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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  October 1, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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bel air road at mecker avenue closed in both direction as crews try to repir a sink hole. and 41 westbound at rosedale avenue closed in both directions because of flooding. baltimore city, downed trees has westbound northern parkway closed at falls road. falls road at smith and he closed for flooding. same at north point and cane street closed because of flooding and in could bysville down tree at warren and bosley road. looking at the drive times, on the big roadways you should be okay. hair-- harrisburg southway no problem on the top side. and jfk to northern parkway and here on the beltway at harford road, traffic looks pretty good. roads could be a little slick in some areas, but i know there's a bunch of other intersections affected by high water and downed trees i will have a complete list in a few moments. it's a minute after 5. the beautiful coble streets of fells point are pretty well.
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neighborhood saw flood and street closures after the wild weather. linda so is live with the big concern that came overnight. linda. >> reporter: well, everyone was watching and waiting what would happen when high tide hit. that came at around one this morning and i have pretty good news. the water that you see there is basically what you will see. the problem you will see here in fells point. in the last hour, we have been here, the water was higher but it is receding fast. we are at wolf and thame street in fells point. water was higher earlier but it's receding and for the most part, it locks like people are breathing a sigh of relief here. here's overnight video shot. all in all, the flooding could have been a lot worse. you dealing with some flooded streets, but the rain stopped. and that's the good news. here in fells point, this street was not built to handle more than four inches but that's what it got. cars were towed and people had to find other ways to get around and the mayor asked folks to use common sense and don't drive
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through puddles. >> not only to move the cars out of the fells point area, but to keep an eye on your basement. we have had reports of flooding which may be at risk. >> reporter: so again, even though the rain stopped, you will deal with some effects frft flooding. people could be dealing with some flooding in their homes or businesses. here again at wolf and thames street in fells point the road is blocked because of minor flooding. but this morning the water is receding fast. live in fells point, linda so abc2 news. all the flooding problems led to some of the schools to post delays here this morning. let's run them down. right now harford county public schools work on a two-hour delay. hart harford friend school opening at 10. monarch montesorri school is on a one-hour delay and rosedale baptist school in baltimore county is on a two-hour delay and to get the latest on the delays and the latest on the weather, right there on
5:03 am well the mayor of and a sis says today will be about the cleanup operation to get rid of the debris. flood waters washed into the streets. people are wading in the water up to their knees. hours of heavy rain overwhelmed the city dock. >> i don't think it's safe for anybody to be out here right now. >> workers lined the entrance of buildings with sandbags to keep water out. while you can dress it up or call it route one but all of us it will be blair roadch after a dirt road they named bel air road and as sherie johnson says, the old road broke down yesterday. all right, sherie. >> reporter: good morning. yes, it did. we are here off bel air road where there he a large sink hole. take a look behind me here. you can see that crews are really har at work. they have been out here for much of the night working hard to get this sing hole repaired to soap up the road here.
