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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 9AM  ABC  December 13, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EST

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now, "good morning maryland " at nine. i saw some flakes outside this morning. >> nice dusting. snow beginning to your monday morning on this december 13th. good morning, i am charlie crowson. >> i am mening megan pringle. hope awed great weekend. -- megan pringle. hope you had a great weekend. carl comes in on mondays and today he will answer your questions. people have questions and e- mail them and we will give outaddress but he will answer youris with questions live on the air. linda and salvatore coming in with the home for the holidays. excuse me recipes for the
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holidays. we have got them coming in for a seafood salad. listen to indread cents -- ingredients. two pounds salary and radish and lemons and wrap it together for wonderful seafood salad. >> and they spoil us and brought in a recotta cake or something like that. i love them. >> love them. >> we will have them on staff. >> absolutely. and i love the other guest coming in to talk about the home for the holidays local shopping. >> yeah it's the log cabin chocolates in felton and we will talk to richard about that. he will be in talking p it and megan you talked about the history of the chocolate. >> it's a neat story 1920s opted up in a row home -- opened up in a row home. it is a wonderful business out of fallston and they will make a mold of anything a chocolate crab and santa. we will see how they went to the great big business from a row home. >> it looks good doesn't it?
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>> go ahead. >> go ahead. >> no. >> time for hot topic. we have one every day. and this one polarizeed political times, even the school bake sales are fair game. today the president is scheduled to sign into law something called the healthy hunger free kids act expanding the school lunch program and as we find out it's setting standards for call the of school meals. >> reporter: this is how we at the .cally think of school lunch. mystery meats, cookies, all the fattening goodies you can think of. president obama signs a law raising standards school lunches will change. sugar and fats make way for fruits and vegetables. not everyone is happy with the changes. a third of american kids are obese or overweight, the standards have a lot of critics who argue this is the nanny state run amuck. >> who should be make the decisions what you eat and
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schools choice should it be government or the parent? it should be the parents. >> yes, usda is going to step into the role of being the doughnut czar in american schools. >> reporter: experts argue it's time to change the menu. existing standards on school snacks are 40 years old. for instance, popsicles are junk food and a dove bar is not. seltzer watter is band but not sugar water. swelly beans no skitels yes. nutrition experts say the change is long overdue. >> we have-- we have to bring the nutrition standards into the 21st century and address calories, fat, salt and other big problems in kids diets today. >> reporter: rebecca, a high school teacher in arizona worries the rules will end her bake sales. >> i don't think the government should have any say as far as what we can and can't eat. >> reporter: agriculture secretary promises the new law won't ban the bake sales but limit them.
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we might agree kids need to be healthy but we can't agree on how to do it, even politics can seep into school lunches and bake sales. abc news, washington. >> that story is alarming when you look at what is okay on the list and what isn't. jelly beans no skitels yes and makes you wonder if the maker of you know one brand is in the government's pocket. >> do you think special interest and lobbyist? megan prinkel how dare you. >> you never know. -- pringle, how dare you. >> you never know. >> these are the foods popsicles no, dove bar yes. as megan pointed out jelly beans no, skitels yes and finally seltzer water no, sugar filled juice boxes yes. so, this raise as lot of questions as to what is going to be allowed and what's being begin the green light for our school cafeterias. eye doesn't appear given by -- it doesn't appear there will be change in quality of nutrition.
