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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  December 13, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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happened last week. the government said that antonio martinez plotted to blow up a recruitment center and kill dozens of people in cold blood. his defense attorney arguing to get him out on bond says martinez was used by the fbi. federal prosecutors beliefly out lined their case against antonio martinez who goes by the name of muhammed hussain. he talked about his hate for the military and calls for jihad. he met with an undercover agent where he outlined what he wanted to do and the idea of a car bomb was his and his alone. she then outlined the vents leading up to last week's bomb plot. video tape shows his smiling as he had the car bomb. she said he showed no remorse, no concern, no nervousness about going to kill people with a very
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powerful bomb. she says he also made a video tape before the bombing on the tape that martinez says this was not about making a statement. it was about fighting for allah. >> i don't care what the court says. >> is he guilty? >> no he's not. >> how can you be sure? >> i know him. i'm the only person that knows him. >> reporter: a woman who would only say she's his mother defending him calling the case entrapment. martinez's attorney says the got took facebook postings by a man who had no means what so ever to carry out a sophisticated car bomb plot. the government gave him bombs and told him how to put it
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together and showed him how to drive a car because he didn't drive that well. he was incapable of carrying out the plan until the fbi gave him to do it. friends and family are trying to raise money for men
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who died from carbon monoxide poisoning. both men were here illegally but were working to send money back home. >> after this we don't have any help to try to send them back. we made this to see if anybody could help and open up their hearts to see if they can put some money in here. >> county's investigation continues into how and why this happened. there's a question of whether the owner of the home was illegally renting to the two men. missing tonight, a truck filled with 87 crates of narcotics, enough to fill a box truck and three people accused of robbing and abducking a pharmaceutical rep. around 9:00 there morning the victim was abducted when he stopped at a local drugstore. three people approached him. one with a gun told him to drive. the suspects unloaded the drugs into their own u haul, took off leaving the driver unhurt. if you know anything about this
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you're asked to call abandonment baltimore police right away. we had some snow showers today. across the state you can see some snow showers streaming in west to baltimore. most of this action was west. we still have chance for a few more flurries tomorrow. through the day tomorrow a slow climb through the 20s. it's going to be cold all day and staying windy, dress warm. we'll have much more on the outlook toward the weekend and see if there's any changes. we're getting new information tonight in the
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murder of yardley love. kelly swoop is here. there's word that we could have a plea deal in the works. kelly. >> reporter: there's a growing con century discuss that consensus that there could be a plea deal. they both played lacrosse and had an on again, off again relationship that included several instances of physical abuse. the two had exchanged several e-mails and some contained threats. he also told police he tole love's computer and later tossed it in a nearby dumpster. he was arrested hours after the confrontation. he's been in jail for the past seven months and is expected to
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remain there until january 1st. kelly swoops, abc news. it's about that time. you run down to the garage and ready to stream up the lights. you figure there's something not quite report. we report on the possible hidden dangers of decorating your christmas tree.
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make sure the lights you put on the tree are safe and up to code. before you bring the tree home there's safety measures you can take. >> shake the tree, bounce it on the ground and make sure the needles don't fall off. the branches snap. the needles come off.
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>> reporter: don harrison, abc 2 news. >> they say the safest tree is a live tree with the root ball attached to it. that's the best chance of drying out. the night life in canton will heat up a bit. chipolte mexican grill will open up along boston street in mid-march. lots of ravens fans traveled to the game. bill hooper and his son down there. the rest of us who stayed at home will be watching at home. we all want to see our offensive drive, not neutral or stall.
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now, while you spent this monday looking for a job, scammers were out there on the job looking for you. coming up, we're going to take a look at some local scams designed to make your world better. they promise work but the only thing they do is rip you off. cereal is a breakfast staple loaded with sugar to make them more appealing to our sugar. is that really necessary? you'll see how times have changed in tonight's health alert. earlier this morning almost 40 out at pwi. 39 to be exact. we'll be back with an awfully cold forecast right after this. check out you. one rior operations due to
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there will be 16 million packages around the world sent out. if that holds firm that will be a 13% increase over last year. fedex adds they expect this year to be the biggiest cyber shopping week of the year too. in the words of rhianna can we pretend that airplanes in the night stars are like shooting stars? well, your wish has been granted. more than a million passengers went through the airport. that sent an all time record. it was the sixth straight monthly record which is an increase of 7.2%. we are flying off. if you're out there looking for work you know all about job scams, but scammers are putting a twist on the tricks they use
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to snag. >> reporter: in tough times many turn to the classified looking for work, but one ad spotted in local papers and online sites may create more headache than help. >> the appeal to this one is it's appealing to professals, people with mid-level management experience and they falling for it. >> reporter: falling for ads like this one that's putting a new twist. this one offers seekers have management position. they are told they have the job but they need to come for an interview. they have to foot the bill for their flight. >> they want to be certain that you'll show up. they're investing in you and you should invest in them. >> reporter: once you send the cash you've been scammed because there is no job. be weary if company you're
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interested in asks for money up front even for travel. you shouldn't supply your personal information to anyone until you've met face-to-face. don't forget you also turn to reputable services to help weed out potential bad operators. >> it helps reduce the likelihood of falling into a scam as posed to a well paying job. >> reporter: a job that brings you money and doesn't cost you a dime up front. >> you should do plenty of internet sleuthing with any company that piques your interest. put the information into google. you ready to go? let's go.