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now police closed bel air road at old forge lane for a three by five foot sink hole in the middle of the road. drivers should avoid the area and find alternate routes. officers say drivers can expect major delays for most of the morning as crews work to repair the road. i got to tell you, they are work at a pretty good pace out here this morning. they have been working around the clock here. you can see the guys out there standing looking at the sink hole. but they have been working pretty hard for much of the morning. and there's no word on when they will have it repaired and fixed, but i got to tell you, they are working very hard. but, again, if you traveling in the area, it's a good idea to follow the detours. and find an alternate route. reporting live from perry hall, sherrie johnon. business along pulaski highway found themselves suddenly inundated with fast moving flood waters. streams swelled up quickly forcing water into buildings and chasing people out with very
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little warning. >> to me it's amazing. >> the water rose real fast before we could get out. it was a mess. >> well, swift water rescue team was deployed and ready to go, but thankfully, it never had to be used. >> when this started to happen, and it would com and recede and come up and recede but yet week doesn't know what tonight will bring -- don't know what tonight will bring when we have another high tide. >> hoping it passes quickly, and worried about the tide. worried that the boats in out on the pier and that the tide doesn't come up into the basement. >> all our residents should probably move valuable items off the first floor along the shoreline houses and also move their cars to high ground. >> eastern baltimore county has
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been especially hit hard by the storm. we found flooding every where on roadways and backyards. folks say that they remember the devastation from isabel all too well. it led them to take precautions. and remember abc2 news has complete coverage of the rain and it keeps coming and we will stay on top of this so you can check our website with weather information and live doppler radar any time on >> we have company up and down the east coast. they are all getting soaked. heavy rains turned roads into rivers. a night mayor for drivers. right now, let's check in with meteorologist justin berk and see what's going on as you head out. >> we are looking at the radar and we can see that real heavy rain did roll in just before midnight. it actually doubled our rainfall total in many places from up until 6 p.m. and up until midnight but that's moving out here. del mar have a is getting a
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chance to clear out and chillier temperatures for the weekend we will talk about coming up. now the mta and. >> reporter: good morning out there for your commute. you will find light rail metro subway on time. on buses, the number 35 is diverted using franklin square drive and number 4 and 10 using dundalk avenue. and the number 14, 16 and 51 diverted at texa co and the 55 bus diverted at little lan holt. on the mark train good for travel no delays on camden or brunswick lines services. mta transit team, i am mark jones. i thought it was crazy feeding in the fall.
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interest deduction. a bush tax panel said families would pay $6,000 more a year. a reagan tax advisor calls it a very dumb idea. but that's not his only bad idea. harris was the only senator to vote against expanding the child care tax credit and against the state's cancer treatment program. andy harris' extreme ideas will cost us.
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heavy rain may have caused this deadly crash in north carolina. four people were killed including two young children. the siv they were riding in apparently hydroplaneed on the highway and end up down a small hill. vehicle flipped over into a canal. drivers having a tough time make it through the flooded streets in norfolk, virginia. the remnants of tropical storm nicole left the street under water stranding some vehicles. bus riders say city buses are having trouble navigating
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through the drenchs did -- the drenched roads. 5:11. you had water in your house. >> yes. it's water a leak in the back door and this was water all over the dining room. >> well, water comes off my roof am some weird angle and i have to put a trash can. i emptied it four times. >> it's incredible how much rain. >> what did you have? >> it's to drain the pool twice so it wouldn't overflow. >> really. >> yes. >> thankfully i live on a hill i drained four inches out of the pool and it almost overflowed and got back before the second round yesterday and drained another four inches and it was like very close to the top. >> wow. >> that's crazy stuff. >> check it out. we are watching the flood warning that continues for the area until 9:45 this morning. the tide and you heard linda talk about. this high tide at 12:44 this morning after midnight. low tide at 8:24. you know what, that's just about three hours away. so the water is receding.
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naturally. we can thank the moon and the graphic stational pull for that and the wind shifting out of the west and northwest helping to push the water and drain it out into the atlantic. that's good news. any high wood shu should be receding in herry as the rain pushed out. but look at this. parkville over 9 inches. our storm center weathernet highlighting 6.9 in bel air but 7.76 in havre de grace and 5 1/2 in dundalk to almost 9 in pasadena and eastern shore with a 6 inch rainfall tally. winds gusting over 20 miles per hour and this is just since midnight. we have had tropical storm force winds at points yesterday. and now we pull in the cool are air where it's 57 in westminster. still holding at 06 and dundalk and pasadena. flood warning until 5:456789 temperatures climbing to 71 and we will see clearing which means the sun and breeze should help improve things this afternoon. let's check out on the traffic and see what kim brown has. >> reporter: i have a lot of mess over here.
