations and non-profits. i've been involved in hiring and training of new employees and various software and internet services. i'm looking for positions as network administrator. if you're looking for a team player, contact me at the address on the screen. >> my name is eleanor. i have a degree in interior design and sophisticate in business. personal assistant in the
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service industries. i'm currently looking for a secretarial or personnel assistant position that i can utilize my education skills. thank you very much. >> all right, if you would like to send us your resume, e-mail us at we'll call you to come in and tape a 20-second video pitch. we'll put your resume on air and online. log onto and click on the money tab at the top of the homepage, click on back to work. no doubt about it, looking for a job isn't what it used to be. now you e-mail your resume and wonder if it's going into the worldwide abyss. the author of networking for the novice, tom, thank you so much for coming in. >> thank you for having me. >> you wrote a book on this, you teach this and you're basically a professional resume writer. you have great advice. the one thing you said, the
9:29 am
first thing you should do is save the text, what do you mean by that? >> many people, this job search is the first time they search for a job online, they go to the sites and they're posting their resume as requested and then they'll come across a site where it says "do you want to view the document?" the formatting's all taken out or it's changed quite a bit. most of the job sites will convert your text, what you want to do is save a version of your resume as a text document. whatever you're posting on a job board or applying online, cutting and pasting into an application, use that because you've already accounted for the changes, clean it up as nicely as possible. look at the right column, conversion in text, it will break it right in the middle of a word and move it down. that can be a typo. make sure, it's not going to
9:30 am
look at nice as a word document, but it'll be more presentable. you can see how much you can improve when you make the text conversion to text. >> don't employers sort of know that if you're e-mailing it anyway, it's not going to look at nice as a word document? >> nothing that's easier to read is going to connect better with them. >> speaking of reading, you said keywords, that's another thing. >> job boards now, there's such competition, okay, it's wednesday, a job that got posted monday, most people probably have 700 resumes in a data bank. the way they'll narrow the list down is do keyword searches. you have to make sure in your resume you have the keywords that they would likely be searching with. so, first thing to look at is the requirements for the job. that'll be that say, top secret polysecurity clearance. have that in your resume the
9:31 am
exact wording they have. look at the announcement you're responding to. keep a look at all the typical jobs you might respond to. what are the buzz words you see often. outline any software you know, specifically, i get, accounting and planning recruiters. there's a ton of accounting software packages out there. some people put on their resume, familiar with numerous accounting packages. list them. if you don't have word, excel or access spelled out, your resume won't get seen. >> you said update or refresh things quite often. >> well, um, recruiters, if a recruiter searching a database on wednesday knows the last time they searched was sunday, rather than seeing the resumes again, they're going to program their search to only share the new as of what sundays day was.
9:32 am
so basically, each day you have one posts on there, each place you do. once, or every few days, go back and make an adjustment or two. maybe change and a to a the somewhere. >> we ran out of time but you said get a linked in profile and google yourself. >> anybody looking to hire is going to google you, see what's there and linkedin allows more employers to search for you in a less competitive environment if they're not looking to, people don't understand. employers don't want to get, have to scroll through several hundred resumes. they want a method of searching that can bring people to them easier. >> great, tom where can people find your book or get in touch with you? >> amazon, >> jamie? >> when's the last time you
9:33 am
googled yourself. uh, forget it. dave's here from wegmans. we're talking apples with the arrival of fall. coming up, dave will have the best of the best. cooking for free. plus: it's time for a pop quiz. how well do you know your own religion or the religions of the world? another star is cast off the dancing floor, but what did michael bolton say about one of the judges before he left? how about the heavy rain? it looks closer than it really is on this particular advantage point. we wanted to show you the heavy rain in the carolinas spreading our way. it's just barely clipping st. mary's county. plan for wet weather to roll in. flooding rains tomorrow. we'll talk about that and more good morning maryland right after this.
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all right. he's the apple of our eye today, here he is, dave of perdue
9:37 am
produce. the guys from wegmans. look at the apples. it's primetime for apples, right? >> apples have been coming in, fresh off the farm, haven't been in refrigeration. they're very healthy for you. very delicious eating. they've been around since the 1600s. they were brought over by the pilgrims. there's over 8,000 different varieties of apples out there. >> is there a better apple than the honey crisp? >> no. as you guys will attest to. if you like a really sweet apple. honey crisps are the things to go after. >> you can't go back after you eat a honey crisp. >> it's really a preference what you like. some people like sweet, some people like a crunchy apple when they eat it. >> these are cooking apples aren't they?