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>> exactly. this is likely going to be a huge source of debates. as always, we want your two cents on today's hot topic at the wmar facebook fan page. should government decide what kids eat at school? also, is sarah palin right should nutrition be the responsibility of parents or the government. >> you are weighing in. they need to put the funds in place for healthier stuff instead of pizza and processed chicken nuggets et cetera. shelly weighs in saying since the schools get federal funds, yes. they have become a fast-food nation and she continues, they are work too many hours and actually stay home and cook reasonable meals. if you want to weigh in, we want to know what you think. tell us go to the wmar facebook fan page and leave your two cents and we will share the comments throughout the morning's show. time for a check of your weather and for that, we will turn things over to justin berk in just a second. but before that, the weather outside we want to be as comfortable as possible, so
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it's not surprising that you want as much control over the thermostat. but when others around you don't like the chosen temperature, does it mean the thermostat can create a tug-of-war in the home or possibly in the workplace? sometimes that thermostat cab good barometer of your pending relationship. >> reporter: mike and peggy have been married 34 years happily in you for the most part until you talk temperature. >> wintertime, i am perfectly content to have four layers on and have it set lower. . >> i don't like that i want to be comfortable and i am not comfortable walking around with lots of all bundled up. >> reporter: so, what do they do about it? >> this one likes it set down on 65 until i come home and then i turn it up until he realizes that and turns it back down. >> reporter: sound familiar? dr. greer says it's common fight between couples. right up there with all the
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other big stuff. >> money, in-laws, sex, children, household responsibility. >> reporter: and in her book, "what about me" she explains this fight often has little to do with the temperature inside and more about something much bigger. control. >> if somebody is the controller. and if they are always setting the controls and the temperature being what they want, without considering the partner, that is a relationship that is out of balance and that is eventually going to have to resolve all the anger and resentment along with it. >> reporter: you are a lover not a fighter. what can you do. >> want a winning conversation with your partner? acknowledge how they feel, consider their feelings, and empathize with them. >> reporter: and dr. greer says show you care by coming up with a compromise. >> meaning, it's not going to  be exactly what you want. it's not going to be exactly what they want. however, you can find middle ground. >> reporter: it may require you
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shed a layer or add one depending on the comfort needs. but at least acknowledging the difference and remember, it can't be all about you can remove the big chill and heat things up in relationships once again. >> it will make all the difference in the world. >> that's pretty much true. >> you can always buy your spouse a snuggie or something like that. >> or as i was telling you, my father gave me a piece of advice never pass up an opportunity to keep your mouth shut. >> i like that i like that. i wonder if justin goes by the same philosophy. we will find out. or if he will talk about the weather. just hain do you think. >> i got snow to talk about. way i will bite my tongue. 9:08. temperatures officially 32 at the airport. reporting 35. and at anne arundel community college. that 35 watch the visibility just lower here occasionally. we have snow. it's been flying and fall all morning and the radar looks like it's widespread. but it look like someplaces to the south and the east getting
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a little bit more than we have had here at our studio. check this out, umbc in catonsville, 30 degrees. wind chill at 22. and the wind have been gusting up to 30 to 40 miles per hour. we expect strong gusty winds. steady push at 14 miles per hour and that takes the chill down into the low 20s and even colder throughout the day. official numbers, from the regional reporting from our storm center weathernet and notice we are down to 25 in manchester and i will be up there north carroll high school with the foot forecast team this afternoon. we have a lot of stuff to talk about. they are sitting at freezing in cockeysville. below freezing from laurel to arnold at 29. eastern shore now the snow is pushing in your direction, rock hall 32, 31 easton and it's 34 in goldsboro but there may be spots here that gets accumulation on the grass. now they are getting into daylight and now they are coming out of what had been a warm and wet end to the weekend and there
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could be slick spots and shady location even up towards northeast at 29. maryland's most powerful doppler radar and we have a look at towson on the back edge of the flurries pushing towards perry hall and white marsh and you will 95 bell hair has the enhancement and surge. there may be grassy surface covered here up through 95. report from havre de grace. we stretch it to the eastern shore and we have the basically from chestertown through denton they got snow. so there are snow for few hours on the eastern shore. will it stick? probably not. we got disturbance that has been enhanced and more so accumulating through southeastern virginia. 32 in baltimore. 12 in oakland. look at wind chills. they are below zero. we are in the low 20s and looks like we will have ourselves this little disturbance to deal with. and maybe some enhanced flurries from the lake-effect to our north. otherwise just a day with some light snow or flurries. low 30s upper 20s on the
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thermometer and into the teens overnight a few more shots of snow this week. and we will talk about that in the next half-hour. back to you. >> i know you guys have seen this, but we can't stop look at it. check it out. even if you've seen it, watch ice at 2000 tons of snow collapse on the roof of the metrodome in minneapolis and causes the roof to tear. tons of snowfalls on the field and it happened early in the morning yesterday. no one was inside when this happened. over 20 inch of snow dumped on the twin cities during the weekend blizzard. incredible looking. >> amazing to see the video exclusive from fox sports and i think it was replayed probably more than any other highlight in football yesterday. >> yeah. >> again. >> fortunate any -- fortunately, no one was hurt. >> and the four guys trying to sweep the snow off, no. >> you need more than that. >> more than a few. yeah. now to a unique bass account ball story called the silent night game held at taylor university in indiana. the tradition is that friday
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before finals week of school, students, teachers and faculity pack the school gym to watch the man's basketball game. they dressed up in pjs and crazy costumes to cheer on the team but they don't cheer. they sit silently. no cheering by anyone except those on the team benches until the home team scores the 10th point of the game. every one has the tradition. friday night's game served as chance for those in attendance to give back donating shoes and used cell phones to text $10 to the samaritan's feet as well. >> go to a ball game in your p js into it's nice but not for everybody. it started in 19 20s operated out of a rented row
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home in baltimore is they. turned into a local company that will make a chocolate mold of anything. they brought one in to show us. local shopping continues with log cabin candies. and get the gift out, because fed ex says, it's going tonight busiest day of the year. be prepared. we are live this morning with what you need to know. and look for a job, it can be hard in this difficult ecomonych last thing you want to do is look for honest work from dishonest people. we are back in a bit.