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we have a whole lot of flooding and a lot of debris in the roadway that is going to be in the process of being cleaned up right now. hopefully, we will be out of the way before the morning rush really gets started. we will look at the picture in perry hall that we have of the sink hole that sherrie johnson they had the searching hole that has bel air rolled road closed at necker avenue in both directions as sherrie mentioned they have detours mentioned they have detowers posted so try to avoid the area. we have lots of road closures. so let's continue around in baltimore county middle river eastern avenue closed at earls road for flooding. could be ysville down trees and rosedale route 40 at 66 closed due to high water. and edgewood philidelphia road closed between emmerton and mountain road because of flooding past winters run road and glen bernie and dorsey between central and baltimore
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annapolis boulevard right lane is blocked. and right turning lake blocked eastbound for high water and nursery road at baltimore annapolis boulevard closed for flooding and annapolis route 450 between crownsville and housely road closed for flooding. lots of other areas to get to as well. i will let you know about harford county when we come back. now back to you. >> instead of seven turns, you need 32 turns to get to work. a mixup we will tell you about. >> what people heard when they toyed the hotline for ochocinco cereal. and a marriage made in the skies. two major airlines said to merge today.
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i think we need tax breaks to send kids to college. so i worked for a $2,500 tax credit to help pay for college. fought to get pell grants expanded and insisted that college loans go directly to kids instead of through banks. i'm barbara mikulski. i approve this message. because it's not about the next election, it's about the next generation. right? yeah!!! that's a cereal. >> i thought it was trying to reach feed the children but that's what some people heard when they tried to donate to the charity. the donation hotline on chad ochocinco cereal waked you up to a phone sex line.
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it was meant to raise money for feed the chirr and number listed on the box was supposed to take you to the donation hotline. >> i find it kind of odd that no one caught it since the box has been out, but, also because you know, of it misprinting on obviously so many boxes. >> well the football player is in any trouble for the mixup says the cereal company and they will fix the problem. it's 5:18 right now. merger with continental and united airlines is expected to become final today. continental headquarters in downtown houston, texas, workers take pictures with the continental logo. under the merger the airline name will be united. and the new logo will use continental's colors blue and gold and white with a white globe on the plane's tail. beverly elliot says that she worked at continental for 27 years and she got emotional when she was talking about all the huge changes that are happening. >> how does it feel?
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>> it's sad. we are real sad. we are happy for the new undertaking with the new company but the name continental is really special to us. >> the first plane with the new logo will fly flue bush international airport this afternoon. now the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> we look back and you can see we have had ourselves a look at temperatures yesterday. with a remanent tropical system which pushed in a very, very muggy feel to the air. 79 was the high temperatures. 81 in philidelphia. and didn't feel very nice but all the rainfall. but that's it. we were above normal and at the .cally we get ourselves up to 73 degrees on this date. the record pushing 91 back in 1941. sun comes up at #:03. we go down at 6:49. and we are having a look at the
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storm system finally pulling out of here. looks like remanent rain in southern virginia, but overall, we have got this main batch of moisture. storm pushing on top of new york city trailing frontal boundary off the coast and pling away from ocean city as well. and the wind around the low pressure starting to shift out of the northwest. and it will tap into the clearing and build that in as we head through the day i pulled this back wider. what we are watching is as the storm continues to pull up towards new york and new england and their heavy rain is this morning and not even into boston. but they will have problems by lunchtime. we will get the system out of here. thing is we have got this cold pull in the jet stream that will ooze in our direction. it is helping to shift the pattern off toward the east. but could there be another storm on the way? there's an indication that this pattern gets stuck and may actually reverse course and head back at us early next week. check out the forecast model, watching that rain this afternoon pushing towards boston and down east maine we get clearing in here. cloud on the eastern shore
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breaking up as well. clear skies and cool temperatures tonight. next frontal boundary may help to enhance the upper level system to the spin and get stuck and then we will watch moisture coming up from the south and that tries to make a return and may combine across maryland heading through early next week. the cloud roll in i think we are dry race for the cure on sunday morning. but showers try to roll in during the afternoon and that could make for a very wet pattern. once again, in early next week, we will have cool temperatures. 71 today. gradual clearing. baltimore westbound. the breeze at 10 to 20 miles per hour. overnight, we are a little chilly. in fact temperatures should back down to 48 degrees. and we have got our start into the weekend where we should see a fair amount of sunshine but look for highs actually that should be into the 60s. 73 maybe optimistic and we will have the exten outlook in a -- he can tened outlook in a couple -- extended outlook in a kut couple minutes. >> reporter: we hit harford --
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baltimore and anne arundel county and harford county list that i compiled. bel air churchville road closed in two place one at moores mill and the other at leeway because of flooding and dublin st. clair at cherry hill closed for flooding and street maryland at fawn grove road closed for flooding. in carroll county flooding stress block the northbound lanes of route 30 at route 482. we have a variety of road closures because of the high water and debris in the roadway, downed trees and the like. this is in perry hall bel air road closed at necker road in both directions as crews try to repair the sink hole. no word as to when it will be reopened. avoid the area altogether. but on the major highways we are looking good. 695 on the northeast side traffic moves nice and checking the drive times no issues on the harford testimony freeway. 59 good to route 3. and southwest corner from i-70 to 95, that takes about 6 minutes. megan, back to you.