9:38 am
>> empires. it depends on preference. empires are good for apple pies or tarts or something like that. they're sweet with a little bit of tartness to them. for the time being, empires are really the best. these are red delicious, one of the number one selling apples out there. they've been around since the beginning of time. they're one of the original varieties they had out there. everybody recognizes the bright red color, really sweet, not too tart. a lot of people like a sweet apple. they're still sweet. you can eat like two or three of these and not have any issues. >> what's in the bag? >> these are zestars. these are really delicious if you like a really tart apple. one of the hybrid apples they came out with. there's about 8,000 different varieties out there. only 100 are sold commercially, raised commercially and sold in mass quantity. everybody has to try different
9:39 am
varieties of apples. there's different varieties of macintosh, different varieties of red delicious out there. there's different levels of sugar in them. >> health benefits? >> off the charts. really good, tied to strengthening your heart. helping with your blood pressure. a lot of the nutrients, most of the nutrients are in the skin of the apples. most of nutrients are combined with the skin, so it's really important that you eat that. >> honey crisp. >> yep. >> all right. let me put the information up there. recipe on wegmans website. it'll be available this afternoon. >> all right. thanks, dave. >> apples have been around since the 1600s. >> yes. >> you've been around that long, it's your birthday. [laughter] >> all right, another star is taking off their dancing shoes. coming up: we'll see whose left
9:40 am
to compete for the trophy and who is are did to shake their tail feathers. we have the latest with "dancing with the stars". patricia heaton joins us to talk about her popular show the middle. and why she says there are many times her life has mirrored her character. we'll find out about that.
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it couldn't go the distance. it was elimination night on "dancing with the stars". another star hopes to win the trophy extinguished. the rest get ready for week three. we'll see who freaked out, who's already shaking it for next week. george has all the answers. >> michael and chelsea. >> for singer michael bolton, the dancing is done, but the singing isn't. he had to hop a plane to perform in concert in napa valley. his partner stayed behind to sing his praises. >> he was so much fun, such a joy to work with. he had so much great advice for me and uh, it was a close bond and hopefully something that will stay with us the rest of our lives. >> he's out here on tour, we
9:44 am
know how hard he was trying. >> he'll go on his merry way having a beautiful career, beautiful life and surrounded by people who feel like he was short-changed. >> one judge suggested rin tin tin could have done a better job than michael bolton. >> bruno was you know, inappropriate and disrespectful. other than that, it was a phenomenal experience up until now. i'm ready for the next one. >> the remaining contestants are ready to take on new dances that require telling a story along the way. >> we did the sound of music on stage. we'll do the wallets wallets -- waltz to eidelgeist.
9:45 am
. >> shake that junk. [laughter] >> pretty good. i think i can take the day off tomorrow. >> there'll be three different dances that celebrities will be tackling next week. and it's great to have patricia heaton joining us. >> hi, jamie, we um, our first episode was doris and i back together, battling it out. we seem to always be cast at nemesis on our shows. it was great to see her. >> you picked it right back up, didn't you? >> that's right, yeah. >> last season you worked with betty white, i was wondering is there somebody, in tv history,
9:46 am
all time, that you'd love to work with one more time? >> well, um you know betty is so great, doris is so great and i have always loved um, mary tyler moore and in fact, she presented me with my first emmy, i think. first or second emmy and she's such an icon and such a talent. i would love to work with her. >> how much are you loving working on the middle? >> well you know, to, to be on a show, such quality, so funny and the whole family can watch, it's just, the writing is terrific, i love my character, it so reflects what you know, families are going through today. both the parents are working, kids have all these activities at school, you're trying to juggle everything, find some balance, have a relationship with your husband, make money, it's a great reflection, with humor about american families today. >> how many moms are in their
9:47 am
living room watching your show saying "am i overprotective like that?" >> well you know, what i think is just great, frankie heck is going to make every mother in america feel much better about her own parenting skills when she sees how badly frankie does it. >> i want to bring up your book. motherhood and hollywood. how it get a job, just like mine, i love it when you say throw artwork away immediately. what are your tips to moms? >> i throw everything away immediately. i like to declutter. it sounds harsh, i think, there's only so many of those hand prints and cement that you can have hanging around the house, you know what i'm saying. >> you're a mother of four sons. >> i take a lot of, what happens to frankie on the show happens simultaneously to me while i'm filming the show. so when frankie's at work, but she's on the phone with the school, i'm at work shooting that scene being, and i'm also
9:48 am
on the phone with school. so it's a very sort of time/space/dimension freakout for me when i'm at work. i'm leading the exactly the same life as my character. >> keep up the great work. >> patricia heaton, star of the middle right here on abc. tonight on abc2 we start with patricia heaton's show the middle at 8:00. >> that is quite a run down, jamie, thank you very much. how well do you really know your religion? are you ready for a pop quiz? coming up: the answers might surprise you, why those who claim to be religious don't really know the religion as well as they thought they might. announcer ] have questions about medicare? new to medicare? unitedhealthcare medicare solutions can help give you the answers. call or go to now. we'll also send this helpful free guide.