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thanks for joining thus morning. a gorgeous festive look bouquet. these are for you and i hope you are having a great day and you have a very merry christmas many we want to go back to your two cents on today's hot topic. a bill president obama will sign into law today enforcing guidelines on school lunches. on the wmar facebook fan page, we asked, should the government be deciding what the kid eat at school. and mary writes in we parents have no control over what they feed our kids. if we did, funnel cake wouldn't have been in the middle school. jill writes in yes. too much young obesity. kid need to be taught healthy eating and living. if you want to weigh in, you want to share your two cents we want to know what you think. just log on to the wmar
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facebook fan page and leave a comment -- fan page and leave a comment. stalk talking about home for the holidays segment. we have showcased women's apparel, retailers throughout on good morning, maryland at nine and this one we are going to the sweet tooth from chocolate mints know great christmas celebration is complete without chocolate. we are joined by richard from log cabin candies over in -- over in fallston but before we get into this, show me your teeth. see this? how do you do this and not weigh like 400 to 500 pounds because this is awesome. >> well, people think you gain weight from eating chocolate, but that is not correct. you gain weight from eating meat and potatoes and this is energy and you burn it off throughout the day. >> health conscious richard with us. the health values of chocolate. history of log cabin goes back to the 20s. started in the row home.
9:18 am
>> that's right. >> tell me about that story. >> my father started make easter bunnies during the depression. he was earning about 30 dollars a week when the average pay was about $15. and as a young boy, he figured there must be money in this this chocolate easter beeny thing. >> the folks must be onto something. one of the things log cabin does is the ability to make a mold from anything. you brought in a chocolate claus for us today. what else can you do. >> we can do just about anything. crabs, dogs, easter bunnies, santa clauss you name it. >> you name it it can be done. talking about this with log cabin and chocolate themselves, it does the heart good. you selling happiness. >> that's right. >> that coops you going all the time. >> absolutely. >> so for those who want to see you, what do they have to choose from. you brought a good
9:19 am
asortment. >> this is a two pound box of chock limit over 80 types to choose from. the box of truffle truffles and this is butter almond toffee which is a wonderful addictive candy. peanut brittle. >> always a staple. >> peanut brittle. dark chocolate we make that in milk also. and this is dark chocolate almond bar a big favorite. everybody goes to dark chock let -- chocolate and that is maryland crab. >> wet sweet. >> and we have. >> chocolate crabs. there you go. once again a mold of everything. you've got milk chocolate and dark chocolate and white chocolates. what do you prefer? >> i have no preference. i like chewies and milk chocolate creams and dark chocolate and nuts in milk and dark chocolate. >> what is the carmel fall?
9:20 am
>> boy, it's about a tie for first place. >> there you go. 1, 1a, 1b. milk chocolate. dark chocolates and carmel and everything else. tell us where week find you. >> we are located 10 miles north of baltimore beltway on bel air road. you can't miss it. >> all right. it's in fallston. number is there. you see it 410-879-2525. weekdays 9 to 7:30 they stay open late. saturday 10 to 7 and they are open on sundays. thanks so much for the time today. >> my pleasure. >> log cabin candies all you need for the sweet tooth. megan. >> i love it. aid family company. richard mentioned his mom works there. thanks, guys. stay with us this morning. you are making a list and checking it twice. next up, getting the gifts out door and delivered to the loved ones on time. jeff hager tells us that might be a challenge today.
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>> reporter: i will jeff hager and i will have a live report.