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its the first of october for those celebrating a birthday today, happy birthday like lucy randall turning 9 years old today. she and her family are transplant from fairfax county. they now reside in baltimore city. welcome to baltimore. lucy is in the 3rd grade and loves panda bears and whales. happy birthday. hope aid great day. and also celebrating today, samuel hubert from glen bernie turning 17 today. he is a senior at old mill high school. >> all right. listen, jamie pollock is marrying her long time sweetheart matt tomorrow. you going to be a bridesmaid. >> not this time. i've done it enough. >> are you having a birthday? we want to know all about it. send it to us a picture and a little about yourself at morning show at all right. next up, we know it's purple friday, but we have gained a night adding charm to baltimore city. >> a new football team in time and it's going to be a hit. find out when the players are taking the field. ♪
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steelers on sunday at their place and the big news is ray rice practiced today. so he is ready to go. i found a story up in the new york daily news about bart scott. trevor price was cut by the ravens sonde by rex ryan with the jets. bart scott comes out and says there are 15 other ravens who would love to join trevor price. if not steeler -- they keep mouthing off and getting in the way. >> they do. there's a lot of trash talking with the team. >> there's no trash talking between the steelers and ravens. it's the jets involved again. just be quiet, will you? >> we played them. >> and beat them. >> move on. >> game time sunday is at one steelers-ravens. it's time to suit up and kick off for the nlnl baltimore charm hold the opener tonight
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featuring bone crashing 7 on 7 full contact tackle football played by pretty gorgeous women. >> i am the prettiest nicest person in the world from 9to 5. but after 5 totally different person when i am on the field. >> tonight's game will be broadcast nationally on mtv2. so it's 9:00 baltimore charm against the tampa breeze. what do you think? >> it would be fun to watch. weather is fun to watch. especially when the storm gets out of here. we have a breeze picking up. stale flood warning until 9:15 this morning. we are looking at basically conditions that will improve as the tide is rolling out in many sections around the bay and we will have a temperature today that pushes us up to 71 degrees. 40s overnight. 68 tomorrow. that's the adjustment despite the sunshine. we will probably stay in the
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upper 60s. next frontal system comes in with clouds on sunday a cloudy cool start race for the cure. we should be dry in the morning. showers try to move in by the late morning and into the afternoon. 64. we are looking at 65 on monday. and tuesday with rain both days and we are looking at rain trying to break up on wednesday but staying in the 60s for next week. it's time to go up to new york and get the morning's tech plays. >> facebook photos get an upgrade. members will soon be able to upload and down load print quality high resolution images, flip through pictures quickly and tag multiple image at once. it will be rolling out over the next month. apple released the new apple tv last month. the set top box allows useers to rent hd movies and tv shows and stream netflix you tube and other content on a big screen tv. usa today says it has a slick interface and is easy to use but is not quite perpeck. >> the biggest drawback to th


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