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i'm looking for help paying for my prescriptions. [ male announcer ] that's a part d prescription drug plan. the information's in the guide. is there a plan that lets me choose my own doctor and manage my out-of-pocket costs each month? [ male announcer ] yes. you'll want to learn all about supplemental health insurance. i need something nice and easy. is there a single plan that combines medicare parts a & b with medical and drug coverage? [ male announcer ] you'll find medicare advantage plans can be both easy and affordable. what if i'm on a fixed income? [ male announcer ] if you're on medicaid and medicare, or in a nursing home, you may want information regarding special needs plans. so...have questions about medicare? new to medicare? call or visit us online and get this free guide.
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i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message. the real andy harris. buried in his website - a promise to replace the tax code with a 23% sales tax and eliminate the mortgage interest deduction. a bush tax panel said families would pay
9:51 am
$6,000 more a year. a reagan tax advisor calls it a very dumb idea. but that's not his only bad idea. harris was the only senator to vote against expanding the child care tax credit and against the state's cancer treatment program. andy harris' extreme ideas will cost us. taking a look at our glen burnie camera site here. we're clouding up already. 65 degrees. no rainfall yet, that'll change, no doubt about that. want to show you maryland's most powerful doppler radar. shift our focus down towards the
9:52 am
south. rain just clipping southern maryland. that last advantage point. people saying "is that rain really that close?" it depends on your perspective. most of the rain, southeast virginia just about to push through st. mary's and extreme southern calvert county. a lot of you highlighted the extent of the moisture going towards the south. i could show you the advantage point across the string and through cuba. highlight, at least the conveyor belt of moisture, we're continuing to watch the pool of cold air, one more piece of energy, helping to spin up an area of low pressure. others are just developing that tropical feed and shooting that well up towards north. if it gets a name or doesn't get a name, that next name on the list would be nicole. not about a major wind generator, maybe 40, 45 mile-per-hour winds. comes on shore, north carolina and south carolina. doesn't have the warm water to
9:53 am
feed off. just pumping in more water in our direction. most computer models really indicating our guide to about 2 to 4 inches of rain. possibility of embedded cells. whenever they develop. it's tough to pinpoint that until the storm gets going. we're getting up to 6 inches in some spots with the storm system. tomorrow is going to be the rain day. the heaviest of the rain probably in towards the afternoon and evening. as it tries to shift across the eastern shore and could linger on the del marva and peninsula. clearing dry day. we start building in more of those cooler temperatures over the weekend. we have this flood watch through the evening. this isn't an isabel event, this'll be a push of water. maybe tides running about 2 to 3 feet above normal.
9:54 am
11:57 tomorrow morning. running through about friday towards midnight. showers arriving late. gets heavy, towards daybreak. tomorrow aiming for temperatures in the lower 70s, after the heavy rainfall, gets out of here on friday, clearing skies. by saturday and sunday, highs dropping into the middle 60s. at least we're going to have dry weather this weekend. >> good for running, right? >> yes, great for running. >> get out the number two pencils, it's time for a pop quiz. 3400 americans were asked questions about religions around the world. >> mormons, muslims, agnostics, evangelicals. dan harris has results. >> reporter: america is one of the most religious countries on earth, but today's new poll shows that many of us struggle to answer basic questions about faith. even when we've just left mass. >> will you tell me the names of the first four books of the new
9:55 am
testament of the bible, the four gospels. >> mark, john, matthew-- >> you just went to mass and you don't know the four gospels. >> no. >> so what are the four gospels? matthew, mark, luke and john and fewer than half of americans got it right. in fact, out of 32 questions on this pop quiz on religion and public life, americans got, on average, 16 right. >> do you happen to know the name of the holy book in islam. >> koran. >> you're right. >> the highest scores? atheists and agnostics who got nearly 21 questions right on average as compared to white evangelical protest extents who scored 17.6 average. catholics got an average of 11.6 questions correct. >> what's the first book in the bible. >> genesis. >> where, according to the
9:56 am
bible, was jesus born? >> jerusalem. >> bethlehem. >> oh yeah, that's embarrassing. >> church leaders say they found the apparently low bible literacy troubling. >> we need a church that's strong, that knows its own holy book and is living according to it. >> the survey's authors say the poll doesn't mean americans are serious about their faith. but church leaders say it may mean it's now time to get back to basics. dan harris, abc news new york. >> we went online and took the pop quiz, how'd you do? >> i got five wrong. >> i got 10 right. >> all right. >> what did you make? she cheated. >> i didn't cheat. >> on the curve, i passed. >> the interesting thing about the quiz, and we'll put it up on the website if you're interested in taking it, it's a tell you, which answers what you got wrong
9:57 am
at the end of. that's what surprised me, which ones i got wrong. >> all right. very good, congratulations. >> don't be too proud, it's just a b-. >> i wanted the other three right. thank you for joining us. >> have a great day, we'll see you tomorrow on good morning maryland. >> today's jamie's birthday. happy birthday! nighttime nasal congestion meant, i couldn't breathe right.
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