9:22 am
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you're watching the station that works for you, "good morning, maryland" at nine. it's the season for giving and receiving and shipping. federal express says today will be the busiest shipping day of
9:24 am
the year. so getting your gifts to the loved ones you have to do it as quickly as possible. >> jeff hager is live with the latest. fed ex is saying this is the day they are going to be worked to the max. >> reporter: we have seen evidence of that. you know, charlie, megan, both of you don't have much to worry about. because if you haven't sent out who have -- off the holiday packages yet, you are not alone. fed ex expect this to be the busiest day of the year handling 16 million packages around the world. now if that numbers hold true it would reap 13% increase over last year. >> it's kind of billing. i have some -- building. i have some off. >> reporter: you will will be back. >> probably, yeah. trying to get it all in. >> reporter: of course for fed ex shipping online purchases. and you have guessed it. it's the busiest cyber shopping week of the holiday season.
9:25 am
so, join the madness reporting live, jeff hager, abc2 news. >> all right, thanks so much. i wonder do you foe if there's any date that's the late toast get something sent out? you still this? >>i don't know if jeff can hear us, but i think the 22nd. >> probably-side the fed ex shipping stuff out. >> sure he is. >> while you are eating the chocolate. how great is that santa. >> we love that. that's a succulent look santa claus. >> it is. >> and the thing is, richar said they can do a mold of everything. i do have to say the eyes look questionable. i don't know if i could eat that santa with him looking at me like what. >> he will surprised. >> you eye bog -- he will be surprised. you eyeballing me. you will look every wherefore an employment opportunity but you need to be aware of a job scam. >> the latest scam that offers
9:26 am
jobs but takes your cash. mortgage monday which means carl delmont from fremont port is -- mortgage is here. he is taking question and offering advice about managing money through the tough times.
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oh, i see. a throne for the tv... room for movies... your workout gear... non-stop football... it's a man cave! the boys next door will never leave. who says we want them to?
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narks "good morning, maryland" at nine. welcome back. if you are looking for work, joy know job scams come with the territory but they are putting a twist on the tricks they use to snag you when you are on the hunt. joce sterman explains in this week's scam alert. >> reporter: in tough times, many turn to the classified look for work. but one ad spotted in local papers and online sites may create more headaches than help. >> the appeal is it's appealing to professionals. people who have some mid level management experience and they are falling for it. >> reporter: falling for ads like this one put agnew twist on job scams. this one offers seekers a management position. and according to better business bureau, people who respond are
9:30 am
told they have the job they just need to come for an interview. the only problem is they have to foot the bill for the flight. >> they capture the terms they want. be certain you will show up because they are investing in you. you should invest if them -- in them. >> reporter: wire the company to cover your trip but once you send the cash, you have been scamed because there is no job. so be weary of a company you are trade in asking for money up front for anything even travel. angie says you shouldn't supply your personal information to anyone until you met face-to-face and don't forget you can turn to reputable placement services to help weed out potential bad operators. >> it helps reduce the likelihood of falling into a scam as opposed to a well paying job. >> reporter: a job that brings you money and doesn't cost a dime up front. joce sterman, abc2 news. >> she says do plenty of internet shooting with any company that peaks your
9:31 am
interest. put names, numbers and addresss listed in the ad into google and dig up as much information as you can. that search helps the bbb figure out latest scam and it's used to advertise for all different types of jobs. megan. >> all right. thanks. well every monday carl delmont comes in and gibbs us great advice and answers questions. so, this morning, without further adue, carl from freedmont mortgage how was your weekend i always ask. >> good how about yours. >> thanks. good. the first question is from maggie in darlington who says my husband and i are veterans. and we use my husband's va benefits to buy this home. we have outgrown it and can wides -- with kids and home prices and low raids rates, we figure now is the time to move up we are use the va or is it gone since we only house. that's from maggie and todd in darlington. >> and the va is a great program but since they use the husband's eligibility, she has not used
9:32 am
her and she has the benefit. and they can bite next house in her name. not so much but both names but use her eligibility. that's great feature. they can do 100% financing no monthly mortgage insurance and it's great product. and the good news about va is the home they have is assumable. so someone can buy the house and take the payments. >> it's a benefit because they are veterans. >> yes if only one was a vet and a lot of vets who used their va eligibility think it's gone. and most cases you can reestablish your eligibility because times you don't use the whole thing or set it back up. so if you used it in the past you may be eligible again. >> all right. good stuff. next question let's get to it. i inherited a home a few years ago and i am thinking of selling it. what are the pros and cons of selling it myself or a realtor and that comes from matt and you hear that question a lot. with how hard it is now, people think why doesn't i skip the