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>> how's it going to shake out. >> could be a shoot out. >> we win 90-3. >> our 90-85. just get us a w. we got to bounce back from that thing last week. cold, frigid. this will be our theme through the early part of the week. last week was the same thing. 26 degrees right now but the wind chill much colder. we have been tracking some snow shower action out to the west. probably the heaviest snow we saw today was on the lower eastern shore. we had some dense snow showers passing through earlier this afternoon.
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a little more snow shower action down there now. as soon as you get the frigid winds across the relatively warm waters you can get a little lake effect enhancement or bay effect snows. real light snow showers but we have seen them across the state today. let's show you a bit of our weather net camera. the clouds were scenic at times but held pretty tough for most of the day. we got a bit of sun sheer and there. starting off around 40 and getting colder. the other trees shake. yeah, it was a cold and windy day. it's a very windy night out there. that's windy stuff. tomorrow we're right back there again. some spots may be even windier. today we're at 35 to 45. wind chills tonight, this is coal. it feels like 8 degrees right now. winds all over the state. they're going to stay up tomorrow and tomorrow night even into the first part of our
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wednesday. i want to show you an early look at tomorrow. we're talking about temperatures struggling to get to 30. generally clouds mixed with sun with passing snow showers at time. should see no accumulation. pittsburgh 1 below. feeling like 13 now. cold stuff. snow shower action all over the mid atlantic but not too much here in our state. some of this will be around at times overnight and into the day tomorrow. long lake effect snow streamers, powerful northerly winds carrying the lake effect snows across pennsylvania and eventually right down here into maryland. maybe some sunshine breaking through in the afternoon. i think the mostly cloudy day most of the day. more sun wednesday but still a
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cold day on tap there. overnight, 19, scattered snow showers. 29 for a high. it won't feel that warm with those winds up all day and a few flurries to make it seem more wintry. tomorrow night 17, clear and cold degrees. a little less windy by late tomorrow night. seven-day forecast we struggle back above freezing on thursday. we get into tupper 30s. we have one chance of 40 right now. that comes sunday afternoon. jaime. she's moving from baltimore to the big apple. they are moving to new york. the couple's home in federal hill on the market for $474,000. her someone sister also living in new york. you won't be able to get
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your kosher pizza tonight. the disgraced washington lobbyist who defrauded groups finished out his pizza job. now he's on probation. this friday a movie about his life and dealings come out. you can't see it, you can't even smell it but it's being blamed for killing two people sending 11 others to the hospital this weekend. tonight, we're going to tell you what you need to know to protect your family from carbon monoxide. get ready for another airline theme. why you could be paying up to pay less. we'll explain all that to you at 11. let's talk about your kids breakfast. it's the source of your health alert. move over tigers. breakfast cereal doesn't have to be sweet for your kids to eat it. they ate a better breakfast when they didn't eat the sugary alternatives. here is today's health minute.
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>> reporter: for many youngsters cereal is a breakfast staple. a lot are loaded with sugar to make them more appealing, but is that necessary? scientists found when kids were served low sugar cereal they enjoyed it and were more likely to eat a balanced breakfast. researchers measured what 90 children at summer day camp ate for breakfast. the camp was divided into groups and offered high sugar cereal and low cereal. children served themes and filled out questionnaires. children who ate the high sugar products ate larger portions of cereal consuming almost twice as much refined sugar as the youngsters in the low sugar group. children who ate low sugar cereal such as rice puffs and toasted oats were more like
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throw add fruit in their bowls. parents should offer healthy alternatives and make them more appealing by offering small amounts of table sugar or fresh fruit. children will eat low cereals when offered and get a healthier breakfast. let's see how the drive home the get dinner tonight is going. let's look at liberty road. we'll be right back.
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let's give them this lowdown here. >> jaime, man, it's not fit for man or beast out there. let's look at the weather net. there's going to be some snow showers. few may see a few flakes flying, not a lot. winds right around 10 to 20. it feels like the single digits. it's cold. tomorrow back into the upper 20s we go. still some snow showers, so more of the same. >> i'll take 29 points tonight. that's it for us here at 6. we'll see you again here tonight. have a great rest of your night.
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"world news" is next with diane sawyer.
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