9:33 am
fee. >> and they say i lost money or i wanted this much and i can only get this much so i will try to save. you won't don't want to be penny wise and pound-foolish. make sure you know what you are doing. because if there's a number things that are incorrect. we talked months ago. maryland has a loophole that the seller can actually rescind the contract. it's crazy things out there. i think at this point it's better to go with an expert. interview a couple realtors and you can cut a deal and say how about if we joint market i pay you smaller percentage if i find a buyer and there's things to work out. and realtors are look to work with you and compromise and help you market the property pu they know best and will have the legal and everything else behind it. so, while you can do it and if you know what you are doing, i would say the market if you don't know what you are doing, go with the experts. >> before we go forecast for next year? 2011 things will improve for the housing market? >> i think that the ecomony is starting to show signs of improvement. rates will go up a little bit and have been going up this
9:34 am
month. but what i am hoping is sometime maybe late first quarter early second quarter the fed may change the policy and start buying mortgage backed securities to keep rates down. and this last move was to keep stocks up. but if stocks go up the ecomony improve and rates go up too quick people lob locked out. people when they get jobs who missed out on the market will be able to refinance or buy a home. jobs will be a key component and should help housing. >> good stuff. thanks for coming in. >> thanks. every single monday. if you have a question, just e-mail us at morning show at charlie. megan thanks. time is 9:34. back to your two cents for the hot topic of the daych a bill signed by president obama will enforce new guidelines on school lunches. so on the facebook fan page we are asking you should the government be deciding what our kids eat at school. karen writes in saying if they change -- they change the menus
9:35 am
to include all healthy food, my guess is a lot of food will go in the trash because sometimes kids don't like to eat green leafies. now jenna says the brown bag it. send the kids to school with what you choose and don't rely on anyone else to make the choices for you. if you want to share your two cents, head to our facebook fan page for wmar and leave a comment. we will share more comments throughout the course of the show this morning and on future programming here at abc2 news. happy holidays are made bet wear helping of great holiday meals. and we asked for your recipes and this morning we are headed over into the kitchen. coming up, linda and chef salvador are cooking up a great recipe for seafood salad. justin doesn't that look delicious? >> 9:35 this looks even more appetizing to me. snow on the radar. works for you too, doesn't it. on the eastern shore you have snow and might be stick a little bit on the grassy surfaces.
9:36 am
temperatures are sliding near and below freezing but most roads are wet. daylight hours are helping. this's more snow in the forecast. stick around and we will let you know when and how much. and more of "good morning, maryland" so stick around. hi, chris. what's going on? the rate board seems to be acting funny. watch. [dramatic soundtrack plays] wasn't me. you think i could do something... that awesome? adding a little fun to auto insurance. now, that's progressive. see "tron: legacy" in theaters december 17th. this film is rated pg.
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welcome back on this monday morning. are you having a birthday? if so we want to know about it. send us a e-mail with an attached photo of you, a friend and family member to morning
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show at and try to send who those in a few days in advance to get the graphics made and showcase you on your special day. time for the featured events. we pass it along to everybody. it sounds fun and free it is happening on december 16th. they did this back on the 9th. and it runs from 5:30 in the evening until 7:30 at center plaza there at charles and fayette street. they have free beer and free food and live music you can't beat it. if you want more information, all you have to do is go to go downtown >> coming up, live free. >> what? free beer free food? >> no free beer here mother goose baby steps. interactive nursery program for kids up to 3 years old. it's going on today starting at 11 at the southeast anchor library at 3601 eastern avenue in baltimore. southeast archingon branch
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library website is prat take the young once for the mother goose baby steps and you and your significant other can go to the free beer. >> absolutely. this you go. >> you have to have baby sitter. >> listen. something happening in the community? we want to know about it. tell us and we will mention it on the air. just e-mail us, me, charlie or morning show at all right. stay with us, it's another battle between the british and the americans. but this time, it's making the british boil. >> really now? >> coming up, the red versus the gray. we are talking about squirrels people. how brits are battle to save their beloved red squirrels. and it's this looks so good. one family is throwing the ocean into theirs. and how to make it yourself. the recipe coming up.
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check out you. one rior operations due to the ñ
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♪ leftover desserts, boardroom, now. and hurry before the interns get here. thanks but i already have some yummy black forest cake. black forest cake? ♪ so? [ female announcer ] need a guilt free treat? try yoplait light. and i've lost weight.
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[ female announcer ] with 30 delicious flavors like black forest cake all around 100 calories each. yoplait. it is so good. back to your two cents on today's hot topic. a bill president obama signs into law today. enforcing guidelines on school lunches. so on the wmar facebook fan page, we asked you, should our
9:44 am
government be deciding what our kids eat at school? tad writes in because they revise recommendation standards doesn't mean that's what your child will be forced to eat. it decides what the contractors that they hire in the cafeteria will serve and alie writes the government key sides what is brought into the schools and parents still have to say as to what their kids eat. if you don't like what the schools are offering, you pack your child's lunch. so if you want to weigh in, leave your two cents on today's hot topic we would love to know what you think. head to the facebook fan page and leave a comment. >> thanks a who. if you are going to be packing your kids lunch for school, keep it headlighty and work in a labor seafood salad this is linda and salvador who brought in the recipe for seafood salad. and as linda described to me, you were saying this could be a great team building for husbands and wives. >> yes. i do the prep work and chopping and the celery and the rad
9:45 am
ishes. and -- radishs and garlic. and the salt and pepper and this is the parsley we chop that and he grilled this earlier. shrimp and calamari. >> and when you get it ready and are prepping it, now the meats you use muscles calamari and shrimp but you can vary that. >> if you don't like muscles use clams. >> sure. other grind cents if you want to hit that. >> radish. >> and phenyl and celery. and this is your parse -- phenyl and parsley and lemon for the juice and muscles and we will steam them. >> in terms of prep time that's your responsibility in doing this. how long does it take to get it ready to go? >> probably about 20 minutes for me to chop everything. >> and you hand it over to salvador and you are talking about there's something about the man's attraction with the open flame. you are in charge of cooking. >> yeah. >> take us through the steps.
9:46 am
>> i do the cooking. i grill the shrimps and calamari and steam the muscles. and mention it together and put juice like lemo and parsley and garlic and pepper. >> you put all this in and cook it together. >> no. >> just the seafood. >> just the sea foot. >> shrimp calamari and musses excuse me not the mussl he is you mix the other grind cents in correct? >> yes. >> how long does it take. >> 15 to 20 minutes. >> you are talking a meal in 40 minutes. >> he yes. >> in terms of working with someone who is a chef, where did the recipe come from. >> actually his mother. >> your family. how far back. >> about more than 30 years. >> more than 30 years. >> yeah. >> and what are your other
9:47 am
specialties. >> i do a lot of specials like i do chicken with the crab meat. >> now when this is something that is a holiday request and you at your house. >> yes. >> and it's so easy to do. >> it is. >> what are the other staples you get asked for. >> this is our kids favorite. we weren't going to do it this year and they protested. >> no. >> yes. saying that it was not christmas without it. so, we put it back on the menu. but we said, he does the stuffed chicken with crab meat. >> guys, let's slide down here quickly and look at the finished product. tell us what we are looking at because it looks wonderful. >> you got shrimp, celery and fenil and musscle and calamari. >> one of the people will ask because it's large portion there might be some left over will it keep. >> yes. or with our family everybody takes it home with them. >> take it home.
9:48 am
>> we have nothing left. >> what the refrigerator life span. >> i would say two to three days. depending on how fresh your ingredients are. >> thanks so much. linda and salvador. he is a chef. we will have this on the website go take a look at it and see exactly what you need to know and getting it ready seafood salad looks delicious and can't wait to try it out. megan. >> looks amazing. all right. thanks. well stay with us this morning. it's another battle between britain and the united states being fought on england's soil. what brits are doing to keep it an invader from our country from taking over their country and getting rid of the beloved animals.
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now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> couple things to watch today.
9:52 am
we will be watching radar with the snow and anticipation of getting a little more, ll disappointing out side the studios temperatures have dropped all morning. we are currently sitting at the daytime low 30 degrees. wind chill in the teens. and those winds are steady at about 15 to 20 miles per hour. so it's not an easy day to be outside. well, a take it up 95 and we have light snow and doesn't lock like it's sticking but south of bel air we have it towards aberdeen and havre de grace and cecil county where we have more snow. i guess as it pushes in your direction and you have another half-hour to hour to play with and more on the eastern shore as well. queenstown and easton and denton the stuff is crossing the bay heading in your direction. looks like caroline county may have a shot of picking up a coating or so of snow. moderation across the bay holding temperatures near freezing but we are very close to that mark. waterview one more time. watching this disturbance.
9:53 am
looks like it's enhancing itself in southeast virginia. snowfall amounts about an inch or so in the vicinity. snowing in virginia beach and the snow will actually maybe wrap itself around in the lower portion of the del mar have a. it is possible cambridge and sals bury and ocean city come in with minor accumulations as it pulls off the coast and flares up and brings moisture back. lake-effect snow machine back to the west. that may carry flurries but you will see a break in the cloud between frederick and back towards frostburg many so we won't stay cloudy all day long at least on this side of the bay. because of this cluster, looks like possibly on the lower eastern shore you have to deal with this and wrap around pushing into the earlier mid afternoon. cold air has pushed down into the deep south. we are watching flurries in central georgia this morning and that cold blast will extend all the way down through florida tonight. and this possibility possibility that the temperatures hit freezing in miami tomorrow morning. that's an impressive cold shot. couple disturbances swinging through enhancing the snow showers and we will have one more swinging through here
9:54 am
tomorrow afternoon. but until then, it's this. we have a low to mid-30s. a lot of it into the upper 20s and staying there. but because of the dusting to an inch on the eastern show, gusty winds it's going to feel like the teens and 20s. and shouldn't be a travel issue. tonight we drop back to 19. still flurries and still gusty winds up to 20 miles per hour. our extended look, snow showers mid-afternoon tomorrow with high temperatures 29. wind chills in the teens all day. we drop to 15 overnight. a dry day wednesday, and little disturbance again to the south. and we could pass light snow on thursday. friday dry near 40 and we are watching the potential not a guarantee for the next long range computer models an indication there could be a coastal storm on sunday and that looks like our best threat of getting snow. real snow. >> you seem excited i am doesn't know if it's about the forecast because you get all worked up over that. or if it's the snow. i guess it's both. >> i am going to hang out with weather geeks today. >> i know. >> up in carroll county. >> amongst your own.
9:55 am
>> yes. you do realize this is go time. we are primed and ready for good snow. >> we are. there's anticipation from last winter that something is going to pop soon. so, we have got to do it. >> quickly before we go, we do want to say you know thanks again to the folks over at log cabin candies for bringing by the chocolates and everything. so just want to say there you go. >> thrishes. >> -- delicious. >> the eyeballing santa. and before we go there are people in england who never have forgiven americans for declaring their independence and now this. >> yeah. britain is under attack from a fare american-vader that is threatening the native population. even the royal family is saying enough already. so we called in nick watt. >> reporter: michelin restaurant he is chopping thyme and making gray squirrel. >> there isn't a lot of meat on this pour little fella's bones,
9:56 am
but what there is i got to say, taste great. >> reporter: and believe it or not, this is i am told, eco-friendly dining. 150 years ago, little red squirrels hopped all over britain. you know, cute little guys like this. and then, someone introduced the bigger gray cuss ipse from america. the grays carry a virus they are immuned to but which kills the reds. they are aggressive. scotland is holding out but in england, red is almost vanished. even our future king has joined the fight. >> today, it will be the beginning of the coordinated fight back on behalf of our precious british red squirrel in the face of relentless march across the country of the gray. >> reporter: britsing are enconcerned to kill and --
9:57 am
encouraged and eat the grays. >> we are trying to grab them when they post and ge breakfast. >> reporter: they are destroying the trees they use to make furniture and charcoal. >> active squirrel population can wipe out my livelihood in a short period of time. >> reporter: so, theye kills and eats 150 gray squirrels every year. it's unlikely we will ever eradicate the gray american invader from our shores, but, we are doing our darnedest. that's delicious. >> i know. >> reporter: nick watt, abc news, sussex, england. >> i don't mean to be closed mind but there's something gross about seeing someone eat a squirrel. no? >> peta. >> he is from arkansas. >> we eat everything in arkansas. >> if it's under the wheel it's good to deal. >> right. >> my cousin. >> we will make you cook in the
9:58 am
kitchen from now on. >> we are out of time. >> i will stick with the chocolate santa. >> somebody eat the santa. oh.
9:59 am
oh, i see. a throne for the tv... room for movies... your workout gear... non-stop football...


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